Daddy’s Girl


My dearest Chrissy, I had to leave unexpectedly on a business trip. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say good-bye in person but I will home in a couple of days. I left a little something for you on my bed. Be a good girl and wear that for Daddy when he comes home. As always, my dear, I will bring home a special gift for you. I miss you already… Daddy

She dashes upstairs to see what Daddy left her. “Ohhhh” she giggles in delight. “Daddy will be so happy to see me in these. I can’t wait for him to come home!”

As she gives herself a final once-over, she hears the door open. “Chrissy, honey, Daddy’s home! Where is my Angel?” “Daddy!!” She squeals as she bounds down the stairs to greet him. She runs into his waiting arms and gives him a big hug. He kisses her on the forehead. “I missed you, Princess. Now show me how nice you look.” She backed away so he could look at her. “Honey, why are you covering your breasts from Daddy?” “Well, Daddy,” she began shyly, “You forgot to leave me a top. I didn’t know what to put on so I thought I would wait until I saw you. I thought that maybe you were going to bring me something to put on.” “Oh, no, Sweetheart. That was intentional. Now please put your hands down so I can see you.” She slowly removed her hands from breasts. He was surprised to see how grown up his little girl looked as she stood before him in nothing more than the white thong panties he had left for her. “Turn around for Daddy. I need to see how these look from the back.” She slowly turned around. “Mmmmm, very sweet, etimesgut escort Chrissy. Why, you look sweet enough to eat!” He proclaimed as he hugged his daughter from behind. Taking one of her firm, perky breasts in each hand. He squeezed them gently and proceeded to tease her erect nipples. “How does that feel, Princess?” He questioned. “Daddy, I feel strange. I can’t really describe it.” As she arched her back and pressed her ass against him. He knew how she felt and that made him even more excited.

“Chrissy! I have an idea! Come with me.” He grabbed her hand and brought her into the dining room. She was giddy with anticipation. “Daddy, you always have the BEST ideas! What are we going to do? I’m so excited!” “Me too, Princess. Now remove your panties for Daddy. I think I’m going to have my dessert before dinner tonight.” She removed her panties as she was told but was confused about his comment about dessert. “Daddy, what do you mean by dessert?” “You will see.” He managed to mutter as he stood there taking in every inch of her with his eyes. “You look positively edible tonight! Come, sit up here for Daddy.” He motioned her to sit on the table. She proceeded with caution because she knew that she wasn’t to sit on the dinner table. “Come, Sweetheart. Sit right here in front of Daddy.” She lifted herself up onto the table directly in front of him. “Lean back for Daddy. Rest on your elbows so that I can see your beautiful face.” He reached down and grabbed each of her feet and propped them on the otele gelen escort table. Her legs were spread wide open right in front of his face. “What’s this, Chrissy? You are all wet. You are glistening with honey!” He edged in even closer. “Oh, your aroma…so sweet. Mmmm…I think I could get into a little dessert before dinner.” He looked up at her. “How about it, Sweetheart? Can Daddy have some honey?” “Daddy, you know the rules!” She insisted. “No dessert until you finish dinner. You know that!” He chuckled and redirected his attention to the dripping little honey pot before him. He started at the bottom and slowly dragged his tongue up and stopped at her clit. “Chrissy, you are sooooo sweet, my dear! What a good girl you are to make this special treat just for Daddy!” “But, Daddy….”she began. He wasn’t listening. Again, he tasted her only this time he went slower and deeper. “…you can’t!!!”

“Excuse me?!” He proclaimed. “You are telling me that I can’t do something? I don’t think so! I am your Daddy and I will do as I please when I please. Do you hear me?” She nodded her head. “Do you understand me? Answer me!!” “Yes, Daddy, I understand. What I meant to say is that perhaps you should…” She began. “Perhaps I should give you a good spanking? Is that what I should do? Right now you certainly deserve one for being so fresh to Daddy. Now get down from there and lay over my knee. He proceeded to spank her. “Please, Daddy” she begged. “Please stop! I promise to be a good girl! I promise kızılay escort not to talk bad! I promise not to interrupt Daddy ever again! Please…I will do what ever you want. Just please stop!” He stopped for a moment as he slid a finger down to her pussy. As he expected, she was dripping with nectar. “Good” He thought. “My Chrissy is excited! I will make her ache with desire. I will make her wait now until I am ready to take her. But, first…”

“Get down.” He instructed. “Kneel in front of me.” He removed his hard, throbbing cock from his Levi’s. “Chrissy, dear, take this into your mouth and suck on it for Daddy. Be gentle.” “Oh, but, Daddy…”she began in amazement, “It’s soooooo big! ” “Daddy wants you to suck his cock…now!!! Do it or I will continue with your spanking.” “Ok, Daddy, whatever you want. I’m a good girl!” With that she took him in her mouth. Gently she wrapped one of her hands around his shaft. She slowly began to move up and down, up and down. Her hand and mouth in perfect rhythm. Her pace quickened as she heard Daddy moan. His pleasure was exciting her! She took him deeper into her mouth…sucking…swirling her tongue around him. She could feel his body tense. Then, suddenly her mouth was filled with a hot, creamy liquid. She eagerly swallowed every drop of her Daddy’s offering.

“Very good, Chrissy. You behave well for Daddy. Now go clean yourself up and get ready for bed. I want you to sleep with Daddy tonight. I have something to give you.” “Oh, Daddy!” She squealed. “You always bring home the best gifts for me! What is it?” “That reminds me, Sweetheart” as he reaches into his coat pocket. “These are for you.” He hands her a pair of red lace panties. “Put these on for Daddy tonight. I will be up soon to give you the rest of your surprise. Now, go, my dear, get ready for Daddy’s surprise…”

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