Crossfire Ch. 03


Since the night where they had both stayed late at her office Lauren hadn’t so much as shared a handshake with Jennifer and while it meant that her stomach wasn’t squirming with tension all the time, she found that she missed the little ‘innocent’ touches that had driven her so crazy before. Sure Jennifer was the model employee, friendly, attentive, efficient but it was the little brush of her fingers when she handed things over, the squeeze to her shoulder that Lauren found she missed the most. A few times she had considered bringing their disagreement up but just as she was about to she always bit her tongue, knowing it was for the best that this end and if anything, a freeze between them was for the best. If they were both vaguely annoyed with one another then absolutely nothing could happen.

These were the thoughts that Lauren used to rationalise her professional behaviour but when she was alone in her flat, her body aching for her touch she always considered sending her a message. It was a night like this and after one too many gin and tonics that Lauren went to her bedroom and stripped off her office attire and spread herself out over her bed. Biting into her lip gently she moved her hands over her breasts, teasing them slowly only to start to work her pale pink nipples until they hardened beneath her touch, already able to feel her pussy starting to get wet at the thought of Jennifer. Swallowing thickly she pinched them slightly, letting out a soft little gasp of arousal as she let one hand trail slowly down over her flat, pale stomach and over her sharp hip bones, thinking how tightly Jennifer had grabbed them.

Pushing her fingers against her entrance she dragged her juices up over her clit and started to tease it, trying to remember exactly how Jennifer’s fingers had felt, what she had done to her body. Remembering her beautiful tits Lauren licked her lips, wishing she could wrap her lips around them then and there as she pushed her fingers inside herself and started to rock her hips down onto them. Moaning out softly she started to move them a little faster only to groan in frustration when nothing was feeling right. Pausing for a moment she checked the time on the nightstand and knew she should already be asleep but she needed to come. Reaching under her bed for a shoebox she bent over it, her pert little butt in the air as she rifled through it only to pull out a thick, seven inch dildo. Lauren had never been a fan of penises and so had gone for a glittery purple one instead of anything with veins or any semblance of balls.

Getting on her knees on the floor at the foot of her bed she bent herself forward onto it, remembering how hot it had been when Jennifer had bent her this way. Reaching behind herself she teased her entrance with the tip of the dildo only to moan out softly when she finally pressed it inside. Easing it in and out slowly till it was coated in her juices Lauren didn’t wait any longer to adjust, starting to fuck herself with it firmly. “Fuck yes-” she panted out, it being the closest thing to what she had had before. Rutting her hips back firmly onto the dildo she reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit steadily, not wanting to tease herself, just wanting to come quick and dirty.

Leaning back from the bed she rode the dildo hard and fast, her perky breasts bouncing with each rock of her hips. Lauren was alone and so she didn’t try and be quiet, letting her breathy moans fill her bedroom as she bounced hard and fast, her pussy clenching tight around it before long. “Yes – yes – fuck-” she hissed out, panting softly as her fingers slipped off her clit they were so went and before she knew it her back was arching as her hips ground into quick, fast movements as she came hard, picturing Jennifer’s eyes, ass, delicious pussy as she came.

Wetting her lips Lauren slowly eased the dildo out of herself, suddenly feeling exhausted. It wasn’t just her day or the orgasm but the weight of the secret that she was carrying around with her each and everyday. If her friends asked, she said it didn’t make a difference, who discussed their sex life at work anyway? But each time she told an anecdote at work about a past relationship and switched the pronoun, or turned down a co-workers kind offer to meet a brother of their boyfriend that weight grew until it was all she could do just to move it around from place to place. When she considered just how lonely it was too, Lauren had to wonder if it was all worth it and if it really would be that big of a deal to come out. These midnight hour musings were usually the kind to keep her awake but as she got off of her sore knees, dropped the dildo in the sink of her ensuite only to slip naked between her sheets she found she was too tired even to worry on it tonight, sadness wearing her out enough for the day.


