Cullen Ch. 05


Cullen made the trip back to his apartment. He sat in his car for about a minute before getting out. He didn’t know why, but for some reason he just didn’t want to go back inside. He looked over his living room where he had just given a complete stranger a blowjob. He collected the empty beer cans and cleaned up the weed. He had noticed the TV was still on. The DVD had stopped playing and was now on the main menu. He found the remote and changed it to regular TV. He was able to catch the last few minutes of the evening news. He ejected the DVD and put it with the rest of his “straight porn collection.” He found his binder of gay porn. He quickly opened it up and flipped through it. He had forgotten most of them were high priced DVDs. He must have spent over $40 on each, at least $50 on five or six of them. He liked to have a good collection of movies and not just junk from the bargain bins. A lot of older gay men he’d been with had the bargain DVD collection. A few even had VHS tapes from the 70s and 80s. He put his binders away and turned the TV off.

“Shit,” he said to himself.

He walked to the bathroom and shut the door. He lifted the toilet seat up and unzipped his pants. He looked at his penis for a few seconds before the urine began to leave his body. He let out a sigh as he emptied his bladder. It wasn’t a long piss but it felt good. He wiped up the urine that had splashed onto the bowl. He shut the lid and flushed the toilet. He washed his hands and dried them. He looked at himself in the mirror.

“I’m not gay,” he whispered to his reflection.

He kept staring at himself.

“Yes you are,” he whispered, “you need help.”

He walked out of the bathroom and back into the living room. He turned the TV back on and looked through his DVR. Nothing good stood out. It had been a while since he actually recorded anything. He flipped though the channels and noticed nothing good was on. Saturday TV is pretty boring. He went to his computer and started watching gay porn instead. He opened another tab and went to craigslist. He looked through the personals. Nothing really stood out to him. Random guys looking for random things, yet at the same time he was a random guy who wanted random things. He responded to a few ads. He wasn’t for sure how many he had sent out. But whoever was the first to reply would be the first he would meet.

“Here we go again,” Cullen whispered to himself.

He unzipped his pants and watched some porn online. He didn’t find anything he really liked. He ended up ordering a pizza online. It would take about 30 minutes. He checked his e-mail and noticed a new e-mail from one of the ads he replied to. It read: 22 gay bottom. Can’t host, down for whatever. Call or text me 909-555-1732. Ty

“Nice,” Cullen said to himself as he opened the attachment.

Cullen found his phone and called the number.

“Hello,” the voice on the other end said.

“Ty,” Cullen asked.

“Yes,” Cullen shot back, “it’s Cullen from craigslist. Just got your e-mail.”

“Thanks,” Ty replied, “got your pic too, you’re cute.”

“Thanks,” Cullen laughed.

“Did you want to come over,” Cullen asked.

“Yeah,” Ty replied.

“What time,” Cullen asked.

“In like an hour or so,” Ty replied.

“Cool,” Cullen said, “want me to text you my address?”

“Yes,” Ty replied.

“Good,” Cullen laughed, “can’t wait to see you.”

“Same here,” Ty said, “see you soon.”

They both hung up around the same time. Cullen wrote the text quickly and waited for a reply. Ty sent a reply saying that he got the address.

“Can’t wait,” Cullen laughed.

The pizza showed up on time. He paid online but gave him a cash tip. The pizza guy was Cullen’s type. But then again all men were type. He opened the box and ate a slice before placing it on the kitchen table. He opened a beer and sat down. He ate two more slices before putting it in the oven. He pulled out two beers from the fridge after polishing of the one he was drinking. He put them both on the table. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

“Hello,” Cullen said as he answered his phone.

“I’m outside,” Ty said.

“I’ll meet you out there,” Cullen shot back.

“Okay,” Ty replied.

Cullen walked outside and looked in both directions. He could faintly see a man on a cell phone walking towards him.

“Think I see you,” Cullen said.

“Same here,” Ty replied.

Cullen waved his arm and saw the figure do the same.

“See you in a minute,” Cullen laughed as he ended the call on his phone.

Ty hung up his phone and walked briskly to Cullen.

“Hey,” Ty said as he stood next to Cullen.

“Hey.” Cullen replied.

They quickly hugged under Ankara escort the streetlight and Cullen invited him inside. Ty took his shoes off and sat down on the couch. Cullen followed suit. He looked over his new friend. He was a bit shorter than he was and thin. He had short hair and his clothes looked very masculine. His jeans were a bit too tight. Cullen thought he might be in the military. He wrapped his arm around Ty and turned the TV on.

