Curious Ch. 02


The following is a work of fiction. All characters are at least eighteen years of age.


I lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. The only sound in the room is my wife’s heavy breathing. She is fast asleep. My semi erect cock lies wet along my leg. Cum is leaking from its still swollen head. My wife and I had just had an amazing session of sex. She is now fast asleep, but I lay awake. Tomorrow I will meet a new friend of mine for only the second time. The last time we met, we both watched each other masturbate to climax. Since then I have blown numerous loads thinking about him stroking his long, fair cock.

Tomorrow we were going to do more than watch. Tomorrow I was going to stroke his cock, and he was going to stroke mine. Tomorrow I am going from bicurious to bisexual, and I was excited. I was very excited. Just thinking about it had gotten my cock hard once again. I rolled on my side and began masturbating while imagined what it would feel like to stroke another man’s cock. Precum mixed with my wife’s pussy juices turning my cock into a slick mess. In my mind’s eye I was stroking Adam’s beautiful cock. Long firm strokes as he squirmed under my touch. His balls pulled tight and his cock pulsed and swelled even further. I could feel his cum traveling up his rigid staff and shooting out his cock head. Pulse after pulse of hot cum shot from his cock covering my hand.

I opened my eyes to find my hand in a sticky mess along with the sheets. I grabbed an old shirt and feebly tried to tidy up. Eventually I gave up, rolled into my own wet spot, and drifted off to sleep.

I was anxious all day long. Multiple times during the day people had to repeat themselves or ask me if I was listening. I was in another place entirely. I couldn’t wait to see what it would be like to jerk off another guy. I wanted to take my time touching and exploring Adam’s cock. I also wondered what it would be like to have a man jerk me off. I have had numerous hand jobs from women, but it seemed like I had to really work hard to cum when they were doing it. Or at least I would have to focus on the visual rather than the actual stroking skills being showcased. I wondered if a man would know exactly what would put me over the edge.

I felt like my cock was semi erect all day long. Sometimes I had to wait before getting up from behind my desk lest someone notice my erection.

Finally it was almost the time for me to head over to Adam’s for some “tennis”. My wife had already left to meet a friend, and I contemplated rubbing one out quickly so that I wouldn’t cum immediately, but I decided saving a big messy load for Adam would be a better idea.

Driving over I got so worked up that my erect cock strained against my shorts painfully. I had to force myself to think about taxes as I approached the tennis courts so that my erection would subside enough for me to walk to the tennis courts comfortably.

I played one of my worst games of tennis but somehow managed to beat Adam handedly. He must have been as anxious and excited as I was. Again he invited me up to his room and this time without even asking he turned on some porn.

“So I thought about this tons this week. Since its going to be both of our first times jerking of another guy, I think we should do it at the same time. So what I was thinking was that we both get naked and lay on our backs, head to feet. That way we can turn our torso and get close access to each other’s cocks.” He matter-of-factly explained.

I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t even thought of the logistics of the operation, but I was excited by the prospect. I stripped off my shirt in answer, and he began to undress as well. As I pulled my shorts off, I noticed that I was semi erect already. I couldn’t believe how excited I was. It was as if I was back in college having sex for the first time.

I lay on the bed as Adam was still undressing and suddenly I felt his weight depress the mattress as he lay next to me. I turned my torso and faced his erect cock. I had never been so close to another man’s penis before. It was exhilarating. He looked bigger than I remembered. “Was it from extra excitement?” I wondered. Then it came to me.

“You are completely shaved!” My hand instinctively reached out and stroked the smooth skin above his erect cock.

“Ohhhh.” He moaned to me touch. “Fuck.” He swallowed hard trying to speak. “I wanted to give my cock every advantage next to your monster.”

“Please Adam. You have a gorgeous, long cock.” I said as I ran my fingers the length of his rigid shaft. He could hear him moan again, and then suddenly I felt his hands on me. He was gently palming my bald balls.

“Maybe, but this is a monster.” He exclaimed as he gave my hardening cock a squeeze. I could feel precum ooze from my cock and then Adam’s hand massaging the slick concoction the length of my cock. It felt so good. My cock was instantly hard. I focused on the bald cock in front of me. It felt so soft like velvet. His skin was fair and smooth. I squeezed some precum from his long, hard rod and quickly started massaging him with it. I leaned forward and let a big gob of spit fall on his head. I was tempted to put his poker oyna mushroom head in my mouth, but I just started to stroke him instead.

