Cute seductions


Cute seductionsA few months ago I was involved in this big project at work. This was the make or break opportunity I had been searching for since I started 2 years ago. With almost no sleep and definitely no life I worked nearly 13 hours everyday, I presented our project to the board. The project yielded a savings of 800k and got me the promotion I was hoping for. Unfortunately this promotion sent me on the the other coast away from all my friends and family. One great perk however was the compensation I received for moving. I got this nice luxury condo and a brand new car. One of my favorite aspect of my new solitude is the ability to walk around naked anytime I want. One day after getting out the shower, I noticed these two girls outside my condo peaking through my window. This was such a turn on and decided to give the girls a little show. I decided to put on one of my favorite porn which had Hannah from UK getting fucked at a hotel. Her girl next door look always gets to me. Although these girls are not as sexy as Hannah they are still pretty damn cute. I decided ultrabet yeni giriş to give them a little show and started jerking off and as I look to corner of my eye, I can see the window fogging. The fact that thesetwo girls were so enamored by me I just couldn’t hold it anymore and just shot my semen out hitting the TV and anything else in front of me. The next day on my way to work, I bumped into one of the girls her name was Natalia. We started talking and she wanted to know if I was new to the area. I explained to her the I moved miles away from everyone I know and that I never had time to meet new people. After 20 minutes of conversation I realized that I was going to be late at work so I told her I will see her around. On my way home both Natalia and her friend (who was watching me naked) Jennifer, were sitting on the bench right by my unit. I said hello to both the girls and then walked in my unit. As soon as I got home I heard the girls again by my window. I decided to put on another porn this time, one of the girlsdoporn collection. I decided ultrabet giriş to give them a closer peak so I took my chair and jerked off by the window. I made sure I splash the window so they can see my stuff. The following night Natalia decided to stop by my house. I asked her of there is anything I can do for her. She said she just broke up with her bf and she couldn’t get in her house because she left her keys inside. I let her in and gave her a tour. At first I was nervous having her around because she was a little young and that I am kind of a dork with lots of toys at my house. She started playing with my random collections. One of the toys I had was one of those sumo suits. My buddy and I bought a pair for fun but when I moved I kept one and he kept the other. She asked me if she can try it on and play with it. I told her go for it and have fun. As soon as she put it on she noticed that she was too small. She asked me to join so that it fits better. As soon as we were in I zipped it up and we were just bouncing of the walls and ground. After ultrabet güvenilirmi a couple of minutes she asked if she can get comfortable. I didn’t know what she meant but I said go for it. I got off the suit and she decided to take her top and jeans off and left her with just her bra and panty. She then asked me if I wanted to do the same. I did and we both got back in the suit. While we were bouncing around I started to feel my dick rise as it sat between her legs right under her pussy. The more we bounced around the harder I got and the more it rubbed on her pussy. She asked if we can stand on top of my living room table and jump down. Is soon as she took one leg up I felt my tip just inside her vagina. She tried to stand on the table but she fell back and her pussy practically impaled my cock. I was so horny and so was she. She decided to just slam her ass back over and over with each thrust I can feel her walls just rubbing my dick. I ripped up the suit and let her get on top of me. She did a reverse cowgirl my favorite. After a few minutes I could not hold it any longer and I took my dick out and splashed it all over her face. Before she left she said her friend also wanted a piece of me but she said she is keeping me to herself. Well good luck to that! I am going to fuck the shit out of the other girl the first chance I get!

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