“Have a beer if you want,” Cullen said as he motioned to the two unopened bottles on the table.

“Thanks boo,” Ty said as he reached for the bottle.

“You’re welcome,” Cullen replied as Ty twisted off the cap.

They watched the god awful show on HBO. Cullen thought it would be better, but it was terrible. He couldn’t believe that they gave such ugly women any time on TV. Ty seemed to be enjoying it.

“Gonna get comfortable,” Cullen laughed.

“Cool,” Ty replied as he took a sip of his beer.

Cullen stood up and quickly took off all his clothes. Ty looked up at him and smiled. His erection was at face level. Instead of reaching forward with his mouth Ty quickly grabbed it and stroked it for a few seconds. Cullen sat back down on the couch. He wrapped his arm back around Ty and continued to watch TV. Ty reached over and began to stroke Cullen’s penis. Cullen leaned his head back as Ty worked his penis.

“So big,” Ty laughed as he spit in his hand and stroked it more and more.

“Thanks,” Cullen exhaled as Ty stroked it with more intensity.

Cullen quickly stood up and slinked over Ty. He worked his way down his thin body. He felt Ty’s abs. They were tight and felt good. He worked his way down his body and felt his belt. He quickly bit down on Ty’s erect penis. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Cullen pulled out his erect penis and balls in one shot.

“Nice,” Cullen smiled.

He was completely shaved and Cullen felt the minor stubble that had formed around his genitals. It felt good; it had been a long time since Cullen had felt that strange stubble feeling. He looked up at Ty and he pulled his shirt off. Cullen saw a large tattoo on Ty’s right arm. He looked over it for a second; he could barely see it in the dark.

“What’s your tattoo of,” Cullen asked.

“It’s two male symbols,” Ty replied as he looked towards it.

“Ah,” Cullen smiled.

“I’m gay and I’m proud,” Ty replied.

“I see,” Cullen said in a strange voice, “still having problems coming out.”

“You’ll find a way,” Ty smiled.

Cullen licked the tattoo and made his way down Ty’s tight body. He rubbed Ty’s toned abs.

“I’m sure I will,” Cullen laughed as he ran his hands up and down Ty’s abs.

“Yeah,” Ty replied.

“Wow,” Cullen smiled, “you take care of your body.”

“Thanks,” Ty replied, “I do crossfit a lot.”

“I need to start working out more,” Cullen laughed, “but I think I’ll get quite the workout tonight.”

“I bet,” Ty laughed.

Cullen quickly took in a deep breath and put Ty’s penis in his mouth. Ty leaned back on the couch and let Cullen work on his penis.

Cullen struggled to get Ty’s pants off of him while sucking his dick. It took him nearly a minute.

“Bedroom,” Cullen offered.

“Yeah,” Ty laughed.

Cullen took him to his room and shut the door. The blinds were open and anyone could see in. For some reason Cullen didn’t shut them. The light in the room was barely there. He had turned on the night stand lamp, which didn’t allow for much light, but he could see what he was doing.

Ty bent over on the bed and Cullen looked at his asshole. Cullen reached forward and stuck his nose deep into his asshole. He took a deep whiff.

“Smells so fucking good,” Cullen laughed.

“Really,” Ty laughed.

“Fuck yeah,” Cullen replied, “love a good asshole. Ever had yours eaten?”

“Not in a while,” Ty laughed nervously.

“Oh my god,” Cullen exhaled as his heart rate picked up.

Cullen pulled Ty’s butt cheeks apart and reached forward. He took another deep whiff of his asshole. He sighed with approval. He moved his head up a few inches and reached out with his tongue and ran it against his asshole. Ty’s body tensed up as Cullen ran his tongue against his asshole again and again. The sensation was incredible he didn’t want it to stop. Cullen pushed his tongue deep into his asshole and flicked it over and over. He could feel Ty’s asshole slowly stretching and contracting with each push and lick.

“Shit,” Ty yelled.

“Feel good,” Cullen asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Ty laughed.

“Ready to get fucked,” Cullen asked.

“Yeah,” Ty replied.

Cullen pushed Ty onto the bed. He fell back Ankara escort bayan and landed softly on the bed. Cullen laughed as bit as he fell back. Cullen reached into the night stand and pulled out a bottle of lube. Ty propped his legs up and Cullen looked down on him as he poured some lube into his hand.

“Do you have a condom,” Ty asked.

“No,” Cullen replied.

