Daddy’s Plaything Part 2 Good Clean Fun


Daddy’s Plaything. Part 2. Good Clean Fun. I lay across his knee, the twitching spasm of my climax slowly dying. Oh God, a climax already. Dad and Uncle Dave had not even started to get undressed yet. They had only been in the flat for 15 minutes and I had already had two good spankings, one from each of them, and a finger fuck from Dad. I felt Dad push me upright and I stood in front of him, wrists handcuffed behind me and only a see-through nightdress to cover my modesty. Not that I had any left after being made to cum in front of the two of them. I bent forward, taking his fingers into my mouth and sucking my own juices from them. His eyes opened wide in astonishment and pleasure, and he stroked my neck softly. “Are we going to need the sofa bed pulling out?” he asked Uncle. “No, I think we can make do with the furniture and the floor, but I know what we could do with.” Turning to me he asked, “Where do you keep your toys, sexy girl?” There was no point in my denying it, he knew I was not the kind to be without a şişli escort bayan few little toys for sexy fun. “In the bedside cabinet, top drawer,” I told him. He went through to the bedroom, returning a few moments later with the drawer. Putting it on the table he started removing some of them with a practised eye, knowing just what he was after. I watched apprehensively, knowing the effect they had on me and I was certain that he would know just how to use them for maximum effect.  Dad stood next to me, arm around me, hand gently caressing the cheeks of my ass. He moved slightly behind me, nuzzling my neck, knowing from previous experience how much that turned me on. I squirmed against him, feeling his hardness against my bottom through the sheer fabric of my nightgown. Uncle Dave moved in front of me, his hands roaming over my nipples, and his mouth capturing mine in a long lingering kiss, and one of them must have pulled the shoulder straps because the nightdress fell to the floor leaving mecidiyeköy escort bayan me totally naked and helpless between them. Now the hands were free to explore even more, stroking along my ribs, lifting and squeezing my small but sexy tits. A mouth found a nipple and teeth nipped gently at it while another hand snaked its way between my legs to the warm wetness waiting there. I could feel myself starting towards another climax, but Uncle pulled away. “No, I think we might get more fun by making her wait to cum,” he told Dad. “Besides, we have not started to have our enjoyment yet, have we?” He went over to the table, bringing back a set of nipple clamps linked by a thin but strong metal chain. Expertly he clamped the first to a nipple, Dad watching carefully with interest bordering on fascination. Then the second nipple, adjusting the screws carefully to hold me firmly but without undue discomfort. Already I could feel the weight of the chain pulling on me, sending waves of delicious escort şişli sensations through me. Then he tugged on the chain, bringing a gasp from me as I arched toward him to lessen the pull.  “Is that going to be alright on her?” asked Dad anxiously. “Do not worry, George,” Uncle told him. “She enjoys it so long as you don’t pull too hard, and it lets her know who is in charge. Is that right, sex slave?” he asked of me. “Yes, Uncle,” I replied. “Your sex slave enjoys it.” “I think you will enjoy this as well,” he told me. “Bend forward.” I did so, and felt a butt plug, oiled and ready, inserted firmly into my tight ass. By now I was really starting to squirm. As a final touch, Uncle chose a small vibrator from my collection and inserted it into my wet and hungry pussy, turning it on to its lowest setting. The buzz was almost silent but I could feel it working slowly inside me, not enough to satisfy, just enough to make me want more. “Kneel!” Uncle ordered. I knelt before them, and was not exactly surprised to see Uncle unzipping his trousers. Dad saw and followed suit quickly, almost eagerly. Two firm erections nestled against my cheek. I opened my mouth, taking Dad first, teasing and sucking on him, seeing the pleasure in his eyes, then turning slightly I gave Uncle Dave the same treatment.

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