Dare Me Ch. 03


How was I going to explain this to Dylan? He was going to think I went insane but then again, maybe I had. Clinical insanity seemed a better alternative in the moment.

“I know this is going to sound weird, but it’s 100% true, Dylan,” I began.

“Well, you’ve never been one for exhibitionism and I just saw you run through your apartment complex naked.”


“And you’re still naked right now when there’s clearly some sweatpants over there.” He nodded his head towards the door to my open room where I had attempted to put some clothes on before realizing the dare to stay naked prevented it.


“So, everything already seems a little weird. I’m not sure there’s an explanation that isn’t weird at this point.”

Sigh. I took a breath, still leaning against the door with my hands covering my shame. “I think I got cursed somehow. I didn’t realize it or the gravity of its power until last night. I can’t control myself.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Like at the bar last night. I didn’t really want to go over to those girls and I certainly didn’t want to whip my dick out to them, but I physically couldn’t stop myself. Because I was dared to.”

He just stared at me blankly, an eyebrow raising in confusion.

“And then somehow, one of the girls got my number and confirmed the curse is real. She’s been daring me to do all sorts of crazy shit today including, now, staying naked for the rest of the day.”


“Yeah! I’ve tried to put clothes on but it’s like I can’t control my body.”

We were both silent for a while.


“Sorry. I mean, you know I don’t believe in this type of shit. God, ghosts, spells. You don’t either!”

“I know,” I said back, “but now… I’m not so sure of what is real. But this curse or mind control or whatever is really happening to me.”

“So what did she have you do?”

“Here.” I walked over to grab my phone, with one hand of course, and opened the message thread from her. She had made it clear she was done for me today so I was happy to see no new messages. I handed him my phone.

“Oh fuck man. ‘Cum on the pizza and eat the whole thing?’ This chick is nasty!”

“I know… but I’m not sure which was worse at this point.”

Dylan kept reading, seeing her clear abuse of me and my pleas. Oh shit!

“Oh. Um,” Dylan swiped on the phone and handed it back to me. Yup, he must have seen the dick pic. “This chick seems poker oyna crazy.”

“She is! I don’t know what to do either! She dared me to always read her messages so I can’t just ignore what she wrote. Then the second I read it I can’t help but do whatever she asks.”

“Well what about if you just turn your phone off?”

Duh! “Oh my god! Why the fuck am I such an idiot!?” I grabbed my phone and powered it down. Now I wouldn’t know if I had a message from her or not; only time would tell if that would prevent me from attempting to power it back up. “But now I’m out a phone.”

“You can just get a new one. New number too.”

“Well, not today. I’m not sure Verizon would appreciate a naked guy trying to buy a phone.”

“Probably not. Hm,” Dylan pondered for a second. “What did her dare say exactly about being naked?”

“I don’t remember but basically I can’t put on any clothes today.”

“Exactly!” Dylan said. “You can’t put on any clothes. I wonder if I could put clothes on you though.”

“Okay, I accept that you are indeed smarter than me in every way man! Yeah!”

We walked over to my bedroom and he grabbed a pair of underwear I had lying near my sweats. “Let’s see if this works. One foot.”

“I… I can’t raise my foot. It’s like I know you’re putting underwear on me.”

“Hm. Okay, let’s try this. Lay on the bed.”

I did as I was told. With me lying flat on my bed, I felt Dylan lift a leg and slide my briefs onto one ankle and then the other. It was working! He inched it up my legs and I awkwardly moved my hands away from my crotch when he got closer. Again, Dylan had sure enough seen me naked a few times before but this was different and incredibly embarrassing. He quickly got the fabric over my package though and then pulled the briefs up over my ass with no help from my body.


I stood up to admire his ingenuity but cursed immediately, “Fuck!” I reached down and pulled my briefs down.

He lamented with me, “Shit, I guess not?”


“Okay, Brandon, I really really want to believe you but… this is really weird. I feel like there’s a chance this is a horribly done joke and if so, I’m going to be pissed at you.”

“I wish.”

“I kind of need to make sure it’s real.”

“Dylan… don’t get any wise-ass ideas.”

“This is going to be a little embarrassing for you but I have to know…”


“Brandon… I dare you to..”

“Dylan, no!”

“Keep canlı poker oyna your hands on your head.”

