Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 11

Diamond Jackson

Author’s Note: I apologise for the long wait, and here is a longer-than-usual Sodomy Special packed full of anal debauchery to thank you for all your patience and lovely feedback!

Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the eleventh part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

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You are walking through the village at night with your daughter Ana, who is dressed in some of her slutty going-out attire. She has on a low-cut and cropped halter top – baby pink and with ‘Daddy’s Girl’ emblazoned across it in silver glitter – showing off her big pushed up breasts, and a heaving cleavage to die for. The ‘Daddy’s Girl’ writing is stretched wide across her jutting out bosom. The exposed part of her chestmeat – which is a lot – is still slick with your cum, and it shines wet under the streetlights.

Her tits bounce slightly up and down as she walks with her enthusiastic, happy pace. Occasionally she dips her finger down the deep wet rivulet of her cleavage, where most of the cum has collected, and brings it to her mouth, which she sucks on like a sugared treat.

On her lower half she has on the tiny garment she calls her ‘slut skirt’. The size of her bubble butt isn’t covered by such a scrap, and she knows it. You keep looking down and to the side as you walk, to view with cock-twitching eagerness the curved lower parts of her asscheeks which are very obviously below the hemline. Her delicious bottom is so round and hefty that it pushes the skirt outward significantly, causing even more to be revealed behind her than normal.

Even looking down now from this higher position you can see her white cotton panties, the only thing obscuring her crack. The point where her asshole might be is teasingly covered, and you desperately want to put your finger under her microskirt and push her panties inside, to force them inside her peachy buttocks and make them dirty. Although given your previous activities your daughter’s panties could hardly be expected to be anywhere near clean.

The only thing left unslutty about Ana’s appearance is the lack of her high heels, but you had decided this together as you both wanted the extreme height difference, with her as the slim and petite yet busty and fat-bottomed daughter, innocent and girly in stature but not in dress.

And not in face either. She has applied rouge, slutty red lipstick and a lot more eye makeup, but the chief addition is the cum on her chin from earlier. It has unfortunately stopped dripping now into her tit valley, although this is perhaps a good thing as the sight of such, and the giggling she had whenever a big globule of jizz ran down onto her jiggling meats, was too much for you to take without fucking her silly then and there.

But you are waiting.

The village streets are mostly empty at this time but a couple of tipsy middle aged guys pass you. They leer at Ana and she grins at them. You wonder if it is too dark or them too intoxicated for them to have noticed the cum. After they are out of earshot she turns to you.

“Did you see how they looked at me daddy? They were looking at me up and down like a total slut!” She looks behind her. “They’re just gaping at my big exposed booty now! I bet those old pervs would love to have a go on it.”

“Who wouldn’t?” you say. “I saw how they looked at you. They were thinking how dumb and hot you look.”

“Mmm bet they would like a quick cocksuck in the street. They could add their cum to my face and boobs.”

“You wanna go and ask them?” you tease.

“Just you for tonight daddy,” she sticks her tongue out at you.

You eventually find somewhere suitable. A private lane, leading up to a manor house. You walk up the lane and then both of you head off track into the bushes and trees. You come across a low fence, perhaps meant for animals, barring the way further. Beyond it lies the manor garden, and you can see the imposing manor and all the windows facing you.

Ana hoists her tits from underneath and lifts them up to her mouth, and she gives a long lick of her chestmeat, collecting up a line of semen, before licking her lips. “Are you going to fuck your little whore now,” she breathes. It is more a statement than a question.

“Bend over that fence like a good trashy slut. Show me how easy you are,” you say gruffly.

She whips around and leans over the fence. Her big boobs are hanging over the other side and nearly coming Avcılar Escort out of her top, but this is nothing compared to your sight. Her huge round apple bottom is raised up and stuck out at you, the miniskirt raised so much as to be more a waistline than anything. Her panties are on full display; that is, until she reaches down behind her and pulls and wriggles them down, not much, just enough to reach the top of her thighs. Just enough for an outdoor fuck.

Her pussy is juicy and wet, her butthole is almost as juicy too, and it looks sordid and eager. Her panties are twisted and screwed up around her legs, but still visible through the folds are the manifold stains of dried and fresh cum, as well as depraved brown stains where they pressed against her dirty and well-fucked ass.

