Damsels in Distress on a Lake


I have been fishing this lake for all my life, and still found fishing to be the best way to relax and unwind from the pressures of work. It’s just you and the fish, trying to figure out what they want, where they are, how fast of a presentation, what color… There are a myriad of choices and situations that make it much like a chess game, but much more enjoyable. With all the holiday traffic on the lake, the fish in the main portions of the lake were driven deep into the channels, making them essentially unfishable. To counter this I had moved to the more remote and secluded bays that still contained channels for the fish to lay in and flats for them to feed on. The particular bay I was working was just such a bay, with an eight to ten foot deep channel that twisted and turned in the old stream bed, flanked by mud flats that varied from four feet deep to as little as eighteen inches with the water at its current height. That too was always a factor, since the lake was a power dam reservoir and its level fluctuated by as much as half a foot a day.

Like I said, I was enjoying motor trolling the twisting channel at precisely two point four miles per hour, several crank baits dragging across the continuous depth changes seeking those elusive walleye Pike. I was quite enjoying the solitude of the bay, sitting on the stern of my boat, running the small outboard, wearing nothing but a pair of workout shorts to combat the unseasonably warm weather. My solitude was interrupted when a fairly large runabout rolled in under the bridge and steamed up the channel toward me, clearly aware of its twists and turns. I watched it worm its way nearly half way up the twisting channel until it settled into the water near what I knew was a sand bar.

I was actually surprised to see a woman and several girls anchor the runabout just off the edge of the channel, and most of them jump over the side of the boat into the four foot deep water.

By the time I had made my run to the end of the half mile long channel and turned to head back they were jumping off the stern of the boat like a diving board and squealing like only teen girls can when they’re having fun. My trip down the channel was going to take me easily within thirty yards of so of their boat, since they had anchored in a narrow portion of the channel with only two feet of water on the other side, much too little for me to get my fairly deep draft boat across.

I made my way down, running across the constantly changing depths, while trying to keep my boat from running aground on any of the shallow points. As I approached I realized that they were a bit older than teens, looking like they were closer to twenty or so. They actually looked a bit familiar, and as I approached I realized that I had seen them a few docks down from my parents, where I was staying. There was lots of giggling and squealing as one of them climbed up on the large padded stern platform of the boat and quickly turned around and pulled her bikini bottom down to moon me for several long seconds before she jumped off the side of the boat and out of sight of me.

Needless to say I was a bit surprised, but not at all upset. The young lady had a remarkably good looking ass, and she had pulled the bottom down more than far enough for me to see her pussy. As I motored away I could hear plenty of squealing, but any words were drowned out by the noise of my outboard reflecting back up from the water.

I finished my pass and turned to make another run up the channel, coming back to the location of the runabout about fifteen minutes later. To my surprise this time there were two young ladies standing on the stern, clearly waiting for me to make my return. When I was nearly even with their boat, the two quickly pulled their tops up, flashing me a pair of creamy white tits, wiggling their chests around to make their tit jump and wiggle seductively before they let go of their tops and jumped over the far side of the boat, while the older lady, maybe late thirties or so, sunning in the bow, laughing at the antics of her charges.

It was another fifteen minutes before I was again approaching their boat, this time with all three standing on the stern. I had no idea what was coming that time, but I was prepared to enjoy the show. As I approached the three pulled their tops up to expose their tits and then pulled their bottoms down to their thighs, exposing their bodies to me. The stood shouting at me “show us your dick!” much like horny guys call for girls to show their tits. I had to admit that my dick had grown quite hard, but I was far from prepared for that display. I simply called back “I need more!” to buy myself another pass. Who knows what they would try the next time.

It was a good ten minutes before I was able to make the turn and work back up to where they were. This time the three of them stood on the stern completely naked, shouting for me to “show it all”. When one of them turned around and bent over, spreading her legs and showing me her bakırköy escort full pussy, how could I refuse? I stood up in the stern and pushed my shorts down, allowing my hard dick to spring out in all its glory toward them. The three on the stern cheered and clapped for me while I sat back down to steer the boat, my shorts still around my knees, my hard dick now sticking up out of my lap. I watched the lady in the bow make a low whistle while she watched me go by. I made my way a bit up the channel and decided to turn early and go back. By the time I had made it to a wide enough stretch to make the turn, I noticed the boat had pulled anchor and started up, apparently having the fun they were looking for. I could see the lady in the bow still stowing the anchor as one of the girls put the throttle down.