The company retreat was almost always awful in Lauren’s bahis firmaları opinion. They were always holed up in some listed building in the middle of nowhere with no wifi and forced to ‘share’ or ‘team build’ in cheesy ways that made her uncomfortable. Lauren didn’t want to ‘trust fall’ or to help clear out horse stables, plus the weather was always awful as British Summers could never be relied upon. Apparently the CEO had gotten the message from her feedback last year and instead of some country mansion they were renting a castle in France. It was essentially going to be the exact same thing but there would be good wine, cheese and sunshine and so Lauren was happy to get on board. To try and maximise the sunshine she had even booked a few days off after the retreat to enjoy the chateau alone. Usually, PA’s were not invited as they were not part of the executive team but as the CEO’s PA usually co-ordinated the retreat and her baby had come early, Jennifer had volunteered to be the co-ordinator. Lauren complimented her on her pro-activeness but had been hoping for a respite from her for just a week to try and get her out of her brain.

As Jennifer was not part of the retreat officially she wasn’t actually around during the days except to initiate the next activity or check that the refreshments were topped up or to organise the taxis to take them down to the local town for dinner. It was in the evenings that Lauren couldn’t take her eyes off her, admiring her body in a sundress and heels and the care-free way she would drink wine and tell stories in a way that Lauren was always much too shy to in social settings. Laughing along with the others she was discreet but she knew her eyes lingered longer than they should.

It was after the final nights dinner that had turn into dancing in one of the nearby bars that Lauren couldn’t stand it anymore. Drunk and a little jealous watching Jennifer dance with one of the local Frenchman she had decided to call it an early night only for the company accountant to offer to share a cab home with her.

“Well, I’d say this year was definitely a bit less crap than last year, wouldn’t you say?” he asked with a soft laugh, lighting up a cigarette.

Lauren laughed softly at that, feeling how hot her cheeks were from the wine and so she rolled the window down in the cab to let in a little fresh air. “I’d say maybe twenty percent less crap but one hundred percent as naff.”

“Oh of course. There’s no getting away from how naff it is,” he laughed and smiled over at her. “You know, you’re a bit like Jeckyll and Hyde.” he said and gave her side a little nudge as he offered her a drag of his cigarette.

Lauren shook her head politely and gave a weak smile. “How’s that?”

“Well. At work? You pretty much use my balls as one of those furry little decorations I see women having on their bags these days… You are like a hawk and you’re not shy at coming forward. You’re really like a pint sized whirlwind… but as soon as it hits five? You’re a mouse. Barely speak above a whisper if there’s more than two people there. What’s with that?”

Lauren shrugged her shoulders, it not being the first time she had heard comments like this before. She was about to reply when he cut in.

“It’s almost like you’re two different people. Speaking of different people! I heard – your PA? Lesbian.”

Watching the grin that formed on his face Lauren felt the urge to slap it off but she just bristled. “Is that so. Where did you hear that?”

“She told that girl, the mail room girl… is it true?”

“I actually don’t pry into my employees personal lives so I wouldn’t know.” Lauren said with a shrug. “Having a penis or a willingness to service one wasn’t part of the selection criteria, you might be surprised to know.”

Rolling his eyes he waved a hand at her. “I’m not saying it’s a problem, just would like to see her girlfriend.”

Seeing the chateau up ahead she was relieved that this little conversation could be over. “Why? Neither of them would be interested in seeing you and I’m sure your wife wouldn’t like it either.”

“Oh. There’s Mr Hyde again. Goodnight!” he said as he got out of the cab and headed in the side entrance.

Lauren flipped off his back before going in through the front entrance, looking forward to the solo time she’d have tomorrow. Walking up the stone steps to her room she wondered on if Jennifer was bisexual but decided it was none of her business before climbing into bed.

Of course it was none of her business. Absolutely none. Yet, it was three in the morning and she was still a little drunk and the need to see Jennifer felt overwhelming. Biting into her lip she took slow, deep breaths as she tried to weigh up the pros and cons but before she had even gotten to the cons she was climbing out of bed. It was stupid and cheesy but she slipped on her little red, silk dressing gown and tied it tightly around her waist kaçak iddaa for fear she might expose her naked body. Sliding on a pair of black heels she felt like a prostitute that did house calls but in some ways she liked it, enjoying this confident bold move that was so unlike her. Walking through the stone corridors with just the glass sconces to guide her she felt her nipples harden through the thin material as she approached Jennifer’s room. Pausing outside she had to steel herself, realising that everything so far she could just pretend didn’t happen and no one would have to know but as soon as she knocked that was it. Her fist hit the wood harder than she intended, her knuckles stinging slightly but she stood back a pace, having no idea what would happen, her mind reeling with the possibilities.

