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Crystal The Hot NeighbourCrystal always had me fascinated from a young age. The eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Clifton nextdoor, she was older than me by about 5-10 years. She was more mature than the rest of us k**s growing up, but still cooler to hang out with than the grown ups when our parents would get together for one of the many neighbourly BBQs on their back deck. We had a close relationship with the Cliftons. I was about 4 or 5 when both our families had moved into the street about the same time.The summer nights were the best. While our parents would sit around talking over a few drinks after dinner, my younger brother and I, along with Crystal and her younger brother and sister would play games in their pool for hours on end. As a 13 year old hormonal boy, I guess I was secretly fascinated by Crystal. She was fully developed as a woman, and I’d watch her get in and out of the pool, a nice round ass in her one piece swimsuit. She was by no means skinny, but at the same time she wasn’t overweight. Just a decent figure, with her light brown-blondish hair down just past her shoulders, perfect brown eyes, and breasts that were so impressive it was hard not to stare!Sometimes, after our younger siblings had gone to bed, I’d be allowed to keep playing games in the pool with Crystal if she was around and I remember cursing to myself when Mum or Dad would interrupt and tell me it was now my bedtime too and I had to go home. To me, she had a way of being playful, perhaps almost a bit flirty, but still spoke to me in a way that reaffirmed she was older, more grown up than me, and probably wouldn’t be feeling the same way about us that I did. I definitely had a crush on this older girl! Eventually we saw less of her though. She’d met Damien, fell in love, and it wasn’t long before she moved in across town with him. They got married, and then came the announcement they were expecting a c***d. By this time, I was approaching my late teens and the thought of her making a baby was driving me wild at night and fueling a lot of my fantasies as I lay awake. What position did they have sex in? What did Crystal look like nude? Did she shave down below or have a bush? I’ll bet that round ass looks good when she’s naked. Lucky Damien! My virgin mind would go crazy with erotic thoughts about Crystal…Over the next few years, Crystal and Damien had a second c***d. We’d see the 4 of them a couple of times a month when they’d esenyurt escort visit her parents nextdoor. Crystal and Damien with their 2 little boys. It really was a happy little family. I went on to date a few girls and after a while I had moved out of home too. As a result, I saw even less of Crystal but it seemed to be each time I saw her, I’d still think about those naughty fantasies! Picturing her walking around the pool deck in her swimwear when we were younger, imagining her naked, making love to Damien… years had passed but Crystal still looked just as amazing in her 30s!It shocked everyone when Damien left Crystal. We learned that he’d had an affair, but with a great lawyer he’d ended up with the house and 50% custody of their k**s after the divorce. Crystal temporarily moved back in with her parents, and seemingly she had a lot of time on her hands. 6 months later, it was summer, and I started helping my parents build a pergola in their backyard during a quiet period at work. A couple of times, I’d do some stuff on my own out there while my parents were away, and one day while I was high up on the ladder painting the roof, I could hear someone in the pool nextdoor. I glanced over the fence, only to see Crystal! It seemed she spotted me at the same time. “You need to take a break sooner or later!” she said with a smile, her body immersed in the water up to her neck. “I’ve got the house and pool to myself. Bit lonely over here. Come for a dip!” I hadn’t swam in the pool with Crystal since I was a teenager, and I wondered what it would be like now as an adult. I didn’t have my swimwear with me at my parents’ house but I thought I’d just go over and say hi anyway. It had been a while since I caught up with Crystal and besides, how could I say no to a total milf like her, especially when she was in her swimwear!?! Alright I’ll be around in a sec…” I replied, trying not to sound too keen.”k**s are at school and Mum and Dad are out”, Crystal said, starting the conversation. She was up against the side of the pool, arms up on the deck as she looked up at me. I could only see her head and top of her shoulders, which didn’t seem to have any straps from swimwear. “Are you gonna come in or not?” She asked again. “Nah, got nothing to wear”, I replied, probably sounding disappointed after realising Crystal may have been topless in the pool and I couldn’t get in avrupa yakası escort there with her. “That’s ok, neither have I” she said, as she swam out from the edge, her shapely round