“I can barely wrap my hand around your thick dick!” He exclaimed as he gave me another firm squeeze.

I didn’t even acknowledge him. I was enjoying a new pleasure. It was such a thrill to stroke another man’s hard cock, and with Adam it felt comfortable. We didn’t seem to have any complicated feelings getting in the way. We were just both interested in exploring and having a good orgasm.

As I stroked his hard cock with one hand, my other explored his smooth, hairless balls. The skin felt like velvet. I teased him where his pubic hair was. I traced his mushroom head while constantly pumping him.

His cock started to swell further in my hand. I noticed his balls pulling in tight. He was going to cum. I leaned in close and stroked him furiously while my other hand cupped his smooth balls. I could tell that he had just shaved by how soft he was. His hands ceased working on my member as he was overcome with pleasure. I had never seen a cock about to burst from such a close vantage point.

Suddenly his cock pulsed in my hand and started to shoot thick white streams of cum into the air. I kept stroking as his cum fell back on my hand making a sloppy mess. Jet after jet of his cream shot out until finally his cock stopped cumming. I was so turned on from watching him cum buckets that I leaned in close and took the head of his cock in my mouth. I sucked every last bit of cum from him, relishing the salty, manly flavor. Then turned to face him. He was just opening his eyes and he had a big smile on his face.

“Fuck that was amazing.” Was all that he could muster. “Your turn.” He leaned in close to my about to burst cock. “I have an idea.” He said as he reached for one of the pools of cum around his own cock and scooped some up. He put the slick hot cum on the tip of my cock and started to pump me feverishly with both hands.

“Fuck I am going to burst.” I groaned, and no sooner were the words out of my mouth than I felt his warm mouth envelope my tip. The sensations were too great. I started to cum torrents of semen into his mouth. Adam swallowed as fast as he could but copious amounts of my cum were leaking out the sides of his mouth and dripping on my legs.

Finally I stopped cumming and just relished in the orgasmic bliss. After a few moments I finally spoke.

“Fuck Adam, that was amazing. You took my cum like a champ. Next week, I am going to put that long bald cock of yours in my mouth and show you what I good job I can do.”

He smiled back at me, my cum hanging from his chin. “I would like that. I want to see how much of your monster I can take in my mouth.” He gave me a firm tug, forcing some residual cum from my still hard cock. He leaned in and licked me clean.

I sat up and the sight before me was unsettling. My orgasm brought clarity and I started to take in the situation. I was lying in bed, naked, with another man. He had my cum on his face and I had his all over my hands and dick. I also had his essence in my mouth. I stood up a bit awkwardly and reached for my pants.

“Is everything OK?” Adam asked as his smile dissolved into a look of worry.

“Yeah, everything is fine.” I answered. “This was a lot of fun, but I am a little confused.” I continued to dress.

“I understand. It’s cool, don’t worry about it Jack. It’s new and weird for me too. I don’t want to do anything that’s going to make you uncomfortable.”

His logic reassured me. “No, I’m OK. Seriously, this was a lot of fun. It’s just, I don’t know.” My words were failing me.”

“It’s ok Jack, relax. Put your clothes on, drive home and have a drink. Let everything settle in. If you decide you want to come by next week, play some tennis, suck some cock, just let me know. It’s no big deal.”

This young kid was wise beyond his years.

“Ok.” I dumbly answered as I pulled my shorts over my now mostly limp dick. I pulled my shirt over my foggy head and then looked back at Adam as I walked to the door. He was lying in a mess of a bed. Big pools of his cum now just clear wet spots on the simple sheets. His cock was still hard, and it still looked flawless. The awkwardness I felt a moment earlier was waning as I imagined my lips around his cock.

“I will see you next week.” I called over my shoulder as I left his room. I guess my cock decided for me.


My wife’s head was bobbing up and down in my lap. She was struggling to get a couple of inches of my cock into her mouth. One hand was pumping my cock as she sucked my swollen head. Her other hand was clumsily playing with my balls. I hated when she did that. She always used too much force, or just was completely inefficient at causing any pleasure.

I pulled her hair back so I could see my hard, thick dick disappear in her mouth. I liked the visual more than the actual sensation.

“Would I watch Adam suck my cock, or close my eyes?” I thought.

