Curtain Call


I’m waiting with mounting excitement for you. I stand naked with a semi-hard. I know you will be here in a few moments then we can begin. This time however is a little surprise.

You enter through the front door tingling. Such a relief to be gone from the outside world. You see me and kiss me gently on my lips. “Hi lover. “as you tug my dick to let me know how glad you are to be here.

“Good to see you. Let me help you get those things off. “Within seconds your clothes are in a pile at our feet and now I can view your lovely full figure which makes me so lustful.

“Shhh!,” I say and then take you by the hand and lead you down the hall to the next room. There to greet you is a camera that is being held by a naked guy. But wait! The room seems to be full of naked men with all kinds of dicks in various stages of erection.

Your eyes scan the room hardly believing what you see. “My oh my, now this is a surprise. You sure do know how to welcome a gal,” You say with that hint of suppressed thrill in your voice. Some of the cocks are circumcised, others are uncut. Some of the men have small scrotums, others have cods that hang low. Some of the men are hairy and one has his pubic hair totally shaved off, even his ballsack.

The camera guy is panning over your body while the men laugh and tell you that today you will be fucked like no other time in your life. They surround you while you are in semi-shock and apply oils to your skin. You stand while the multitude of hands massages your skin, your limbs, your breast and your belly. Snatches of words drift through your consciousness. “Awesome ass, honey” “Ummmhh, I love a girl with plump sweet thighs. They make my mouth water. “Words of adoration for this is a F. A. group. Fat Admirers. These are men who find the heft and weight of a woman a visually aphrodisiac. The roundness of your belly the solid fullness of your heavy ass and thighs causes an atmosphere of pure lust so thick that it could be cut with a knife. The hands are everywhere at once. The men are each concentrating on that particular aspect that turns them on. Each pressure and caress is done with loving care. For in their eyes you are a Goddess. And all the while it is captured on video.

The film guy has been circling you as the action eve gelen escort unfolds. Nothing has escaped his notice. Your eyes glaze at the attention , then as if by silent command the men carry you to the waiting bed.

The attention becomes more intimate. One man kisses and massages your feet; another suckles one breast while the next guy is sucking on the other. I’m right there with you. Your head is nestled between my legs with my cock is lying on the crown of your head. You lie on your back as the men continue the physical worship of your body. You can smell the eight men in the room. Their musky, hot sex odor is swimming in your nostrils causing the dampness in your pussy to turn into a dripping chasm.

I am talking to you now. The words spill out insistent, “Your pussy is going to get slammed like no other time in your life. The cum in this room will be in your pussy, in your face and on your tits before we are through. We are going to fuck you hard. “

You look me straight in the eyes and tell me huskily, “Fuck me like there is no tomorrow, baby. I want it hard and often. And say you won’t disappoint me.

Now the action really heats up. One man starts licking your drenched cunt. You moan and scream out, “LICK THAT HOT PUSSY. THIS CUNT WANTS FUCKING TONIGHT. FOR I’M ALL YOURS BOYS. FUCK THIS SLUT NOW! “

Within seconds a hard cock is in your mouth and you suck the vigorous manmeat as he shoves it in. His long scrotum slaps the side of your face as he continues his mouth fucking. Then the cunt lappers work takes hold and you have your first orgasm of the evening. As the wave goes through you the mouthfucker cums hot sweet globs into your waiting mouth which you greedily swallow jacking the remaining cream into your obliging mouth. All the time the film man does his work.

The foot man is now rubbing his organ between your feet. You catch on and rub him back and then in-sync with his strokes you urge him on. “OH YEAH BABY. JACK THAT DICK. BOY RIGHT THERE”. He clasp one of your feet to his harden cock locking both of his hands around your foot and his penis. Your other foot rubs his balls. You continue to coach him on. “YEAH THAT’S MY BIG BOY CUM BABY, CUM. “Within seconds hot spurts shoot from his cock over fatih escort your leg and left foot. He continues to rub his spent cock on your feet until he is totally soft.

