Dan and Me Pt. 28


Most of these stories are standalone, so you don’t have to read them all. This one, however, calls back to Pts 26 and 27.

It was finally the weekend of my wedding. We’d decided on a little church in a little town a few hours away, and we were all going down there for parties the night before. Dave hadn’t invited Dan to his party, so I’d roped him in to drive the girls down. I invited Rachel as his guest, so he wouldn’t get lonely.

Dan and Rachel came and collected us in his van – he opened the door and the six of us got in, and enjoyed the trip down there – we were probably a little rowdy, and there was lots of interaction with other road users and singing. Some of the girls flashed cute guys – just their bras and so on, of course.

We arrived and got checked in to the hotel. I was on the same floor as Dan and Rachel (they were sharing a room), and we all went and got tarted up for the evening out. We met down in reception, and we’d got T-shirts made, theirs saying “bride squad” and mine saying “bride”, and Lisa brought me a tiara.

We tropped off to the strip club, and spent a few hours watching muscled men undress. I didn’t really think any of them were that attractive, but a couple had very large cocks. I didn’t drink anything, wanting to keep a clear head and not be hung over in the morning, but the girls all seemed to enjoy a few glasses of wine. I did take the time to introduce Lisa to Rachel – I believe I specifically said Lisa had fucked Dan, and Rachel was his latest sex toy, so I’m sure they had a lot to talk about. Neither seemed pissed off though, and a little part of me had been hoping for some drama.

I’d got dragged out to be felt up by the strippers, and they’d felt me up a little, too, but I saw some of the girls being a lot cosier with them – I swear I saw several kissing strippers, and at least two of them holding a stripper’s cock.

As it was getting late, I could see several of the bridesmaids starting to droop and look sleepy, so we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel. Once there we split up into groups based on the floor we were on, and made sure the drunker one got to her room safely. This meant I got to drop Rachel off with Dan. I was just hoping I’d manage to keep my resolve and not end up having sex with him and / or her. I managed to get away before I fell into my old bad habits, and went back to my room alone.

I lay there alone in the dark, looking up at the ceiling for about half an hour, but it seemed like days. Eventually, I figured I’d go and see what Dan and coffeedonutfest.com Rachel were doing, but I promised myself I wasn’t going to have sex with him. Or her. I was wearing just a pair of pajama shorts, so I put on one of the dressing gowns they put in the rooms and walked to their room. I stood there by the door, for about five minutes, steeling myself to knock on it.

Eventually I did. Dan opened it after a few seconds, so they weren’t asleep yet.

“Um, hi,” I said, “I was feeling a little lonely, so I thought I’d come and see what you guys were up to.”

I looked past him, and could see Rachel and Lisa dancing almost naked behind him. I should have known.

“I should leave you to it,” I said.

“I’m just watching,” he said. “You’re welcome to come in, but you need to meet the dress code.”

You know what? Fuck it. I didn’t have to have sex with anybody, I could just sit and watch what they were already doing. I smiled took off my gown and gave it to him. While he held that, I pulled my shorts down, and gave him those too, then I went in.

“I’m just going to watch,” I said. “I’m getting married tomorrow.”

Rachel and Lisa came and hugged me, and we all danced around for a little while. I could feel our tits grazing each other, and it was starting to turn me on, so I went and sat next to Dan on the bed.

“How come you’re still dressed?”

“I’ve just been watching them,” he said.

I heard and felt Rachel and Lisa charge in, and we held Dan and took his shirt off. Lisa pushed him backwards, and I sat on his chest to stop him interfering. I was facing his feet, so I could unbutton his jeans, and I watched Lisa pull them, and his underwear down. She was working on getting them off his feet, and Rachel started sucking his cock.

After a few minutes of this, Lisa said she wanted to fuck, and asked if anybody had a condom. Dan said he didn’t, and it’s not like either of us did.

“We should go down to the desk and see if they have any,” said Rachel.

“I guess I’ll get dressed again,” Lisa said, and got off the bed.

“We can wear dressing gowns,” said Rachel, “but we should take those stockings off first.”

I got off Dan, and watched Rachel unhooking Lisa’s stockings and taking them, and the garter belt off her. It took me back to when she’d done the same to me, but that seemed so long ago now.

Rachel went and got dressing gowns from the bathroom.

“There’s only two, so somebody’ll have to stay here or get dressed.”

“I’ll stay here with him,” I said.

