Curiosity Continues

Cowgirl Position

We had been using the cave for about three months with the usual outcome. We would strip, read dirty magazines and then shoot our cum on each other. I loved the feel of his cum on my body, anywhere on my body. He liked shooting it on my crotch, cock and balls. I preferred to shoot mine on his ass. He seemed to like this best too. But, I was getting bored with the same ole, same ole. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the cum play, but I felt there was much more for us to do. So, one afternoon, after arriving at the cave, I suggested something new and bolder.

“Hey, instead of us shooting on each other today, why don’t we try something new?”

Scott looked wide-eyed and asked, “You don’t like shooting on each other any more?”

“No, it’s not that! I really like that! But, I thought we might try something different.” I said.

“Sure, I’m game for anything,” he replied, stressing the `anything’ part.

I took a deep breath and suggested, “Well, I thought we might jerk each other off.”

I noticed an instant rise in his shorts, he liked the idea. He didn’t answer right away, and then he inally said, “Sounds kinda fun. I’ve always wanted to, but I was afraid you wouldn’t and I didn’t want you to think I was queer.”

“I think we are beyond thinking of each other that way. I mean, who cares what we do on our own time in our private cave? You don’t think of me that way and I don’t think of you that way, so let’s not bring up the `queer’ thing anymore. And, dipshit, you can always make suggestions!” I was grinning, but I had to clear the air about the queer thing, he was always worried about what others would think, even though there were no `others’ ever around.

“I just, well, never mind. I’m glad you want to do it, so, do you go first or do I?” he asked, grinning.

I had already thought this through, so I said, “Why don’t you lay down and I’ll do you first.”

He immediately shed his shorts and exposed his hard cock, sticking straight out and dripping a small amount of precum off of the tip. He pulled his shirt off, now standing naked and laid down on the comforter we used as flooring. His cock was very hard and a deep crimson red. He was harder than I had ever seen him.

I stripped next, and realized my cock was harder than ever too. I knelt down beside him and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Hell yes!” He exclaimed, “Can’t you tell by this raging hard on?”

I smiled and reached over, wrapping my right hand around his straining cock, he lightly moaned and closed his eyes.

His cock was hard, yet very soft and extremely warm. It had a much different feel than my own cock. His was slightly thicker and slightly shorter. I didn’t grasp it tightly, Ankara escort not knowing how much pressure would be too much, but I gripped it as tightly as I did my own.

Very slowly, I began to slide my hand up and down on his cock. He sat up on his elbows and watched with his eyes glazed over.

“Man, that feels great!” He said.

I picked up the pace a bit and watch precum ooze from the tip and begin to run down my hand. The faster I stroked, the faster his breathing became.

After about four or five minutes, Scott said in his through his hard breathing, “Okay, stop, I’m about to cum.”

“What? Stop? No way! I’m going to make you blow!” I explained.

“Oh man! I can’t keep holding back! I’m gonna shoot!” he exclaimed.

My own breathing was very ragged and all I could think to do was tighten my grip on his cock and speed the tempo up. His hips began to jerk upwards, forcing my hand to pound harder into his pubic region. He was gasping and jerking faster. His cock began to explode his cum with shot after shot. The cum what flying everywhere. Most of it landed squarely on his chest, with several spurts landing on my upper thighs, which where against his right thigh. He came harder than either of us had ever seen. I continued to jerk him off at a rapid pace, causing even more come to run down across my fingers as they stroked him. He was begging me to stop, but I was so horny and turned on by the scene that I couldn’t stop. I kept jerking his cock faster and faster his whole body began to jerk again, like he was cumming again, only with no cum. He was screaming for me to stop, but he couldn’t get my hand away.

Finally, I slowed my jerking to more of a slow massage and gently squeezed the last few droplets of cum from his cock. When I released his cock it was almost purple! He was moaning and grinning from ear to ear.

“That was fucking awesome! I came twice! Did you see? Did you?” He was ecstatic.

“Wow! I’m sorry man, I couldn’t stop it was so hot!” I replied, wiping his cum from my hands onto my legs.

“NO! Fuck it was awesome!” he went on, “I mean it! I’ve never felt like that. I wanted you to stop, but I couldn’t move because of my orgasm!”

I was suddenly proud of myself, “Cool! I’m glad you liked it! You sure sprayed enough cum around here!” I added, pointing to several puddles of cum on the comforter, my legs, and his chest.

Now it was my turn and my cock was aching for relief. I laid down landing my butt right in the middle of a pool of Scott’s cum. It was still warm and that just added to my need for release. Scott knelt on my left side, his body still covered in his sticky cum, wrapping his hand around my cock with the same gentleness Ankara escort bayan that I had used, squeezing it just tight enough.

