Daily Pet Duties


Master and I have been together four years now. We made it official in Aug of 2013 so to all the world we’re a normal loving couple – and we are! But in addition to being partners and lovers, he is also my Master and I am his beloved pet eager to service him in any way he desires.

We’ve developed a basic routine which seems to suit us. At home, I wear only my collar and cuffs – and usually a plug of some sort. Master chooses from our assortment of anal plugs or perhaps one of the pussy toys or even a clit clip to wear. I never know what it may be when I get home from work but I will have it in or on when he returns home later.

But I should probably start with the beginning of the day! I almost always wake first, luckily, as I am to wake Master with a blow job by 8:00 am. As always, I have my cuffs and collar on and I’m leashed to the bed. Of course, it is largely symbolic as I can just unhook myself, and sometimes need to go relieve myself before waking Master, but I like feeling secured by him and I prefer to wait until I’ve completed my morning tasks and have been released by him. If I can’t wait, I slip out of bed as quietly as I can and return as carefully as possible so to not disturb him. Of course, I will confess later and willingly accept my spankings later.

My leash is long enough to allow me to scoot down to my Master’s cock and greedily I take his sleeping member into my mouth. I love to feel him soft in my mouth to start then grow in length and hardness as my tongue swirls around it in my mouth while my hands cup his balls. I know my Master is fully awake when he starts using his hands to press my head against his lap to drive his now fully erect cock deep Into my throat. He likes to make me gag on his cock and while I still struggle to deep throat him on my own, I don’t mind his help pushing me down as he drives upward into my mouth. Morning blow jobs generally don’t take too long and without too much work, my Master gives me breakfast of his cum.

Then its time for him to milk me. My children from my first marriage are grown and on their own now but my Master has played with my tits so much over the last few years that I will actually express milk when he tugs on them. In order for me to keep producing these sweet tasting drops he works my tits over every morning and night. And I’m to do the same at least three other times a day. He wants my tits heavy and leaking at the slightest touch. Sometimes he milks me like a cow on my hands and knees and Sometimes he has me straddle him while he pinches and pulls at my tits so hard they drip on him. It hurts because he can’t be gentle with them and get them to produce but I love it. My Master loves my tits even though they’re small – B cup at most – but they are very responsive to his every touch and being small, they don’t sag or require a bra to be worn. My Master enjoys the expressions on my face as he works my tits over. I’m sure it’s a cross between pain and pleasure to be receiving his touch.

He usually rewards me by playing with my pussy afterward and making me puddle. I’ve never been one to climax so intensely before he came along and now he causes me to regularly squirt as he plays in my pussy. I have to change our sheets nearly every day! Sometimes playing with me and making me cum will get him hard again and he will fuck me and give me another load of cum in my pussy. I’m always happy bahis şirketleri to get that one.

When play time is over, he’ll usually slap my ass and tell me he needs to pee. I know that’s my cue to kneel with my ass in the air and shoulders to the sheets. If I was smart, before I wrapped my lips around his cock to wake him I would have put a smear of lube on my asshole because regardless of how I prepared myself, his cock is going in my ass to take his morning pee. It grossed me out at first to have my Master pee on me but I actually enjoy it now. I love being able to do this for him since now he doesn’t even have to get out of bed until his breakfast is ready. Plus, it is the best and most fun way to receive my daily enema to keep my ass ready for his use. He has to be hard enough to slide his cock in my ass and I always love that initial penetration – the pressure and anticipation building as he presses his cock against my asshole. When his head finally pops past the tight ring of my ass I always gasp in pleasure. His cock filling me as his hips press against me. I hear him sigh with contentment as he pees deep inside me.

After he has drained himself in me, I have a few minutes to lick him clean before I head to the bathroom myself. I gently lap at his cock and balls and work my way to his ass. I’m not trying to get him hard again at this point, just cleaning him up and making sure he knows how much I love his cock and servicing him. Sometimes my Master will actually go to his hands and knees to give me better access to licking from his balls up his ass crack and all around his asshole. His murmurs of pleasure and praise are all the encouragement I need to perform a thorough rimjob.

I generally don’t have too long before its time to express his pee from my ass. So I ask permission to get up and he unhooks my leash from my collar and I leave our bed. As I clean up, take a shower and get ready for the day, my Master will either doze back off or catch the news while I prepare him breakfast. We’re both lucky that my job starts midmorning and his is flexible so we can have this play time without feeling rushed or like we had to get up at some ridiculous hour to spend this time together. After eating breakfast we both get dressed and head off to work.

We have a pretty standard bedtime routine as well. Usually, we’re winding down the day cuddling on the couch watching T.V.. When he is ready to turn in he’ll give me a fifteen min warning so I can go get ready. Of course, I know how to encourage him to come to bed earlier if I want but I’m happy to follow his lead. Once he’s told me it’s bedtime, I hop up to prepare myself for him. I make sure I’ve relived myself and am clean for him. Then I situate myself in his favorite pose and wait for him.

I should explain first that we have a toy I call Stick. Stick is the phallic shaped rubber piece that used to cover and old vibrator of mine. When the vibrator died I realized the rubber piece would fit perfectly over the fat wooden dowel from my sliding glass door. It’s about an inch and a half thick and the perfect height to sit snuggly in my pussy if I stand with it in me. Generally though, Master wants my legs spread, causing me to resemble a tripod and making Stick go deeper inside me.

