Custom Maid Mistress


It was the morning of our second show. After the baby had been fed and Monique, Michelle, and I had been nursed until our breasts were all empty, it was time to hit the day. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I examined my “new” ears in the mirror now that they were fully healed after the stitches had been removed. My ears were now pointed like elf, Vulcan, or vampire ears. Monique had sculpted them incredibly well; they were almost works of art.

I got in the shower and cleansed my body thoroughly and then dried off completely. I then dried my hair and gathered it up and made it into a short ponytail that allowed my hair to cover my ears. Monique had also altered my eyebrows slightly so that they angled slightly upward. I could now pass as a Vulcan on “Star Trek.”

I drove over to the studio to work on the night’s show. When I arrived, Arthur met me and we casually chatted and he relayed his thoughts. We looked over the wardrobe that had been readied for the show.

“Wow,” I said, “these costumes don’t look quite like the ones that you see in the movies. They look more like the ones on the walls of the temples and the pyramids.”

“Yes they do.” said Art. “You ladies wanted realism and these are authentic ancient Egyptian style outfits. You will find that they are actually quite revealing above the waist. The jewelry is the part that adds the accent to the outfit. You guys will be pleased, I believe.”

The set had been decorated and finished to look like the inside of an Egyptian temple and actually looked quite realistic. Our treatment of “The Mummy” looked like it was going to be a great one.

While I was lost in thought, staring at the particulars of the set, a pair of arms surrounded me from behind and hugged me tightly. When they somewhat released their pressure, the hands moved upward and held my breasts tenderly. I remained still for a moment and enjoyed the feeling. I reached behind me and first felt hips and then a nice little ass.

“Good morning, Drew,” I said, “you are here early today.”

“I know,” Drucilla replied, “I wanted a chance to actually visit with you a little. I wanted to show my mistress, Crypta, my new accoutrements.”

“It’s me, Jaime.” I replied. “Crypta has not arrived on the set yet.”

She released her grip on me slightly and I turned around. I looked deep into her eyes and returned her hug. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and smiled. As we released our hug, I stepped back and took her hand. We walked over to a table on the set and sat up upon it.

“You have something that you wanted to show me?” I asked. “Let’s see your new pride and joy.” I smiled, exposing my fangs and caressed each one with a separate half of my tongue.

“Look,” she said as she smiled and raised her upper lip high, “new fangs, sweetie.”

“They are gorgeous and sexy.” I said. “Let me look at you a moment while I visualize a couple of things.” I stepped for a moment and looked her over.

“Look what else!” she exclaimed as she covered her fangs with her now split tongue. She wiggled it around a little bit and pulled it back into her mouth.

“My goodness,” I said, “it’s definitely you, babe. Let me see what we can do to reward your initiative. My dear, since you’re here, would you help me try on my costume for the show tonight?”

“Yes, I will,” she answered, beaming from ear to ear, “let’s go!” She took my hand and half-skipped to the dressing room.

As we entered the dressing room, we spied the costume rack. She went to the rack and located Crypta’s costume. She lifted it off of the rack and brought it over to me. I lifted off my tank top shirt, unhooked my bra, and then undid my denim skirt and slid it off.

Drucilla was all business, only slyly looking me over without reacting. She handed me the bright white petticoat skirt which I wrapped around my waist and hip and tied it off in front as is customary. It ran from my waist to my knees. She next brought the shawl that is the top of the outfit. The shawl wrapped around my shoulders and tied in front below the neck. My shawl was a fine sheer fabric that covered my breasts with the gap between them. With a casual glance might not notice that my breasts are visible through the fabric.

Drew reached around from behind me and passed the collar from one hand to the other, laying it around my neck and fastening it behind. She had me sit in a chair and placed the ebony straight braided wig on my head, orienting it to perfection. She finally placed an ophidian headdress band around the top of my head, level with my forehead. She then escorted me over to the mirror and let me gaze upon myself.

“Queen Jaime Nefertiti of the Nile!” she said as she bowed.

I chuckled and said, “You’re too kind, sweet Drucilla. I like it. I don’t want to change out of this costume. It’s a little ‘showy’, but it’s so hot looking!”

“You make an absolutely beautiful Queen of the Nile.” chimed Drew. “Would you like me to apply your makeup now?”