Jennifer woke at the sound of the knock and rubbed her eyes tiredly, having had a little too much to drink at the bar. It seemed as if she would never learn that keeping up with Brits when it came to drinking was never a good idea. Pulling on the thick terrycloth robe that had been provided she came to her door and blinked at the bright light only to double take as she was unsure if she was seeing things. Lauren was stood there, her beautiful long red hair falling over her shoulders in waves, a satin robe clinging to her petite body and she could just make out the hard little nubs of her nipples through the material, the sight alone was enough to leave her breathless. “Is there a problem with your room?” Jennifer asked cooly, not wanting to be obvious at the effect she was having.

“No. It’s good. You’ve done a wonderful job on this whole retreat,” Lauren began, unsure of what she had expected but when she didn’t know how to react her default pleasantries came in.

“Thank you.” Jennifer murmured, her eyes still moving over her slowly. “Did you come here just to give feedback or…?”

Lauren paused and shook her head, her cheeks flushing as she glanced down at her feet. “I – well no. I came to see you because-“

“Let me stop you right there,” Jennifer murmured as she reached out, taking hold of Lauren’s wrist and pulling her close so their faces were just inches apart. “I thought we were clear about where we stood?”

“We are I just-“

“What?” Jennifer asked, tilting her head to the side as she leaned against the door frame. “Want to get off? You can’t just come here and use me-“

“I’m not using you,” Lauren said quickly, shaking her head. “It isn’t about using you or not liking you or not wanting you around you – you have to realise that?” Lauren murmured, shaking off Jennifer’s hands so that she could take hold of her hips, squeezing them gently. “It’s not about using you it’s – you know what it is.”

Jennifer frowned softly and she shook her head. “I made it clear before-“

“Let me just – show you..” Lauren said as she walked Jennifer into her room and kicked the door shut behind her. Tugging at the silk tie she let her robe fall to the floor, stood there naked in front of her only to walk her back towards her bed and then sink her down to sit. Sinking onto her knees she went to kiss Jennifer but the older woman turned her head away before she could and so she kissed over her neck instead, her fingers tugging at Jennifer’s own tie and pushing the thicker robe away.

“I’m not going to touch you.” Jennifer said flatly, even as she enjoyed the featherlight kisses of Lauren’s lips, feeling her hands starting to explore her sides and up over her breasts.

“That’s fine… I just am aching to taste you again,” Lauren murmured against her breast as she kissed all over it, her fingers sliding down to her knees and down to the bottom of her thighs to part her legs.

Jennifer rose an eyebrow at that and pushed her back slightly. “You don’t care that I’m not going to kiss, or touch you?”

Lauren shook her head, looking up at her with big green eyes that were just filled with unbridled desire for her.

Smirking she nodded and stood once more. “Lay down on the bed.”

Nodding, she obediently climbed up onto the bed, kicking off her heels in the process as she lay with her head towards the headboard, watching Jennifer curiously.

Jennifer watched her for a moment, unable to deny that she had thought of Lauren on more than one occasion since they had last seen each other but never had she imagined that Lauren would be the one crawling back, offering herself so openly. It was a huge turn on for her and she wanted to see just how far this went. Taking the ropes from both their robes she crawled up the bed and took her wrists, tying one and then the other to the wooden headboard. Sitting back on her knees she saw her laying there so helpless and the urge to ravish her was nearly overwhelming. “Do you know just how beautiful you look right now?” Jennifer asked, reaching out and lightly pinching her pink erect nipple. “You’re so innocent looking and all it makes kaçak bahis me want to do is have you more…”

Lauren gasped out softly when her nipple was pinched, watching Jennifer intently as she felt just how vulnerable she was in that moment but for once she didn’t care. “You can…”

“I’m going to.” Jennifer said with a smile as she gripped a fistful of her red hair and straddled her face, pulling Lauren’s head up to meet her pussy as she offered it to Lauren and the eager way she began to lick and suck at her made Jennifer shiver all over. “So eager Lauren…” she moaned softly as she rolled her hips down only to stay still, letting Lauren do all the work.

