Dancing Angel


Meet Cassie, a young single woman in search of her true sexuality. Coming to know Serena online has changed her, bringing undeniable excitement into her life. She needs to find her way, meet the woman that danced into her heart and soul. Only then, can she truly be free. Read on; find out how Cassie’s impatience gets the best of her, bringing her a night of unforgettable memories.

Dear Reader, please enjoy my first fictional girl/girl story. It was a blast writing it.

© By Katerina Val-Kyrie

Tingling with excitement, I entered Angels Paradise, a renowned strip club. The foyer was elegant. Filled with roses, it almost took my breath away. I love roses and these were beautifully displayed, their lush red petals accented by the lights’ soft glow. I hesitated, took a moment to enjoy them, a moment to collect myself as I breathed in their heavenly scent.

My skin felt flushed despite the coolness in the night air. I was nervous. With my heart thudding furiously, I stepped into paradise. Loud music vibrated throughout the dimly-lit room as I took in my surroundings. Mirrors covered walls, reflecting images through a haze of swirling smoke. Embers glowed, their fiery tips deepening with cigarettes inhaled. The smell was strong even with fans overhead. I felt their breeze as the blades whirled, the hum lost amidst the noise.

Unoccupied chairs were hard to find. Groups of men filled the tables with drinks spread out in front of them. Beer and liquor splattered precariously as they guzzled it down their throats. Some were oblivious as I walked by, their eyes riveted straight ahead. Others, dressed in their finest, offered their seats in hopes of attention. Flattered, I politely declined.

Cheering filled the club as I found an empty chair to the far right of the stage. I felt less conspicuous and liked it that way. With difficulty, I could see my image dimly reflected in the mirror. My face held a look of innocence, and I smiled in spite of my nervousness. I knew better.

Sitting straighter, I adjusted the collar of my jean jacket. I dressed casually with a cotton blouse beneath. The material was blue pastel, matching the color of my eyes. The jeans were my favorite, flattering my long, slender legs. They were comfortable, well worn, yet looked as good as the day I bought them.

Unconsciously, I entwined my fingers through my ash blonde hair. Long layers fell softly on my shoulders as I played with the delicate strands. It was a relaxing habit and always put me at ease. I settled down, eyeing the shapely brunette on the dance floor. She was in the midst of her dance, enjoying her attentive audience.

Lights shone on her, illuminating her skin in a golden glow. I found myself drawn. At the same time, I wanted to look away. She was bending over, her bare backside wiggling in front of them. Such a provocative move made me flush with embarrassment. Still, I felt compelled to stare.

Whistles followed when the woman finished her performance. She left the crowd in an uproar as she danced naked off the stage. I watched her disappear behind the curtains, wondering if I could dance that way. I loved to dance, but this type of dancing was unlike any I’d ever experienced.

“Would you like a drink, Miss?” came from the distance. She sounded far away, yet was standing next to my table. I was so lost in thought, I hadn’t noticed her there.

“What’ll you have?” the woman repeated, impatience in her voice.

“I’ll have a berry wine cooler,” I said, noting her look of annoyance. “Having a bad night?”

“Yeah—it’s hectic in here…not to mention, my head’s pounding like a jackhammer.”

“Sorry to hear that.” I paused as she shifted her tray, the beer bottles almost toppling. “Can you tell me who’s dancing next?” I asked as she steadied the tray with her hand. I felt I was pushing it, but I didn’t care.

“Can’t help you there. I wouldn’t know. I’ll be back with your drink. A cooler, right?”

“I…” Before I could respond, the woman was already gone, taking orders from a table of rowdy men.

“Bitch” was at the tip of my tongue. I held myself in check remembering why I was there. I had to meet the dancer I’d come to know online. I smiled as I thought of her and the passionate nights we’d shared. This single, fun-loving woman was bi, and she had brought out tendencies I never knew existed. I was no longer close-minded to the bi-world—I wanted to be a part of it.

I watched the stage, filled with anticipation. The nervousness I’d felt earlier was replaced with unbearable excitement. I couldn’t sit still as the music started with a slow, tantalizing tune. Its tempo increased when they called out her name. Moments later she appeared under a new onslaught of lights accompanied by cheers from the audience.

Serena. She was no longer just a picture or words on a screen. She was very real. Breathless, I admired the face I knew so well. Her features were striking, her high cheekbones flattering dark green eyes and a nose that was almost perfect. bayan esmer escort bursa Beneath, luscious lips in the deepest shade of red turned upward in a smile. As her head tilted back, long auburn hair swept behind her, the gleaming strands wild and free.