“Why sariyer escort not!” I exclaimed. I handed her my phone, saying “Snap a shot of me, would you please?”

“Sure thing.” she affirmed as she began to make me up to me using Egyptian style kohl. When she was finished, she snapped pictures of me using my phone and her camera. She showed me the photos on her camera and they had me floored by the Egyptian goddess that was on the screen.

Drucilla and I went out to the stage and walked around and talked for a while. Before long, we heard the sound of people entering the studio so we went to the dressing room to perform my transformation. I grabbed my contact case and went to the adjacent bathroom to put them in my eyes.

Drucilla followed me into the bathroom, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said, “I will see you later, Jaime.” She hastily departed the room and went out to the set.

I took in the enchanting image in the mirror for a minute and then leaned toward the mirror, opened the case and inserted my white vampire eyes. I looked down, blinked, closed my eyes, and breathed deeply.

When I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror and gazed upon Crypta staring back at me dressed as an Egyptian queen. Marina, Yvonne, and the always bodacious Tiffany walked into the dressing room. “Crypta, dear!” they said in unison.

“You are a vision!” said Tiffany.

“Let’s get this show on the road, gals.” I said.

I helped them all get dressed in their costumes after they had inserted their contact lenses. Gravana’s dress was identical to mine while Marina and Yvonne wore sheath dresses running from immediately below the breasts down to below their knees with straps that ran from the tie in front, up between their bare breasts, past the base of the neck and down to the dress top in back. They were both adorned with the ebony braided wigs and simple gold headbands. They were topped off with shawls identical to mine.

When Sheila and Arielle arrived, and then got dressed in sheath dresses identical to Marina and Yvonne and Marina, absent the shawls and headbands. We assisted Sheila and Arielle insert their white eye contacts.

We all strolled out to the set; we saw that Kevin and Tim were already dressed and ready. They were wearing only the Egyptian men’s skirt and braided wigs.

Arthur shouted, “Everyone, get in your places! Let’s get Tim, Kevin, Sheila, and Arielle in their sarcophagi.”

We helped the four of them into the sarcophagi that were waiting for them and closed the lids. We took our places and awaited the action call.

“Standby.” commanded Art. “We’re go in five, four, three, two, one….”

“Welcome!” said Gravana. “Tonight, you will be treated the recent film, ‘The Mummy’ starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. It is an action packed and special effects packed great time. For you that were with us last time, you know who we are. For our new viewers, I am Mistress Gravana.” Extending her arm toward me, “This is Mistress Crypta. Turning toward our peasant girls, “These lovely Gypsies are beautiful Yvonne and Marina.”

“Now,” I said, “we have some unfinished business to attend to from the last time we were together. Let us go to the first sarcophagus.” We walked over to it and carefully slid the lid off of it. The camera zoomed in on the sleeping Arielle.

“Arise! My new child.” I said.

Marina reached in and touched Arielle’s forehead and retracted her arm. Arielle’s eyes snapped open and stared upward. She sat straight upright at which point Marina and I each took a hand and helped her out of the sarcophagus.

The same action was repeating at the next one where Kevin was rising out of it. Marina and I strolled over to the third one and repeated the scenario with Tim rising from within. Finally, Gravana and Yvonne awakened Sheila from her sarcophagus.

“Now that we’ve awakened all of the new members of our pack from their transformations, it’s time for everyone to kick back and enjoy ‘The Mummy’.

“And we’re clear!” hollered Art.

Everyone exchanged kisses and hugs and began to talk and catch up on the past two weeks. We all turned our attention to the refreshment cart that just entered the set. Everyone partook of something to drink and relaxed until the next set began.

I went back to the dressing room for what was supposed to be a brief moment. I had grabbed the cell phone to send the picture that Drucilla had taken of Jaime to Michelle. Just as I hit the “send” button, Marina walked into the room. I had just stood up when Marina came to me and reached into, and under my shawl. She began to caress my breasts and massage them, paying particular attention to my nipples.

Marina pushed my shawl aside, put my nipple into her mouth and began to draw the milk out of my breast. I led her over to the couch so that I could sit down and enjoy her nursing. She went back and forth on each breast, evenly emptying them. Marina managed to finish her task just prior eskort to the second segment beginning. She moved upward upon me up to my face, bared her fangs and pressed her lips to mine and gave me a long deep kiss. I held the back of her head with my left hand and reached under her shawl and played with her breast during our kiss.