The original pilot knew the channel well, and hand threaded the needle as if they had been doing it for years, but the new pilot had no clue that she had the boat pointed toward a very shallow mud bar. If she had kept the throttle down, they might have made it, even if they did churn some mud, the depth of a boat up on plane being far less than a sitting boat.

Unfortunately the older ladies shout of concern caused her to pull the throttle back, the settling boat sinking into not only the water but the mud easily fifty yards from the edge of the channel.

I knew this was trouble, and reeled in my lines to go help what was a thoroughly stranded boat. The only way out was to push and pull it over the mud flat, if they had enough muscle power to do it.

By the time I got my boat to the edge of the flat, anchored and prepared to go help them, they had been pushing and pulling for almost ten minutes and appeared to not have made much progress. They were going to need a tow. My shorts back where they belonged, I dug out my long anchor lines and prepared to make a long tow line. Hopefully I had enough rope or they were going to be stuck until the water came up higher.

I dropped over the side into the three foot deep water and tied one end off to the stern loop used for pulling skiers, and then headed toward them paying out the line as I did.

“Looks like you got a bit stuck,” I called as I approached.

“Just a bit,” the older lady called as I walked closer. As I approached I got a much better look at her, and found that she was quite attractive in the aqua bikini, her medium sized tits wiggling enticingly in the material and the tiny brief bottom cutting across her hips just high enough to cover her mound and the wet material showing all the outlines of her pussy. I also realized that I had indeed seen her before, out sunning a few docks down from where I was sitting on my folks dock, soaking some minnows the other day. At the time I had admired her body from afar, but she looked much more attractive closer and wet.

“I think the only way is to try to pull it out,” I said to her as I payed out line toward her boat.

“I’d appreciate it. One of the girls thought she was being helpful!” she said as she glared back at the girls standing sheepishly near the boat.

“That or they wanted a quick getaway,” I said with a laugh.

“That too,” she agreed, returning my smile. “They seemed to be having a lot of fun teasing you. I’m not sure they really knew what to do when you obliged them.”

“Yeah, well. That probably wasn’t the best choice on my part either.” I said sheepishly as I tied the line to the bow eye of their boat, snugging it up as best I could.

“I wasn’t complaining,” she said with a grin.

“No it didn’t look like you were,” I said somewhat embarrassed, trying not to look at her face.

“Well, that should do it. Let me go try to give you a pull and see what happens.” I said as I got ready to wade back to my boat.

“Come on girls. We don’t need any more weight in the boat than there already is!” The lady called to her charges as she turned to follow me.

The four of them followed me to my boat and climbed up the boarding ladder after me, leaving me standing in my wet workout shorts, my still hard dick clearly outlined by the clinging material. I don’t think any of them missed the fact and weren’t staring at my dick, which simply made it grow harder in its wet cocoon.

“Ok. Let’s see what happens!” I said to the girls as I started my engine. I had to move between two of the girls that had found seats in the bow, bending over the bow to pull up the anchor. One of the girl’s hands found my hard dick encased in my shorts and squeezed it, stroking the wet material up and down while my hands were busy pulling the anchor line up.

I wasn’t sure who had done it, both of them looking innocent when I finally got the anchor up and in the boat. I looked to the two of them and quietly said. “No fair copping a feel.”

“Feel free,” one of them said, looking up at me with a grin.

“Maybe later.” I said, shaking my head and heading back to the drivers seat.

I bakırköy eve gelen escort eased the boat around to head down the channel, and gently pulled the rope tight. My 140 horse engine churned the water to a froth, as it slowly began pulling the ladies boat across the mud flat, the route being somewhat difficult since I couldn’t pull it straight out. It took several minutes before it finally slid out of the shallows and was floating free near the channel.

