Dainty Daphne Ch. 01


After a long day I was in bed early, around 11pm or so, and asleep in minutes. I woke to shuffling sounds in the dark of my room, listened for a second and heard the familiar scuffing of her feet. The sound stopped after a few more steps and I could hear her standing there in the dark taking delicate little breaths.

My stepdaughter Daphne was a tiny little thing, all of five foot nothing and light as half a feather, not even a full month had passed since her 18th birthday. She was quite proportional to her height, she was very lean but didn’t look unhealthily skinny. Her legs were shapely and nicely toned from her long hours of hiking in the woods in the summer and skiing in the winter. The legs culminated in a wonderfully round, tight little ass…a perfect little upside down heart that was so firm it hardly jiggled when she ran around in her bikini.

Her little titties were not quite a handful but were topped with small, bright rosy pink areola and long, fat nipples…close to an inch long and half an inch wide…that seemed perpetually hard. This was something I had, of course, never noticed before because she had apparently felt the need to always be very covered up. Once she turned 18, however, I had definitely noticed! She not only took to not caring if her sweet little nipples poked out through her tops, she took to intentionally wearing somewhat shear white tops so not only would her perky nubs be obvious, the rosy color was as well. I think she quickly learned to enjoy the fact that her very pronounced buds were every bit as much eye-magnets as the much larger breasts of some of her friends.

And her face, the face an angel. Full pouty lips so dark red as to not even need lipstick, the cutest little button nose and large emerald green eyes and just the faintest sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks, and long, naturally wavy deep red hair completed the angelic picture. She looked very much like her mother, but I didn’t hold that against her. I really suppose I shouldn’t have been as acutely aware of all these details as I was but, well, I was.

“Daph,” I said softly into the dark, “what’s up, baby?”

“Can I,” she paused and took a deeper breath, “can I get in bed with you?”

It wasn’t unusual over the years for Daphne to want to climb in bed if it was cold or she had a bad dream or just couldn’t sleep. It started long before her mother left and had continued after she had. I had supposed it was innocent enough and never thought anything of it. I pulled back the covers on the other side of the bed and told her to climb on in. I lay on my side and as she snuggled in to my back I could feel a lot of skin. She normally wore baggy T-shirts and boys boxer shorts to bed but now against my bare back, arms and legs all I could feel was a little bit of silky fabric and soft skin every bit as silken. I could feel her stiff nipples digging into my back and she bent her legs to match the curve of mine and nestled them right up against me. And there was the way she smelled…of wildflowers and sweet musk, a scent that was quite honestly all hers. It was not her perfume or shampoo, it was 100% her natural scent. Her skin against mine, the intoxicating smell of her and then the dainty arm she wrapped over my side, the tiny hand laying near my bellybutton…my dick started to swell in spite of my lack of carnal intentions.

I cleared my throat to be sure she was awake, “Daph, aren’t you getting a little old for this?” She didn’t respond and for a moment I thought maybe she’d drifted to sleep already, until her delicate little fingers started playing with the light hairs beneath my bellybutton. Beşiktaş Escort My cock quickly sprang to full attention. “D-Daphne! What are you doing?”

“Maybe I’m finally old ENOUGH,” she said huskily as her hand slid down inside the elastic of my underwear, her fingertips grazing the top of my pubic bush just inches from my suddenly throbbing member. “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

In a sudden motion I slid up in the bed and little and stretched over to turn on the bedside lamp. Not wanting to miss her opportunity her hand shot down into my underwear and her soft little fingers wrapped around my shaft, as far as they could anyway. It all happened so fast, the light was on and her hand was on me, already lightly stroking my dick before I’d even had time to register it all. Four minutes before, I’d been fast asleep, now I was half sitting up in bed, the light on, with little Daphne starting to jerk me off. I could find no words, my brain was barely functioning, I tried to gently but firmly push her away but she wasn’t having it. Without letting go of my dick she managed to throw the covers back and get on top of me, straddling my legs with her face hovering above the tent in my underwear. She locked eyes with me and I was drawn into those large pools of emerald green and trapped there. Still looking deep into my eyes she lowered her gorgeous little mouth onto the underside of my shaft, the moist heat of her breath filtering through the fabric of my shorts engulfed me. I was floating inside a cloud of passion. Lowering her head further between my thighs and pulling the material to the side she delicately sucked one of my huge balls into her tiny mouth then the other, she licked and sucked them as she stroked my dick and she almost had me. I was almost hers without question. But some distant part of my mind came screaming back at me and I jumped out of the bed.