We finished our long kiss and gave each other a quick kiss on the lips and straightened each other’s wigs and make up. We then tended each other’s outfits to make sure that they were both straight and tight. We each gave a quick squeeze of the others tits and then slapped each other on the ass. Marina and I held each other’s hands as we walked out to the set. I grabbed a drink and took a couple quick swallows.

“Get ready!” shouted Art. After about a minute, he announced, “Standby, we’re on in five, four, three, two, one….”

“Well, will the intrepid mercenary avoid the gallows, or not?” I said. “I think they will hang him. I can’t blame poor old Imhotep for trying to do the dirty deed with Anak-su-naman. She definitely is one hot number. I love her choice of sartorial covering. Ancient Egyptian clothing certainly has a lot of possibilities. It beats the hell out of the toga. Let’s see if we can tear Gravana away from her royal enjoyment.”

I turned and walked over the plush bench on which she was reclined. Tim and Kevin were standing guard over her and Arielle and Sheila were fanning her with palm fronds. Marina and Yvonne were feeding her dates very erotically.

“Oh your worship, Queen Gravana, may you be disturbed?” I inquired.

“Yes, I may.” she said.

“Would you please give your royal command?” I said.

“Continue with the film!” she ordered. “So it shall be written, so it shall be done.”

“We are clear!” shouted Art.

The entire cast then broke for the dressing rooms to get something to drink and relax for a little while.

I began to search the studio alone. I was trying to find the whereabouts of Drucilla. I asked Art to no avail. I went to check the ladies room and found no one. I then figured that I should check the recesses of the prop room. As I entered, I saw no signs of life within. I then began to explore the layout of the entire room. As I climbed up a ladder in a back corner, I found a “secret” room. Inside, I found Drucilla sitting alone by herself.

“Drucilla, dear,” I said as I approached her, “why are you holed up in here? I have been looking for you all over the place.” I knelt down to hug her and she recoiled. “What’s the matter, sweet Drew?”

“I loved the whole vampire thing and you.” she answered. “But, I can’t lie to myself. I found someone that I have truly fallen in love with and I can’t betray my heart.”

I felt something in the pit of my stomach. “Who have you fallen in love with so deeply? It won’t change anything between us.” I forced myself to lie a little.

“You are Mistress Crypta and you are hellaciously beautiful and seductive. I have fallen in love with Jaime more deeply than I ever thought that I was capable of doing. You both share a single body but are two entirely different people. You are Crypta the vampire. Jaime is an entirely different person. I love her. I was trying to avoid you until Jaime reappeared.”

“Jaime is the one who sent me to find you.” I assured her. It was her idea that I had to put into action. I would like you to come with me and perform a surprise role. She thought that you should appear on the show. Her idea was to have you be a vampire and after you have been initiated, have you wrapped up as a mummy. We would have you bring me something to drink. And then we would unwrap your bandages and bring you into the pack.”

“You mean that?” she asked. “Was that really Jaime’s idea? I would do anything for her.”

“Yes I do and yes it was her idea. She loves you as well, which is I why I would never betray her. Come with me and I will show you the truth. I swear it.”

“Okay,” she said, “I will do as you ask. Let’s go.”

We both climbed down and went to the dressing room. When we arrived, the room was empty. I went to the table with Drucilla in tow.

“Sit down in the chair please?” I asked. I then grabbed my contact case and remove my vampire eyes.

I looked deep into her eyes. “Drew, it’s me Jamie now.” I said. “This was my idea. I also have fallen in love with you.” I kissed her on the lips. “I wanted you near me and wanted you to be a part of this.”

She hugged me and kissed me back and smiled from ear to ear. “Thank you,” she exclaimed, “I would do anything for you.”

“I am so glad to hear that.” I assured her. “I want you to do something difficult for me. I want you to make the transformation like I do. You will be Isis, the Egyptian vampire. Remember that you are Isis when transformed. When you are not transformed, you are Drucilla and you are mine. Now, can you help me find a wig, some black cloth for a loin cloth, and some mummy wrapping?”

“Yes,” she said, “I’ll be right beyoglu escort back.”

Just then, Gravana walked in saying “Crypt…, I mean Jaime? What’s going on?”