Lisa took a gown, and went to put it on until Rachel stopped her.

“Not until we’re out of the room.”

They left, naked and carrying their dressing gowns.

I sat down to chat while we waited for them to get back. I told Dan I was nervous about getting married, and still horny from watching the strippers, but I’d decided to wait to see Dave tomorrow, or, looking at the clock, later today at the ceremony.

His phone beeped. Rachel had sent a selfie of the two of them standing together naked in the corridor outside. Lisa didn’t look comfortable. Then a picture of them naked in the elevator.

Then a picture of Rachel standing naked in reception. Then a picture of Lisa standing naked in the men’s restroom by a condom machine.

We chatted until the door opened and they came in, naked again.

“That was scary,” said Lisa. “She took a picture of us outside, then again in the elevator, and I was just expecting the thing to stop and somebody else get on. When we got down to reception, there was nobody there, so she took her gown off and ran around naked, then rang the bell before putting it back on. The woman who came looked at us like we were whores, and told us there was a vending machine in the men’s room. And then she made me take my gown off to go and buy some. And again before we unlocked the door here. God, I just want to die.”

“So you don’t want to fuck any more?” asked Rachel, grinning.

“Oh no, now more than ever.”

She opened a condom, and went to hand it to me.

“Do you want to do the honours?”

“No,” I said, “I’m just going to watch. I wouldn’t feel right getting involved, and if I start, I don’t know where I’d finish.”

Lisa came over and licked Dan’s cock before she put the condom on. She had him lie back on the bed, and straddled him reverse cowgirl style.

We stood at the foot of the bed, watching, and Rachel told her to lean back so we could see better.

Rachel went up to them, knelt down and started licking Lisa’s clit. I stood there, remembering doing this too, and it turned me on. I was surprised when I felt my hand on my pussy.

Lisa came, and collapsed on Dan. After a short rest, she got up.

“That was great,” she said, “thank you.”

Rachel pulled the condom off, then sucked his cock for a few seconds, then said “my turn” and straddled him the same as Lisa had.

I was still playing with myself, and by now was flushed from my face down to my tits. I was almost there, so close to cumming. When I finally did cum, standing there shaking, it set Rachel off too.

Rachel climbed off and asked me if I wanted “a go”. I shook my head, as I’d already gone too far, really. I said I should really be going, as I needed a good night’s sleep, and I got dressed and left them to it.

I spent a few hours just staring at the ceiling, and I think I finally dozed for a few hours. I got up early, and met my mother and the bridesmaids to get an early breakfast, then get myself ready for the wedding. I did my makeup, and put on the dress, then decided I really wanted to see Dan. I’d decided I wanted one last fuck before spending the rest of my life with Dave. Hopefully.

I texted him asking him to come to the church early. I sent Mary out to watch for him and to direct him my way. and eventually she ushered them in to the waiting room where I was surrounded by the wedding party. I’d been hoping for just Dan, but he had Rachel with him. Whatever.

I shooed them all out, and locked the door behind them.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“I want you to fuck me,” I said.

“But I thought…”

“If you fuck me now, it’s cheating, but if you fuck me in an hour, it’s adultery.”

I bent forwards over the desk and started pulling up my dress – I didn’t want to ruin it.

“Help me,” I said to Rachel, and we carefully pulled the wedding dress up, baring my white stocking-clad legs, I felt air on my thighs above my stockings, and then Rachel pulled my thong down and I stepped out of it. I was already aching for him.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Yes, I want you to be the last one I fuck before I get married.”

“Wait, who else have you been fucking since you last fucked me?”

God, just fuck me!

“Only Dave,” I said.

I stayed there, bent over, with my butt sticking out. Rachel went over and unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants down. She stroked, licked and sucked his cock before bringing him over to me. She rubbed his cock through my pussy lips, and suddenly he pushed forward and into me, making me grunt. He just stood there, so I rocked backwards and forwards, fucking myself on him. Rachel pulled her short skirt up a bit, and knelt down between my legs and started my clit, and that did it. I moaned as I came, trying not to be heard.

“Cum inside me,” I said, gripping him. A minute later, he did.

I stood up, and smoothed my dress back down, and Rachel went and sucked his cock clean. He pulled my pants up, and I unlocked the door, and they left.

I went over and picked my thong up off the floor, and dropped it in my bag before I went to walk down the aisle and get married in front of my friends and family.

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