Subject: Daddy Comes Back To Life Please support fty. Without the site. Our fantasies have no place to live. “Throw a coin to your Witcher; O valley of plenty.” Tis the season of cumin? LOL Daddy Comes Back To Life The name is Gregory Grove. I go by Greg. This happened 15 years ago. I was just 35. My wife got killed a month before this part of the story. She wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant. Yet out popped two bouncy baby boys less than a year apart. My wife had to have an operation as her inside got messed up from having both babies. Six weeks later she was back to herself. We were sexpots back then. We had sex like 5 times a day. I had a history of losses. I had lost both sets of grandparents and parents. Then My wife came next. I wanted to curl up and die. The only upside is that I had accumulated a huge amount in heritage from all of them combined. It was at least 25 million. I invested and kept close watch on it. I was able to stay at home after my wife died. I didn’t need to work. For the first 3 months I just grabbed a bottle of booze and drank too much. I had never had much alcohol in my life. I didn’t know what to do. The boys ran the house. They were 13 and 14. One morning I woke up with a bad headache and told myself, you’ve had enough. I didn’t drink like that ever again. I was sitting having coffee when I heard a strange sound. “Oh shit yeah. here it comes.” The sound came from my sons upstairs. I made my way up to the bedroom. The house boasted 4 bedrooms and a den. As I made my way up the stairs; I took them slowly. I was still hurting in my head wise from so much booze. şişli travesti I didn’t even remember anything from that time. This morning though my head was clearer. I got to the top of the stairs and heard; “Shove it in my ass before you cum. I want you load in me.” I walked to Benny’s room and there were my boys both naked. Barry was on his back as Benny was just ramming his meat into his younger brother. “OH Gawd It so cool shooting into you.” I just stood there and without thinking; I said. “Are you using anything for lube?” They both froze where there were for a moment. Then Benny pulled his penis out of his almost twin. They look so much alike. They could pass for twins. “What do you mean by lube,” asked Benny? “Oh, is that why you didn’t ride him the whole time?” “Yeah, it hurts when we rub too long. So, we went to just pushing in at the last minute.” “You need lube. I am sorry I haven’t been more than barely alive. I be right back boys” I got up and went to my room. I went into the bathroom and found some of my favorite lube. I had used it on my wife’s ass. She like to be pounded there every once in a while. I didn’t need it now. I know I should have freaked out. But I had taught them what sex was when they each turned 10. Besides no one was being forced. If they wanted to explore anal sex. I at least wanted them to enjoy it. I had fuck, I mean had sex with girls and guys before my wife and I got married at 20. I returned with the bottle and explain to the boys how lube worked. “Lube prevents too much friction. You want some so it beylikdüzü travesti feels good. But too much makes it painful. Then its not fun at all. Benny, you get on your back so Barry can pound your ass now. I’ll lubed up his meat so is slides in and out smoothly.” I did it just the way I did it on my meat over the years. He lined up his 5 inches and was happy it felt good. Barry found it good too. “You should be able to pound your brothers till you shoot. Maybe longer,” I said. “Wow it feels so good. I love it this way. I going to have Benny pound my ass again with the lube. His 6 and half inches will be really get me good,” Said Benny. I found myself leaking in my underwear as I watched the boys. I didn’t feel like their father at the moment. I was a teen again watching friends trade funking’s as they called it. When I was young. I thought my 14-year-old was my size. Benny had confirmed it. I was trying to get the nerve to have my sons fill my ass with their meat. It had been 15 years since I had a penis in my anus. As I watched my older son pound his younger brother; my hand went to my meat and I came just as Benny was taking his turn and came in his brother. They both just laid there on their backs. huffing and puffing. “That’s some hot shit boys, I mean wow.” They both looked at me and laughed at my remark and then I started to laugh too. Then they lean in a whispered to each other. “Dad do you want to take either of our asses and cum in them,” ask Benny. “I don’t know boys. It been so long and you’re istanbul travesti my sons. I just .” “Shut up dad. We both know you want to. You just shot a huge load in to you hand and sucked it down,” said Barry. I looked down at the ground. Both of my sons came over to me. They both embraced me. They stood me up and removed my briefs. They led me over to the bed and put me on my back. Then Benny went to my ass. He worked it over so good with his tongue. I was lost in a long-forgotten feeling. Only one kid had ever rimmed me. I was 14 at the time. over 20 years ago. I didn’t remember how good it could be. My meat was as hard as ever it was. My younger son got on me. While Benny lubed up my meat and his brother’s hole. “Are you goanna ride me Barry?” “Yes dad. I won the bet and I get to go first. so cool. It’s like riding a virgin for the first time like when Benny and I started this.” He lowered himself on to me. “Gawd, it feels like yours Benny. Only it attached to Dad.” We both had just cum recently so I knew it would last. “Oh Dad, your meat feels so good. Welcome to the land of the living,” said Barry. Benny started to go faster with his togue. Then he was digging deep then he was working the opening again I was feeling so good. I was transported to what must be heaven as I felt disconnect from the world. All I could feel was the riding Barry was giving my meat and Benny was doing to my pucker. Sudden like the perfect moment, I came in my son’s body. Benny was still lapping my taint then he went to my balls and I was again feeling incredible, not to the same level. But I did lay in the afterglow. I also noticed my head wasn’t aching any more. Slowly Barry got up as I saw my sons in a new light. I loved them I sat up and hugged them both. Jason Bonerboy Jasonbonerboy@hotmail or ail

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