When she had come to Jennifer’s room this was not at all what she was expecting and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. With Jennifer’s hips pressing her wet pussy down to her mouth though she had little time to think on it as she dragged her tongue over her clit, her hands clenching to fists within the ties as she moved her head to work her clit all over. Feeling her juices slipping down over her chin she moaned out, ducking her head lower to drag her tongue around her entrance only to start fucking her with her tongue.

“Your mouth is so fucking perfect,” Jennifer moaned out as she tugged on her hair again, seeing this woman who was usually so controlled and in power so vulnerable beneath her was a huge turn on. When she started to feel Lauren moaning against her pussy as her tongue worked back up to her clit, flicking it rapidly with the tip of her tongue Jennifer felt her whole insides tingle with pleasure. “You like that? You like me riding your face?”

Lauren nodded quickly, not daring to lift her head away from her sex in that moment, feeling Jennifer’s body starting to tighten and shake for her and all she wanted was to make her come. Working her clit between her lower lip and tongue she felt Jennifer’s thighs starting to tremble and she only wished she could watch the older woman come. Pressing the flat of her tongue against her clit she worked it back and forth and was rewarded with a string of expletives leaving Jennifer’s lips as she arched forward, her palms flat against the headboard as she came, rocking her hips firmly down onto Lauren’s face. It was just moments later that she felt her come hard and Lauren didn’t stop, still trying to keep her going even as Jennifer’s moans echoed off of the walls.

“Mmm god -” Jennifer smiled, slowly easing back and brushed her hair out of her face. “For someone who is so – against being open? You’re definitely skilled behind closed doors,” she murmured, sitting on top of her hips now as she panted softly.

“Thanks?” Lauren laughed quietly, licking her lips as she tugged at the restraints pointedly.

Jennifer tilted her head to the side and she smirked. “What if I took a photo of you right now?”

“Don’t…” Lauren laughed, but there was clearly an edge to her voice.

“You don’t know how hot you look right now,” Jennifer pointed out as she leaned over and kissed her lips slowly, tasting herself on them and something about that drove her crazy.

“For your eyes only.” Lauren murmured, tilting her head up and kissing her back lazily.

Jennifer let her fingers trail slowly up the inside of her arms to her wrists where she untied one wrist and then the other. “I am honoured,” she murmured, clucking her tongue only to lean back. “Out.”

Lauren was about to lean in for another kiss when she heard that word and she tilted her head to the side. “…out? What?”

“I told you that I wasn’t going to touch you and I’m not going to. Thanks though.” Jennifer smirked as she lazily moved back between the covers, making a little ‘shoo-ing’ motion.

Lauren sat there for a moment and she wasn’t sure whether she was outraged, irritated, aroused or impressed. “Right.” Nodding slowly to herself she moved off of the bed and let out a slow breath. “This is still because I’m not out isn’t it?”


“I am out with my friends, with my family…” Lauren pointed out as she picked up the robe and put it back on, shivering at how cool it felt against her warm skin.

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. “So if the people you love know? Why do you care about people you don’t care about knowing?”

Lauren went to speak but knew that it was pointless. Putting her heels back on she just sighed, “…see you back at the office.” Heading back to her room she knew Jennifer had a point but at the same time she knew she was wrong. Lauren didn’t want idiots sexualising her more than they already did for being a pretty woman, she didn’t want bigots to hold her back or not take her seriously and if she came out that would undoubtedly happen. Pushing the door open to her room she locked it behind herself and got back into bed. Laying there staring up at the ceiling she reached down to touch herself but found she was too distracted, wondering who was right about being out at work.

Deciding to think on it over the next few days while she was off work she turned on her side and cuddled into the sheets, knowing she was going to use the power shower head to get off hard the next morning.

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