exposed bottom on full display! I couldn’t believe it… Crystal was totally naked in her parents’ pool in front of me!I immediately felt a twitching in my pants. “Are you s-s-sure?” I asked, in utter shock. “We’re 2 adults, just having a swim, and it’s not like either of us have a partner right now! C’mon!” she insisted. That was all I needed. She watched as I took off the last of my clothes and hurriedly entered the water naked.Crystal pointed to the old, faded beach ball in the corner of the backyard. “Remember that?”I nodded, still in shock, unable to speak. We’d spent many hours throwing that ball around in our younger years. “Let’s play ‘Chase Crystal’ again like old times!” she suggested playfully. The game had been a favourite many years earlier. “Alright, go get it then”, I said cheekily, knowing she’d have to get out of the water and I’d get a better glimpse of her naked body. With that, she hoisted herself out of the pool with both hands and all I could do was stare at what an amazing ass she had. It was even better than I’d imagined! Before I knew it, Crystal had the ball and was walking back towards the pool, giving me my first full frontal view of her naked body – something I’d spent many of my adolescent years fantasizing about!Despite rearing 2 k**s, Crystal’s breasts were large, but not droopy, and as my eyes moved downwards, checking out the body of this 30-something woman, I also noticed she had a dark brown full bush of pubic hair between her legs that was dripping with pool water. It seemed her hair down below was a few shades darker than she had on her head. I could feel my penis beginning to grow, an erection was on its way. But was this appropriate?”Would a photo last longer?” she asked, interrupting my thoughts. I realised I’d been staring at her, but for how long I didn’t know. She was everything my fantasies imagined! “What’s the matter? Haven’t you seen a naked woman before?” she quizzed me. “Let’s just go inside.” My erection was full and raging hard as we made our way into the house. Crystal walked ahead to get us some towels. I didn’t even care that we were dripping water through Mr and Mrs Clifton’s anadolu yakası escort house.”I need you to reach something for me”, Crystal yelled from one of the bedrooms. Obligingly, I made my way down the hall to find her. Crystal was on all fours, on the floor facing away from the door, but glanced over her shoulder to me when I entered the room.”With your tongue, can you get down underneath me and reach it up into my pussy?” I didn’t need to be asked twice. My hard penis, twitching and now dripping with pre-cum felt like it was going to explode! I resisted the urge to touch myself, and willingly made my way down to Crystal’s level. Her butthole was tight a few little strands of hair around it, and I gave it a little tickle as I moved my mouth up to her hairy vagina area and opened it up with my fingers to lick inside. The room we were in was warm and we were almost dry from the pool, but inside Crystal’s vagina it was just getting wetter!”Mmmm…” she moaned. “Keep going, you’ll make me cum!” she said, almost a whisper. I had no intention of stopping, but I knew my own private bits would need attention soon! It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and, her voice quivering, she screamed out ‘Oh God! Cumming!’ and collapsed on top of my face. She rested only a short while, before she stood up over me, gave her brown hair-covered pussy mound a tap with her hand, and said “I can’t wait any longer. It’s been nearly 8 months. Fuck me!” I could have cum right then and there!With that, she positioned herself on the bed behind us, spreading her legs wide and pulling her vagina open with both hands. Crystal’s pubes were all matted from her wet excitement and the pink hole inside was glistening and slightly pulsing. “Stick it into me! Quick!” I’d never felt so aroused in all my life! My own genitals were pulsing too and drooling pre-cum down the full length of my shaft. I eased myself into her tight love hole and it felt amazing…In, out, in, out… on top of her I pounded up and down for longer than I possibly thought I could last. Crystal seemed to be lost in a wave of her own orgasms, one after the other, and I soon felt mine starting. “Whoa! Oh yeah! Ugghhhhhh!!!” I’d lost control of myself, and felt the hot cum start rushing out of my penis and into Crystal’s hungry vagina. Throbbing pleasure like no other, and into a girl I’d had fantasies about for more years than I could remember! We lay down next to each other on the bed for a bit. Crystal was smiling, obviously pleased she’d had her way with me, and slept with someone for the first time since her ex-husband.”Ok, pool time again! What about that game of ‘Chase Crystal’ now?” she asked suddenly, breaking the silence of our resting bodies. “Sure!” I replied with a smile, although for me, I felt the chase was already over…THE END

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