I was spellbound. She began her dance, enticing the men with her voluptuous curves. She swayed to the music, letting herself go to the rhythmic beat. Her style was uniquely her own, capturing the full attention of her audience. She swept them away, taking them into another realm of time. Nothing else mattered when she was up there.

My heart fluttered as she danced across the stage floor. She moved effortlessly, her steps keeping time to the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was a vision in her black lingerie. A vision I wanted to touch, to hold. I longed to feel her body next to mine. Her lips, her gentle caress…

Burning heat ravaged my body when she started to strip off the silky material. Her skin glistened as the delicate garment slipped down, pooling beneath her feet. She kicked it aside, not caring where it landed. Dressed in only a thong, she flaunted her breasts in front of them. Her expression held a smile of playfulness, luring the men into her seductive world. They were captivated. So was I.

Dazzled, I watched her performance. I drank her in like a fine wine, a rare delicacy savored on my lips. Warmth filled my belly. I was nourished by her, left in a tipsy state of passion.

I was submerged in her nudity. Her breasts were full, their ivory tones obscured in a golden glow. Pale nipples accented the soft curves of her flesh as she caressed and teased. Her lithe form was undeniably sexy. Her tummy was tight, and her slender thighs were firm and gently curved. Provocative moves only enhanced the beauty she exhibited. Her fingers spiraled down, resting by the belly ring on her navel. My eyes never wavered as she slid her hands lower. I gulped, thirsty for more then wine.

The men were whistling, screaming for her to take it off. They chanted her name until she continued sliding her hands to the top of her thong. My head was spinning as she partially lowered it, slipping her fingers inside.

Serena turned but hadn’t noticed me yet. Again she lowered her thong and, again, whoops and whistles filled the crowded room. A smile crept across her face, accenting full, sensual lips. Her tongue rolled, licking her upper lip, teasing her audience with her naughtiness.

My breath held as her fingers disappeared beneath the flimsy material again. I could feel moistness between my thighs as I caught sight of her nakedness. Blood coursed though my veins. Pulsations began to consume my body. I was extremely aroused.

Then—she saw me. I froze. The whole world stopped. She and I were alone in the room, our eyes held, locked in eternity. She began to dance for me.

Her moves were seductively slow as she slid her palms across her flesh once more. She watched me intently, caressing the softness of her breasts with her fingers. Her smile was devilish—her actions deliberate—as she stroked her nipples to an aroused state. I wanted to cry out.

The sexual aura surrounding her was mind blowing. My heart thumped wildly in my chest as she danced. Her body mesmerized me. Hips, sensually curvy, undulated in rhythmic waves. Hands, delicate and smooth, caressed and teased, moving to the music.

I inhaled deeply as she danced toward me, singling me out in the frantic crowd. I no longer cared about the men shouting in the background, or the bouncers restraining them. I was lost in my own secret world, savoring the moment. She was inches away and I was breathless.

Entranced, I held her gaze. She reached for my hand, guiding my palm toward her breasts. This brought another series of whoops and shouts from the audience. I didn’t care. I didn’t care that they’d witnessed this intimate moment between us. It was our moment, not theirs. I loved this woman’s touch, the silkiness of her skin. I couldn’t get enough of her. My body burned with desire as my fingers skimmed across her flesh. I wanted more. I knew I had to have her.

A soft brush of her lips caressed my cheek before she backed away. Her touch was intoxicating.

“I’ll meet you after the show, Cassie. Don’t go anywhere,” Serena mouthed through the din of the crowd. “Be here.”

As fast as she appeared, she flew back on stage. The men were wild now, wanting their chance to touch her. Professionally and beautifully, she finished her dance for them. Bills were waving in the air. She allowed them to caress her for the briefest of moments. I was in a daze, remembering my own sweet ecstasy minutes ago. I could still smell her heavenly scent…feel the warmth of her flesh upon my fingertips.

With a final applause from her audience, Serena bounded off the stage, her long hair flying behind her. I watched her vanish, disappearing in the darkness.

I couldn’t wait. I had to find her.

* bursa ucuz eskort * *

No one noticed as I went to the back entrance of the stage. The corridor was bright. I had to squint until my eyes adjusted. Colorful photos of exotic dancers splashed the walls, leading toward endless hallways. I suddenly felt vulnerable. I was no longer inconspicuous. My casual clothes were a dead give-a-way that I didn’t belong in a world of exotic dancers. I stood out like a beacon of light on the darkest of nights. I quickened my gait when I heard laughter behind me. I prayed for invisibility.

