Dani’s Night Out

Big Tits

Danielle Winona was very nervous. Maybe it was because he was standing outside the door of a strange man’s house at night in a mesh top, tiny skirt and thong panties. Maybe it was because he had just rang a stranger’s doorbell and he had no idea of what awaited him inside. Whatever it was, and whether he enjoyed it or not, Dani had to be as pleasing and sexy as possible. Because he was on loan from his owner, a black man named Keyshawn. Dani squirmed in discomfort at the thought of angering Keyshawn by not fully satisfying his “client”. However sore his ass was going to be at the end of this night, it would be nothing compared to the spanking he would receive if he did a poor job.

He didn’t even know the name of the man whose door he was standing in front of. Keyshawn had only texted him the address and told him to wear something hot. Dani hated vague instructions like that, because if he didn’t do what Keyshawn had in mind, Dani’s poor ass would soon be on fire. And the same thing could happen if he annoyed Keyshawn with too many questions.

After trying on outfits in front of a mirror for an hour, Dani selected a see-through mesh halter top that showed his small black bra clearly. He paired it with a black miniskirt and pink panties that matched the exact shade of his lipstick. Dani chose to wear a pair of black stilettos that he had just recently learned to walk with. A tiny pink purse Dani carried with him everywhere completed the outfit. The purse was essential, as the tight skirts and mini dresses he wore now never had pockets. Beyond that, Keyshawn expected Dani’s makeup to be flawless at all times and he was constantly pulling out his compact mirror to make sure it was.

A year ago, when he was 18, Dani would have never imagined himself going outside in an outfit many hookers would have balked at, nor would he have fit into them. Keyshawn had put him on a strict diet that kept him at 119 pounds and a size 4. Coupled with Dani’s naturally smooth skin and 5’5 height, he looked very much like a flat chested woman, albeit a sluttily dressed one.

Dani rang the doorbell again and shivered. The wind was picking up and the tiny outfit he was wearing was providing no protection. In fact, the only part of him that was insulated at all was his tiny penis, securely locked in a tight pink chastity device. Keyshawn had the keys on him at all times and seemed extremely unlikely to use them as long as he owned Dani. He said that a chastised sissy was an obedient sissy, and the longer it went on the more obedient the sissy became. Dani had demurely agreed. What other choice did he have?

The door suddenly opened and Dani put on his sexiest smile. His hair was styled in a blunt bob dyed blonde and his makeup was carefully applied, but the bimbo-ish Berry Pink lipstick he was wearing would hopefully turn on his client the most. A shy and flirty little wave would be the next step. However, the sight of the man who answered the door made him forget all of that.

The size of the big black man who answered the door made Dani’s ass involuntarily squeeze itself in fright. He was at least 6’7 and 250 pounds, most of it muscle. The man was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and Dani could see what looked like an intimidating bulge there. He tried to look away from the man’s crotch but it was difficult. Especially after he noticed the man’s cock stirring as he no doubt took in the sight of the sissy white boi in front of him.

“H-hello Sir. I hope you’re having a nice night.” Dani managed to squeak out.

“Hmm. Turn around gurl. Let me see what you got.” The man commanded, his voice sounding like gravel.

Dani quickly turned around and stuck his ass out a little bit. As frightening as it was to bare his vulnerable butt to the man, Keyshawn had drilled the idea of instant obedience not only to him, but any black man. And a black man had given Dani an order.

Dani was very much aware that the shortness of his skirt and the fact that he was bent slightly meant that the man could see a hint of his hot pink panties. Dani desperately wished he was wearing something that would protect his puckered asshole more than the tiny thong that was barely covering it. But by now Dani knew the world didn’t change because of his wishes. It reacted to the actions of the men who effortlessly dominated him. Men like the man behind him, who was flipping his skirt up and hooking a finger into his thong!

Dani squeaked in fright as he felt the man working a finger into his ass. He was already deeply humiliated by standing here outside in this slutty outfit, and now it seemed distinctly possible that he was about to get fucked right on the front porch!

Fortunately enough, the moment Dani felt the man’s large finger near his asshole, Keyshawn’s training took over. Dani relaxed his ass enough to let the finger in, then squeezed around it and started making slight back and forth movements, as if he was getting fucked by it. Dani let out a Kartal Anal Escort few subtle moans, enjoying the finger fucking to a surprising degree. It was actually a little disappointing when the man took his finger out.

