Cumkiss Ch. 05


Haley walked in to her bedroom and could hear Will in the adjoining bathroom just stepping out of the shower. She was returning a little later than she expected. Maya had insisted on a morning encounter before driving Haley home. That meant Maya and Haley engaged in a sapphic sixty-nine before Maya drove Haley home. Haley didn’t bother to wash up afterward.

Haley entered the bathroom without knocking, catching Will naked, with an already semi-erect penis. “Looks like you’re feeling randy this morning,” she said.

“I don’t know who ‘Randy’ is, but I am definitely not feeling him. You’re the only one who swings both ways in this relationship,” Will replied.

“Oh, and you can tell your girlfriend that it’s just plain cruel sending me pictures like that. You know how difficult it is to sleep when every time you shift you notice your hard cock twisting in the blanket?”

“Ah… poor baby… I guess I do owe you. I was out being pleased by a hot blonde with her eating me out and me returning the favor, and you’re stuck here getting pictures but not touching yourself,” Haley responded. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Haley stepped in for a kiss, slipping her tongue into Will’s mouth and massaging his further hardening member. After about 20 seconds she pulled back and looked at Will’s expression.

Will’s brows furrowed, looked at Haley, and asked, “What did you have for breakfast? I can’t quite make it out.”

“I might be concerned if you could. The only thing I ate this morning was Maya’s pussy,” Haley said with a wink. “I thought you might enjoy a sample.”

“Ok, part of me says I should be weirded out by that, but that’s kinda’ hot!” Will responded. “Give me another taste,” he said, stepping in for another kiss.

Will’s tongue explored every recess of Haley’s mouth, and she could tell he was making sure to get whatever flavor he could find on Haley’s lips, too. It was easily the sloppiest kiss Will had ever given her, and considering some of their recent adventures in snowballing, that was saying something.

Haley disengaged and led Will to bed, leading him with her hand around his cock. “I believe I owe you a full report, don’t I?”

“Yes you do!” Will said, laying back on the bed. “But about that kiss, don’t you think Maya would mind me tasting her on your lips.”

“Maybe,” Haley replied, “but I suspect not. Besides, if she didn’t want anyone tasting her pussy on my lips, she shouldn’t be sleeping with a slut like me.”

Haley began to disrobe, telling Will about her trip with Maya to the adult store. She made sure to emphasize how much they enjoyed touching abidinpaşa escort and kissing in front of the college boys. As she described it, Haley took her time removing her clothing, teasingly revealing her breasts as she described how Maya brushed her tits in the store. Then, as she described grabbing Maya’s ass during that first kiss in the shop, Haley slowly lowered her panties, bending over with her legs spread slightly so Will could see her ass and her distended pussy lips.

As Haley climbed into bed next to Will, she told him about putting her arm around Maya in the store, describing how she cupped Maya’s breast even as she tweaked Will’s nipple.

“Maya’s tits are a bit more impressive than yours,” she teased. “Really, it was after that kiss and the public display that I finally admitted to myself that I wanted more. Of course, it came down to my loving boyfriend to give me permission before I was willing to do anything about it.”

As she said this, Haley’s hand roamed down to Will’s shaft, giving the faintest of tugs but still eliciting a moan.

“God your dick is hard,” Haley said. “This is really turning you on, isn’t it?”

“Well, keep in mind that your teasing last night was torture. But, yeah, this turns me on. I just wish I could have seen it in person.” Will responded.

“Well maybe we can make that happen. You think you could stand just sitting still and not playing with yourself as Maya and I made love?” Haley asked.

“Honestly, I doubt it,” Will replied. “But I am willing to try.”

“I am sure you are,” Haley said, as she started to stroke Will’s cock.

“You’ve already got a LOT of precum here,” Haley mentioned, as she withdrew her hand to lick her very wet fingers.

“Oh, did you want a taste?” she asked, as she leaned in for a kiss, knowing he’d taste his precum mixed with the residual flavor of Maya’s pussy.

“That’s probably a bit like the taste of your juices in Maya’s pussy. Mmmmmmm, I think I’d like to try that. That’s be hot!” Haley continued as she stroked Will’s cock once again.

“You know what was really hot? The way Maya took control in bed. She was like a little blonde dominatrix. She told me what to do and took all she could get from me. But she gave as good as she got.”

Haley proceeded to describe in detail as much of her night with Maya as she could. She did it slowly, stroking Will’s cock at a nice even pace. By the time she finished telling Will about being fingered to her first orgasm, Haley could sense Will was close to cumming.

Haley stopped stroking, firmly grasping the base of Will’s aktepe escort cock. Will groaned in frustration.

“Not too fast, now. I am not nearly done with my story. You can wait for the full story, can’t you?”