She looks behind her, sucking her thumb. She rocks against the wooden planks, sending her hanging tits swinging back and forth and her fat buttcheeks jiggling, making her look like a porn cartoon.

“Where do you want it?” you ask, now holding your hard cock in your hand.

She rolls her eyes at you. “Duh, in my ass of course! What a silly question!”

“You sure you want it in your ass?” you say, winding her up.

“Daddy! Put it in my bottom right now!”

You position your cockhead between your whore daughter’s bubblicious cheeks and roughly sink your meat into her hotly anticipating anus. She grunts out and shoves back, and you respond by pushing even harder, ramming her up against the fence and ramming your cock all the way up her lovely behind.

The fucking gets into gear with you slamming forward and your daughter bent over more and more. Her tits are swinging away, coming out of her top as you fuck and the fatly engorged nipples on full display, looking like they are begging to be sucked.

“Oh! Fuck! Fuck!” Ana cries out as the reaming becomes fierce and unforgiving. “My poor tight bottom… is getting destroyed by fat daddy-cock! Squirt your hot precum deep in my dirty anus daddy, lather up my anal chute for sloppy incestuous buttfucking!”

You wonder if the sound would carry to the manor. Certainly if anyone came to one of the forward windows and looked out in their direction, they would clearly see some teenager done up like a whore getting fucked by an older man. And if they heard the words then no doubt could be in their mind as to what was going on, presuming they were too old-fashioned to imagine it was just roleplay.

The risk of being caught made the daddy-daughter sodomy all the better.

“Fuck my peaches, let them squeeze your cock,” Ana moans, bucking her beautiful buttcheeks into your waist. “Fuck my fat little bottom.” She moves her thumb back to her mouth and sucks on it noisily and sloppily, like it is an ice lolly and she is giving a show. She slobbers over her own stuck out thumb, attention seeking like only the horniest girls can.

When a particularly aggressive thrust makes her gasp, the slick-wet thumb slips out from her lips, and you take the opportunity to reach out and grab the hand from her, controlling it just out of her reach. She makes a discontented moan and sticks out her tongue stupidly, her mouth parted, her eyes looking with delirious longing and insatiable lust at her thumb, as if her whole world revolves around getting it back in her mouth to suck on it some more. She makes a dumb ‘unnggh’ noise of desperation, alternating between gritting her teeth and sticking her tongue out as far as she can in order to try and lick the tip, all the while bucking and bouncing against the fence as you bugger her teenage bottom.

“Let me suck my thumb daddy!” she yells out eventually.

“Say please.”

“Please let me put my little thumb back in my little mouth!”

“Are you a dirty baby slut?” you ask, reaching forward to hold her neck, preventing her completely from reaching her thumb, while at the same time choking her a little.


“Say it.”

“I’m your dirty baby slut! I’m daddy’s stupid little fucktoy! I’m your bum to fuck! With all my slutty makeup on and in my tiny slut skirt and my boobs and bum out like a good whore. I’m just your happy little cumdump! Fuck my ass hard daddy, make me cry! Pound my sloppy butthole!”

You let go of her hand and she greedily plops it back into her mouth, sucking on it hard. You place your hands on her waist to get more control and longer thrusts, and so you can look down to view your daughter’s buttcheeks swallowing up your big cock.

Eventually Ana removes her thumb and clamps her hands on her ass, her polished nails digging into the soft meat, pulling the cheeks apart further so you can get as deep as you can go.

“Deeper in my dirty bum daddy,” she pants. “I hope people are watching!”

“Good girl, I bet you do,” you say through gritted teeth. You grab her hair and pull it back, causing her back to arch further and her head to be forcefully pulled back. Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are closed. You bathe in the sight Avcılar Escort Bayan of her face for a few more seconds before you switch your attention back to Ana’s puckered-in bumhole taking your thrusts.

“Fuckkk… fuck my ass!” Ana wails. “Fuck my filthy ass! Fuck my tight little butt! Ream my horny family-friendly backdoor entrance! Oh goddd… make love to my bum daddy, make love to your slutty daughter’s wiggling bottom… my virgin bottom now my slutty bottom, just like my slutty pussy and my whore mouth! I’m so happy to be such a slut! Degrade me daddy, call me names!”

