Cruise Encounter (Episode 1)

Cruise Encounter (Episode 1)My wife and I joined the cruise in Barbados for two weeks cruising around the Caribbean islands. It was nice to get away from the English winter in January, and the ship and facilities were very good.Each morning we arrived at a new port of call, and spent the days touring an island. We are not night owls and the evening shows, casino and bars were not for us, so we just enjoyed relaxed dinners and chilled out – using the ship as a hotel.It was a large cruise ship and was fairly full, with a mix of older people like ourselves (we are in our fifties), younger couples and singles, and a few families.It was not until the third evening, while we were having dinner that I noticed a couple of ladies about our age seated across the restaurant. One of these ladies had caught my eye because she reminded me of a woman with whom I had an office affair some 15 years ago. The likeness was startling, could it be Carol? I had not seen her for almost 13 years and so I was not sure, and needed to find out. I took a slight detour to fetch dessert from the counter (the restaurants were self-service) which allowed me to pass by the table at which these ladies were sitting. They didn’t notice me as I passed by, but I recognised Carol as I got closer, confirmed by her voice – I vividly recalled malatya escort her urging me to fuck her in my office after the rest of our colleagues had gone for the night. This was the voice I now heard as I slowly glided by their table.The realisation that Carol was here awoke horny memories, and I completely forgot what my wife has asked me to fetch for her dessert, so had to return to our table to ask. The rest of the meal was a bit of a blur for me, and we returned to our cabin for a nightcap followed by the traditional stroll around the deck before retiring for the night.My wife and I have separate bedrooms at home as I am a snorer, and in any case we had ceased to have sex some years before. We had chosen a twin bedded cabin, and she took sleeping pills and used earplugs to overcome the noise from my snoring.Needless to say, my mind was full of sexy thoughts of Carol, and I had difficulty getting off to sleep, so I hatched a plan for the following night. The next day passed pleasantly at another beautiful island, and I didn’t see Carol at all (which was a relief as I was always accompanied by my wife). After dinner (I chose a different restaurant to minimise the chance of meeting Carol) we had our nightcaps, stroll, and off to bed for a relatively early night. My wife was soon sleeping escort malatya soundly, having taken her pills, and I was easily able to dress and leave the cabin without disturbing her.I went to the purser’s office and explained that my friend (I gave Carol’s full name) had dropped an earring and I wished to return it, but couldn’t remember her cabin number. The girl on duty was most obliging, and I soon had the information I needed.At this point I need to explain that Carol was a passionate woman who loved sex, sucked cock like I had never known before, and was up for most things in the bedroom. Carol was (and is) a good looking woman, 41 at the time of our affair, a tall redhead with a classic hourglass figure, lovely firm breasts (36B to C), long legs, and lovely smooth skin. Our affair had lasted for two years, with sexy sessions at the end of the day in the office (I was lucky to have an office at the end of a corridor, and completely private, although we did take the precaution of locking the door before engaging in some gorgeous fucking). She used to phone her husband to say she was working late, while I had her bent over my desk, her dress up around her waist, her knickers hurriedly disgarded on the floor, and my prick up her juicy snatch, her sexy bum bouncing gently against malatya escort bayan my body; I found this very erotic, and am sure Carol did too. On a few occasions we were fortunate enough to both attend meetings together in Europe, and took the opportunity to spend the night together in hotel rooms unbeknown to our colleagues.Carol lived within walking distance of the office and a few times we had taken long lunches at her flat, and had sex in her kitchen, living room or bedroom. This was possible as her husband worked some distance away, but on one occasion he was working nearby, so Carol arranged for us to use the flat above as she was looking after this flat for her friend while she was away. We were both naked on the bed in the upstairs flat, me licking her fragrant pussy surrounded by a delicate ginger bush, while she feasted on my bursting cock. Suddenly there was a noise from downstairs, it was Carol’s husband. Carol froze, her lips around my manhood. “It’s Jim,” she whispered. “Don’t make a sound.” We lay there for a few minutes in silence, me slowly fingering her juicy slit, while she lay frozen. Eventually we heard the sound of a door closing and footsteps down the stairs. Carol relaxed, and rolled over. “Come on, we have to get back to the office.” She told me. “Not before I fuck you.” I retorted, and grabbed her bum and thrust my rampant cock into her wet pussy. The encounter had made me really horny, and I soon emptied my seed into her.So, here I was 15 years later, with a stiff cock, and headed for Carol’s cabin…To be continued….

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