“I guess so,” Will whined, “but this is torture until then.”

“You know it will be worth it. Feels like your cock has calmed down a bit, so I’ll continue.”

Haley then told Will about Maya pushing Haley’s head toward her pussy and telling her to “Get to work.” Will’s cock twitched at that.

“Oh you like that? Think it’d be fun to be dominated by Maya? I can tell you it was. The best part was that she knew what would get her off and told me to do just that. I went from having my tongue deep inside her to fingering her as I licked her clit. That’s how I made her cum the first time.

“Speaking of which, you seem to be getting close again.” Haley again stopped stroking her boyfriend, grasping the base, and watching his face scrunch up in frustration.

After Will’s cock settled again, Haley let go long enough to scoop up the copious amounts of precum that rested on Will’s belly. She had been using it for lube, but there was so much there she couldn’t just ignore it.

Haley held her hand in front of Will and told him to look at it. “See this is something Maya can’t do. Sure, she covered my fingers with her juices, even licked them off herself – that was really hot – but she can’t create a puddle of precum like this. And while I enjoyed the floral taste of her pussy, your precum is so sweet.

“What should I do with it? This is all about you, after all. I do get turned on by making you taste your juices, but I think you like it when you see me swallow your goo, too. Then again, my fingers still smell like Maya, so… ” Haley allowed the precum to drip into Will’s mouth, followed by her fingers. Will gratefully sucked on Haley’s fingers, once again obviously relishing the taste of Maya’s leftover fluids on them.

“I think I saw your cock twitch again, there. You are just as big an oral slut as I am, aren’t you,” Haley accused as she grabbed Will’s cock again. The feel of his shaft pulsing as she said that was all the answer Haley needed.

Again, Haley resumed her story, describing how they fell into the “Mistress” – “My Pretty” roles. Will really seemed to like Haley saying she imagined it was Will’s cock in her mouth when she sucked Maya’s juices off the dildo. Between that and the face-sitting, Haley almost allowed Will to come too soon.

As Will came down from the edge this third time, Haley made a decision. “I know I said this was akyurt escort all about you, but I am wanting to get off, too. Mind if I get my vibrator out and play with myself as I finish you off?”

“You’re asking a lot of stupid questions this morning,” Will replied. “No man wouldn’t enjoy watching his girlfriend get herself off.”

“Stupid? Really?”

“I am just saying the answer is obvious,” Will reasoned.

“It is kind of obvious your blood is not entering your brain at the moment, so I can forgive the insult,” Haley conceded. “But I’d love to see what Maya would do with it if you insulted her in this situation.”

Haley grabbed her vibrator and worked it insider her even as she stroked Will once again and told him about Maya using the rabbit and the dildo on her. When Haley got to the point where Maya sucked Haley’s juices off her dildo, Haley offered Will the same opportunity, but not before dipping it in his precum. Will opened his mouth and sucked on the dildo like a pro, cleaning the toy thoroughly.

Haley had to admit it turned her on as she started to work herself again with her toy. Haley hoped to reach her orgasm as Will did, but with the multitasking was unable to.

When Haley described Maya humming on her clit, Will lost it, shooting cum violently. The first spurt reached his chin, the subsequent spurts losing a little distance each time. There was a lot of cum, when Will was done.

“Oh my GAWD!” Will exclaimed. “That was amazing! Best handjob ever.

“You didn’t get there yet, did you?”

Haley shook her head. “I am so close. Look at all that cum, though…

“You know what?” Haley asked.

Not waiting for an answer, she started to gather the cum on Will’s torso, scooping it up in her already cum-covered fingers. “You just showered, I’d hate to think we ruined that. I think you need to clean up your mess.

“Here,” she said, thrusting her cum covered hand to Will’s mouth, even as she continued to fuck herself with the dildo. “Clean it up, my oral slut, but don’t swallow.”

Good sport that he is, Will obliged, licking and sucking his cum off of Haley’s fingers. Haley could feel her orgasm building.

“Good boy, here’s some more.” She scooped it up and fed it to Will again. She approached her climax as she was wiping the small amount off of Will’s chin and depositing it in his mouth. Haley then shifted, giving Will’s cum-filled mouth a kiss.

Haley and Will took turns passing the cum back and forth. Haley finally came as she passed it back to Will one last time. “Swallow it, slut!” she exclaimed as she orgasmed. She watched as Will did swallow. Seeing his throat work the cum down, she continued to convulse, finally collapsing after several more seconds, with her bare breasts resting on Will’s chest.

“That was hot, babe,” Haley sighed. “I think I may need a nap now.” With that, Haley did fall asleep right there in Will’s arms.

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