Daddy at the Truckstop – 1

Daddy at the Truckstop – 1–This was an encounter that almost happened with a Daddy a while back. We talked about doing this for a first meet to make up for other times that didn’t work out, and while talking about it with him was undeniably hot, it ended up not happening for a few reasons, chief among them safety. I think about how hot it would have been to smash a lot of my boundaries this way, though. Enjoy, and comments welcum 🙂 —-I couldn’t believe I agreed to this, but here I was. The truckstop is maybe an hour from my house, and I was pulling into it from the highway now, dressed in stockings, panties, and my schoolgirl skirt stuffed underneath the pants I was wearing. Right next to me was my sissy bag, with everything else I’d need today – however it turned out. This would be my first time meeting ‘Daddy’ as I’ve been calling him, and the first time I’d be dressed in public. We’d been chatting for so long, and it was finally time for me to meet him. Coming here is what he required of me, with everything to dress up.I pulled into a space, and began the rest of my transformation. I was a little early, I thought, so I had time. I took my pants and shoes off, stowing them in the back, and brought out my 6 inch heels with ankle straps, blonde wig, what little makeup I had, and the mesh arm gloves. There wasn’t a lot of room in my little car, but I managed to strap the heels on over my fishnet eskişehir escort stockings, and set the wig in place with some adhesive, apparently very strong, and did my best with some eyeshadow, fake lashes, and slutty red lipstick. Up close, you could tell I was a stocky sissy, but from far away I thought I’d be passable enough. Just as I finished, I was about to text him that I was ready, but I heard a tapping on my window. Startled, I rolled down my window a bit, and said ‘Hi Stacey’. I had told him what my car looked like, he had been watching me for at least a little while. Then he said ‘Bowling Ball’, the safe-phrase we had agreed on before, and I knew it was Daddy. I nodded ‘Hi Daddy, it’s nice to meet you’. And I got out of the car with my bag to go with him. I tottered on my heels, so nervous, as he led me, his hand starting on my ass, and moving up to the back of my neck and squeezing just a little, directing me towards his van parked about 50 ft away. He opened the side and got a small backpack of his own, and said ‘Give me your bag, Stacey’. Setting it into the van and reaching in, he pulled out the leather cuffs and collar I brought, and a coil of rope. ‘Turn around’ he said, and I did slowly. Knowing what was next, he placed the cuffs on my wrists, strapping them securely in place, pulled them behind me, and with a ‘click’ he used something to fasten them together. escort eskişehir ‘That lock should keep you secured just fine, Stacey’. I tested my bonds, and I had almost no slack. I was trapped. Next came the collar, sliding around my neck, and this time he showed me the lock as he secured the strap of leather around my throat, not tightly, but not loosely either. Clipping the chain leash to my collar, and placing the rope into his pack, he shut the van and started to lead me away from it, out into the parking lot. ‘Ready, Slut?”Yes Daddy’ I meekly said, my cheeks burning. There were more than a half dozen trucks in the parking lot, and Daddy slowly led me around near most of them. I could see some of the truckers looking at us, and I felt so exposed in his hands like that, under strangers’ eyes. We had talked about my fantasies, and what he liked to do with sissies, and my horniness finally got the better of me, knowing that I needed to be taken under his control. After a few minues of showing me off, he led me towards the back of the lot where the woods started. Past the edge of the trees, not doing all that much to hide us, was a fallen treetrunk, a gnarled stump, and several smaller trees surrounding us. Daddy stopped here, took a towel from his pack, laying down under neath us, and turned to me, ‘Well, wasn’t that fun, Stacey? Now I think it’s time to break you in a bit, eskişehir escort bayan I’ve waited long enough to use you’. He groped at my ass, the back of my neck again, and brought his thumb to my lips, pushing it in as I swirled my tongue around it. ‘On your knees, it’s time for you to be my slut’. Restrained and unsure of my footing, I did my best to drop to my knees, with Daddy helping me down a little. Once I was there, he grabbed my chin, making me look up into his eyes, and he said ‘One last chance, Stacey. I just use you here, take your mouth and pussy, and then stop there.. or, I make those fantasies come true that we talked about. Remember, if it’s the second choice, you only get to use the safe phrase twice, and then only to take a break. Otherwise, there’s no backing out’. The choice raced through my mind as he unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard cock, it must have been 8 inches, and tracing my lips with the tip of it. ‘What’s it going to be, slut? If you don’t give me an answer at the count of 3, I’ll chose the second option for you.’ My eyes widened as I considered this one last time. ‘ONE’ He poked the head of his cock past my lips for a second, hitting the tip of my tongue and pulling out again. ‘TWO’ as he wrapped the leash tight around his fist. After a longer pause, he stared at me, his cock poised at my mouth, waiting an extra moment for me to speak up, and I couldn’t bring myself the choose the first option, so turned on, so honry that he’d made me. ‘THREE’, and I closed my eyes, opened my mouth wider for him, as he pulled on the leash, forcing my head onto his throbbing cock. ‘Good Girl. We’re gonna have so much fun today, slut’.

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