I had already eaten her out until she came all over my face, and when I got bored of this blowjob I would lightly pull up on her head and that would be the canlı poker oyna signal that it was time for some fucking. Usually she would climb on top and fuck me until she came again. I would watch her play with her swollen clit or play with it myself. This was what had become our weekly sex session. Sometimes we would have sex more often than once a week, but lately it was once a week like clockwork. Usually a Friday or sometimes Saturday night, we would catch up, drain a few bottles of wine and then have sex. I was fucking her rapidly now. She had already came while riding me, but for some reason I had the stamina of a porn star tonight. After her second orgasm subsided, I flipped her on her back, slid into her drenched cunt, and started to fuck away. Her perky B-cup breasts were flailing roughly with each of my powerful thrusts. Her bald pussy was stretched tightly around my fat cock. She was moaning loudly as she feverishly rubbed her clit trying to manage a rare third orgasm.

“Harder! Harder! Fuck yeah!” She practically screamed. My bald balls were slapping into her tight ass with a loud wet slap. I was about to cum.

“I’m cumming!” She screamed.

I could feel her pussy muscles contract on me powerfully as she came in waves. That pushed me over the edge. I closed my eyes as my cock exploded like a cum geyser. As the first wave of orgasm came over me, my mind’s eye had Adam’s cock in my mouth as I deposited buckets of cum into my wife.

Exhausted, I collapsed next to her sweaty body. We lay there silent as our heart rates came down to a reasonable rhythm. After some small talk and cuddling my wife gave me a kiss and rolled over to meet sleep. I could not follow her yet. My mind was reeling with thoughts of Adam’s cock. I imagined what it would feel like to lick and kiss it. How would it be to taste his precum? How far could I take him in my mouth? Would I be able to do a better job than he in swallowing a big load? My still dripping wet cock rose again and begged for attention. I brought my hand down and quietly rubbed my rod coated with my wife’s and my own cum. In my head I was imagining licking another hard cock up and down. Teasing it until I felt it throb, ready to erupt down my throat. I thought of what it would feel like for my mouth to be flooded with hot cum, and suddenly I felt a hot sticky mess on my hand. I was ready to taste a cock.


Again we met for tennis. Again I beat him handedly. Again he invited me up for a beer. Once in his little dorm room he threw me a curveball.

“How about we take a quick shower, and then I can show you some of the massage techniques I have been learning. I can get that knot out of your thigh once and for all.”

I was taken aback by the offer, but I was relieved. As much as I was excited to suck a cock for the first time, I was nervous. I hot shower and massage sounded amazing. I agreed, and before I knew it we were walking down the hall to the showers. I started to get nervous again, imagining a big open area for group showers, but they showers were modern and private. No one batted an eyelash at the fact that a nearly forty year old man was using their facilities.

The hot water on my skin calmed my nerves, but the thought of what was about to take place got my cock in such a state of excitement that I decided I had to think of other things so I wouldn’t have to walk out of the shower with an uncomfortable erection. My thoughts were rattled with Adam’s voice.

“Damn you are rock hard too. I guess we are both excited.” He was peeping his head over the divider between our showers. He gave me a wink and continued. “Don’t rub one out in here. I want to see if I can swallow all of your cum this time.” He gave me such a mischievous grin. “Just think about dead puppies or baseball. That will make your cock soft enough to walk out of here.” He ducked his head back down, and I tried as hard as I could not to have any sexual thoughts. Eventually I was able to get my cock to behave, so I finished my shower, got dressed, and the two of us walked back to his room in silence. As soon as the door closed behind us Adam spoke up, as if he was preparing his thoughts the whole time.

“Why don’t you strip while I set up the massage table? I will get those tight muscles all loosened up.” The guise of a massage was enough to subside any second thoughts I was having about what I knew was about to transpire.

I stripped and lay on the table. The cool fabric was soothing on my skin. Before I knew what was happening, I could feel Adam’s strong hands kneading my shoulders. The tension was running out of my body with each of his skillful motions. He poured massage lotion on my skin and relaxed my tense shoulder muscles.

“There you go, I can feel you finally relaxing.” He calmly spoke as he forcefully yet skillfully removed all of the knots from my back. Now he was on my ass, using all of his body weight to crush the tension from me. I could feel my cock stir from all the pleasurable sensations. He spent a lot of time on my legs. Starting from my feet, he removed the tension up my tight calves and finally to my thighs and quads. His hands rose up my legs until he was internet casino grazing my balls with each kneed of my now relaxed muscles.

“OK, turn over and I will get the rest of you.”

