Daniel, Marie & The Hermaphrodite


Daniel, Marie & The HermaphroditeDANIEL, MARIE, & THE HERMAPHRODITEOf the few experiences we’ve had with others sexually, this one is the topper! I’ve only seen a couple pictures of a natural hermaphrodite. A girl with a large dick in place of their clit. They even have balls inside them, so they can cum like a man! Otherwise, good looking lady’s that I’ve seen thus far. Just the thought of it opens up several possibilities! Certainly gives me a chubby thinking it over! One day, Marie and I were on our favorite sex website cruising and just looking in general. Then she noticed a cute blond advertising as a bisexual female. Upon further inspection, she noticed something more…something different. “ Hey babe, look at this!” When I focused on the post she was referring to, I was indeed surprised! A hermaphrodite! “ What’s that?” Marie inquired. “ A girl all over…with one important difference. Instead of a clit, she has a male dick with balls on the inside.” “ So she/he can cum like a man too?” She asked, puzzled. “ Yes. They can go both ways without moving!” I replied. “ That’s a big cock she has babe. We can both enjoy sucking it! You can fuck her while she & I do a 69!” Marie replied enthusiastically. She always loved to suck cock and swallow! Me too, come to think of it. “ You wanna try to set something up babe?” I inquired. “ Oh yeah! I wanna see what it’s like. We can take turns sucking and fucking. Or you two can double dick me!” Marie replies enthusiastically.With that, Marie types in the necessary info to contact her for a date. I hate Mondays! Now we have to wait till Saturday evening for this new experience. Seemed like a slow week until Saturday finally rolls around. Then we go through the whole 3 S’s routine to get ready. I can see we’re both excited about this evening’s experience. My uncut dick is at half mast & Marie notices. “ Thinking about it already, huh?” “ Yeah, I am curious about it all?” I admit. “ Me too. It’ll be interesting to sit on her face while I bend down to suck her cock” Marie replies wonderingly. “ It’ll seem odd & different to suck “ her” off!? To have her cumming from me fuckin’ her & you sucking her cock?” I’ve been getting wet thinking about it myself, babe. I could be swallowing your cum while she fucks me from behind. That’s hot. Or her fucking you in the ass while you fuck me in the ass!” Marie says with a sparkle in her eye.5PM finally arrives as we make the drive into Bay Village to Jean’s house. An upscale town, the folks are well-to-do and houses can be large. New or old, they are well-maintained. We take the old shore way to get to her street, giving scenic views of Lake Erie with Cleveland visible on it’s peninsula in the distance eastward. Pulling into the driveway, it’s a Tudor-style two story home with trees & bushes in front. I always liked a wooded lot. Knocking on the door, a statuesque lady of 30-something answers the door. Long wavy blond hair with high cheekbones & very blue eyes. I’d say with 36c tits and curvy hips. Looks to have a pretty round ass too! I start getting a bulge in my pants looking at here. I see Marie’s nipples getting hard as we say hello. “ Hi you two! C’mon in.” We enter to see a living room that looks like something out of a decorating magazine. Boy, somebody spent some loot on this place! Wood floors and fancy area rugs. Top shelf furnishings throughout. “ C’mon downstairs. We have the bar and rumpus room down there. We’ll have some drinks and a little fun!” Heading down the fancy wood stairs into the basement, we readily see it’s anything but. “ What’ll you have to drink?” Jean asks as she heads across the room to a very nice oak parkay bar. “Bourbon & soda for me” I reply. “ Bourbon & Coke for me.” Marie answers. We all sit down on the comfy couch, me between to hot ladies. Finishing our drinks rather quickly at that. Interesting to see a lump forming under Jean’s skirt? She sees me notice, and asks, “ like what you see? Not used to seeing a girl with an erection are you?” Marie reaches over to rub her erect cock as I answer. “ No, I can’t say that I am. It’s making me hot though!” Jean lets out a little moan as Marie pulls up her skirt to reveal her yellow g-string panties with her big, thick cock popping out as it grows larger. Marie starts jacking her off as Jean slides her hand between Marie’s legs to rub her hot little pussy to her left. I start fondling Jean’s tits outside her low-cut blouse as her nipples get even thicker & harder. She slides her right hand between my legs to rub my dick and balls through my slacks. I moan as I pull out her tits to suck those thick hard nipples.I