I instantly raised my hands to my head, exposing myself to Dylan. “You’re so gay, man!” I turned around from him to shield myself as best I could.

“Trust me, man, this will be a good experiment.”

“Fuck you and your science.”

“Brandon, I dare you to turn around and face me and stay still.”

“Dylan, for real. Stop! I can’t believe you’re making me do anything!”

“Brandon, I dare you to be quiet.”

I stopped talking but my eyes were ablaze with anger.

“Seriously, B, let’s see if this works. I dare you to get hard.”

My eyes bulged out my head at his request. What was he fucking thinking? At the same time though, I felt blood pool to my crotch in an unnatural way. I could tell I was rock hard and throbbing in less than 3 seconds.

“I dare you to go soft.”

A similar rush of blood was felt at my crotch as it deflated just as fast.

“Fucking. Insane.” He was still staring at my soft cock for a bit longer than I would have preferred. “Ah sorry. Brandon, I dare you to move freely again and talk freely.”

My hands went back down to my crotch, “Fuck you, Dylan.”

“I had to know. That should have been physically impossible.”

“I… I know. Well at least do you believe me now?”

“Oh totally. I’m so sorry Brandon!” A couple beats. “Actually, one more.”


“This one’s fine. Brandon, I dare you to levitate off the ground using your mind.”

I strained a bit trying to complete his request but failed and was back to normal in a second. “And the point of that was?”

“I’m just trying to figure out what the limits are of this curse. It seems your body will take over to do things that are ‘technically’ possible even if unusual but can’t just do anything. Like, I couldn’t dare you to fly but you may try to jump off a building to do-so…”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

“Just what it is.”

We paced back into the living room and Dylan grabbed a seat on the couch while I hovered behind one of the recliners, finally able to remove my hands from my warm crotch but stay covered.

“Wait, why didn’t we think about this,” I exclaimed. “What if you just dare me to put on clothes?”

“Shit. Of course. Brandon, I dare you to go get dressed.”

Pain. Instant pain shot through my body like I was being crushed. internet casino I started to scream. My body so badly wanted to move to my room to put on clothes but also to resist at the same time.

“Fuck fuck!” Dylan shouted. “I dare you to forget my last dare!”

I collapsed on the ground, breathing heavy. Dylan ran over to my side. “I’m so sorry Brandon! Are you okay?”

“Fuck. That was horrible…”

“It looked like it. I’m so so sorry man.”

I looked up at him, “It’s fine. It was my dumb idea. Looks like I can’t be dared to do something against another dare.”

He helped me to the couch and then sat in the recliner. I was so fatigued I didn’t bother to cover myself up anymore. We talked a bit about what to do and the plan was pretty clear. He offered to take my phone with him when he left but we were both a bit scared of me either having another pain episode or leaving my place nude to come get it. I was wagering that I wouldn’t have an urge to turn it back on.

He offered to stay over but I really just wanted to be alone. We made plans for him to come over tomorrow around 8 so we could go get a new phone and number and put this all behind me. I was thankful for him and his plan of action.

When he finally got up to leave, Dylan gave me a hug. It should have been weird, me being naked and my crotch pushing against his clothed one but I only thought it for a second. I appreciated the supporting embrace and hugged him back.

“This will all be better tomorrow, Brandon. Trust me.”

“I know. It has to be. If not, I’m not sure what I’ll do.”

“Well here’s what you’re going to do. Brandon, I dare you…”

“Dylan, really?”

“Oh hush. I dare you to relax tonight. I dare you to take a warm bath. I dare you to make a nice meal and watch some good shit on Netflix. I dare you finish your night by jacking off to your favorite porn.”

“Haha, fuck you man.”

“And I dare you to not stress about this anymore tonight. I dare you to just enjoy your evening.”

I instantly did feel better and more relaxed. “Shit D, I think that actually is working.”

“Awesome! Okay, you have a nice night of relaxation and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you Dylan.”

“Of course.”

After he left I followed through on his dares, gleefully. The bath was amazing. The chicken I made up was delicious. The reruns of The Office I watched were hilarious. And the jack-off session I had was intense. I don’t think I’ve cum so much in my life. While I didn’t stress about it, I was happy to see I had no urge to turn my phone back on. I lay on my bed, cum covering my chest, and let sleep take me into a dreamless evening.

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