Dark Side of Hema Ch. 02


Hema returned to her room in a visibly altered condition. Besides the orgy which had lasted 45 minutes, she also was accosted on the way by Selvam who refused to give back her bra and panty, chilling her with ‘ You will not get these and if you want them, let us discuss sometime along with Ashimendu. ‘

Ashimendu was a local Casanova, a close friend of Venkaji from his childhood days. Hema, for all she was did not dare incite or tease ‘Ash’ (as he was popularly known). She was intelligent enough to know that sex was good in private and enjoyed in a non-committal manner between like-minded people, but Ash was different. He was running a school of sex and most of the inmates were ‘loving wives of doting husbands’ and these husbands who were his friends had no clue that the ladies’ of the house were royal bed partner to Ash and his chosen clients. This was a fact known to Hema, as she was a witness to one of the graphic displays while visiting Geeta one day, who happened to be her neighbor, last house on the same street.

On that day Hema while going to pick up her son from School, strayed away from the road to give back the latest erotica by Kushwant Singh to Geetha. Upon reaching the house, she was about to press the bell when she found the door opening up slowly and she was ushered in by Geetha’s sister Radha. Radha, true to her name was a very sexy girl of around 21 years, and very much resembled the erstwhile cine actress by the same name who in the late 80s and early 90s made the youth of the entire south India lust for all the holes in her body.

One would, in those days bet on every part of Radha’s body to be gold. All the college going youth would drool over her posters and movie Tzars used to make movies with her enacting a sex scene to enhance the value of the movie. One classic example was a movie in Telugu, where in she played a cameo and literally stripped off all her clothes in a song.

Well this Radha was no different and she was a good friend of Hema. In fact she was being thought of as an ideal marriage mate for Ananth and we will talk of it in our later episodes. ‘Geetha is currently having a ball of her life with Ash, do you want to see it?’ Hema was stunned to hear this from Radha but had no choice but to reluctantly and of course, expectantly nod.

She was intrigued about how it was possible since they were in the living room and to get to see something what Radha just described, meant snooping or peeping. In an instant on the Home theatre TV screen in front of them loomed the king sized bed of Geetha’a house and lying on that, prostrate were Ash and his friend Rajam ( a local Don in Chennai). They could not see Geetha in the room but what surprised Hema was the fact that this was Geetha and Suresh’s (Geetha’s husband) master Bedroom.

Radha was a smart girl. She could quickly read the question in Hema’s mind and told her ‘ Ash is at his best and makes you cry for more when he is fucking you on your own master bed. That is how he creates interest and is really different from the traditional Casanovas who believe in screwing the women of their dreams in a palace of their own’.

This was too much for Hema to digest. She could feel her nipples turning turgid and pussy developing misty fluid. Hema started panicking, Danny would be waiting at the school gate and she was getting late. She got up and quickly adjusted herself and begged excuses of Radha and left the place as quietly as she has been ushered in and while returning back home in the auto rickshaw, she really felt embarrassed holding the Kushwant Singh book, still in her hand. Of course she also felt naughty, thinking of Geetha who had already begun serving clients and was doing very well.

Screwing in her own bed with an alien man was unthinkable for Hema, come what may. She was hungry for sex but wanted it to be very secretive and absolutely private, done in places, which would not allow her to get and feel guilty. She suffered from this tug of war between assumed morality and gay abandonment. She was not very sure of either being correct and was swayed by the need of the hour.

Looking at her either at work or in public places, it was very difficult to make out that behind that soft dusky and innocent face, there resided a volcano of sexual talent. She was a woman who could teach Vatsayan a few more tricks enriching the evergreen ‘Kamasutra’ a bit more.

Let halkalı eve gelen escort us move back to the night scene and returning to her bedroom, Hema went to the bathroom to tidy herself but was not her usual self. She was worried and was upset about Selvam and the unflinching faith she had reposed in him. She also understood without being naïve, his designs. He was also a greedy mongrel as many others and was not happy with just a bout of sexual pleasure with a high caste Hindu woman, after all what is there after those savored moments get over? You are back to the true life, which in the case of Selvam wasn’t very rewarding financially. But Hema also did not want to ruin her own life at the hands of Ash. She knew it would be pleasurable to get fucked by him but was sure of the consequences and as said earlier was not all in favor of commitment based flings. She loved to have sex in her own way not guided by someone else. She had to get out of the Selvam plotted treachery.

Meekri belonged to a very traditional low caste but extremely custom driven and chaste family. Her father was the local panchayat clerk at Gummudipundi and she was his only daughter along with 4 sons. Meekri also had 4 maternal Uncles, all of them upcoming local politicians at Tiruttani. Meekri was a pure virgin at marriage and at her wedding, one could notice the principles and ethics displayed by the Bride’s family all through the proceedings. Mani, one of the maternal uncles was jailed for 6 months on charges of murder last year. His supposed crime was killing a neighbor who was casting an evil eye on his daughter. He came out on bail and now the case was closed for want of witnesses.