“Real nice gurl. Key told me what a hot piece you were. I guess he wasn’t lying. Now get that sweet ass inside.” The man rumbled.

Dani straightened out, turned around and hurried inside the man’s house. Any trepidation he felt at entering was buried by the simple fact that he’d just been given an order. The man closed the door and Dani once again felt his gaze be drawn to the man’s crotch. His cock was what looked to be at half-mast inside the boxers, and it was already a monster. The unavoidable fact that it would soon be inside Dani’s ass, and that the man would undoubtedly want it balls deep filled Dani with fright, but ever since the man had opened his ass up with his finger, the sissy white boi felt his own penis vainly trying to stir.

The chastity device Keyshawn had attached to Dani’s tiny penis left no room for it to grow. He always felt a little jealous seeing Keyshawn’s large penis growing to full size, often in Dani’s lipsticked mouth. He felt that same jealousy from this man’s free and unencumbered cock, but he had long since accepted that only real men had that right. And Danielle Winona was light years away from being a real man.

“You’ll get it soon enough gurl. Get that ass into the living room.” The man rumbled.

Dani felt himself blushing and he swiftly turned and walked to the biggest room that he could see. He knew the man was behind him and was looking directly at his barely covered ass. Keyshawn’s training kicked in again and Dani started wiggling it seductively. He had been trained to be as alluring as possible to any black man watching him, and wiggling his cute butt was an important part of that.

“Mmmm.” was all the man said.

Dani felt like he was teasing the man’s huge cock by walking this way and that he would soon regret it, but he had no choice. Keyshawn’s training was too ingrained in him by this point.

They reached the living room and Dani stood there awkwardly, watching as the man sat down in an armchair and pulled down his boxers so that his semi-hard cock was displayed clearly.

“My name is Danielle Winona. May I ask what you name is, Sir?” Dani asked tentatively.

“Name’s Lamar. But you’re gonna call me Daddy.” The big man growled.

“Yes Daddy.” Dani said swiftly. He knew that men who wanted to be called “Daddy” usually enjoyed it when he used a higher and more bimbo-like voice.

Beyond just following any orders he was given, Dani was careful to do whatever Lamar told him. Some black men were laid back and gave him a little slack, but Dani could tell this man was not like that. Men like him wouldn’t tolerate any hesitation or back talk from little white sissies and the only way to keep him from getting rough was complete submission. In a way, Dani was glad Keyshawn had thoroughly trained him to be obedient to black men, as it would ensure his safety.

“Well, get started gurl. Use your mouth til I say stop.” Lamar ordered, leaning back and spreading his legs out in the chair.

“Okay Daddy!” Dani said, getting more comfortable with sounding like a vapid slut.

Dani sank to his knees in front of Lamar and fished out the man’s huge cock. Dani had accurately judged the length of Lamar’s cock through his boxers, but seeing the man’s girth took his breath away. He would have sworn the cock that was between his delicate manicured fingers was thicker than Dani’s thin wrists, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. A small growl of impatience brought Dani’s focus back and he quickly took the large mushroom head into his mouth, sucking delicately. Lamar’s cock slowly rose higher and filled Dani’s mouth as he tried to get deeper on it, succeeding in getting maybe 4 inches down on it. Lamar’s cock was getting harder and longer in Dani’s wet mouth. He was afraid that it would get too large for Dani to accommodate, but the huge black cock in his mouth finished growing right at the point where it would begin to stretch his lips. Lamar’s cock seemed to top out at a very thick 9 and a half inches.

Dani looked up at Lamar and fluttered his mascara-lengthened eyelashes. He made a few sexy noises with his filled mouth that he knew men enjoyed, and was pleased to feel Lamar’s cock give an extra throb. The black cock in his mouth seemed hard as steel. Possibly it was always that hard, but Dani thought it was because he was doing such a good job of pleasing the big black man in front of him. Dani was feeling confident for the first time this evening. He knew he gave great blowjobs and was certain that he was earning Lamar’s approval for now.

There were two minor problems, but Dani could handle them. The first was that he felt quite a bit of discomfort from his tiny caged penis. Dani was well aware of how futile it was to Kartal Yaşlı Escort strain against the device, but his penis didn’t seem to have gotten that memo. It kept trying to grow just like the much much larger one in his mouth, but it had zero room to do so. Dani would just have to deal with it as best as he could.

