Cum drenched afternoon


Cum drenched afternoonI was anticipating Marla’s return from her work related trip out of town for a week. She was due to arrive around four in the afternoon. I wanted to make sure I was ready, so I spent the day preparing myself. I took a long hot bubble bath and made sure I was completely shaved. I sprayed on body spray and applied my make up and fixed my hair. Next I picked out my outfit, tonight would be my catholic school girl uniform. It starts with my white satin crochless panties with rows of little pink ruffles on the back. Marla always likes it when we have our love sessions in panties, and the crochless ones gives her easy access to my love tunnel. Next came the silk stockings, the white button down shirt, my blue plad short skirt that barely covers my ass, then black leather shoes with a small heel. I’ve been dreaming about her return ever since she left and didn’t know if I could wait now that I was all ready. I grabbed the pink rubber dildo and started to pleasure myself through my panty opening. I got lost in the moment and didn’t hear Marla come in. When I opened my eyes, she was standing next to me stroking her cock. I was so glad to see her I jumped up with that dildo still in my ass and wrapped my lips around her erect cock making up for lost time. She stroked my hair telling me how pretty I looked with my ruby red lips wrapped around her cock, and that she had company coming over for us. That got me excited so I kept sucking her cock until she exploded in my mouth. Being a good girl, I swallowed it all so I wouldn’t mess up my make up. Marla went and changed into a teddie and as she was coming back, the back door opened up and in came three guys she arranged to come by and party. She introduced me to them and started to show me off adiosbet yeni giriş lifting up my skirt showing my panties with my buldge and the wetness from my pre cum. They began to rub their hands over my ass and cock until one of them pulls his cock out and got me on my knees so I could swallow it. They undid my shirt and pulled off my skirt. Another one got behind me and through my access in my panties began to massage by hole rubbing his cock letting his precum form to help lubricate then slowly but forcefully pushing it inside me, then pulling out and back in until he had a rythem going. I could see Marla sucking off the other guy and stroking her pretty cock. I then heard other voices but couldn’t tell who it was. I looked up and seen 4 more cocks staring at me! Where did they come from and how many were here all together? I felt my mouth fill up with cum and he just kept pumping it in my mouth. When he was done, his cock was replaced with another one, I still had a mouth full of cum. He was force feeding me his cock so hard I couldn’t swallow what I already had so I started to gag. Then there was a belt or something put around my neck and held on by the guy behind me holding my head at attention. I couldn’t move as I was getting face fucked and ass plowed. I felt the one behind me pump harder until he unloaded a river of cum up my ass. When he stopped squirting another one took his place, the previous cum being the lub for number 2, while he also was holding onto what I reter to as the leash around my neck. At that time my mouth filled up again with cum, because I couldn’t swallow a lot of it ran out of my mouth down my chin, so much for my make up. His cock was replaced with another, first using his cock as a paint brush to adiosbet giriş rub and smear the other cum on my face, then down my throat went his cock. Once again my ass was filled with cum, as it runs out of my hole soaking my panties I realize that I’m going to end up taking all these guys however many there are. They all begin to take turns from cuming in my mouth or on my face to ramming me from behind and filling my ass with cum. The next guy had the fattest cock I’d ever seen, I’ll call him Mule Dick, I could barely open my mouth wide enough for him to enter. Once he did, he took charge grabbing the sides of my head and feeding me his cock so I would gag on it, I couldn’t relax my throat, but if I gave in it would soon be over and it was. A massive load shot down my throat and fill my mouth, he pulled out and the rest landed on my face. Still I’m being taken from behind by any number of men. My face is covered with so much cum, I can’t see anything when again I’m filled with cum in my ass. Then I feel it, Mule Dick pushing on my back door. He fills like the size of a beer can. I’m pretty petite, I’ve played with some fairly large dildos, but nothing has prepared me for this. As he lubbed up his cock from the cum dripping from my ass, he begins to make entry. I’m held in place by the guy with his cock in my mouth and Mule Dick from behind, I’m pinned in. As he stretches my anal canal and forces his salami inside the pain is too much and I begin to moan and wimper while tears start to form. Mule Dick squirts a little lub on his dick and that seems to help unless I’m getting used to it. As he’s pumping away my cock is letting go with a steady stream of pre cum making my panties soaking wet. With each thrust from behind my cock rubs against adiosbet güvenilirmi the slick satin material keeping me on the brink of cumming. One more mouth full of cum and almost at the same time Mule Dick unloads again shooting up my ass, he pulls out and strokes it while he shoots all over my panties. At last, there’s no more cocks to suck and no one else enters from behind. I have no idea how many cocks I serviced that afteernoon. They released the belt from around my neck and left quietly one by one. I lay there in my cum soaked panties in a daze of what took place. I tell myself there wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent what went on, but that would have been a lie. The truth is I actually love being a sissy slut. If only Mule Dick would have lasted a little longer, I would have had a fabulous orgasm from just the rubbing on my moist satin panties. Oh well, I wipe my face off so I can see then head upstairs to the shower. Once in, Marla joins me and says poor baby, been fucked by all thoses guys and not one of them let me cum. She knelt down and swallowed my cock all the way, it didn’t take long to blow a load down her throat, and like the slut she is, she swallowed it all. She then began to wash me. I stayed hard while she cleaned me, and seen that she was growing also. So she turned around backed up and stuck out that cute little butt of hers so I could enter her from behind, I reached around to get a firm grip on her cock so I could stroke her while fucking her. She shot a load of cum and she watched as it mixed with the water from the shower and ran down the drain. I bent her over at the hips so I could enter her further and plowed her like I had been plowed earlier, her cock and balls swinging violently with my pastionate fucking, while my balls were slapping against her. I couldn’t hold back anymore and let go with what seem to be quarts of yummy cum, up her ass. We stayed like that for a while and let the warm cum drian from her ass over my cock. I missed her so, but she made up for it.

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