Darling in Darlington


This story occurred many years ago. I wanted to leave a record behind of what happened before I pass away. I am now 97 years of age. I am telling this story to my Care Worker at the Home where I now live, she is very kindly typing this up for me. I am in a retirement home in Oslo, Norway.

The story begins, sadly with me making a bad decision. When the German Army invaded Norway on April 9th 1940 the population split. Some supported the Germans and some supported the Allies. My brother who was a couple of years older than me and was a supporter of the fascist Norwegian Party like many young people at the time. My Mother and Father were against faacist Hitler and the Germans and were proud Norwegians. At the time, my brother Olaf supported the right wing policies and he was my best friend so I latched on to his thoughts and opinions. I, Heidi did not know anything about Hitler’s terrible policies and the final solution. Genocide of ethnic groups or the murder of Jews.

Olaf joined the Nordland Regiment of German Troops and went off to fight against the Russians who as Communists were the main opponent of the Fascists. The Nordland regiment had all sorts of men from various northern countries; Denmark, Norway, Holland, etc., who supported the Nazis.

I offered my services to the Germans Army in support of my brother. I was conscripted to perform administration duties. Typing orders, stock taking, troop leave management, all sorts of paperwork really.

I became friends with the commanding officer; a Colonel Heinz from Munich. He was always looking at my legs or chest while he spoke to me. At first I found him very authoritarian. But after our first Christmas party when he drank a lot of Schnapps, he became a lot more friendly and tried to kiss me. I being a non drinker managed to push him into an arm chair and then watched him succumb to alcohol and fall asleep.

I was able to use his inappropriate behaviour that occurred that night to keep him under my control. I said to him a few days later, as he spoke to me while looking at my chest.

“Excuse me! My eyes are up here. Can you look at my face when you talk to me please!”

“Achtung! I do apologise!” He said as he raised his vision up to my face and looked in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong he was a nice guy. We had good fun, I just did not fancy him. My work colleague Gerd had the hots for Heinz. When next Christmas party came around, both Gerd and Heinz disappeared for several hours. The next day Gerd filled me in on how Heinz had popped her cherry behind the troop barracks shed.

Work was mundane and several years passed with me working for the Germans. They kept half a million troops in Norway. This was so that the Allies would not invade. It was only in 1944 that I discovered that Germany was losing the war. We had not been told anything about Russia driving the Germans all the way back to Poland or the D-day invasion on the French coast.

I was summoned to Colonel Heinz’s office. When I arrived he was not happy. He had married Gerd last year and she was more than pleased with her husband. She told me all about him and their love making.

Heinz walked up to me and spoke;

“You know I have always desired you? You are the most beautiful female in our team. I trust you not to tell Gerd but I have always wanted to have you. To give you my big cock up your cunt.”

I blushed with shock as he spoke. He pushed me towards his desk. He said;

“I have been ordered to send a female to headquarters to become a double agent to spy on the Tommies for our Fuhrer. If you agree to let me shag you now, I wont put your name forward. As you know spies are very often caught by the British and shot.”

He pushed my head down on his desk while his hips pressed against the back of my skirt. I have wanted you for years now if you join in and willingly let me have you I will send Gerd instead. I have had her so many times, it is time for her to go. He pulled my skirt up over my bum cheeks. Then pulled my knickers down round my ankles.

I was stunned and panicking caused me to freeze and not know what to do. His arm held my neck down on his desk. His other hand pulled his trouser zip down. I looked halkalı ucuz escort over my shoulder and saw him pull a long but skinny penis out of his fly and bring it towards me.

Instinctively I lifted my right leg up fast and backwards. I kicked him in the bollocks with my heel. He immediately fell on the floor.

“You nasty piece of work!” I said to him. “Gerd loves you and you treat her like shit.”

“Get out of here you slut, bitch, stupid cow, piss off. You are going to England now and that will be the end of you. You dick head!” I saw tears in his eyes as his bollocks were up inside his crutch.

I was sent on a training course for 6 weeks, and taught how to apply for jobs in the British secret service, how to use a transmitter to provide information to my superiors, how to put together a Luger pistol from parts hidden in my clothes and counterfeit pound notes so I could buy my way out of trouble.

I was allowed home for a few days before I was to be sent off on a mission. My brother Olaf was back home. He was a shadow of his former self. He told me about the horrors the Einsatzgruppen had carried out behind the German Army lines. Now the Army retreated on all fronts the soldiers became aware of the concentration camps, gas chambers and the holocaust. He said there was no food, ammunition, supplies or troops being sent to the front. Germany was going to lose the war, it was just a question of time. He went to push his hair off his forehead when I saw he had lost his right arm at the elbow.