You join in the dirty talk, getting her more and more worked up with each few words. “You like getting bumfucked outdoors, slut? You like being a nasty whore, going out with cum all over your stupid pretty face, bending over a fence in full view of a house with your big tits out and swinging everywhere, and getting a big cock pushed in your sloppy bum? You like being a dumb little buttslutt for your daddy? Daddy’s little outdoor cumdump?”

“Yeeessssss!!” she screams, and she would have dropped to the ground if she wasn’t on the fence and in your hands, so strong is her orgasm. Her pussy sprays juices all over her panties and down her legs, and her butthole collapses around your cock, leaking out anal juices that run down her thighs to join with those from her pussy.

A few seconds after recovering, with you still slopping out of her sexy bottom, she pulls away and spins around, getting to her knees in front of you. The strong moonlight shows up her lustful expression, and you can just about see drips of anal syrup coming out of her ass stuck out behind her and hitting the ground. She pulls her top up, but only a fraction, just enough to cover her stuck out nipples. The majority of her huge tits are still hanging out and glistening with cum, showing off the deepest cleavage possible.

She grabs your cock and starts jerking on it fast while looking up at you. “I want cum all over my face daddy,” she breathes. “I want you to add to before, really cover my sexy dumb face so I can walk back with a huge facial, cum dripping off my chin.”

“Of course my little cumdump. Daddy will help you out. Your pretty little slut face always needs more cum, it suits it so well. You wear cum like its your natural look.”

“It is, my teenage face naturally goes with lots of cum daddy, as do my big boobs.” She uses her other hand to squeeze her tits from the clothed underside, causing them to push up like swelling orbs.

“Is my busty baby ready for her cum shower?” you say, breathing hard.

“Yessss, give me all that hot sticky daddymilk all over my beautiful stupid face!” Ana whines, a second before your cockhead pulses and you spurt out drape after drape of the white stuff, the shots covering her nose and pouting mouth and forehead and cherub cheeks and eventually all of it dripping down from her chin.

When you are finished you looks at you happily. “That’s better. Do I look nice?”

“You look lovely,” you tell her honestly. “A really gorgeous slut all facialed up, the cum goes really well with your makeup.”

“I do feel even more sexy,” she agrees. “Now how about we go home and you get me into bed again? I wanna walk back like this.”

“You’re going to give some poor guy a heart attack seeing that.”

“Lucky guy you mean. Well maybe one day I can make it up to whoever it is and let him spunk all over my face and boobies too.”


You are back in the house and in your room, both of you still horny, especially after having passed a guy on the way home who had stared at Ana’s bouncing breasts and cumdripping face. Ana had made you rush back so you could fuck her again, so excited was she at having been seen by a stranger in that whorish state.

“Will you squelch my pretty little ass again daddy? My silly pussy can wait,” she says, on her back with her legs held back, revealing her dirty big butthole, freshly fucked and winking at you.

“You mean your big fat ass?” you reply, positioning your cockhead once more to your daughter’s insatiable backdoor.

“Yes daddy, stick your cock in my big pretty ass and make it squelch noisily.”

“In a minute sweetheart, first my tongue is going in.”

“Okay daddy! Push it right in there and taste my hot ass that you just fucked.”

You lie face down on the bed and immediately drive your tongue into your daughter’s flexing butthole. It goes in easily to that still slightly gaping hole, and the rhythm of your tonguefuck sounds so wet and sickly. It tastes salty and sordid from your recent outdoor anal, and the warm caramel bumbutter soaks itself all around your daughter’s crack as well as her expansive backdoor entrance.

“Mmm suck on my yummy bottom daddy,” she moans. “Suck on my sweet, succulent asshole.”

Her legs raise up ever higher, until they are behind her and her dainty feet are touching the headboard and her big ass is lifted up in the air. and she uses her hands to hold Escort Avcılar your head there, stuck kissing and sucking and slurping and tonguing her sopping asshole, your own hands held below her ass, propping her up and mauling her buttcheeks, the both of you keeping your face locked in between those mouth-watering peaches.

Eventually, after you have sucked and tonguefucked your daughter’s dirty bottom long and hard, you rise back up, getting your breath back, but before you fully can Ana lowers her body and pulls you to her in a sordid tonguing kiss, moaning as she tastes her own flavours on you.