“I really don’t know how to thank you,” the lady said as one of the girls began pulling their boat close to mine with the tow line.

“It’s ok. I’m glad I could help.” I answered.

“Girls, I think you owe mister…” she said looking at me.

“Mike” I said simply.

“You owe Mike a big thank you for getting us out of there.” She said looking at the two still sitting in the bow.

“Thank you Mike,” they two said in unison while the third girl pulled their boat parallel to mine.

“You’re welcome,” I said as I turned to undo the rope that was still tying us together. I bent over the side and got it undone from their bow and then pulled their boat next to mine so they could board.

“There you go,” I said as I turned to look back at them. My jaw about fell to the deck as I looked at the three girls all now completely naked. Each one came up in turn and pressed her body to mine and gave me a wet sexy kiss, their bare tits pressed into my chest, before they climbed into their own boats. The third girl slid her hand into my shorts and stroked my dick while she kissed me, nearly making me blow my load right there.

“Wow. That was some thank you.” I said as I held a hand out to help the lady into her boat. “But I never got your name.”

“Melinda,” she said with a smile. “And this is Amanda, my daughter and Jenny and Chris, her friends. That thank you was their idea, by the way.”

“Well it was some thank you,” I said as she stepped over the side of the boat. She leaned back and pulled me to her, giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Thank you from me as well,” she said as she pushed away from me, allowing our two boats to separate. She turned and walked over to the driver’s seat and started their engine and motored slowly away, the three naked girls still standing where I could see them. I pushed my shorts down and stuck my dick over the side of the boat towards them and stroked it only a few times before my body jerked, jetting a long string of cum several feet from the boat, brining a whistle from Melinda and a cheer from the three girls.

When my body had stopped jerking and squirting, she put the throttle down and headed out under a full head of steam.

I sat down and spent several minutes catching my breath and getting myself back organized. I decided fishing was done for now and stowed my gear and headed back to the dock. As I motored in I saw their boat tied to the dock several down from mine, but didn’t see either Amanda or the girls, either then or the rest of the afternoon.


The next morning dawned bright and warm. By ten o-clock I was back in my bay trolling along the channel, trying to catch the fish I was too busy the day before to really pay attention to. I had made several passes and had a few good hits, but no keepers when I saw Melinda’s boat come steaming in under the bridge. I watched as she rolled the boat to and fro, following the winding channel until she reached the sand bar and floated to a stop, dropping the anchor. I pulled in my lines and turned the boat back down the channel to where she was floating. As I approached I saw that she was wearing a halter style sun dress which made her look quite sexy.

“Hey Mike, got a few minutes?” she called as I approached.

I steered my boat next to hers and shut down my small engine, letting my boat float the last few feet to hers. I grabbed the side of her boat and the two of us quickly tied lines to hold them together.

“Hey Melinda, I didn’t expect to see you out here.” I said, standing in my boat and admiring how she looked.

“Actually, I was watching for you to go out. I hoped you’d come back over here.” She said as she stepped across into my boat.

“Oh why’s that?”

“Well, for starters, I really didn’t get a chance to thank you for helping yesterday, although I think the girls certainly did.” She said with a giggle.

“That they did,” I agreed.

“And the second thing was… well to be honest. Would you mind if I kissed you again?” she asked somewhat timidly.

“I’d like that,” I said holding a hand out to her. She moved toward me and pressed her body to mine while I wrapped an arm around her waist. Her body felt good against mine, soft and firm at the same time. Her hot breath mixed with mine while she brought her soft lips to mine, gently and wetly kissing me. We stood for some minutes, out tongues gently pressing into each other’s mouths, as the passion built between bakırköy grup yapan escort us. “wow,” was all I could say when she broke the kiss and stepped back.

“I have to agree. I really liked how you looked yesterday, and well… the girls said it wasn’t fair that you didn’t get to see me naked, so here goes.” She said as she reached behind her neck and untied the knot that held the top of her dress up. She pulled the material from around her neck and then let it fall, taking the dress all the way to her ankles. She stood completely naked, her creamy white tits standing proudly, outlined in pink where the sun had started a bit of a burn in her bikini. I took in her whole body, noticing that her mound was shaved bare, as had the other girls been the day before. Her legs were trim and firm, and overall she looked quite sexy.