“I’d feel a lot better if you wore one,” Ty replied.

“Sorry,” Cullen replied as he slathered his penis with lube.

“Please,” Ty replied, “there’s a convenience store right down the road.”

“Sorry boo,” Cullen replied, “I don’t use them and I’ never will.”

Cullen’s wet hand slid up Ty’s chest as he positioned his penis towards his asshole. Ty looked up at Cullen as he slid his penis into him.

“Oh,” Ty exhaled.

“Feels so fucking good,” Cullen shot out.

“Don’t cum in me,” Ty demanded.

Cullen let out a smile and slid his penis into him.

“I’m serious,” Ty let out in slight pain.

Cullen ignored him and kept pressing his penis deeper into him. Cullen fucked him for nearly 10 minutes.

“Wow,” Cullen laughed as he pulled out of him.

Ty stood up from the bed and hugged Cullen.

“Feels so fucking good,” he laughed.

“I bet,” Cullen replied.

Ty reached forward and kissed him deep on the mouth.

“Suck my dick,” Cullen whispered as he slowly pushed him away.

Ty complied and dropped to his knees and wrapped his mouth around his penis. Ty sucked him gently and cradled his balls in his hand. He squeezed them gently for a moment. Cullen could feel that he would need to cum soon. And he wasn’t going to keep his promise. His seed was destined for Ty’s ass.

“Baby,” Cullen let out, “let me fuck you again.”

“K,” Ty let out.

Cullen pulled his penis out of his mouth and Ty bent over the bed, grabbed a pillow and put it under his head, and pulled his ass cheeks apart. Cullen quickly lubed his penis up again and quickly slid into him.

“Take it faggot,” Cullen whispered.

“What,” Ty replied as he tried looking up at Cullen.

“Nothing,” Cullen laughed.

Cullen thrust into him a few more times.

“Fucking faggot,” Cullen said even softer as he pushed into him.

Ty relaxed his body on the bed and Cullen realized now was the time. A bead of sweat dropped from Cullen’s face onto Ty’s back as he kept thrusting.

“Shit,” Cullen exhaled as he pressed deeper into Ty.

“What,” Ty asked.

“I’m gonna cum,” Cullen let out.

“Pull out,” Ty said nearly out of breath.

“Too late,” Cullen laughed.

“What,” Ty said as he tried to look back at Cullen.

Cullen pushed deep into him. His hips were flush with his friend’s but cheeks. He gripped Ty’s neck and pressed his face deep into the pillow. He pulled out just a bit more before pressing into him again. It was then that he lost control

“I need this,” Cullen let out.

As Cullen finished his statement his penis pushed out his warm seed into Ty’s asshole. Ty muffled something into the pillow as Cullen’s sperm invaded his body. Cullen moved his hand from Ty’s neck. He placed it on his hip and pushed into him a bit more.

“Fuck,” Cullen let out.

“Ah,” Ty exhaled.

Cullen slowly pulled out of him. His penis was still erect. Ty peeled himself off the bed and stood up. He looked over Cullen. Cullen let out a smile. Ty thought about slapping him but decided against it.

“Bathroom,” Ty said.

“Over there,” Cullen replied as he pointed to the door.

Ty walked quickly to the bathroom and shut the door quietly.

“Fuck,” Cullen whispered as he looked down at his penis. He noticed a tiny bit of cum was still on the end of it. He quickly pinched the tip of his penis with his thumb and forefinger and collected the liquid. He put the fingers in his mouth and swallowed it.

Cullen walked into the bathroom. Ty looked a bit out of it as he stood before the sink. Cullen noticed his seed was making its way down his thigh. Cullen walked behind him and ran his finger up his thigh and quickly scooped it up. He swallowed it quickly. Cullen always liked the taste of his cum. Cullen reached into the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of lube. He placed it on the sink.

“You can fuck me in the ass,” Cullen offered.

“I don’t know,” Ty replied.

“It’s only fair,” Cullen laughed.

“I told you not to cum in me,” Ty said sternly.

“Just fuck me in the ass and cum in me,” Cullen said quickly, “it will make things even.”

“I don’t top,” Ty replied, “I just can’t do it.”

“Let’s go back to the bedroom,” Cullen offered.

“No,” Ty replied.

Cullen ran his hand up and down Ty’s Escort Ankara arm and his gripped his hand. He squeezed it and reached forward and kissed him.

“Fuck me in the ass,” Cullen whispered in a forceful tone.

