Daddy’s Little Helpers Ch. 00: Roots


Roots – The start of it all

I’m not an old man, I turned 51 on my last birthday, but I sure have felt old since I lost my wife 2 years ago to a head injury from a skiing accident. Yes, I feel old, and lost. I haven’t been anything socially other than half of Mr. and Mrs. Jason Stroker, since we married when we were both 19 years old. I never learned to be anything other than the man married to Caroline, and the father to our 3 beautiful girls.

My 3 girls, they are what keep me connected to the here and now. There’s Barbara, now 30, and a manager at the bank where she works and a certified legal advisor. She operates the safety deposit section at the bank. The second oldest is Alexandria, now 26, the youngest nursing supervisor in the hospital, head nurse of the orthopedic wing. And lastly, there’s Sophia, almost 25, a doctoral candidate in Psychology at her college, and the house mother for her sorority.

Well, yes, I did have a career; I was a car salesman with the largest dealership in this half of the state. And it became the biggest because I sold cars better than anyone else around. My secret was to find out what people needed, and sell them the car that best matched with that need. I don’t know why every salesman didn’t do it that way. Anyway, by the time I was 29, I had been offered a partnership by the owner and so we didn’t suffer for money.

By the time I turned 39, we had it all, a house with a 4 car garage, an in-ground pool, a hot tub, and a yard so big that we had a professional lawn care service. We had money set aside for college for all 3 girls, a bank account that was big enough that we could live on the interest if we had to, and I took over as the sales manager at the dealership, spending most of my work time training new salesmen to use my method for selling cars.

Caroline hadn’t been idle during all that time either. She had her own thriving home interior decorating business and was in huge demand all around our home town. She even had clients calling from 3 counties away for a consultation whenever she was available.

On the Saturday after our 49th birthday, we officially retired to the status of occasional consultants, it was September 25th. The plan was that 1 year later, we would leave on our second honeymoon, an around the world vacation, before we got too old to enjoy ourselves. The accident happened on November 18th, and she was gone before Thanksgiving.

If not for my concern for the needs of our daughters, I would have withdrawn into our house and waited out my time until I could rejoin Caroline. But there are still things to be done for our daughters before I can leave them to return to Caroline’s side.

The real start of the story I have to tell happened about 3 weeks ago.

I had just stepped into the shower so I could be finished and get dressed before Barb brought over some papers regarding some banking matters. Suddenly the phone rang and since I hadn’t gotten wet except my feet, I decided I better answer in case she was calling to tell me she couldn’t make it. But it was Lexie, asking if she could come over to talk about a plan she had for a project at her job. So I told her that Barb was coming and if she could get in touch with Sophie, we could all go out to dinner together tonight.

As I was stepping back into the shower, my foot slipped on the tile and I took a header, luckily landing mostly on my arm and ribs instead of my head. But I think I heard a crack just before everything went dark.

I woke up to someone screaming in my ear. It was me, and I woke with Sophie holding down my legs, and Barb holding my head and shoulders, while Lexie was realigning the bones in my arm so she could splint it until I could get to the hospital for x-rays and a proper cast. I noticed that Sophie was looking down instead of at my arm, and I wondered if she was squeamish, but then I thought that I hadn’t seen any blood on my arm.

Let’s see, I had been getting into the shower… I was bare-ass naked and she was staring at my groin. Oh my God, I needed to cover up. But I had to wait until esenyurt anal yapan escort Lexie had put the splint on my arm. She made a temporary splint using a newspaper and the plastic rod from the window blinds and wrapped the whole thing in stretchy bandages. Once she was finished, I asked Sophie to get me my robe before the ambulance came.

My ribs ached so bad that I just knew that one or more were at least cracked. I didn’t try to get up but stayed sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for the paramedics to come to lift me. Lexie sent Sophie down to lead them up to the bathroom once we heard the siren.

Sophie just pointed the paramedics into the bathroom and stayed out in the bedroom, and as they entered, Barb made sure I didn’t need to lean on her anymore, and scooted out also. Lexie stayed and was telling the paramedics what the girls had found when they arrived. Then the paramedics started taking my vital signs and re-checking for any more broken bones and the tenderness around my ribs area.