canlı bahis şirketleri let out a moan as she fondles my stiffening cock and suck those thick hard nipples. Nice firm tits too. Firmest tits I’ve ever felt! Some 5 minutes of this, and Jean takes off Marie’s blouse and removes her bra. Those 38D’s pop out in all their glory. “ Mm, I’m going to enjoy these big, full tits of yours, Marie honey! “ “ Then you should love this!” Marie says as she pulls a 10 inch natural dildo out of her purse. It’s also 2 inches wide. The same one she fucks me with! She then slides it slowly into Jeans wet lil pussy covered in trimmed kinky black pussy fur, continuing to stroke her big, thick clit/cock. That thing has to be as big as the dildo my lil honey is now fucking her with? Jean lays her head back, moaning so sexily, her lithe legs spreading as Marie slides all 10” into her. At this point, Marie’s pussy is soaking wet, so Jean slides off Marie’s jeans and bikini panties, sliding two fingers deep into my lil sweetie’s oozing pussy. Marie moans loudly as she does so, pulling her hand off Jean’s cock to pull her head into her large tits. Jean sucks her hard, aching nipples even harder as Marie moans and bucks at being finger fucked. After several more minutes of this, Jean stops to strip both of us totally nude. Then Marie takes off Jeans cloths like a sort of show. Jean gets on her knees in front of me, taking my big thick dick in her eager mouth. Marie gets on all fours between us to suck Jeans rather large cock. Mm, boy she sure knows how to suck dick! My cock is bigger and harder than it’s been in years! Already I can feel my love lube oozing forth like a leaky faucet. Marie seems to love sucking Jean’s huge cock, as she slides two fingers deep into Jean’s steamy little pussy. Mm, I can’t wait for her to fuck me deeply with that big thick dick of hers. All the hotter that it’s natural and not just a tranny! Oh, I think I’m going to gush any second after a few minutes of this! Jean seems to know this, & takes my throbbing dick out of her pretty mouth. She lays on the rug in front of me, Marie sitting on here face. She starts to moan softly as Jean expertly licks and sucks that wet, furry little pussy. Marie then bends down and starts sucking Jean’s big dick. I take that as my cue to shove my big, thick cock into Jean’s achingly wet pussy. Some 45 minutes of this, and I pull my thick cock out of here, go around to see her licking Marie’s wet furry pussy and jack off on the crack of Marie’s pretty lil ass. My long load of thick cum slides down her butt crack and into Jean’s pretty mouth. She swallows it all, licking her lips as she gazes up into my eyes. Oh yeah…Marie starts to cum hard as Jean sucks and licks her swollen clit. She soon squirts her lady cum on Jean’s mouth. Jean’s big cock pops out of her little mouth as she moans loudly while cumming all over Jeans mouth and lips. This goes on for nearly a minute, Marie moaning into an orgasm with Jeans face buried in her cum-soaked pussy. Marie gets off Jean’s face and turns around. They both get on their knees to kiss passionately, licking each others face clean. While they do so, I take the opportunity to finish sucking off Jean. I want a couple mouthfuls of her cum to taste and swallow. I love man cum in my mouth. But I wanna find out what her cock cum tastes like? Sucking her big dick deeply, then sucking and licking the head, I enjoy the taste of her oozing, wet dick in my mouth. Her dick’s love lube tastes a bit sweeter than mine, or other men’s dicks I’ve sucked. She starts to moan with Marie still kissing her. Marie’s then starts fondling her wonderful tits and sucking them. Flicking her little tongue on those thick, hard nipples as she squeezes them. Jean pulls Marie close, then reaches around to fondle and finger Marie’s cute little ass. Marie then does likewise with Jean’s round ass. Finger fucking that hot little asshole. I let them watch me fondle my dick & balls as they finger fuck each other in the ass. A few minutes of this, and Jean decides it’s time they gave me some more attention. Which I wholeheartedly welcome. Marie has me get on top of her, doing a 69. As I lick Marie’s wonderful little pussy, and she starts sucking my wet dick, Jean starts flicking her tongue on my asshole. I never had my ass licked, but always wondered how Marie felt when I did it to her. Mm, what a deliciously wonderful feeling, Jean sucking and licking my asshole. I moaned a little while licking Marie’s tasty lil pussy. I love rubbing my face in her wet, soft pussy fur. Even Mary always said she loved soft canlı kaçak iddaa pussy fur. Now that’s hot. And boy, can she suck dick. She learned that after marrying me. She asked