“Ah! I keep forgetting that happened!” he said. “The Spanish troops fighting for the Germans in the Azul Division were recalled by their leader Franco. They had fought well, much better than we expected. But once they went home we were outnumbered and the Nordland Regiment was wiped out. I was sent back due to the injury to my arm. But it took me days to reach safety and by then to save me they had to remove my arm. I hugged him and cried and cried. My Mother and Father came and they hugged us too. Dad said;

“You will stay with us now. The Allies will win this war, you made a mistake helping the Jerrys. But we love you so you will change sides.”

“I don’t see that happening Papa.” I said. I have been conscripted into the Gestapo spying division. I am being sent to England in a few days.

“Well my girl.” Dad said. “You will be better staying in England till the war is over for safety. Get the Brits to protect you from Nazi spies or the Fifth Column hiding in the UK.”

A squad of Wehrmacht troops called round to our house a few days later. I was forcefully grabbed and pulled out the front door. My brother appeared with his military jacket over his shoulder. It had SS badges on his collar. The troops immediately apologised to him. His division was highly respected so when he told them I was his sister they immediately backed away and apologised for being rough. My Dad said:

“You will have to burn that jacket soon son. The SS have a very bad reputation and taken part in massacres and hate crime. Even though you have not, that jacket will tar you with the same brush!”

Luckily the soldiers did not hear that. I was escorted away. The next day I was on a fishing boat heading across the North Sea. It was sailed by Kriegsmarine German Navy sailors. I was dressed in fisherman’s clothes with a hat to hide my long blond hair, loose clothes to hide my boobs and female buttocks, just in case we were searched by the Royal Navy.

At night off the coast of Northumberland I was rowed ashore by the fishermen in a dinghy.

I threw my suitcase onto the beach and jumped out of the boat. I ran ashore in the dark and hid in the undergrowth until the sun came up.

I got out of my wet fishing clothes and changed into my civilian garments out of the suitcase. I wore a nice flowery dress which reached my knees, stockings and black shoes. I put in clips to hold my hair up as was the fashion at the time. I had no bra. My boobs had been wrapped up by a cloth wound around my chest to hide them. Now I was in England I unwrapped them but had no bra. I just went with it. The dress wasn’t see through and they kept their position halkalı üniversiteli escort well. So off I went. I had a forged railway ticket to take me to London. I boarded the train at Darlington after being given a lift by another Norwegian girl, Olga in Britain also working for the Nazis.

I walked down the train corridor looking into the compartments. My English was not wonderful so I decided to go in an empty one. I sat down relieved to finally be able to rest. As we set off I decided to put my suitcase up above the seat in the luggage rack.

As I reached up I saw the door to the compartment open and a lad wearing a school jacket stepped in. The train jerked unexpectedly and the lad grabbed my torso so he didn’t fall over. With both my arms up in the air holding my suitcase both his hands fastened on both my tits.

“Do you mind!” I said as the lad froze. His hands did not move.

“Ahem!” I said.

“Oh sorry!” the boy said. “It was just the train.” Then his hands squeezed my tits again as the train jerked forward.

“Oh sorry!” he said again

“Really?” I said to him. But he continued to hold on to me. I felt his packet press against my buttocks. I was poked between my butt cheeks by a big rod.

Once the train ran smoothly I said;

“You can let go now.”

“You’ve got no bra on?” The lad said.

“That’s none of your business!” I replied.

“Only women who fancy a bit of a good loving don’t wear a bra!” The lad said to me.

I brought my arms down off my suitcase and went to remove his hands off my chest. But without my notice he had undone very quickly all the buttons running from my collar to my waist, he then pulled open each side exposing my naked and massive tits.

“Wow” he said as he gripped my nipples and lowered his mouth on to my left boob.

The feeling of excitement was huge. The fear of being a spy in a foreign country plus the pleasure of having my tits sucked, really hit home. I fell back on to the train’s comfortable seat. I opened my eyes to see the lad closing the blinds over the compartment windows blocking the view from the corridor.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“You are gorgeous!” He said to me.

“Wait a minute!” I said. “Are you a school boy.” As I closed my dress top over my tits.

“No I’m a student at University.” He said. “I am 21 years of age. How old are you?”

He got on his knees in front of me. I didn’t register why he was doing that.

“I am 22 years old.” I said.

“Oh! just right!” The lad said.

I felt his hands grab the back of my knees. He pulled me forwards in my seat so my arse slid forward and came off the seat as my legs hit his chest. Before I could speak he jerked my legs wide apart and then upwards so I was on my back on the seat. My knees where pushed right up against my tits and he leaned on top of me so I was pinned down and could not move.

He leaned his head over my face and licked my lips before pushing his tongue in my mouth.