After a quick but thorough examination, they decided that it was safe to help me up off the floor and to sit on the stretcher. They pulled out something they called ‘britches’; it looked like a bunch of odd shaped pieces of burlap with zippers all over the edges. They tilted me a little to the side away from the worst bruising on my ribs and placed a couple pieces under my rump. Then they straightened me back up and started connecting on more pieces until it looked like I was wearing a bulky set of shorts with handles sticking out at all kinds of angles.

One of them stood in front of me and held onto my good arm while another got behind me and held onto some of the handles on the britches, and one got on either side of me also holding the handles. Lexie held onto my injured arm to keep it from swinging around loose. Then the paramedics all lifted, easing me up off the floor and onto the stretcher.

From there it was an easy run straight down the stairs and out the front door and into the ambulance for the trip to the hospital. Barb said she and Sophie would bring me some clothes for later and she’d close and lock the house. Lexie was allowed to go in the ambulance with me.

At the hospital I found out that I was very lucky indeed. Just a simple break below the elbow which Lexie had already realigned properly, only one cracked rib with no chipping, miscellaneous bruising on the other ribs where I had apparently slipped down the side of the tub, and a small lump on my head where I had hit just hard enough to put me out, but not hard enough to cause a concussion.

The emergency room doctor wanted me to stay at least overnight for observation just to be sure, and I found out that I was luckier than any man had a right to be. With only 2 hours in the emergency room, they had a regular room available for me and transferred me and my new cast as soon as I finished the paperwork needed, which Barb and Lexie helped on, so it was finished in record time.

While we were finishing up the paperwork, Sophie had run out to our favorite Italian restaurant and picked up some pasta and salads and soft drinks so we had our dinner out when we had planned, just not where we had planned. The nurse had given me some pain pills for my arm and ribs and so I zonked out while we were eating.

A little while later I half woke up hearing my daughters talking in the corner of my room. I was going to join in until I heard what they were talking about. Sophie asked Barb if she had ever seen my package before today. Between the giggling, Barb admitted that she had seen it once when she had accidentally opened the bathroom door while I was drying off after a shower while she was looking for her mom. She said it was back when she had just turned 19 and she had just started going out on single dates with guys. She said that after seeing that, she was dissatisfied with what the guys had to show whenever they insisted on anything sexual. That was why she never got serious with any guy until a couple years later.

“Today esenyurt escort was the first time I saw it, well the first time uncovered. Of course, I had seen him in his trunks around the pool when Mom and we girls were all there in our bikinis, and I knew he had a hard-on, but Wow” said Lexie, “No wonder Mom was so happy all the time!”

“It sure puts the guys I’ve been seeing to shame,” said Sophie. “And you know that it’s all going to waste now with Daddy not dating at all. It’s been 2 years now that Mom is gone, and she wouldn’t want him to be alone.”

“You’re right, I think if Mom could say anything to him now, it would be something like ‘Get out there and show some woman what a good man can do for her, and to her, too!'”

“Oh Barb, I don’t know if Mom would have said quite that much, but she would be urging him to get out and look around.”

“Well Barb may be right Sophie. I was talking to Mom one day when I first turned 18 and she was telling me to look long and hard at guys before I started any serious relationship because there aren’t a lot of guys as good as Daddy. Then she told me a little story that she said I couldn’t share with anyone until she was gone or too old to care what anyone else thought.

“You know, this is the first time I thought about it in a long time, and it’s the first time that it might not be inappropriate to bring it up. Mom said it all took place back when she went to college to prepare to open her business. That would have made it back when Barb was about 8. Mom said that Daddy made her go back to school, that he had told her that he wasn’t having her business fail because he had stopped her from going on to college where she would learn all she needed to know about how to run her business.

“Anyway, she said that she was a little scared of going back to school, but that Daddy had told her to find another woman who was in school to prepare for running a business and make friends. They could help each other with school work and any worries that might interfere with their plans. Well that idea worked out very well and Mom and 3 of the other girls in the class started a business women’s club. By the end of the classes, the club had 12 members and would meet about twice a month to exchange ideas for solving problems that any of them encountered.

“In fact, the help that they offered each other wasn’t restricted to business issues. Personal issues could be discussed also either with all in the meeting, or after the meetings in small groups of friends. The four founding members were closer than most of the rest of the women and often stayed to visit after the meetings broke up. That’s how Mom found out that one of her friends was having some serious issues with her fiancé, issues that were destroying the woman’s self-esteem. And when Mom found out that the issues were leaving the woman with bruises that she had been hiding from her friends and family, Mom got Daddy involved to help her friend out.