Ty shook his head and followed Cullen back to his room. Cullen shut the door and jumped on the bed. He slinked up the length of the bed and picked up the bottle of lube from the dresser. Cullen adjusted himself and sat on the corner of the bed. Ty stood in front of him. Ty’s penis was semi erect, Cullen on the other hand had an erection. Even after ejaculating he could maintain an erection. Cullen placed the flaccid penis in his mouth and began to suck it. Ty moaned as Cullen worked his penis from its sad state to one of full erection. Cullen pulled it out of his mouth and pumped some lube into his hand. He quickly slathered it onto the erect penis. He jerked it more and more ensuring the lubrication was well spread out. He slid up the bed some more and motioned with his finger for Ty to come join him. Ty crawled on the bed as Cullen lifted his legs up and spread his butt cheeks apart. Ty slowly grabbed his penis and began to work it into Cullen’s asshole. Cullen sighed as he slowly forced his penis deeper into him.

“Feels so good,” Cullen smiled as Ty worked it deep into him.

“Yeah,” Ty replied.

Cullen could tell he wasn’t very good at being a top. He was awkward with his pacing and could tell he seemed out of place. He sped his pace up and worked deeper into him and began to lose control.

“I don’t want to cum in you,” Ty let out as he thrust into him deeper.

“Do it,” Cullen yelled out, “fill me up.”

“I can’t,” Ty let out.

“Fucking do it,” Cullen nearly yelled.

“Okay,” Ty exhaled.

Ty pushed deep into him. Cullen reached up and ran his hand through his nearly nonexistent hair. He felt the small strands of hair as his fingers moved about his head. Ty looked down him. Cullen could sense he was losing control. His body twitched and his fingernails dug deep into his ankle. Cullen smiled as Ty lost control and let go of his ankle. He adjusted his hands and placed them on Cullen’s hips. Ty thrust into him a few more times and then lost all control.

“It’s coming,” Ty let out.

“Yes,” Cullen yelled.

Ty’s warm seed surged from his penis into Cullen’s asshole. Cullen bit down on his finger as each wave invaded his body. It felt great, a young man’s warm seed filling him up. It seemed like he could keep cumming, but even a young guy like him would have to stop.

“Happy,” Ty said in a defeated tone.

“Very,” Cullen replied as he pulled out of him.

Ty got off the bed and Cullen quickly followed suit.

“You did great,” Cullen said as Ty began to open the door.

“Thanks,” Ty replied as he opened the door.

Cullen followed him to the living room. Cullen noticed Ty still had an erection. It was now or never. Ty began to pick up his clothes.

“Wait,” Cullen said as Ty picked up his pants.

“What,” he replied.

“Think you have another one in you,” Cullen asked.

“Um,” Ty said nervously.

“We’re gonna find out,” Cullen laughed as he walked up to him.

“No more,” Ty let out.

“I want more cum,” Cullen said loudly.

Cullen quickly got on his knees and put Ty’s penis in his mouth.

“Whoa,” Ty exhaled as Cullen worked his way up and down his penis.

“Tastes good,” Cullen said.

“What does,” Ty exhaled.

“The taste of my asshole on your dick,” Cullen let out.

Cullen sucked him for about a minute before he noticed his knees began to buckle. Cullen was pleased. A weak stream of cum flew into Cullen’s mouth. Ty pulled his penis out of him. Cullen quickly swallowed it.

“Yummy,” Cullen laughed.

“I’m done,” Ty replied.

“Same,” Cullen exhaled.

Both of them collected their clothes and got dressed. Cullen walked him to his car.

“I had a good time,” Cullen smiled.

“Yeah,” Ty replied.

Cullen reached forward and gave him a hug. Ty hugged him back. They let go for a moment and Cullen kissed him quickly. He tried slipping his tongue in but Ty resisted. But Cullen persisted and forced his tongue into him. But Ty quickly pulled away and got into his car. Cullen walked back to his apartment. He locked the door and got naked. He decided against going online or watching porn and took a shower. He turned the water on and jumped in. The hot water hit him quickly and he felt refreshed. He jumped out and dried off. He walked to his bedroom and got in bed. He accomplished a lot in that last exchange. His asshole was filled with cum and he’d swallowed a decent amount. He pulled the sheet back on his bed and looked out of his window. He was a house in the distance with a light still on. Suddenly it went. Cullen didn’t pay much attention to it as he slinked into bed and turned the light off.

“That was what I needed,” he whispered as he drifted off to sleep.

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