Daniel and Alyssa Ch. 03

Big Tits

I woke with a start. Fingers grazing my collarbone and lips pressing against my forehead, I woke to find his eyes chasing the curve of my cheeks. “What time is it, Daniel? We have to go.”

“I don’t think I can move. I think my leg has fallen asleep. Help me up, will you?”

I laughed and stood, then helped him to his feet. He looked a little wobbly, but still as tall as ever. I asked if the feeling had come back and came closer when he reached for me, but he didn’t answer. He grabbed my jaw and pulled my face to his, kissing me deeply and sucking softly on my lip. I tried pulling back. I thought that if I stepped back, he’d look at the time, and we would get dressed and go. But he wouldn’t let my mouth leave his. He grabbed a handful of my ass in each hand, and a moan I couldn’t stop gave him the credit he wanted.

I yanked my head away and asked, “Shouldn’t we be going? Both of us have a long day tomorrow.” For the moment, it seemed I had forgotten my anger and lost the motivation to ask him what the hell was happening between us.

“I don’t feel like going right now. Do you?”

“Daniel, we couldn’t have finished more than 20 minutes ago. We weren’t asleep that long, were we?” He was kissing my neck. “Again?”

“Spread your legs,” he said. Calmly. Authoritatively. I did as he asked, and he ran his fingers up my thighs to my slit where he found the remainder of our mixture and slipped his finger in my pussy. “Your pussy’s piping hot, babe. I don’t think you’re ready to go.” I could feel his fingertip wriggling about, stirring up every feeling I didn’t think I should have. He was shoving it in and out with increasing speed, and suddenly my head was tilting, my knees were buckling, and my breath was shallow. “Can you hear your pussy sucking at my finger? You need to cum before I can go.” My ears were filled with the sloppy sounds of his finger in my hole, and I was dazed thinking about how quickly he’d made me speechless.

I was swaying, rocking against his arm – the only think keeping me upright. He held onto me, while esenyurt ucuz escort I sent my nails into his shoulder, and then, “Cum for me. I know you need it. I can feel it.” Before I could let out a breath, he kissed me and managed to pump my pussy for what felt like every drop of cum it could produce. I was dying to turn my head and scream, but he pressed his tongue onto mine and devoured every note of my release. He pulled his hand from between my legs and caught me in his arms when I became weak. I was hoping he’d let me rest for a moment, but the best I got was a soft command to turn over as he laid me on the cool floor. I was thankful for the relief. I was terribly hot, and I lay there on the edge of a daydream when I felt him straddling my thighs.

“Alyssa…” came his sweetest call for my attention.

“Hmm?” was my drowsy response.

“I’m gonna make you cum, baby, but you have to wait for me to tell you when, okay?”

“Why?” I was instantly embarrassed. I sounded like a spoiled child. He slipped a couple of fingers up and down along my pussy lips, then sent them past my lips to pinch and massage my clit. “Ohhh!” My head jerked up, and I was no longer anywhere near drowsy.

“Just do what I ask, and I promise you’ll feel great when we’re done.” His voice was always so smooth in its tone and so stern in its purpose. I trusted him enough to try not to cum. His fingers swam. He was playing in my juices, growing excited at the sight of making me so desperately wet. He dipped his fingers in and out, slipped them down to my clit, squeezed my lips between them and dipped them again. I was losing my mind. Every now and again, he’d squeeze my ass with his free hand, gripping at one cheek at a time to get a better view of his messy playground between my thighs. “Mmm… My goodness! I wish you could see how pretty your pussy is when she wants me this badly.” I was already moaning loudly to keep the building energy at bay. “Your lips are fat and juicy, and you look like you could take esenyurt üniversiteli escort me a little more comfortably. Ready?”

“YES! Pleeeaaase, fuck me!” I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust! I was hot and cold all at once, and I could hardly contain myself. Daniel pulled his fingers out and slipped the head of his dick in, scooting forward to prep for pushing all the way into me, but before he could get into position, I was rocking back and forth against the length of him, struggling to get him to fill my pussy with his spectacular dick. I wanted to cum so badly. He spanked my ass hard, though, and the jolt of pain stopped me from trying.

“Don’t fuck me. I’ll fuck you. Understand?” His voice cut through my madness, and I calmed enough for him to thrust his shoulders back, grip my ass, and start stuffing his thick dick into my hole. “When your pussy’s hungry, I’ll feed her. She’s been wanting this for awhile, so you’re going to let me fuck your pussy whenever I think she needs it until you can’t cum anymore. Understand?”

I was in shock… I would’ve said anything I had to to stop him if I wasn’t so incredibly turned on. “Yessss…” was my answer amid long, full strokes. His work was producing the most delicious, sopping wet noises between us from his pulling out to the head of his dick and slipping his fat shaft along the pool between my thighs back into my pulsing canal. I was aching to cum and had resorted to biting my lip to stifle the urge as I tapped the palm of my stiffening right hand against the plank in front of my face.

“That’s my good girl. I knew you’d like that, and I know you want to cum… Go ahead and cum on my dick.”

I let out a deep groan, and as it built, he gripped my ass and started shoving his dick in to the hilt, pressing against my cervix and sending me up onto my hands to cry out in ecstasy. His lips and tongue on my neck, and I nearly fainted. I was exhausted and hyper-sensitive, letting out a shockingly loud moan given the etiler escort level of sensation, and I was shaking as I took his continued, but slower strokes. His hands felt like they were everywhere at all the right times – rubbing my back, squeezing my ass, gripping my waist. His passion was unlike anything I’d felt with anyone else.

“I’m gonna cum, babe.” It broke my trance, and I was excited for his climax. He held onto my shoulders and drove his dick into me headlong until all I could feel were back shots, his fingers in my skin, and the puddle underneath me each time my hips lifted a bit. I felt my own tension building thinking of him pumping my pussy and filling it with his own orgasm. His dick was so fucking hard, and it felt like a hot steel rod was being shoved into me. I started smacking the floor with my hand and forearm as the tension grew and the sensation of his dick slipping in and out of my pussy became too much.

“You’re gonna make my pussy cum, Daniel! Fuck!”

“Cum then, baby. Cum with me.” How was his voice so steady? He always seemed so in control, and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I came. So did he. He stroked until he had given me every last drop. Then, he pulled out and laid on the floor next to me, smiling. His effortlessly brown skin was speckled with the dew of his perspiration, and he wiped mine from my brow along with a few curls of my hair. I smiled a sex-drunk smile and asked if he meant what he’d said about his intention to fuck me at his own will.

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t give you what you want just because you didn’t know you wanted it,” he said with a smirk. “Alyssa, you’re more responsive and passionate than any woman I’ve ever been with. Your body tells me pretty clearly what you need, so yes, if you’ve got no real objections, I’m going to take care of your golden skin, your jet black hair, and your hot, faucet of a pussy as often as I think you need it.” He chuckled, but he was grabbing my thigh as staring at my ass as he spoke.

I mulled it over and caught a chill at the thought of a man knowing my body so well – better than I knew it, in fact. “Come stay the night. We can get breakfast in the morning.”

“I wish I could, babe. My wife’s at home probably letting my daughter stay up to wait for me.”

And just that quickly, reality came rushing back to me from across my sweat covered floors. Did he just say ‘at home’?

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