cum fun in the car


cum fun in the carwas sitting in the house bored when I got a text message from paul wanting to know if I wanted to go a drive in his car . I replied yeah pick me up when your ready and he replied see you in 10 mins . so 15 minutes later paul pulls up outside my house , he is never on time lol and I jump in and we head off . were talking away for a while as he is driving and he suddenly says im in a real horny mood and would to have a cum load . he sort of caught me of guard but then I said if you’ve tights or heels with you I will give you a good load to eat . paul slowed down the car a bit and looked at me with a sad face saying he had nothing with him . I laughed at him and said the next town we go to stop at an asda or Tesco and go in and buy us both tights . I didn’t think he would of agreed but straight away he said that’s a good idea . I told him that’s ok but he is going in on his own and paul said no bother as nobody knows him bahis şirketleri in there anyway lol was another 10 mins before we puled into the next town and then a few more minutes before we found a Tesco shop so paul pulled into the car park and run into the shop . I sat waiting on him in the car and about 5 minutes later paul comes out with no carrier bag and the tights packets in his hand , all I could do was laugh when he got in the car and he said there was 2 old women who gave him funny looks when he was paying for them and he turned to them and said my girl thinks ive got sexy legs when ive tights on . he said they just turned their head away in disgust lol . we drove around for another 20 minutes till we found a car park with a toilet block so we could change into the tights . paul went in 1st and came back out after 5 mins and sat in the car then pulled down his tracksuit bottoms to reveal a lovely set of black tights and bahis firmaları bulging cock straining in them . I couldn’t resist a good rub on his hard cock then paul said quick go you change before anyone appears . I went straight in to the nearest cubicle and took off my bottoms and opened the tights packet to reveal a lovely white set . I put them on straight away then got my bottoms and trainers back on and headed back out to the car . as soon as I sat down paul said let me see so I pulled the bottoms down a bit and he said god I want to suck you clean and then he ripped a whole in my tights and started sucking , god he had got better from the last time and I lay back in the seat and let him work his tongue up and down my stiff cock . I told him to pull my bottoms further down so I could rub my tights while he sucking me , they felt amazing and with his mouth sucking on my hard cock I was in total heaven . I think I lasted near kaçak bahis siteleri 10 minutes before I could feel my cock ready to explode and said to paul don’t swallow it yet and as soon as I emptyied my load into his mouth I lifted his head up and we had a juicy cum swap kiss . we kissed for a minute and then I swallowed some and then told paul to eat the rest which he gladly did . I looked to his cock which was leaking precum through the tights so I lowered my head and started sucking him through the tights . I could hear paul moaning then he said rip them tights open so I ripped a big enough hole to get his cock through then started sucking on his hard shaft . he didn’t last to long as we had got ourselves so horny and I felt his load blasting into my mouth and as soon as the last drop came through I lifted my head up and started cum kissing him again . we swapped cum and kissed for a while and both of us had a hand on each others cock gently rubbing away . once we both had a mouthful each we swallowed and sat back in the car and talked about how much fun that was and what we could do the next time we got together which hopefully wont be to long to wait for .

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