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cuckold lifestyle 6Ok,if you have read my other stories you’ll know I’m married to a very hot little wife. She fucks who she wants when she wants and some times I get to eat her afterward. This story took place at Christmas time. We had a few couples over for a small Christmas party , it was a well behaived party. My wife wore a skirt that came to her knees and a Christmas sweater with Santa on it. She had on red stockings held up by a garter belt and a half cup bra left her nipples uncovered. But no one there even noticed all that sexy underware. It was about midnight and everyone started to leave I saw them out well all but Gary. He came alone , he isn’t married. He had been drinking and since he was alone I wouldn’t let him drive. Hey, I care for my friends , even if they do fuck my wife all the time. Well I told him to go to bed in the spare room. I helped my wife clean up after everyone was gone. I had just turned off the TV when my wife , you go on to bed I’ll be there shortly. I asked what are you up to? She said I think I’ll go suck Gary’s dick before I come to bed. OK, I said I went in our room. The spare bed room and our bed room share a wall , the bed in that spare room is right next to the wall and our bed is just on the other side. I got in bed and I heard the door close in hall. I tried to listen at the wall but I couldn’t hear anything , so I laid down. I guess I fell asleep because I woke up to a noise. I didn’t know what woke me up and I rolled over grandbetting yeni giriş to find my wife still not in bed. I looked at the clock and it was two thirty three. Damn ! I sat up. I had the thought she must have fallen asleep in there, I had better wake her up so it won’t be strange in the morning. I got out of bed and noticed the Christmas tree lights where still on, I need to unplug them , we have a live tree and it could catch fire. As I entered the hall I noticed the spare bed room door was open , I tip toed up to it and looked in. There was no one in there. Umm.. so I started into the den to unplug that tree. Whoa, right there in front of the tree lay Gary flat on his back with my wife riding his dick for all she was worth ! She still had on her garter and stockings but that was all. her back was to me so I knew neither one of them could see me so I just watched for a while. She was slamming down on his good sized cock like she was tring to get his balls in her. I watched till he came , she slowed to a real slow pace till his dick just fell out of her cunt. When it did she laid on top of him and moved up to kiss him. that’s when I saw her cunt. It was gapped open, I have never seen her pussy look like that. There was a black little hole right there… I could hear her talking buy couldn’t hear what she was saying. I kept waiting for the cream to run out of that open hole but it never did. I was thinking , he didn’t cum in her. grandbetting giriş She started to stand up so I turned tail and hurried back to bed. I was laying there a minute when she came in being real quiet. I could see her taking off her garter and stockings from the light that was coming from the tree in the den. She slipped into bed reall easy. uummmm I was thinking, is she going to wake me or not…I was about to act like I woke up when I felt her move toward me. Next thing I knew she was setting on my face. I didn’t move at first, I was playing asleep. Then she said I know you are awake I can see your hardon sticking up under the covers. I dick ratted me out. I started licking her very well used pussy. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could, I must have toucked something because here came all that sperm Gary had fired up there. Man he must have planted that stuff deep for it to stay in there that way. I licked it all clean , and she fell over on her side of the bed. I whispered , hey I smelt Vasiline…why? She said he fucked my ass in the bed room before we went into the den. Your ass? you never let anyone fuck your ass I said. Well I was horney she said. I had sat up in the bed and started to roll her over on her tummy, What do you think you are doing she asked. I said I want to fuck you in the ass too. She are you fucking stupid? You are not getting my ass, if you want some pussy you had best get at it I’m tired. I said OK, I pushed grandbetting güvenilirmi into her and it was the loosest I had ever felt it. I started fucking and she said are you in ? I said ha ha YES I am. She said either your dick is getting smaller or are the dicks I’ve been fucking lately are alot bigger. I didn’t answer her at first , then she reached down and grabbed my balls and gave them a little squeeze. I blew my load then. and I fell to my side of the bed. I was laying there out of breath when she rolled over and said ,well? Oh , you want to to eat that I asked? Yes , you know I do, so I went down again. as I was eatting she said are you going to answer me or not? I looked up cum smeered all over my face and said what? What do I need to answer? She said is your dick getting smaller or what? I dropped my head down and said NO…my dick isn’t getting smaller , the dicks had stretched your pussy to fit their size. She giggled and said , aint it great? I didn’t answer. We both slept till eleven the next day. I got up first and went into the den , as I passed the spare room I noticed the door was open, the bed was made and Gary was gone. A few minutes later here came the wife dragging her feet down the hall, she paused at the door and said , where’s Gary? I said I guess he left. She looked up at me and said good , my ass hole hurts and so does my pussy. I said was it more than you thought it was going to be? She said yeah he really stretched my butt hole, and I think my pussy too. I spoke up and said yup, he did. She asked how do you know? I said I saw you climb off his dick in here last night, and when you did your pussy stayed open. What? Bullshit she said. I said I sware it was gapped open. She said oh well…a sore pussy is nice. Whats for breakfast?

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