His favorite pose, however, is when I put Stick under the cushion on the chair in our room sticking out from the chair. This bahis firmaları puts it at exactly the right height for me to back into it, on my hands and knees, and impale myself in the ass with cock shaped end. Even with this nightly ritual, it is still an uncomfortably large invader in my ass and I always wait impatiently for him to arrive in our room. As I kneel there on my hands and knees I strain to listen for clues that he’ll come to me soon. I can hear the tv go off and the deadbolt get engaged and finally his tread on the stairs. It never fails to get me wet in anticipation.

He approaches me and kneels before me to give me his second milking of the day. I need to report to him when I completed my other sessions. I think he likes knowing he is constantly on my mind and I’m regularly performing for him, even on my own, as much as he actually enjoys the minimal amount of milk I produce through all effort. When he is satisfied, I lift up, awkwardly with Stick in my ass, to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and free his cock so I can get my mouth on it. Master loves to feel my mouth around his cock while watching Stick move in and out of my ass. He insists on me driving my ass backward onto Stick even further while pressing his cock deeply in my mouth.

From there, we will vary our activities but last night was good and contained a number of common themes so I’ll use that as my example.

Master continued to use my mouth and press me backwards onto Stick. We have a standing mirror that allows him to see me from the side as I’m being fucked from both ends. He hasn’t yet shared me with anyone else but he will often talk to me about how it would feel to be servicing two men at the same time. I can’t respond with his cock in my mouth beyond happy moans but he knows I’m willing to let him use me as he desires – even if that means letting others use me. Since he is generous with everything else he owns I’d be happy to do my best to make him proud. Anyway, last night he came in my mouth and I enjoyed feeling his cock swell just before he shot his load onto my waiting tongue. I swallowed it all down then sucked some more to make sure I had every bit.

Master then told me to get on the bed on my back. He clipped my hand cuffs to the corners but told me to just keep my knees up and spread wide open giving him access to my bare pussy. I keep my pussy hair free for him, except a triangle patch of red hair, which matches the shoulder length hair on my head. He began to spank my pussy with his hand. Usually, he saves up my demerits for various transgressions for our Sunday night punishment sessions (which can get quite painful), but last night he said was for training purposes. I was to keep my legs open for him despite knowing another painful swat was coming at my clit. He alternated spankings with rubbing and fingering so I was left never knowing what to expect. He kept me writhing with pleasure and pain and crying out for more. But more of what, I couldn’t say. If my knees closed together accidentally in anticipation of a strike, he would growl at me to keep them open and I could be assured of a harder swat so I really focused on opening my self to him.

Finally, he tired of the game and he rewarded me with a vibrator applied to my clit then sliding in and out of me. He gently licked my pussy and soothed the sting he had just left there. He left the vibrator kaçak bahis siteleri running deep in my pussy then kissing me as he worked his way up my body, pausing to kiss and suckle at each nipple then laying his full body weight on my as he kissed my mouth and told me how much he loved me. Feeling him on me, our bodies touching from top to bottom, is my favorite place to be. Especially after having been used by him.

Without getting off me, he unhooked each arm cuff and I wrapped my arms around him and held him contentedly. After some more kissing and cuddling, I could feel his cock twitching again. I pushed him away so I could get my mouth on his cock again to get it hard. When he was ready, I flipped over to my hands and knees and presented my ass to him. I held that vibrator, still in my pussy, in place while he took his pleasure in taking my ass. Both holes filled with cock, one hard rubber and one my Master, made me so tight, it was hard for Master to penetrate the ring of my ass. But once in, we both cried out with pleasure. He stroked in and out of me slowly drawing out our enjoyment. He can last a lot longer than I can with the slow deliberate strokes and I’m sure he was waiting for me to start begging him to take me hard. I was panting and begging “please!” before he grabbed my hips and started to drive himself in my ass deep and hard. Feeling his cock grow even larger let me know it was almost time so when he called out that he was coming, I went over the edge and came with him.

We just collapsed together until our breathing normalized. With a playful swat, he told me it was time for my last regular chore for the night. I got up and walked ahead of him to the shower then knelt facing him. He asked if I was ready and I leaned back presenting my breasts to him. He let loose a stream of pee on them and I fondled them as his urine ran down me. While I am the pet, I enjoy my Master “marking his territory” on me this way. He controlled his stream and stopped peeing for a moment. He told me it was time… My hesitation to wrap my lips around his cock and welcome his remaining pee in my mouth adds to my Sunday punishment session but I still struggle to comply as expected. When I have Master’s cock in my mouth he releases his stream again and I end up holding it in my mouth, tasting the slightly burned flavor of his pee. I can’t yet bring myself to actually swallow so I end up spitting it out. Master reminds me that will be even more demerits to work off Sunday but he’s not unkind about it. When we’ve talked about this part of servicing him, he reminds me that I wouldn’t swallow cum either when we first were together and now I crave his cum to taste and eat – even when he scoops his deposit out of my ass to feed it to me. He tells me, he wants me to get to the point that he doesn’t need me in the shower stall, or outside, and know he can use me to drink his entire need without making a mess. Thus, our nightly routine to practice. We’ll see how long it takes. Finally to bed where he latches my collar to my leash to the corner then takes me in his arms so we both can sleep.

So, that’s our basic daily routine. We have other play times to experiment with bondage and other toys as well as date nights which usually include revealing clothing Master picks out for me to wear and, of course, every Sunday night, Master brings out the flogger, riding crop or other spanking devices to provide correction and encouragement to follow directions with no hesitation. Believe it or not, I enjoy these sessions too. I want the reminder that he is in charge. As long as he lets me know he loves me I am happy to be his.

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