“Get off.” I said as I tried to push him off me. But his tongue dropped in my mouth and licked all around before pushing against my tongue.

His elbows were now behind my knees, so his hands dropped on my tits again and he squeezed and worked my nipples upwards. I was pinned down and being pleasured. I felt myself groan. As the pinching continued.

“See I told you women with no bra on definitely want a good seeing to.” The lad said to me.

“What is your name?” He said to me.

“Heidi” I said. “Who are you?”

“Trevor” he said.

His hands dropped behind my knees and he was able to lower his shoulders and put his head between my legs. His mouth closed in on my pussy. My cotton knickers prevented him getting his mouth directly on my private parts. I sighed in relief that he could not get his tongue inside me.

But then I suddenly felt my knickers being pulled down and off my legs.

I had not felt him stop holding my legs up in the air with his hands. I had stayed in position as he pulled my knickers off before realising I could get out of this situation. As I went to drop my legs and get up, haramidere escort his hands went back in place behind my knees and held me down. Plus his tongue slipped between my vagina flaps and began licking me out.

“Oh no, don’t.” I groaned.

“Too late!” Trevor said.

“No please I am a virgin, I am saving myself for my husband.” I said.

“Sorry but you are gorgeous and I am boiling over with lust. Just hope I might marry you because I am going to give it to you very hard, very soon. Your cherry will be popped on top of my big slice of hard fun cake.” He laughed.

His tongue worked up my slot and ticked the little man in his boat at the head of my parts. The little man (clitoris) stood up and came out. Trevor sucked him in his mouth and I felt my legs tighten up.

“Oh! What are you doing?” I said.

“You don’t now?” He said. “Maybe you are a virgin then after all!”

As he sucked my clitoris I bucked against him and felt myself shudder in pleasure as an Orgasm rippled through my body. With each lick I shuddered and came again and again. Eventually I opened my eyes and saw Trevor had dropped his trousers.

“Well hello Heidi!” he said to me.

“No don’t please!” I said with no intent behind what I said.

“You want it, don’t you? Trevor said.

“Ja, Ja, Yes” I said.

“I knew it” Trevor said.

His cock plunged into me and he began to work it in and out. His elbows were now back behind my knees again. After several strokes I felt something give way as my cherry went. Trevor plunged deep inside me as I cried out loud.


The pain was sharp as it ran up and down my spine. Trevor slowed down but continued to push his cock gradually deeper inside me. As he pushed the pain continued. Eventually I felt his balls slap my cunt. He was fully in me. He looked in my eyes and stayed in position fully inside me. I felt his cock twitch inside my chute.

“Can you feely that?” He said.

“Yes” I said. “What are you doing?”

I am one of the few blokes who can move my cock all by itself, as I felt his cock twitching away in my vagina.

“Oh that is nice!” I said. “Keep it moving!”

He moved his cock left and right and up and down while up my pussy. Then he began ploughing into to me again to maximum depth. But now the pain from losing my cherry had gone. It felt amazing to feel his cock power up and down my flange. I felt my muscles tingling again. And my legs gripped Trevor’s bottom as I orgasmed again and again against his tool.

He turned me over so my elbows now rested on the train seat. My naked bottom faced him.

“Have you ever done it doggy style?” Trevor said to me.

“I am a virgin I told you” I said.

“Hang on I remember once being bent over a desk and my skirt was pulled up over my arse.”

“Ah I see.” said Trevor.

“Well I kicked the guy trying to shag me in his goolies for trying that on with me.” I said.

Then two hands grabbed my hips holding them still as the big cock of Trevor’s passed between my arse cheeks and into my glory hole.

“Oh my…” I said as the enjoyable feeling of being taken from behind by a big cock going up me the deepest I had ever felt before he started up. He powered up and down my arse until I locked up and shuddered with yet another orgasm.

We made love several more times until the train pulled into Waterloo station, when the Transport Police came aboard and arrested me for being a German spy. I was locked up but I had not committed any crimes or provided the Germans with any secret information. In fact I provided the S.O.E. with lots of information about the German set up in Norway. I was kept safe within the secret service so the Germans could not try to seek revenge by executing me. Olga, the Norwegian woman who drove me to the station in Darlington had alerted the Secret Services about me telling them I did not want to spy and preferred to be protected, by phoning the Police. She knew I wanted to be kept safe by the English so I was glad she had acted as she did. I was found not to be a German spy and did not do any spy work on anyone. So once the war ended Trevor came on V.E. day in 1945, to meet me as I was released from custody and surprised him with our 6 months old baby girl who I had concieved on the train. We both returned to my Mother and Father’s home in Norway, Trevor loved Norway so much we stayed for the rest of our time together. To fit into the village he changed his name from Trevor to Thorsten. We lived happily ever after.


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