“Just having a heart to heart with Drucilla.” I replied. “I needed her to do something for me.”

“Okay,” said Gravana, “it’s about that time. Crypta needs to come back.”

“She’ll be out there in a short moment.” I assured her. She immediately headed back out to the set. I reinserted the contact lenses, stood up, and straightened myself up and then strolled out to the set.

“Are we ready?” shouted Art. “We’re on in five, four, three, two, one….”

Gravana jumped right in, “Welcome back, my children of the night! Now that they have found the lost city of Hamunaptra, the scary action shall rise from the dead. We will be here with you to share in the excitement. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ancient Egyptian fashions be in vogue today? Look at the magnificent beauty that Crypta exudes in her dress. Yes, it’s very revealing but I would not have it any other way around here. What do you think Crypta?”

“I agree completely.” I said. “I think that you are at least as exciting in the dress. I must make sure that I bring everyone’s attention to our royal maidens Marina and Yvonne. I believe they are even more erotically stunning than we are. Last, but not least, our gorgeous palace guards Kevin and Tim. They would melt the hearts of any ancient Egyptian or modern maidens.”

“Thank you, our most gracious queens.” the bare chested palace servants said in unison.

“The honor is ours.” thanked Gravana. “Now, let’s dig deeper into our film and enjoy the mummified meat of the action.”

“And….we’re clear,” shouted Art.

As everyone relaxed, I said, “I must attend to something in the dressing room. I need everyone not to disturb me while I work on the little project.”

“No problem.” winked Gravana.

“Thanks.” I replied. I high tailed it to the dressing room to meet up with Drucilla.

Drucilla was waiting in the dressing room for me with excitement. Drucilla was arranging all of the things that we needed.

“I will let you, the expert, do your makeup.” I said. I prepped the wig for placement upon her head.

She had her makeup applied in an amazingly quick manner. “I’m ready.” she said.

I took the wig and placed it on her and straightened its placement. I then secured it to her and stepped back to gaze upon her beauty. I then placed her collar on her shoulders and fastened it. I then began to help her undress completely. It was difficult to control myself.

“Place the contacts in my dear.” I instructed her.

When she had finished, she stood up and turned to me in her naked glory. As she opened her eyes, she looked into the mirror and seemed to have a shock go through her body.

“Mistress, I understand now what kind of experience you go through. I am Isis now.” she said as she smiled to expose her fangs.

I could tell that the character was now her being. “My dear, Isis,” I said, “You are a beautiful undead goddess. It is time to hide the vision I behold in front of me.” I took the black cloth and wrapped it around her hips and crotch and then tied it off when it looked perfect. “I will need your assistance with the wrapping as I cover you with it.

“Sure thing.” said Isis. “First wrap it around my chest and tie it off. Then wrap each leg individually, starting at the feet and working upward.”

“Oh sure, make this temptingly hard to control myself.” I quipped.

“I will try to enjoy you fighting your desires.” she giggled. “Then you will wrap it similar to what you did with my loincloth and work your way up to and over my head.”

I wrapped her chest and secured her breasts, not without teasing her a little bit in the process. When I finished, she sat down and let me wrap her right leg. As I reached her upper thigh, she stood up to let me finish it. She sat back down and let me start her left leg. Isis stood up as before and I finished her wrapping her leg and tied it off.

She remained standing and told me where to begin the wrapping of her body. Once her midsection was finished, it took very little time to finish her torso which I tied off when I reached her underarms.

She held up first one arm and then the other as I wrapped them completely. I now began wrapping from her underarms and then upto her shoulders. I continued around her neck and over her face, finally finishing with completely wrapping her head leaving only a small opening for her eyes.

“I’ll be right back,” I told her, “I have to have Art relocate and distract everybody so that we can get you into the sarcophagus.” I dashed out of the door shouting, “Hang tight!”

I found Arthur and told him what I needed done and he immediately went into action. As soon as he had everyone in the lounge, I ran back to the dressing room and got Isis and led her to the standing sarcophagus on the sound stage. I opened the lid, or door and guided her gently back into it. I folded her arms, grabbed the “Book Of The Dead” and placed it in her hands. I slowly closed the lid and headed toward the lounge.

As I entered the lounge, everyone was just getting up to head for the set.

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