me, in bed one evening as newlyweds, if I’d mind if she pulled my PJ’s down to practice fellatio on me?While I slept no less? That’s another hot thought that popped into my head as these pretty girls so expertly licked and sucked my dick, balls & ass. Oh, it feels so good with one pretty girl sucking and licking your asshole while another foxy lady is licking, sucking and slurping your oozing dick and swollen balls. Jean stopped making love orally to my ass momentarily. I was soon to find out why! She was slipping a condom onto that big, thick cock and lubing it up. My ass was so wet, she then slid the head of that big dick into my eager ass. I moaned a little as the head popped into my asshole. She waited a moment, then eased that huge cock into my wet, tight hole. I moaned aloud as she slowly got all thick 10 inches all the way up my ass and started to fuck me. Oh, how I love getting fucked in the ass! That big wet dick sliding in and out of my wet, tight asshole just feels wonderful! Marie is really sucking my aching cock, I think, because she’s on the bottom watching jean’s big fat dick going in and out of my ass?! She then slides out from under me, as I moan my pleasure at such a sensual, deep ass fucking Jean is giving me.Marie then has me raise up a little, as she backs in, after sliding a condom onto my big cock. She guides my hard dick into her tight little asshole, and pushes. Against Jean’s fucking me and pushing me into her at the same time. I moan louder as She helps shove my big dick into her pretty little asshole. She moans as I give her every fat inch of my hard dick! They time it to where I feel Jean’s huge cock going deep in my ass as Marie gets all of my big fat dick in hers. She moans as I moan out my pleasure. “ Oh damn, you got a huge dick! Give it to me baby! Fuck me harder with that huge fat cock!” I beg as she gives it to me harder, deeper. Oh, that feels so damned good, getting a nice big wet dick up my ass while fucking Marie in the ass! Now that’s hot. Little did I know Jean was filming the whole thing. Oh, how good it felt getting an hour of this! Jean suddenly and finally says, “ Ooooh baby, you’re tight ass is gonna make me cuuum!” With that, she pulls her big dick out of my ass, rips off the condom and shoves the wet, oozing head of her big cock back in my ass to jack off and cum a long, hot load in my wet asshole! Moaning hard, she squirted and squirted all that thick, hot cum up my wet asshole. Finishing cumming up my ass, she licked and sucked on my asshole as Marie sucked me off all over her face.I can feel Jean sucking and licking my asshole. Then I feel her cum running out of my ass as she licks and sucks to get it all. Never felt that before? Dang that feels good. By then, Marie has me cumming hard all over her lips and in her hot little mouth. They finish licking me all clean, then passionately kiss each other with cum all over their pretty, full lips. Licking their faces and lips as they kiss & share all that creamy thick cum. “ Mm, I love your cum-covered lips baby!” Marie says softly to Jean. “ Mm, you’re such a hot little cum sucker yourself! Your lips taste so good, the way you kiss me with them all covered in your man’s cum!” Jean admits passionately. They then start kissing me the same way, having saved some cum for me. I loved the taste of that thick cum mingling as they let it ooze from their mouths into mine. We all gently fondled each other as we kissed and shared all that cum. I love the taste of man cum. How creamy smooth it is as I taste and swallow it. Jeans cum is a bit sweeter, but man cum still. That’s interesting. We break for more drinks for a bit, sort of a breather. I need another buzz anyway. We sit there, looking each other over as we share a few strong drinks. Kinda hot & relaxing at the same time. Sometimes you just like seeing each other nude. A feast for the eyes, as it were. It’s just so different to make love to a hermaphrodite though? I mean, she’s a girl through and through, but that big thick cock as well as a cute furry pussy? I’m loving this already! Marie has bigger tits, but both have a cute ass and furry little pussy’s. We all suck cock and lick pussy as well. After a few more drinks, Jean decides it’s time for some snacks. She returns at length with a board of charcuterie. Nice slices of dried sausages, smoked cheeses, warm brie, and the like. So we munch on them with a few more drinks while we canlı kaçak bahis continue the feast for the eyes as well. I love seeing my wife nude and enjoying the company of me and another naked woman too. I see the way they look at each other. My dick started growing at the sight of them ogling