“Daphne Jane! What the fuck are you doing?!?” I didn’t even noticed at first that as I had jumped up she had held tight to my underwear and ripped them completely off me. I was standing there completely naked, my rock hard cock pointing straight at her, a little dollop of pre-cum welling up at the tip. “We… We can’t do this, Daph! What makes you think I–“

“For the past three years I’ve paraded around in bikinis, ‘accidentally’ walked in on you in the shower, ‘accidentally’ left my door open when I was changing, brushed up against you in the kitchen, bent over in front of the TV while you were looking…and not once did you try anything.” She smiled, took a breath and stood up from the bed, for the first time I noticed what she was wearing. It was a delicate little babydoll and little matching panties, deep green to match her eyes and perfectly see-thru between the decorative swirls of intricate lace. “And I know why that was,” she continued after taking another step, “because you’re a GOOD man and the thought never even entered your mind. But now I’m old enough, there’s no reason to deny ourselves any longer.”

I wanted nothing more than to run out that bedroom door and lock myself away…except maybe to wrap her up in my arms, bury my cock deep inside her and suck those amazing nipples into my mouth. I was frozen as she took another step closer and stood right in front of me. Her tiny hands reached up and began rubbing over my hairy chest. She pinched my nipples and stepped closer, right up against me so that my cock was between us, pressed flat up against her stomach. She rubbed the silk of her lingerie up and down the underside of my rigid tool. I wanted to reach out, to embrace her, but still I resisted. Clinging Beşiktaş Escort Bayan to me she slid down, rubbing her tummy then little tits then finally soft cheek against my dick. She was on her knees before me, tiny and vulnerable, slowly stroking my cock with both of her soft little hands and looking up at me. Her huge green eyes implored me accept her offering, her full little lips pouted. Somehow she managed to look innocent in spite of her position and ongoing actions.

” I want this…there’s nothing to stop us anymore. I love you and I want you, I want you to be the first man to have ALL of me.” Still locked on my gaze, she stuck out her little tongue and slowly licked from the base the base of my cock, up the bottom of the shaft and up to the tip where she licked off a healthy glob of drooling pre-cum. She smacked her lips as she tasted it. She opened her mouth wider, my heart quickened at the thought she was about to wrap her wet mouth around my very eager dick. Then she stopped and her expression changed, the innocence was tinged with genuine sadness that I wasn’t responding the way she’d hoped. “Please? Please fuck me…DADDY.”

My hand shot out, my fingers entwined themselves in her auburn hair and gently pulled her little mouth onto my cock. She was so little she had to open her mouth as far as she could just to get it around me and I wasn’t able to go very deep at all before the fat head of my member was bumping the back of her throat. She coughed and I pulled back just enough to keep her from choking. I had no idea how much experience she had up to that point but clearly she’d not yet learned to deepthroat, a skill a teeny little sex kitten like her would have to learn if she hoped to have many men with above average cocks. I held still and let her control the pace not wanting to choke her again. She worked her mouth on me like a demon, she clearly had SOME experience sucking cock. Long plaintive moans came from her eager throat. Such a sweet little face impaling itself on my cock was almost more than I could stand. It had been several months since I’d been with a woman, my balls boiled.

“Unhhh…sweetie, I…gnnnhh…oh FUCK, baby…” I had to reach out and put one hand on the dresser to steady myself.

“Are you already there?” She jerked me furiously while her mouth was off my meat. “Are you going to cum for me? I want you to. I want you to cum all over my face.” She slammed her mouth down on my cock again, pumping her head up and down wildly, her little tongue flickering across the underside. She pulled herself off again, “Cum on me! Cum on my face, daddy! Please!”