“Well, what do you think,” She asked?

“I think you’re gorgeous, and I’m way overdressed,” I answered.

“That I can fix, if you’ll let me,” she said as she stepped toward me and knelt down in front of me. I was wearing only my shorts again today and as she pulled them slowly down, she exposed my already hard dick. “Very nice.” She said as she pulled my shorts to my ankles, my hard dick pointing straight at her face. She gently grasped my rigid pole in her hand and engulfed my purple head with her hot mouth.

“Ohhhhh god,” I groaned as she began to slowly stroke her mouth and hand up and down my shaft, her saliva quickly slickening the whole shaft.

“You like,” she asked as she pulled her mouth momentarily from my dick?

“Oh yes!”

“Good,” she said as she went back to work her other hand now cupping my balls and gently rolling and rubbing them.

“You’re defiantly going to make me cum if you keep that up,” I groaned. In response she sucked even harder, working my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. “Ohhhh god. Here it comes!” I groaned just before my dick erupted inside her mouth.

She gagged and pulled her mouth from my dick, my next few spurts of cum squirting on her face and tits while she continued to stroke my dick and massage my balls to maximize my pleasure. Once my dick had reduced to little more than a drool, she stood up and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her mouth to mine and her cum covered tits against my chest. I tasted my own cum in her mouth as she kissed me hungrily, her tongue pressing into mine urgently.

I gently broke our embrace and pushed her back against the engine housing and onto the pad on top. I knelt down and lifted her legs as she leaned back to rest on her elbows, her pussy now open and accessible. I gently licked up her wet slit, tasting her tangy sweet juices as I searched with the tip of my tongue for her clit.

“OH yes,” she moaned as my tongue found her hard nub and stroked across it. I licked time and again, up her wet slit, her pussy growing even wetter by the second as I stroked up and across her clit. “I think I should warn you… I’m a squirter!” she moaned as I slipped a finger into her pussy.

“Ok.” I said as I went back to work on her clit, my finger stroking her g-spot on the top of her tunnel.

“Ohhhhhh I’m cuming!” she squeaked as her body jerked, a squirt of her cum splashing on my chest. Her body jerked time and again until she pushed my head from her pussy, no longer able to take the attention my tongue was giving her clit. “Oh my god that was good.” She panted. “Please tell me that cock is hard. I really want you to fuck me right now!” she pleaded.

I stood up and rubbed my hard dick against her slick pussy before pushing the head down to engage into her wet tunnel. She was very tight as I pressed my hard rod into her, slowly working deeper to allow her to expand around me.

“Ohhhhhhh god yes!” she groaned as my pelvis pressed against her wet lips. “Fuck me! Pound that hard fat cock into my pussy! Oh god yes!” she moaned as I stroked faster, my balls slapping her ass as each impact made her tits wiggle and jiggle. I moved her legs up to my shoulders and reached around her legs to squeeze and massage her tits, squeezing her hard nipples between my fingers as I squeezed her large globes of creamy flesh. “Oh fuck yes!” she groaned, “that feels sooo good!”

“Oh god you feel so tight,” I grunted as I pounded into her.

“That’s it! Fuck me hard. Drive your fat dick into my tight little pussy!” she moaned. I continued to pump in and out of her, my dick growing fatter as another orgasm began approaching. “OH god! I’m cuming again!” she cried as her pussy gushed juices out with each stroke of my dick and jerk of her body. My dick was literally dripping with her juices as my orgasm hit it’s peak and my body jerked, spurting a huge shot of hot cum into her pussy.

“OH YES!” she squealed in delight and pleasure as my body emptied shot after shot of cum into her, finally slowing to a gentle twitch while I stood panting. She moved her legs from my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist, pulling me tight against her while she ground her pussy against me, gently humping her hips in time with her breathing. “Oh god that was fantastic,” she panted.

“I agree.” I said between breaths, my chest heaving to gather needed oxygen.

“I think we need a bath now though,” She said with a giggle. “We’re both covered with each other’s cum.”

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