each other. Then they notice my stiffening cock. Jean’s dick starts to grow as well. So it looks like round two is upon us?Finishing their drinks, Marie starts fondling Jean’s pretty tits, then rolling her nipples. It looks like jean is enjoying it, then does likewise for Marie and her big, full tits. Not too long thereafter, their little hands stray to their furry pussies. Jean starts sucking and fondling Marie’s big juicy tits. As she enjoys her big tits being sucked and fondled, Marie’s little hand slips down to Jeans moist pussy. She starts jacking her off in earnest. Jean starts to whimper and moan…so sexily. Such a sultry sound when watching Marie making love to Jeans tits and pussy. I lay over at that point, to suck Jeans stiff cock while Marie starts to finger fuck her wet furry cunt. They really get going when they watch me sucking Jean off. Jean reciprocates by fingering Marie’s soaking little pussy. They moan and buck at finger fucking each other like they’re going to orgasm at any moment.They then stop suddenly, look each other in the eye, and push me over on my back, legs spread. Jean fucks my mouth with her big juicy dick. “ C’mon baby, suck my big hard dick! You know you love my big wet cock! Now suck me off sweety! Make me cum hard!” With that, Marie starts to suck my stiff fat dick excitedly. Her eyes on Jean fucking me in the mouth with her big thick cock. Then Marie sits on my big wet dick, shoving it up her ass and beginning to fuck herself on it hard! Some 10 minutes of this, and as I’m enjoying Jean’s dick in my mouth, oozing love lube, Marie grabs that 10” dildo and pushes it up jeans soaking wet pussy! Marie fucks her with it while fucking herself in the ass on my big wet dick. Oh, this feels so darn good! Jean starts to moan, fucking my throat with her huge cock. As she gets her hot pussy fucked by the 10” dick Marie is fucking her with. It proves too much for her, and Jean blows some big, long loads of hot sperm in my mouth. I try to swallow all that cum as quick as I can, but some squirts out the edges of my mouth as I suck-n-swallow. Running down the shaft of her huge cock and on my face.Marie is starting to cum from all that dick going deep in her little ass. Jean pulls her still rock hard fat dick outta my mouth. She turns around and pushes Marie over backwards a little bit. “ Lay back baby, mamma’s gonna double dick you!” Marie smiles passionately as she spreads her lovely legs wider for Jean to bury all 10” of her big, thick cock in Marie’s wet little fur patch. She moan’s loudly as all that dick goes deep in her hot little pussy. While mine’s still all the way up her tight little asshole. Moaning & cumming like mad, she starts squirting lady cum all over jean’s ample cock. Jean’s big dick starts making slurping sounds as she continues to fuck Marie harder. I fuck her tight ass faster to match Jean. Then Jean joins Marie as the both moan wildly, all of us fucking hard! “ Ooooh, shit! I’m gonna cuuum!” “ Me too!” Jean moans out shortly thereafter. Jean pulls out of Marie’s wet, slurping pussy and Marie off my big throbbing dick. Jean and I both stick our cock heads in Marie’s little mouth and make her suck and jerk both of us till we cum hard! I moan out my pleasure as I slip Jean the tongue. Marie is happily sucking us off as we kiss and I fondle Jeans really nice tits. We then slide a finger up our asses, mine in Jeans and hers in mine. Finger fucking our asses as Marie continues to suck us off. “ Ooh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” I moan out. We both moan as Marie makes us both cum hard in her mouth and all over her lips. She just keeps sucking, jerking and licking as we keep cumming in her mouth and on her pretty lips. Jean’s finger fucking my asshole makes it feel even better. Marie licks and suck s the last of our cum out of our throbbing cocks and stands up in front of us. “ Kiss-n-share time, you two cum sluts!” “ You should talk, honey. You standing there with a hot face-full of sweet cum. Let’s kiss you hot little slut!” We all kiss passionately, each of us getting some cum to taste and swallow. Gotta love a scene like that? Besides getting to share lapping up some cum from my lover’s faces. After resting a bit, with holidays to tend too, we all get dressed and promise to meet again. I’m sure we both want too. Marie loved having sex with her as much as I did. She even pulls my pants down to suck me off again on the way home. We were pulling in the driveway when I shot my last hot load of the night in her eager mouth. kissing again, we go upstairs to collapse on the bed, naked. FIN

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