” I think its time for the real fucking honey. “interrupting your euphoria. “You know that means. Doggy style and hard, hard, hard fucking. “You sit up and we kiss one another. Slowly and sensually. The slut link that binds us is at full throttle and we both want that ultimate in shared relief.

You get set and present your waiting pussy to the gallery of admirers. The men take turns licking and sniffing your womanhood. “SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STICK A COCK IN THERE,” you command. And within seconds you are entered and being fucked. “HARDER, HARDER. “you demand. “FUCK THAT HOT STANKY PUSSY NOW. “A man on each side is holding your ankles and spreading your legs wide apart as the man fucks your cunt for all he’s worth. You adore the hard heavy pounding and you know it’s just begun. “FUCK ME HARD, FUCK THIS BITCH SILLY. Oooooooh, “as you sink into orgasm and the cock spurts. and the film guy shoots on.

Within seconds another has taken his place and is fucking your terribly hard. I bend down ecstatic and say , “Open your eyes I’ve got a big surprise. “And there to be seen in all of it’s glory is a 91/2 inch monster cock that looks to be 3 inches in diameter. The tantalizing meat is directly in front of your face. You examine the tool in close detail noticing the pulsating love muscle’s engorged veins, bulbous shiny head and tight ball sack. I guide the monster cock to your waiting mouth and watch as you suck the massive penis. Never in your life have you had such a feeling as with this wonderful mantool in your mouth and the man in your pussy pounds and pounds.

“Ooooh GOD. Uuuuh. Uhhhhh! “Again the wave of orgasm floods you. The man fucking you has his orgasm and is replaced by the huge man but this time you are on your back, cause you want to see the action. I position a large mirror off to the side to help with the visuals. You watch as the bulbous purplish head plows past your labia and the inches slowly fill your cum ladened cunt. There is no fineness he just pounds your pussy and you urge him on like a jocky at the track. The hypnotic thrusting is reflected in halkalı anal yapan escort the mirror. You can see the Labia Minora encase the thick dick. This is what your pussy was made for: hot lust fill fucking stripped down to the pure animal level. You deserve to be serviced this way. Your body aches for the jackhammer pounding that reaches all the way to your cervix. And you still want more.

“FUCK ME HARD…HARDER…. HAARRDDEEERRRR! “The tension of this unadorned sex causes a near psychotic break, Yet you continue to urge the cocksman to, ” GO AND GO AND GOOOO! ” I whisper in your ear, “Mona look in the mirror at your pussy getting reamed. You need this hosing down. It’s really what you are made for and deserve. A wonderful hot fucking, slutty bitch that’s is doing what you were born to do. And when he is done I’m going to be your sex boy-toy and orally clean all that cum from your hot, stinking cunt. Then I’m going to stick my cock into you and spurt my pent-up jism into your altar of lust. “

As I tell you my hidden secret desires you look deeply into my face with your enchanting green eyes and tell me, “I knew you’re a slutty fuck-toy and you’re here to be of service to me as only you can . ” The bond of slutdom chains us as one.

The huge monster cock begins to erupt. He pulls it out just as the first globs of cum-juice fly on to your tits. Several spasms of hot thick cum land on your belly that leave the man wholly satisfied. You stare at his reddened and engorged cock as a few drops of jism drip off the end. Deftly you wipe your finger on his swollen tip and then taste his man-cream.

The man steps aside as I kneel before your cum filled pussy. The odor is staggering and I breath it deeply. To me it shows just how adored you truly are. I slowly lick the area around your Mons Venus. Then I plunge my tongue fully into your fuck hole. The taste is awesome your juices mingled with your fuckers’ semen. The excitement is building. I could cum any second just thinking about you, even without touching my stiff member.


With your command I obey and thrust my turgid fuck-rod into your waiting hole. FUCK ME HARD NOW FUCK ME…FUCK ME…. Ooooh FUCK ME! “

Your hips shove upward to meet my pounding pelvis as the joyful orgasm takes us both to the brink of our consciousness. We collapse into a spent mass. Only the sound of our heavy labored breathing fills the quite room.

Suddenly the room breaks into applause and the camera guy says it’s a take.

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