Dancing With the Doc Ch. 2


Ellie drove home, her mind considering the possibilities. She had only had sex with Dale and now she wanted to see what another man did, how he made love, how he felt deep inside her. Ben was such a lovely man. The part she found confusing was that Ben was such a leader in the community and among their friends. People turned to him for advice and direction, his opinions were almost always followed. Now, he was offering to be her lover, but only if she was in charge. In a way, it upset Ellie to think about Ben that way. But it also excited her incredibly, to think that whatever she said would be done. She had spent so many years in Dale’s shadow, doing exactly what he wanted, being unfulfilled. Now she had the chance to “catch up”, enjoy being the one pleasured, with no regard for another’s satisfaction. She felt powerful, almost overwhelmed by the power!

That night, Ellie dreamed of such strange things. At first, she was directing a dance class. The room was full and everyone was watching her, as she stood before them. Strangely, she was naked, standing before all these people, who appeared to be admiring her lovely, tight body. Then the scene changed, as dreams do, and she was teaching an English class. Again, everyone was watching her, obeying her. Again, she was naked. This class was mostly men, men who wanted to look at her body and touch her soft skin. They seemed to be absorbing her every word, her every action. Then a door opened and she hurriedly stepped through it, finding herself in a large auditorium, lecturing on something. She stood behind a podium, completely naked, explaining a medical procedure. Looking down, she noticed the speaker stand was clear acrylic and she was exposed to the interested crowd. When she asked for questions, everyone wanted to know about HER, about her body and her feelings. Ellie thought it was all very odd. When she woke, she remembered the jumbled dream and wondered what it meant.

In the morning, after getting her husband and kids off to work and school, she took a nice long soak in the tub, the scent of vanilla bath salts swirling in her head. She pondered the dream, dwelling on the naked theme and the idea that in each part, she was on display and lots of people were watching her, interested esenyurt otele gelen escort in her. She wondered if it had anything to do with Ben and his desire to please her, his wish to do anything to make her happy. She decided to visit Ben’s office during lunch, when the staff was gone and he was doing his paperwork. She needed to talk with him, before this entire situation got out of hand.

She pulled up in the back of the clinic right at 12. As expected, Ben’s car was the only one there. She knocked lightly on the back door and he pulled it open, blinking in the bright sunshine. He looked very pleased to see her and smiled as he led her into his office and locked the door. He looked at her questioningly. She had promised to visit on Friday, and she was a day early. Ellie sat on the couch and told Ben they needed to talk. Before she even finished the sentence, she noticed the bulging erection in his slacks and heard his rapid breathing. He sat beside her and began kissing her, making her totally forget what she wanted to talk about. His mouth worked on hers and his tongue invaded her willing mouth, causing her to moan and press closer to his body. Again, he told her he wanted to do whatever would please her, he was here only for her.

In her confused mind, Ellie was bombarded with thoughts. She knew that she should end all of this, that she should run while she could, that Ben was the sexiest kisser she had ever known, and finally, that she wanted to dance this dance with him. The last thought was the one she decided to act upon. She pulled back and said very quietly that Ben should stop. He did. He sat up straight and waited. Ellie’s mind raced as she looked at him. He was dressed so nicely. She wanted to see him naked. Softly, Ellie gave Ben her instructions. He went to his outer office door, locking it. Then he came to her, standing directly before her and began to undress. She had told him to go slowly, to model for her. His long, slender fingers opened his tie and slipped it off.

He slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, exposing his softly furry chest for her. Each piece of clothing was draped on a chair, neatly. He removed his shoes and socks, placing them esenyurt rus escort under the chair. Next, he opened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Slowly he removed them, almost dancing for Ellie as he undressed for her. Finally, he stood before her in his bikini underwear, his erection bulging against the restriction. As he reached for the elastic waist, Ellie stopped him. She told him to step closer. He walked up to her, his crotch nearly in her face. She leaned forward and inhaled his lovely man-scent. As she moved closer to him, his cock visibly throbbed. She could see a wet spot appearing on the fabric.

As she sat on the couch and watched Ben undress, Ellie could feel herself growing wet and swollen. He was such an attractive man, and she was unused to men flirting with her. She felt very special to have been singled out by him and wanted the dance to continue. Now he stood before her, in his briefs, his cock obviously ready for her and she had total control of the situation. Ben remained still, awaiting his instructions. Ellie looked into his face and told him to remove the undies. He slowly lowered them down his long legs, his erection springing forward, then slapping his belly. She could see the sweet pre-come gathered on the cockhead, and slowly dripping down the length of his shaft. Ellie licked her lips. She wanted nothing more than to taste him, feel him in her mouth. But she had another plan. The few times that Dale had cared what she liked, he had touched himself, stroked himself, for her.

Ellie found watching a man massaging his own cock to be incredibly sexy. Now, she leaned back against the sofa and told Ben what she wanted. He was to massage the thick red shaft of his cock for her, sliding his hand over the head and using his pre-come for lubrication. Ben had beautiful hands, large and capable, with long, slender, well-groomed fingers. He wrapped his right hand around his erect dick and began to stroke himself. Ellie felt herself aching deep in her pinkness. His hand slid up and down his hard shaft, sliding over the distended veins and hot skin. His eyes closed, he licked his lips, and she heard a soft moan.

She told him to open his eyes and look at her as he esenyurt türbanlı escort stroked. Ben obeyed. She felt her legs falling open. Her hand reached down and touched her panties, finding them wet. Ben continued his handiwork, his hips now bucking as he thrust against his palm, moving faster. She watched his elegant hand, pleasuring himself, and felt herself throbbing under her own fingers. She told him to caress his full balls, and again, Ben obeyed. His hand slid down and cupped his fullness, lightly running up and down over the sacs, massaging the wrinkled skin, before sliding back to his turgid shaft.

Ben’s moans were growing louder, more frequent. Ellie told him he could not come yet, but to continue his self exploration. Her fingers had grown restless and slid up and down her wet crotch, massaging her slit and making herself even wetter. Finally, she slipped a small finger under the panty leg and caressed her curlies, feeling how damp they were. Her finger continued through the curls, finding her swollen slit and exploring it. Ben stood before her, mesmerized by her activities, growing more excited than he thought possible. “I just want to pleasure you, Ellie, let me help you, please”, he begged. Ellie shook her head, her finger now caressing her clit, circling it and feeling it grow beneath her finger tip. Ben’s hand raced up and down his shaft, the pre-come pouring from the tiny eye. He is crying for me, Ellie thought.

She was so incredibly excited that she was about to come, she could feel it. Her legs were stretched out, locked in place, her thighs were aching with the trembling. She could feel the heat moving up her legs, she could feel the spasms starting deep in her pink and making her arch off the couch. The roar in her head blocked everything, making her throbbing cunt the center of her universe. As the spasming slowed, Ellie opened her eyes and saw Ben, sweet Ben, holding his cock, circling the base with a tight hand, trying to hold back his own orgasm. She saw the pleading in his eyes. She heard his voice repeating, “Please, Ellie, please!” She stood, taking her sticky fingers from her slit and offering them to Ben, who sucked them deeply into his mouth, sighing.

“Now”, she said, “now you may come. Right now. For me.” Ben looked gratefully at Ellie as he slipped his hand up and down his stiff cock, groaned, and shot come in the air. As his cock gradually softened, Ellie leaned forward and kissed his succulent mouth. “You were a good boy today, Ben. You have pleased me. I will visit you tomorrow and we will continue our waltz.”

To Be Continued…

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