“Oh, you must be the new girl,” I heard a voice say.

I turned in disbelief. She’d mistaken me for a dancer!

Two women in scanty attire came toward me, their heels clicking on the linoleum floor. The tall one, darker in complexion, spoke again. Her voice demanded attention.

“I’m Delilah. This is Isabel,” she said, pointing to the shorter blonde beside her. Her slender arm draped over her friend’s bare shoulder. She looked at me, a smile curving her lips. Her hair swayed across her breasts as she extended her hand in greeting. “Welcome to our club and you are…?”

“Cassie,” I replied quickly. “But, I’m not a…”

“Aren’t you cute,” Isabel interrupted me. She withdrew from Delilah’s embrace and grabbed my arm pulling me toward her. “You’re perfect, but you really must change out of those clothes. C’mon!”

I was speechless as we zipped through a maze of corridors that led to a dressing room door. My mind raced. Delilah’s words echoed in my brain. Did I hear right? Did she say new girl? And…Isabel said my clothes wouldn’t do. What’s up with that? I wondered. Hesitantly, I followed them inside.

Half-naked women filled the room, their reflections dazzling in many full-length mirrors, their makeup enhancing and dramatizing their beauty. I was stunned. My eyes wandered, taking in the perfection of bodies around me. Breasts of ivory, dark and golden tones glimmered with sparkle dust. Thighs, long and lanky, enhanced with stockings and heels adding to their loveliness.

I managed to find my voice. “There’s been a mistake,” I squeaked. “I’m not supposed to be here.” I shuffled my feet, more than aware of my demise. I had to find Serena and fast.

“Of course you’re supposed to be here,” Isabel argued. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Let’s get you changed. You’re already late for your set.”

My mind whirled as Isabel showed me a wide array of lingerie. My fingers were shaking as I touched the lacy silk. I took a deep breath. I had to stay cool, ignore the erratic beating of my heart. There might be a way out of this, I thought as I selected an outfit. If I looked like everyone else, I could sneak off to find Serena. I wouldn’t stand out like I did before. Yeah, it just might work. I felt calmer.

Satiny blue hugged my body, the silk molding me like second skin. I tried to cover my breasts jutting out from the flimsy material. I wasn’t used to being dressed in such a revealing garment. I was startled as I caught sight of a reflection in the full-length mirror. This couldn’t be me.

The woman peering back at me was stunning. Shoulder length hair caressed her face, its golden highlights accented with sparkling pins. She moved her head, watching the lights capture the embedded sequins. She seemed delighted; her blue eyes observing her full reflection. In awe, she touched her cheek, no longer as pale as it had been. Her skin adorned the usual stage make-up, her blood red lips, a stark contrast to her ivory flesh. A side-glance in the mirror brought a renewed smile to her face. She admired herself in a whole new light. She brushed her palms across the material outlining her body in delicate layers of silk. Pleased, her hands lingered, her mind absorbing all she was taking in. She took a step closer…

“Damn these shoes!” I grumbled at my clumsiness, forgetting the woman I’d been looking at. Scowling, I glared at the four-inch heels I had to wear. I feared for my life, wondering if I’d get though this night without a broken limb. I somehow doubted it. Where the hell was Serena? If I didn’t sneak out of here now, I’d be in more hot water. I was already in deep enough. Hobbling, I headed toward the door, hoping no one would notice my clumsy departure.

I had hoped wrong.

“Cassie, you going somewhere?” asked a voice behind me.

“Me? No…” I stammered, lying through my teeth. “I just needed some air, Delilah.”

“Well, there’s no time for air, dear girl!” Taking my arm, she led me in the other direction. In a voice I couldn’t ignore, she bellowed, “You’re up!”

My feet seemed to fly, no longer encumbered by my four-inch heels. I cursed silently. My plan had backfired.

Cheering filled the room as Delilah announced me. They called out my name, chanting over and over. “Cassie, Cassie, Cassie!”

Damn! How am I going to get out of this? I wondered, my mind in turmoil.

I couldn’t bursa anal yapan escort move. My body retaliated, my limbs useless as I absorbed what was happening. I fought for control. I wanted to run offstage but was still unable to move. Something held me there. My feet were glued to the dance floor. The music droned on. Hollering came from a distance. I was in a time warp, and I remembered when dancing had helped me overcome teenage awkwardness. Memories were coming back.