Hema was aware of the same and had all plans now in place to check mate Selvam.

Venkaji was getting ready when she came out of the toilet and told her ‘ I am going to the office, received a breakdown call, will be back in couple of hours’. Hema saw this as a chance not to be lost. She quickly retorted with a feign of anger’ I am very tired serving your mother and all of you all the day. Please don’t disturb me in the night and come only in the morning’. Venkaji had no issues on the front. He could easily sleep at the Guest House. So without much of a whimper or protest, he walked away to the door and gave a parting nod to Hema from the door.

After making sure his car had left the premise, Hema tip toed down to the servant quarter and pulled Meekri out of the room and instructed her to shave the pussy and spray it with good freshener. Meekri went into the bedroom to wake up Selvam and Hema stopped her saying ‘ Go to my bedroom and get ready in 10 minutes’. I will tell him and come. After bolting the door from inside Hema quickly dropped 2 tablets of ‘Restyl’ into a tumbler and poured honey into the same. She woke up Selvam and greeted him in a shocking manner, he was not expecting her in this manner at this time. He looked into her eyes and quickly started warming up, ‘ do you want to suck my pussy or would like to drink my urine juice’ asked Hema. Selvam was addicted to Hema’s urine and especially mixed with honey.

She lifted her nightie and put the glass below her cunt, filled it with her urine and stirred the same with her finger. She took the finger to his lips and told’ Sample it and I will serve you the real thing ‘. Selvam took her finger in his mouth and licked it for a minute leaving it sore and paining. Hema would not mind all that, she was already dreaming of killing two birds with one stone. ‘Checkmating Selvam’and ‘enjoying Ananth.

Selvam took the tumbler and drank the contents without a grimace. She in the meantime put his hands on her boobs and he started massaging them with a lot of gusto. Hema was a heavy woman but extremely sexy, 38-28-38. Her boobs resembled those of Nagma another cine actress who created lot of stir in the loins of youth of mid 90s. Selvam went beyond pawing and tore of the buttons at the top so that he could have a bite on her turgid nipple. Hema saw what he wanted and shoved the same towards him. Even before he could salivate the aureole properly, he lost his mind and slowly started sinking into what was to be a long sleep. Hema quickly reset herself and returned to her room to find Meekri half-naked lying on the floor shaving her pussy. Hema took out the portable Braun hair remover from the wardrobe halkalı grup yapan escort and quickly shoved it between her own legs. She was planning a long night with Meekri and Ananth and obviously wanted the virgin Ananth to get the best of the two women. After satisfying her self she dressed herself in a Kanjeevaram silk saree, applied typical south Indian perfume all over her body especially in the crevice between the boobs, ass and cuntal spread. .

Asked Meekri to wear the nightie, which she had just removed from her own body, Meekri obliged without any questions. ‘ Wait for a second and I will back’ saying so Hema rushed towards the room which housed the beds of Danny and her ma in law. She sneaked in to find all quiet and serene. She quickly sprayed the room with a chloroform-contained spray and closed the door from outside.

Now she was ready to make Ananth a MAN.

Along with Meekri she tiptoed to Ananth’s room and knocked slowly on the door and quickly pushed Meekri to the front. Ananth woke up with a jolt and hardened up cock, which was held tightly by his hands. He looked at the watch ” 12:30 am”. He was not too sure whether he heard a knock or was it a dream. He waited in the bed for a while, half-perspiring. After a while, the knock returned and this time he started getting naughty, he was sure this is pleasure beckoning him. Started to move towards the door and put his left eye to the peephole. Was very disappointed to see the dull Meekri standing there, thought may be to attend to some errand. Opened the door to speak to her and lo behold, got the shock of his life when he saw a 5 ‘ 5″ tall silk saree clad and the ‘mangalsutra’ hanging on the bodice, Hema holding Meekri.

They both got inside quickly and pushed him on the bed making sure he lands on his back. Meekri locked the door from inside. ‘ You….u.uu…uu..said, tomorrow morning ..nnnnooonnooo ‘ blurted Ananth and was met with a eerie laughter from Hema ‘ Ananth, I love sex and want it from men who I want. I cannot wait till morning, for me sex is something which I must have every 4 hours’.

‘ You are my chosen man for this night. I will not disappoint, you will have a bride like behavior from me but of course it will not be a virgin cunt, if you want I can fake it’.

She laughed again, rubbing the well manicured and scented finger on her lips and just below the nose, occasionally touching the nose ring and definitely making Ananth pant for breath as he watched her giving jolts to his cock with just the dimpled smiles and expressive physical movement of her hands.

Meekri got up on the bed and lifting her nightie, came close to Ananth, caught hold his left hand and deftly placed it over her right boob. Ananth became hostile and started shaking on the bed, Hema cautioned him’ It is just about to start, don’t move nor make any attempts to shout. You will be the loser. Just lie back and leave the rest to us, we have not come only to give you pleasure, we have come to also have pleasure and are sure you will also have equal majaa’.

Ananth saw this as a virtual rape and gave up.