I was happy to roll over and relieve the pressure on my now rock hard cock.

“Mmmm, tasty.” Adam purred as he started rubbing my chest. He was rubbing me top to bottom, and he was good at what he was doing. I was putty in his hands. As he got down to my groin I felt his hand wrap around my cock. I closed my eyes and let him explore me. He squeezed my cock and rubbed the precum that leaked out all over my swollen head. Next, I felt his hot breath on me. Then my cock head was enveloped in his warm and moist mouth. He just held me there and sucked as his hand began jacking off my dry cock gently.

His other hand had begun exploring my smoothly shaven balls. I was in heaven. Suddenly his mouth popped off of my cock.

“Fuck Jack, you are so big. It hurts to get my mouth around you, but I love trying.” I just laid smiling and I am sure that he took my hint. I felt him release a big gob of spit on my cock and start stroking my now slick shaft with both hands.

“God, Adam! That feels so good. I am not going to be able to hold out much longer.” I mustered.

“Not a problem. I am dying to taste a mouth of you cum again. I am going to swallow as much spunk as you can throw at me.” He started to stroke me faster, and I felt his tongue circling my mushroom tip, teasing me. Then he put his mouth on me again, but this time he forced as much of me down his throat as he could. I could hear him gurgle as he mustered to get a third of me down his tight throat. He pulled me out after a few glorious moments, and I could hear him panting. He was back on my cock in an instant, forcing nearly half of me down his throat as he jacked me off. I was trying to hold off cumming as long as I could but suddenly one of his fingers found my ass hole and teased it ever so gently. I erupted in a massive orgasm. I could feel my cock launch torrents of cum down Adam’s throat.

He reared back coughing as my cum triggered his gag reflex. I opened my eyes and watched him coughing inches from my cock as my last blasts of semen shot right onto his pained face. It was both a comical and erotic sight for me. As I recovered from orgasm and he caught his breath, I knew I had to have him in my mouth right away.

I sat up and then stood while pushing him onto the massage table. He didn’t resist at all. His cock was standing straight up begging for attention. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. The velvety soft skin contrasted sharply with his stiff erection. I slowly pumped his shaft forcing a steady stream of precum from him. I licked my lips. I was drunk with horniness. Even though I had just cum moments ago, my cock twitched with anticipation of tasting the sweet nectar of his precum. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the throbbing vein of his cock towards his swollen head. Adam responded with a moan while his cock responded by exuding even more precum. Up to his mushroom head I licked and finally his clear trail of sweet cock secretions touched my tongue. The taste took me back to when I was a teenager tasting my own precum as I jacked off. It tasted delectable.

I had to have him in my mouth. Slowly I let his cock head into my mouth. I just let it sit there while I enjoyed his musky taste. I gently sucked, drawing more of his tasty precum into my mouth. My cock was fully hard again and painfully pushing against the table. It had been years since I had recovered so quickly. My erection did not go unnoticed.

“Bring that big cock over here Jack. I am ready for seconds.” I shift my body onto the table with my cock right above Adam’s head. He immediately wrapped his lips around me and started to jack me off with his mouth.

I pulled up off of his cock and let a big gob of spit and precum fall onto his throbbing member. His whole body struggled in pleasure as I began to rapidly jack off the slippery mess that was his cock.

He released my cock from his mouth for a moment. “Fuck Jack, I am going to cum.” He struggled to say before he dove back onto my cock. I began to move my hips, shallowly, but rapidly fucking his mouth.

I in turn wrapped my mouth around him and suck hard. I could feel his cock begin to swell and pulse in my mouth. I thrust as much of his long cock into my mouth as I could handle. It was not much, but the sensation of him filling me completely was exhilarating.

The first blast of cum hit me deep in my throat triggering a strong urge to cough; instead, I forced myself to swallow as he began to dump hot cum down my throat. My own cock erupted and gave what little cum it had left to his moist mouth. After forcing two large throat fulls of cum down my gullet I pulled back on his cock and let him fill my mouth with his waning cum eruptions. I held the hot, salty concoction in my mouth savoring the flavor that hinted of bleach. His cock slipped out of my mouth as I gave one last big swallow finishing my first blowjob. My entire body weight was on Adam now. As I gathered my senses I realized he was licking every inch of my cock clean. He was being gentle with my now very sensitive cock and I was savoring the sensation. I rolled off of him, and we laid side by side on the tiny table. We both just lay in utter satisfaction for what seemed like an eternity.

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