I recalled how I had danced before. How I’d felt the thrill in front of an audience. I breathed easier, placing myself there again. Part of me wanted to feel the rush again. I wanted to experience what Serena did. I can do this, I thought. I know I can. I slowly moved forward. I let my body feel the unique rhythm. I began to move, becoming one with the song. The crowd whistled in appreciation. I wasn’t a teen anymore. I was a stunning woman in blue lingerie—and I was dancing for them.

Music filled my senses and I began to relax. I floated across the stage floor, led by the throbbing beat. I felt empowered by the audience. Their urging spurred me on, their excitement consuming me with each new step. I became more exotic in my dance. I danced like I’d never danced before, enjoying the attention of the rambunctious men.

Slowing down, I looked ahead, swinging my hips to the music. Undaunted, I watched them as my hands caressed and teased. Their chanting grew louder, more intense. “Take it off!” could be heard in the distance. Their words echoed as more men joined in. They wanted more. More than I could give. I panicked. I turned, unsure of what I had begun.

Then—I saw her.

Dressed in beige satin, Serena stood behind me on stage. She looked like an angel, her hair cascading down her shoulders. She touched my arm lightly, letting me know I wasn’t alone. We would dance together. We would succumb to the audience—give them a show they’d never forget. Our eyes were on each other. We began to move slowly to the music.

My mind reeled as I watched her dance. Close up, she was more enchanting. Her smile was contagious. Her lips, soft and sensual, curved upward on her face. Finely sculpted features appeared flawless. Her skin, a velvety cream, shimmered beneath the spotlights.

I reached out to touch her cheek, unable to stop myself. I caught the twinkle in her eyes as she responded, her own hand reaching for mine. The men went crazy, yelling for more. Someone shouted, “Hey, that’s the woman from the audience!” I didn’t care. I was in Serena’s world now.

Tuning out the noise, I became absorbed with my dancing partner. Our bodies were close, our hands interlaced as we swayed to the music. She entranced me as golden lights flickered to the rhythmic beat. I followed her lead, soon swept away by the thrill of the dance.

The tempo changed, grew more demanding. Lights flashed in a kaleidoscope of colors as we touched, our breasts pressed against each other. Satin against satin, our hands still entwined, we danced. I was vaguely aware of the men’s shouting. The noise didn’t faze me. I was lost in my moment.

I could smell her perfume. I savored the flowery fragrance, allowing it to fill my senses. I felt giddy, lightheaded from its scent. It was so womanly and sexy. I nuzzled closer, wanting to absorb her essence, feel her aura surround me. She was mystical, enchanting; I was hypnotized as her lips swept over mine for a delicate kiss.

Skin as soft as the satin she wore caressed me, bringing to life a feeling I’d never known. The kiss of a woman. The first kiss was beyond anything I ever imagined. Feather-light, her lips brushed over mine, sweeping me away with the new sensation. Arousal washed over me like a gentle tide, her touch as heavenly as an ocean’s kiss. Her caress lingered, intensifying the awakening of my body. A life’s pulse beat within. It filled me from the center of my being.

I couldn’t ignore the passion she stirred inside me. I kissed her fully, completely without reservations. Parting her lips, I slipped my tongue inside, relishing the silkiness within. Her mouth was warm, so inviting. She responded, exploring with eagerness. Our tongues entwined in a playful dance, searching, seeking the unknown.

Men whooped excitedly, some unable to behave themselves. Bouncers jumped onstage, stopping the few who’d ventured too close. The pandemonium we’d caused snapped us out of our reverie, but the music continued and so did our dance. My partner left my side, now dancing for the audience.

Exhilarated, I watched her perform for the men. She didn’t let them down as she disrobed in front of them. Satin fell to the stage floor in a crumpled heap, discarded without thought. Her moves were seamless, her stripping as beautiful as the dance itself. Dressed in only a thong, lacy silk caressed her curves, riding high against her skin. I was mesmerized as she danced; her naked body one with the music.

The crowd’s cajoling carried on, their shrill whistles in the background. I was hardly aware as Serena came toward me. I stood, transfixed. Her fingers found the ties of my lingerie. She pulled the delicate satin, allowing it to sweep off my shoulders. It slid down, baring my flesh beneath. I was as naked as she, exposed beneath the lights on stage. The men went crazy. Bouncers remained diligent.

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