Holding his hand still, he asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yea, do it, I need to cum really bad,” I said through raged breathing.

He smiled and slowly started to stroke my cock, picking up the pace with each stroke until he was pounding my cock at the pace I had pounded his.

I could feel the pressure starting to build and let out a slight moan. I then began to push my hips up from the comforter to meet his stroking hand. Suddenly, he stopped!

“What the fuck!” I yelled, “I’m about to cum!”

He grinned, “Relax, I was letting it build up so you could cum like I did!”

“Screw that! I just need to cum! My balls are already fuller than yours!” I said grinning back.

He then began to stroke again, tightening his grip. He then shocked me. He reached between my legs with his other hand and began to slowly rub my nuts. I lost it then, blowing huge amounts of cum all over both of us. He kept rubbing my balls and stroking my cock and I could feel a second wave of orgasm come over me. He didn’t stop. The tingling in my cock and balls was too much. I felt like I was about to pass out.

“Stop! Please stop! I can’t take anymore!” I was pleading.

He kept stroking and a third orgasm passed over me with a tiny bit of cum oozing out of my now purple cock.

He then stopped and I opened my eyes for the first time since my cum had shot out. We were both covered! Most of my cum had landed on my upper chest and stomach, some was on Scott’s legs and both of his hands were covered with it.

“Man! Scott that was fucking awesome!”

“I know, I didn’t want to stop, you looked so cool cumming!”

I sighed and laid flat on my back.

Scott looked moved around so he could lie down too. We then drifted off to sleep, completely exhausted and covered in cum.

Chapter 6:

More of the same, only different

After almost an hour, we both woke up. Dried cum was stuck all over us, and all over the comforter.

“Damn! Look at all this stuff!” I said.

“I know, I guess we better clean ourselves off,” Scott added.

Then I had a thought, seeing my cock was hard and so was his. “I guess we could do it again and then clean up. No sense cleaning up twice!”

“Now that’s a great idea. I’ll do you first this time,” he said, ready to go.

“Wait, why don’t we do each other at the same time?” I asked.

He thought for about a split second then said, “SURE!” He then asked, “How?”

“Well, lets lay down side by side and try it that way.”

He quickly laid down on the comforter Escort Ankara and so did I, assuming the same positions we had napped in earlier.

I reached over and took his cock in my hand, he did the same. It was difficult with us both laying on our backs. I then suggested that we sit up on our sides and try that.

We moved into position, Scott quickly grabbed my cock and I his. This was a bit easier to stroke each other, but it wasn’t comfortable at all. Then, I had a great idea.

“Wait, this isn’t good. Sit up,” I instructed. Scott sat up his legs extended in front of him. I then sat in the same position facing him, sliding towards him. I went on with my instructions, “Lift your left leg,” he did and I slid my right leg underneath it. He caught on and slid his right leg underneath my left. We scooted closer together until our cocks were touching.

“Oh yea! This is perfect!” He said.

“I think so. Now we won’t have any problems, let’s do it.”

I then took his cock in my hand, he took mine in his and we began to match each other stroke for stroke. Our hands were in perfect time, both sliding up and sliding down together. His hand felt so good wrapped around my cock, I could feel the space between where his fingers met. My cock was swelling inside his fist, becoming harder and harder with each stroke. The head was oozing precum, which was coating his sliding hand.

With my hand tightened around his cock, I could feel the hundreds of ridges inside of his skin. His cock was warm and hard. His cock head was a bright red and dribbling precum too, that was coating my fingers and his cock with each stroke.

We continued to stroke each other faster and faster until Scott finally said, “I’m gonna cum!”

Before he could get the whole phrase out, he began to shoot his cum. An equal amount landed on both of us and of course my hand and cock were covered in his cum.

Seeing his cum all over me and our cocks sent me over the edge. My cock erupted shooting a massive amount of cum all over the two of us. We each continued to stroke each other until every last drop of cum had been coaxed out of our cocks.

We sat there for a few minutes and then I said, “I think this is the way we should do it from now on. That was fucking great!”

Scott was nodding, “I agree. I think from now on we always do each other.”

“Of course, there is one drawback,” I stated, “we can’t shoot cum on each others asses this way.”

He thought for a minute then said, “Well, let’s at least do it this way every other time!”

It was a deal. Until we could come up with another game to play, we would jerk each other off at the same time and then we would cum on each other as we had been doing. We then stood up and cleaned the cum from our bodies. Both of our cocks were swollen and beet red from all the jerking off. After getting all the cum off of us, we dressed and headed out to his house for dinner.

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