There it was again…she called me “daddy”…it pushed be over the edge, I firmly grasped a fistful of her hair with my left hand and my pulsating cock with the other. I pulled her head back, her mouth open and anxiously waiting. All it took was four or five long, hard strokes and cum exploded from the head of my cock. The first shot hit her forehead, then next splashed over her eye and nose, another painted over the freckles of her cheek, most of the rest squirted onto her lips or into her mouth. She luxuriated in my cum shower and giggled to herself. The last few drizzles spilled out of me and down onto one of her small titties, dripping off the silk covering her meaty nipple. She popped the head of my cock back into her mouth and sucked out the last remaining drop of my hot seed. Releasing my dick from her lips, she sat back on her heels and swallowed part of my load with a greedy gulp, then scooping the rest of it from her face into her mouth and licking her fingers clean, she gulped Escort Beşiktaş again while smiling proudly up at me.

“Did I do good, daddy? Are you proud of your baby girl? Do you always cum that MUCH, daddy?”

My still stiff member twitched every time she called me daddy. “Not always, it’s been a while.”

I bent and slid my hands under her armpits and with no effort whatsoever, I hoisted her into the air until her rock hard nubs were even with my lips. I took the clean one into my mouth first, sucking and tonguing it through the green silk and making her squirm with pleasure. I kissed the bare skin between her titties and up onto her neck, she moaned and my cock twitched again. When I took the cum covered nipple into my mouth she gasped, I gave it the same treatment and cleaned the fabric of my seed. I brought her down and kissed her hard on the mouth and she kissed me back even harder, sucking my own cum from my tongue.

“You are SO dirty, daddy!”

I cradled her in my big arms, kissing her tummy and tits and finally had to ask, “What’s that all about anyway?”


“Calling me daddy! You’ve lived with me since you were 13…it’s been just the two of us since you were 15 and your bat-shit crazy mother walked out on us. You’ve never called me daddy and I never expected you to.” I chuckled to myself as I thought of the devilish little angel who moved into my house as I lowered us down onto the bed. “Even at 13 you were already quite set in your ways.”

“I HAD to be!” She curled up against me as I lay on my back, draping one leg over mine and playfully toying with my momentarily satisfied hard-on. “Mom was a worthless skank…I still don’t know how she landed a decent guy like YOU…and the loser ‘sperm donor’ who pumped me into her belly was probably already dead in some bar fight by that point–“

“I think you’re exaggerating a bit.”

“Not much!”

“Anyway, that’s my point, you were pretty independent and I never figured you thought you NEEDED a dad. I was just glad we were close enough you decided to stay with me when she left.”

“I know, I guess I’m a LITTLE fucked up.” She started stroking my cock, smiling at the fact it was still hard. “And if it’s JUST a LITTLE I guess I got off easy…but you’re the closest I’ve ever had. You love me, you make me feel safe, I know you’d kill or die for me. YOU kept me from turning out like mom. All things a good daddy would do.”

“Most little girls don’t lie in bed stroking daddy’s cock after he just came all over their sexy little face.”

“Yeah, well, on top of all that your kind and gentle, sexy as hell…and as I knew from peeking at you in the shower you have a nice body and a fantastic…uhh…well, I haven’t been able to think about any other cock since I saw yours the first time. And like you said, it’s not like we had a father/daughter relationship exactly and…”

“Say it again, Daph.”

“Say what?”

“Call me daddy.”

“Oh, daddy, you ARE a dirty, dirty boy.” She leaned down and licked the tip of my dick. “Aren’t you, daddy? You want to fuck me, don’t you? You want to fuck your little girl, daddy? You wanna make me your good little baby girl, daddy?”

I pushed her babydoll nighty up to expose her tummy and tits and rolled over on top of her, my hulking frame pressing her little body into the mattress as I kissed her young lips. My hand went between us and rubbed against her hot, wet pussy as I kissed down to her tits and sucked those amazing nipples. She squealed when I pinched them tight between my lips. I kissed lower, easing my way toward her tiny pussy, she patted my head and cleared her throat.

“What’s wrong, baby? You change your mind? It’s okay if you did, I-I’ll understand.”

“No, daddy. I just… I just thought you should know…” She blushed when I looked up at her. “Daddy, your little girls never had a man’s cock inside her pussy.”

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