The second problem was that the cock in his mouth wasn’t just huge, it also seemed to dribble pre-cum constantly. Dani felt the salty taste touch his tongue and he found himself swallowing every few seconds. Dani had never encountered this amount of pre-cum and wondered if it was a natural for a cock this immense. Maybe it needed more lubrication than smaller ones.

The feeling of Lamar’s huge palm on the back of his head was the only warning that Dani received before he was pushed down deeper on the black cock he was sucking. Dani squealed and choked as Lamar’s cock head slipped into his throat, and he had a hard time breathing until he calmed down and adjusted.

“Good job gurl. You only got about 3 inches left. I usually don’t make gurls go all the way down on me the first time, but you got such a hot little mouth that I gotta feel every inch in there. Get ready.” Lamar said, cracking a smile for the first time.

Dani was trying to stay calm, but thoughts like “It won’t fit!” and “I won’t be able to breathe!” kept popping up. He could barely handle Lamar’s cock now, and only a little more than 6 inches were nestled in his mouth. He seriously doubted he could handle more than 9 inches. But as he felt Lamar’s palm push down on his head, Dani knew he had no choice but to try.

In the split second before his head was pushed down lower and panic would replace all rational thought, he wondered what it would be like to be a big confident black man with a huge cock, rippling muscles, and a completely dominant mindset. But Dani knew he would never have the slightest idea. He would only know what it was like to be a submissive white sissy, with smooth skin, a tiny penis and a very fuckable body.

Dani squealed as loudly as he could with his mouth filled to the brim as more of Lamar’s cock entered his throat. It turned out to be barely as loud as a whisper, since air was suddenly cut off. Dani frantically moved his mouth and changed the angle on his neck, trying any way he could to get some oxygen past the cock in his throat. But only a tiny wisp of air came through, and only when Lamar raised Dani’s head so that his lips were a few inches off the base of his cock, before pushing it down again. Even when Dani received that tiny bit of air, he had to be careful not to breathe in any of the copious amount of pre-cum that continually dribbled down his throat.

As panicked as Dani was, he never made any attempt to bite or struggle against the large hands pressed on either side of his head. His training was just too strong. As he felt more and more light-headed, he knew he would pass out long before he tried to stop Lamar from enjoying his mouth as fully as possible.

As his vision started to dim slightly, Dani felt Lamar finally pulling his head upward off his cock. Though it was only 9 and a half inches, it felt more like a baseball bat was slowly being pulled out of his throat. When Lamar’s cock was fully past his lips, Dani coughed and gratefully sucked in air that suddenly seemed sweeter than he remembered.

“You did real good gurl. I’m gonna tell Key you got the hottest mouth I’ve ever felt. And I know you liked it too. Tell me.” Lamar said, holding Dani’s head so that his mouth was only a couple of inches from the tip of the huge black cock in front of him. Thankfully Dani had recovered enough to get back into his role.

“I loved it Daddy! Your cock is so huge and I love sucking it. May I please suck on it a little more? Please?” Dani said as flirtatiously as he could, fluttering his eyelashes and smiling shyly. Lamar’s cock throbbed again and for a second Dani though the big black man would actually make him do it all over again.

“Next time gurl. Kiss it, then we’re going to the bedroom.” Lamar said simply, releasing Dani’s head.

“Okay Daddy” Dani said with a slight giggle. Lamar seemed a little nicer after Dani put on his practiced bimbo persona and he was eager to stay on the big black man’s good side.

Dani leaned forward, pursed his pink lipsticked lips together, and placed a kiss right on the tip of Lamar’s cock. Dani moved back an inch, enough so that the pre-cum still dripping from the tip made a very thin line of fluid that stayed connected to his lips. Lamar’s cock throbbed again and he could see the black man shake his head slightly, almost as if arguing with himself.

“Sorry gurl, but I’m tappin’ that ass next.” Lamar said with a laugh, getting himself out of the chair.

Dani quickly scooted backwards and got to his feet, tottering slightly on his stilettos and waiting for instructions about where the bedroom was. Dani was definitely surprised Kartal Zenci Escort when Lamar strode right over to him, grabbed him by the waist and lifted Dani up over his left shoulder, so that his barely-covered ass was in the air. Dani was amazed by how Lamar was able to lift and carry him with no effort at all. He couldn’t help but marvel at the impressive strength of the black man carrying him, and honestly couldn’t do anything else as Lamar took him to the bedroom.

