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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 33 Dad Loves Me Part 33 James hoo) I was having a dream of standing in front of a gloryhole being sucked. Daddy had let me read stories about gloryhole sexcapades and I loved reading them. The mouth on the other side was really making me feel good. Whoever it was really knew what he was doing. My hand moved down and I touched a head. My eyes fluttered open and I looked down while daddy had my cock all the way in his mouth. I always loved feeling daddy suck me and he was really going good this morning. I felt my orgasm about to hit me. “Oh daddy I’m about to cum. Take my load. Swallow it all.” And with that I grunted and fed daddy my morning load of cum. When my orgasm had subsided, daddy moved up and kissed me sharing some of my cum with me. We went to the bathroom and did our morning things. Then we went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. As we were eating I was thinking about the fact that I would be seeing Patrick again. I mentioned this to daddy and all he could say was “Be careful son. You have a crush but don’t come on too strong or show your feelings too much. Still be his friend, but don’t expect much more than the same from him.” We went and brushed our teeth, got dressed and were soon on our way. When we got to school daddy said “I’ll be here after school to pick you up so we could go to the gym. Have a good day.” He winked and patted my leg and I got out of the car and went to my locker. As I was about done in my locker, Patrick walked up and said “Hey Benji boy.” We talked a bit before walking to class and it seemed he wanted to tell me something but couldn’t say it. That continued all day. He seemed like he was struggling through our conversations. He was still acting kind of uncomfortable around some of the guys. I figured it was just because it was only his second day of school after all. I also told him my dad was going to pick me up after school. I almost said daddy but caught myself. He seemed kind of disappointed that we wouldn’t be walking home together. After school I saw daddy and walked to the car to introduce Patrick to daddy. “Dad, this is Patrick. And this is my dad.”—“Pleased to meet you sir.”—“Call me Adam please.” Daddy and I excused ourselves so we could get to the gym. I mentioned to daddy the feelings I had that Patrick was trying to say something all day and seemed more uncomfortable than he did yesterday. He put it down to new kid nerves. We got to the gym and as we were working out, I was thinking more and more about Patrick. I kept thinking about how he withdrew from the first day. I mean he was still friendly, istanbul travesti but he seemed so bubbly after we met and then today he was withdrawn. I guess I’d gave to wait until tomorrow to talk with him. Daddy noticed my mind wasn’t really on what we were doing so he suggested we run a few laps and call it a day. After the run we went to the juice bar inside the gym and have a drink to cool off and rehydrate. We talked about Patrick and I told daddy what I was thinking. He told me to be really careful, because he might take my concern as meddling and it could damage our new friendship. We went to the locker room and went to the showers. We showered down and then decided to go to the steam room. We went back to a corner and daddy sat on the third tier and I sat on the second. Daddy’s hairy leg was right against my arm. After just a few minutes someone came in but we couldn’t see who yet. Just then we saw Walter walk around the corner. He saw us and gave a really big smile. “May I?” he asked looking at me. I just opened my towel inviting him to help himself. He came over and sat on the lower tier and sank his mouth on my cock. As his usual practice, he had his teeth out and gave me a wonderful gum job. It was a wild feeling that none of my other sex partners could replicate. He grabbed my balls and gently played with them while giving great head. It didn’t take long with him because of his technique along with no teeth. Daddy was tugging on his cock watching Walter sucking his boy’s cock. He was rock hard by the time Walter made his final move and deepthroated me bringing on my orgasm. I muffled my grunt and started shooting my load straight down his throat. He backed off a little and I finished shooting into his mouth. He always said he liked the taste of my and daddy’s cum. When he finished he looked up at daddy and he just moved his hand from his hard cock and Walter knelt next to me and took daddy’s cock all the way to the base. Walter was really good and gave daddy a good show sucking me so daddy was already close. It didn’t take Walter long to get his prize as he deepthroated daddy bringing him to orgasm. As he did with me, Walter started taking daddy load right down his throat and then backed off to taste it. When he was done he thanked us and we returned the thanks and all three of us walked to the showers again and rinsed off the steam and sweat. When we got to our lockers we saw a few people nearby that we knew and got dressed as they were changing to start their workout. We all knew the others were gay and they asked if Walter was here and daddy replied “Of kadıköy travesti course, and horny and hungry as ever.” We all laughed and we left as they exited into the members only area. When we got home daddy asked if I’d like pizza for dinner to which I readily agreed. Daddy called and found out both Steve and Bill were out. Daddy placed his order and ordered 3 beers. I put on some shorts not knowing who was going to deliver. When the car pulled up I looked and saw someone walking up the walk carrying a pizza box. After they rang the bell, I grabbed the money for the tip and opened the door. There was a guy that was about in his 30s or so but still very good looking. He handed me the pizza and I gave him the tip and he said “Now I know why Steve and Bill hog this address. I asked him in for a moment and called daddy and as he came around the corner the delivery guy’s mouth just fell open as he saw daddy. Then I handed daddy the pizza and dropped my shorts. The pizza guy, who we found out was Randy, just looked and we could tell was hard in his pants. We asked if he’d like to release his cock for a couple minutes. He quickly undid his pants and a nice 7 inch cock stuck straight out. I bent down and swallowed him whole. Daddy came over and kissed him. After we let him go he was refastening his pants and said how unfair it was for Steve and Bill to keep us to themselves. We gave him the larger tip and said that was between us and him. Daddy asked if he’d like to come over after his shift. He said he worked until close, but didn’t have to do the clean-up. He said he would get our number from the file and call after his last delivery. We let him go knowing it would be about 5 hours until he got off. It was just a short time after 11 when Randy called. He said he just phoned in to clock out and wondered if we’d still like him to come over. Daddy said of course and we readied everything. About 5 minutes later the doorbell rang and I answered to door naked. He grinned and asked if he could kiss me. I grabbed his jacket and pulled him in for a big kiss. I explained the rule in our house was naked or underwear or a jock. I led him to the bedroom and he stripped. Daddy held a cigar and asked if he minded. “I love cigars and find them and the men who smoke them sexy, but don’t smoke them myself.” Daddy lit up and Randy just inhaled the smoke. He looked at me and asked if I could finish what I started earlier. We layed on the bed and I started sucking him. He was hard already and I sucked him all the way down. He swung himself around for a 69. Daddy went around behind him blowing bakırköy travesti smoke on and in his butt giving him a first class rimming. As he blew the smoke he knew it was hitting me too and affecting me in the right way. Daddy grabbed Randy’s hair and pulled him up for a minute and blew a big cloud if smoke at him and then kissed him then pushed him back down on my cock. He asked Randy if he was ready and he just muffled something which daddy took to mean yes. He put a little lube on his cock to help the initial entry. When he started to push in, he found his cock sank in easily and without much resistance. Daddy just took that as a sign as started really pounding him right off. It just made him more and more wild on my cock. At one point he came off my cock and said “Take my ass sir. And when you cum, just fill my ass sir. Make me yours tonight sir.” All the sir talk ramped up daddy combined with his cigar fetish that made him more dominant, he took it to the next level and really pounded him with even more force. It didn’t take long for him and me to cum in each other’s mouth at almost the same exact moment. His orgasm made his butt spasm causing daddy to start his orgasm. Daddy yelled “OH FUCK!!” and started filling Randy’s butt with a large load. After we all came down, Randy told us how he was basically a sub bottom and loved the way daddy fucked him. He said he had a regular sex buddy but he was out of town on business. He also said he was planning on just going home after work and using one of his dildos on himself and jack off. We asked about his friend. He told us he was 55 and a very large hairy cigar bear. Daddy was still smoking and asked if his bear ever shared smoke and he said that was about the only way he took it without breathing it in. Daddy took a big drag and then grabbed Randy and kissed him blowing the smoke into his mouth. Then he passed the cigar to me and when Randy saw me take just as big a drag as daddy, he had an amazed look on his face and I kissed him the same way. “Wow.” Daddy and I just laughed at his reaction. I took Randy into the bathroom and showed him the shower and showed him the hose and nozzle. “I think I can manage thanks.” He came back in after showering and drying off with the towel I left on the stand next to the shower and saw daddy and me making out. He had gone commando so he didn’t have underwear or a jock so grabbed his pants and daddy said “Since you’ll be alone tonight, would you like to spend the night here. You’re welcome to use the spare room or you could share our bed.” He dropped his pants and climbed in the bed with us as his answer. We let him in between us. We cuddled together and slept well with a new friend. 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