“Mmm that was nice daddy,” she smiles, pulling back. “I wish I could bend enough to taste my own ass direct, I’d suck on my ass all the time. I’d curl up and drive my tongue so fucking far up my hot ass I could eat my bowels. You’d come in and see my face lost in between my fat asscheeks, tongefucking my big butt and sucking out all that dirty sexiness.”

“That’d be a fucking hot sight,” you admit. “But where do you want it now?” you ask, knowing full well the answer as she turns her back to you, lying on her side and pulling a big asscheek apart and showing off her spit-wet butthole.

“In my asss,” she whines, looking back at you.

You run your hands over her face “Sorry what was that?”

“Put it in my ass daddy!”

You slap her face. “You have to ask nicely for another big treat like that.”

“Please daddy put it in my asss!” she begs pathetically. “I need it so much! Push your cock in my backdoor and fuck my big fat bum!”

She whimpers as her soaking, bulging brown ringpiece blossoms outward to your incestuous anal invasion, clasping your shaft snugly as you slide into your daughter’s teenage anal tunnel. You push forward further, driving the damp, steamily heated walls apart with your meat. You marvel as always at how your daughter’s butt fits you like a glove. Your creaming cock and her hot syrupy anus seem designed for each other, like a key into a lock, or two child’s jigsaw pieces made to fit perfectly together.

You plunge in and out now of her backside, her plump buttcheeks jiggling around your cock, acting as a cushion for your thrusting groin.

“Get it in me so deep, mmm fuck my bowels, rut me like a pig,” Ana groans.

“You’re such a filthy fuckpig,” you snarl as you scrape your fingers across her sensitive erect nipples, flicking and pinching and pulling on them, making them red and swollen.

“I’m your dirty anal pig, your pretty little bumpiggy,” she pants, humping her voluptuous ass back into you to meet your stroke.

“You like calling yourself pretty, don’t you baby?”

“Of course daddy, that’s cause I’m a silly little slut, everybody’s fucktoy, but I’ve got such a pretty face and hot body for it!”

“Bit vain aren’t we sweetheart?” you tease, both of you knowing how hard and aggressively turned on it makes you both.

“Dumb sluts are supposed to be vain daddy, it makes people wanna fuck us more and teach us a lesson. And I can’t help being this pretty daddy.” She flicks her hair back and pouts at you sillily as you continue to rampantly fuck her full and cute behind, you arm under and around her, holding her big breasts squeezed up against her chest: the perfect armhold for your aggressive rhythm.

“Aw you hot little bimbo, I’m gonna fuck you especially hard in the ass for being so full of yourself,” you growl.

“Mmm see daddy?” she smiles cheekily then closes her eyes and moans loader as you start to slap her face, pounding her bubble butt roughly and wetly.

“Mmm yes daddy, you know how pretty I am really… now fuck my ass good!”

“Say it once more slut, tell me how full of yourself you are while I pound your ass raw!” you slap her red face harder and harder in between rubbing your hand all over it, rubbing in sweat and horniness, your fingers and palm aggressively going all over her cheeks and nose and mouth, and her with her mouth open trying to suck and lick them as they go past.

“Mmm you love it… I love it… I’m so…fucking…pretty!” she squeals as the pace of the buttfucking reaches a crescendo.

You groan out loud, your breathing hard and ferocious as you cum buckets, spurting out your big creamy load deep into your daughter’s dirty buttocks. You slap and rub and molest her face all the while, sucking and biting on her shoulder and mauling her busty tits.

Your thrusts get slower and shorter as you come to an end, and as the final drops get squeezed out by your daughter’s thick clenching cheeks, her abused asshole tightens, locking you off from any exit. You can feel cum bubbling around your cockhead, stuck deep in her bowels, as Ana turns her face behind you to give you a nasty tongue kiss.

“Tell me again how much you’re in love with yourself, baby,” you say softly.

“I love how pretty and dumb I am,” she answers in a breathy voice. “You know I’m always looking in the mirror and pouting. I just literally can’t get enough of how pretty I am.”

“How would you like to get fucked from behind in front of the big makeup mirror in your room?” you ask, feeling her butthole flex and squeeze your cock.

Her eyes light up. “Oh my god daddy that would be amazing! I’ve always wanted to look at myself while getting fucked!”

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