It was a short trip that ended with Dani getting tossed onto the black covers of Lamar’s king-sized bed. Dani allowed himself a second to enjoy the feeling of laying on the huge bed, knowing that by the time he got off of it, his sore ass would likely be all he could think of. The second was over, and Dani looked up at Lamar standing over him, his huge cock having managed to stay hard the entire way to the bedroom.

“Beg me for it gurl. I know you want this cock. Tell me how much.” Lamar ordered.

Dani turned so that he was face-down on the bed on his hands and knees with his ass raised. He knew Lamar had a very clear view of his hot pink panties, his tiny hairless balls and securely locked penis. With a sexy moan, Dani wiggled his ass and started to beg.

“Please Daddy! I need your cock sooo bad. My little sissy ass feels so empty! I’ll do anything, anything, I swear, just please, please fuck me Daddy!” Dani pleaded in the sexiest voice he could come up with. He actually managed to turn himself on enough so that his tiny penis was straining at his cage again. The pain that caused only made his wiggle that much more desperate.

“God damn, gurl. You want it that bad huh?” Lamar said with a chuckle, getting on the bed behind Dani.

“Oh Daddy I need it so much. Please Daddy! Please fuck me!” Dani continued sexily, not acting as much as he was. The words he was saying really were turning him on.

Dani couldn’t help but moan in anticipation as Lamar pulled his pink panties down, leaving nothing protecting Dani’s vulnerable ass. He arched his back as he felt the large tip of Lamar’s cock press against his asshole. But the big black man didn’t seem to be in any hurry.

“Damn that thing is tiny. Does Key ever let you out of that?” Lamar asked, having noticed Dani’s captive little penis.

“No Daddy, never. I beg and beg but he never lets me out. He says it makes me a hornier slut.” Dani pouted, knowing that it was absolutely true.

“Good man. Never thought Key was all that smart, but he did a hell of a job on you. Now get ready gurl.” Lamar said, gripping Dani’s hips with both hands.

Dani loosened his ass as much as he could, but his efforts were not nearly enough. He let out a loud squeal as he felt the huge cock invade his ass. The mushroom cock head was slowly but surely slipping past his anal ring. The considerable pain Dani was feeling was nothing compared to how it would have felt had he not pre-lubed his ass before showing up to Lamar’s house. Those thoughts vanished as Lamar forced more inches of his monster cock in Dani’s tight ass.

“D-Daddy please! You’re too big! It hurts!” Dani whined loudly. He couldn’t stop himself from pleading, though he knew there was nothing he could do or say that would possibly stop Lamar from forcing all 9 and a half inches into Dani’s poor ass. That was proven quickly with a smack to Dani’s left ass cheek.

“Stop whining gurl. I’m only halfway in. I better be hearing about much you like this, unless you want me to shove it all in at once.” Lamar growled, clearly displeased at Dani’s outburst.

“Y-yes Daddy! I love your cock so much! P-Please slide more in me, my a-ass still wants more!” Dani begged in what he tried very hard to make a sexy voice, knowing it would only ever be finished when Lamar was fully satisfied.

“Alright gurl, I’ll give you a little more.” Lamar said with a chuckle.

Dani kicked his feet up and down as Lamar forced more inches in. He was still wearing his stilettos and had never made any attempt to take them off, as black men seemed to like it when he kept his heels on while they were plowing him. He had never been plowed like this before though. Dani had thought he could take any cock, but Lamar’s was reducing him to a quivering mess. Dani had no choice but to keep the act up, however.

“Daddy! Y-Your cock is so amazing! My ass feels sooo good!” Dani panted, hoping desperately that Lamar’s cock was fully inside but was fairly certain that it wasn’t.

“Glad to hear it gurl. Two more inches, then I can start giving you a real fucking. You’ll love it, trust me.” Lamar said, laughing.

Dani could only take a deep breath to keep himself from shrieking as Lamar forced in the last two inches. The pain was staggering, but it faded as Lamar finished pushing it in. Just the fact that Lamar’s cock was fully inside him and he had no more inches to take made Dani want to cry in relief. But he knew what Lamar wanted and he couldn’t take the time.

“Ohhh Daddy, p-please fuck me! I need to be f-fucked so bad! Please Daddy!” Dani panted helplessly. In truth, being fucked hard by Lamar was the last thing he wanted right now, but the only way to make it better for himself was to beg the big black man to do exactly that.

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