He decided to obey to his sister in law who at this point of time was in total control. He did think of his mother and brother but knowing Hema, was pretty sure they were not an issue and what was going on in his room was all safe and ‘in camera’.

While talking of camera, Hema had quietly sneaked in the Sony Handycam into the room. She left Meekri to take care of Ananth who by now was over the hill and had given him self totally to the servant woman. His mouth was salivating on the boob and he was immersed totally in serving that one right boob of Meekri. Meekri was playing really coy. She had very deftly concealed the left boob inside the bra and ensured it did not come of the nightie. Hema was filming this scene from a corner and neither of the participants was interested in what was going on. They had full faith in Hema and though visible to them, the filming did not cause much flutter. Hema had a different plan in mind and she told Meekri, ‘ Meekri, open the naada of his pajama, take his Lund out. Don’t strip any further, I want to see you like that only.’ Meekri obeyed the command and for a moment, disturbed Ananth’s pleasure with her right boob and opened his pajama’s naada. Out sprung the Cock like a released spring and halkalı masöz escort one could see clearly that Ananth was not wearing underwear.

Adjusting the camcorder on its stand and making sure it covered all possible movements, Hema totally dressed returned to the bed and stood in front of the couple on the bed. By this time most of Ananth’s pajama was out of his body and hanging to one of the toes and Meekri was completely nude. Obviously she was wearing nothing besides the bra and the nightie. Ananth was still not able to divert himself from the dove pair of Meekri’s 32″ boobs. His tongue was busily snaking in and out of the between crevice when suddenly he felt a warm cover on his dick and looked up startled. Hema’s pallu was on it and she was standing biting her lower lip with her teeth and watching him ferociously.

Ananth left Meekri and lunged towards the coveted Hema, ‘Na Na Na NA, you will get your chance, for now focus on the apples in front of you’ was the response he received.

This marked the beginning of the slavery of Ananth at the mistress Hema’s hands. It was a virtual bind and little release. He lost his first job at Coimbatore after a few months because of 3 continuous days of UN informed absence from office. As you guessed it, Hema was keeping him busy between her thirsty and sweaty thighs at his small home in Coimbatore all those days.

Poor Ananth!

Back to this night at Chennai, Ananth shifted his focus to Meekri’s lusty midriff and stomach, which was as flat as a tabletop. Ananth slowly descended towards her pussy. In the meantime his attention was drawn to his crotch area and was surprised to see Hema applying shaving lather on his balls and the entire rod area. She was licking her lips profusely while doing all this, the clock on the table was flashing ‘1:35 am’. Hema deftly shaved off the entire hair from his pubic area, cock and the two precious jewels. She washed them warm water soaked towels and applied fair and lovely cream, followed by some drops of After-shave lotion.. Ananth was not prepared for this and start-ejaculating sperm, which Hema took in her palm and quietly, closed the same. She knew this would happen. Ananth was yet a beginner. She reached for her bag and pulled out a small empty injection bottle and squeezed the entire sperm into the same. It was going to be kept for future use. Ananth was watching all this and really could feel a surge in his loins so quickly once again, when he saw Hema licking away the remaining part of the palm without losing a single drop. He thought of the millions, which went away into the drainage over last 7-8 years. Hema could have really savored all that and maybe substituted regular food with Ananth’s sperm food.

Hema was now in a dishelved state. Her pallu was on her lap and boobs were pointing out from the blouse. One could clearly see that there was no bra beneath. Hema removed the blouse and wiped the cock with the same and tied it around the crotch area leaving some air for the balls. She finally began her exploration of Ananth. Her mouth descended on to his balls and tongue became vigorously active around them. In no time Ananth was back in form and his cock sprung back to the 7 inches full length. Hema licked the balls for a long time and could relish the taste. They were still fresh; Ananth was just 23 years old. They had not started accumulating the pungent coloring and the dirt, which come with age. And the just concluded shaving was a bonanza. It made the jewel acquire a very tasty cover.

(Hema for a moment thought of Venkaji. He never got this treatment from Hema and whatever sex they had was plain and missionary straight. He even in his dreams could not think that his wife was capable of all this.).

Ananth became bold now and descended on to Hema. He caught hold of her face and ‘ Saali maadar chut, tere naam pe mene roj muth maari hai, laundiya randi jaat ki pur rehti hai mehel ki raani ban kar’ saying so, planted his mouth on her mouth and started biting her on the lips. Hema was consumed. Ananth was now hers’ and she knew that the conquest was complete. She allowed him to suck her mouth, which he did for nearly 6 full minutes. After that she laid him on the bed and slowly put his prick between her boobs and asked Meekri to suck both the prick and the cock touched part of the insides on the boobs. That was a very erotic sight for Ananth and he once again ejaculated but this time on the boobs and in between. Meekri did the honors of licking it entirely and as it happened during the evening, Hema sucked out the same from her mouth and planted it back in a shared mode. Left both eating Ananth’s cum for this time.

Time on the clock ‘2:30 ‘ hours. The rest of the night saga in my next submission.

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