“Mom said that Daddy had started out trying to talk nicely with the guy, offering help with controlling his anger, but the guy just denied everything and told Daddy to mind his own business. Daddy ended up having Mom take some pictures of the bruising, and confronted the guy with that evidence. He told the guy that if he didn’t get help and stop hitting the woman, that he would take the pictures to the police and press charges.

“They convinced the woman to break off with the guy at least until he got some counseling. The bruising started fading away and everything seemed to be improving, but after a few weeks, Mom saw some new bruising and found out that her friend had gone back to the guy because her self-esteem was so low that she felt she didn’t deserve anything better. Mom decided that drastic action was needed, and she knew just exactly what that action had to be.

“The first step was to control the guy for a time. One of Daddy’s customers, who happened to be a domestic court judge, invited the guy to his chambers, and informed him that he could seek out at least esenyurt eve gelen escort 30 days of inpatient mental health counseling, or be brought up on charges of domestic abuse and spend 2 to 5 years in prison.

“Mom set up the second step with Daddy. Improving the girl’s self-esteem was a needed step to break the cycle that could become a debilitating lifestyle. Mom told Daddy that she needed him to seduce the girl and show her what a valuable person she really was, to show her what a loving man could and should be like in a relationship. Mom knew that the idea would work; she had shared Daddy a couple times before with some of her high school friends just a couple months before they had gotten married.

“So the next Friday, after the usual meeting of the club, Mom had her 3 friends stay and got the one slightly more liquored up so she couldn’t drive away and since we were away at Granny’s for the weekend, Mom insisted that she just stay the night. Mom had to help the girl to the guest room and to get ready for bed. She then initiated a little petting and kissing and let nature take its course. By the time that Daddy came looking for Mom, the girl was ready for just about anything; her inhibitions gone, but no longer too drunk.

“Daddy had come to the guest room door with wet hair and wearing a towel. Mom insisted that she would be along shortly, but that she needed a kiss before he went to their room. When he had approached the bed, the girl had reached out and pulled the towel loose. One look at Daddy’s package, and he wasn’t going to be allowed to leave the room. Mom said that Daddy was never a ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am’ kind of guy and so he proceeded to give both her and her friend the full treatment.

“Mom said that even with how worked up she and her friend were, it still took Daddy about 20 minutes of touching their hair and arms and backs before he started licking and nibbling on their tits. And Daddy seemed to have a hand or his mouth on each of them all the time. Mom said she had a hard time keeping herself aware enough to keep her own contact with her friend, and her friend wasn’t used to so much attention and so she was coming even before Daddy got his mouth on her slit and his tongue flicking over her clit.

“Mom said she lost count of how many times her friend came, and how many times she came too, but she remembered that several times both of them came at the same time. One of them with Daddy buried to the hilt in her pussy, and the other with Daddy’s tongue deep in her cunt. So after that weekend, the girl never went back to her fiancé since her confidence was higher than it had been in forever and she felt really loved for the first time in a long time.”

“You know, I have quite a few girls at the sorority who could sure use a dose of that kind of medicine for their egos. I wonder how hard it would be to talk Daddy into helping a few of them out…”

“Yes, I think that would be a wonderful idea. I have a lot of girls at the bank that haven’t ever had the proper introduction to being loved either. And it would give Daddy the incentive to get out there rather than him just sitting around home and being there for us and our problems. What do you think, Lexie? Do you have anyone that you know of who could use…”

“Shhhhh! I think I saw Daddy move. He may be waking up, and I don’t want to scare him with our plans for him for the next several years. We can get together and discuss this more later. For right now, let’s get Daddy back on his feet before we put him to work helping our friends and co-workers and such.

So that was how I found out that I was once again going to be the recipient of a lot of female attention and be the designated lover for, I had no idea how many, of my daughters’ friends and others that they felt needed that special touch to realize their full potential in life. Their discussion had reminded me that Caroline would have probably done the same thing numerous times over the next few years, but my girls didn’t know that their mom and I had been providing just such a service pretty regularly over the last twenty years or so already. Of course, they had been friends and co-workers of their mother and so were mostly more my age. But trying to provide that service for women the age of my daughters or at least mostly around that age… That could be a job almost more than I could handle. It was sure going to be an interesting time.

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