Daughter Finds My Literotica Incest Pt. 03


Welcome to our story. I have written this story with the fantastic help from Andrea. Her ideas and mine together brought us the inspiration to make this story as good as possible for your reading pleasure. Of course, constructive criticism is welcome, but if you do not like incest stories or our writing, I recommend you move on to a writer that appeals more to you. It is impossible to please all of you but we sure try. All participants in this story are consenting adults. Remember this is a joint writing pleasure and pleasure it was!

Thank you


As you will already know by now if you’ve read the first two parts of this story, my beautiful daughter Kristina had found my incest story, got turned on by it and this led to some magical moments between father and daughter.

In the second part we went shopping for some sexy clothes and try to make new, exciting moments so that we could write about it together. The adult apparel shop we went to also had a Glory Hole cinema where the owner (Andrea) invited us to enjoy ourselves. We went in there as “Sugar Daddy” and “Kitten”, obviously not as a real father and daughter, but in the end we could not fool Andrea.

Before we left the cinema, we had some great sex to write about! Andrea gave us her card on which she had written a note to contact her if we were interested in another visit in private this time, and she let on that she knew we were really father and daughter. This turned us on immensely and Kristina wanted us to contact her as she wants to explore all about lots of different aspect of sex, for the little minx there are no taboos she won’t explore!

Part 3 of our story starts here:

On the next day my wife Chrissy was chatting with me, or rather at me, I was trying to listen, but all I could think about was seeing what mischief we could get up to with Andrea, when she informed me that for the next few weekends she would have to go out of town to help her sister as she had just been in hospital for some minor surgery which left her unable to do any manual jobs around the house. As her sister lives two hours’ drive away from us, it would be better if my wife stayed over there for the weekend, leaving Friday night and back after work on Monday.

This really excited me, it was hard to maintain my now natural air of disinterest, remembering to nod and hmmm in the right places. Kristina and I were discovering each other physically and sexually and we wanted to be able to write many stories so this were going to be a great opportunity. I told Chrissy I would miss her terribly, but I understood that it was necessary and that she was a true angel for offering to help. I couldn’t help it when a vision of my wife and Kristina in a close embrace flashed across my mind!

When Kristina eventually got up out of bed and came down to the kitchen, we told her she would be stuck with me alone for the next three weekends at least, possibly longer. She looked at her mom, pouted and said, “What! Stuck with Dad, he better listen to me then!”

We all laughed out loud and my wife responded, “You see! I think you are in trouble honey, do try not to let her wrap her around your little finger, you will have to be strict!”

“Of course, I will be strict, you know me” I laughed, “I will deal with this little minx — I’ll put her over my knee if I have to!” Chrissy began to laugh after a nervous split second, did I see a flash of excitement in her eyes then?

My wife got ready and left for work. Kristina snuggled close to me as soon as the door clicked shut and started to puuuurrrrr, whispering in my ear, “Daddy, we should call that lady Andrea from the shop. I would love to meet her again and try new things with her…..and you of course!”

“Kristina, you really are very naughty, your mum might have forgotten something, behave yourself!! I will call Andrea later this morning I promise, now let me work, I have to work to do, please!”

She puuuuurrrreeeddd again in my ear, nibbled on it and said, “Ok Daaaaaaadddddddyyyyy! I will let you work but think what you are missing!” and with those words she left me, my cock beginning to stir again.

Later that morning I found the business card I had been given and called Andrea, “Hello is that, Andrea!”

“Yes, this is Andrea speaking, how may I help?”, said the rather sultry voice on the other end of the phone.

“This is Lucas from the Daddy/Daughter team. Do you remember us? You gave us your number to call if we would be interested in meeting up with you again.”

“Oh yes, how could I ever forget you and your sexy daughter?”

“My Daughter Kristina was impressed by your hospitality and is very curious to know more about you.”

“Lucas, what a great surprise, I wasn’t certain if you would have called back. I was so afraid that you would have been scared knowing that I understood that she was your real daughter. Etiler Escort She is very pretty….and so are you if I may say so. Of course, I would love to meet both of you, when did you have in mind?”

“For the next three weekends my wife will be away at her sisters so we are free anytime you would like between Friday and Monday. Do you have any ideas, we are very open minded and my daughter wants to learn new things and meet new people, she is definitely in her exploration phase!”

“Lucas that’s such great news! Would you like to join me for dinner, Saturday, my place, let’s say 6pm, give me time to get the shop closed and get home and slip into something more uncomfortable.”

Uncomfortable… did I hear that right? I pressed on anyway.

“We would be delighted to come for dinner, is there anything you need us to bring!”

“Just yourselves and your smiles!”

We continued doing some small talk, she gave me her address which of course I started to Google while I was finishing the call, it looked like an amazing old house, possibly an old country vicarage, but not too far away on the edge of town. I hung up and went to find Kristina to inform her we had an upcoming dinner date on Saturday with Andrea. Kristina was all jumpy and gave me the most beautiful French kiss possible, the problem with that though was that she was wearing her bikini and I ended up with an almost instant hardon, but I pulled myself together, left my little teaser on her own deciding what to wear, I really wanted to refrain from doing anything naughty with her today.


The week went by very slowly and the anticipation just kept on building past any level I had ever known. Friday came around eventually and my wife left for the weekend having been suitably hugged and kissed and left me at the mercy of my daughter. I had to push Kristina away has I wanted to try keep all that excitement for our dinner date the next day.

At last, it was Saturday evening and time to get ready. Kristina took a shower, taking ages as usual, just what do young girls do in the shower? She appeared, an absolute vision of sex, dressed in a tight, short red dress that shaped her body beautifully. I could tell instantly that she was not wearing any lingerie underneath, the dress displaying those perky round tits with their perfect nipples, and her beautiful firm peachy ass. If I took her out in town, she would stop traffic!

I got ready and dressed myself, choosing a dark blue pair of dress pants and a pale pink summer short sleeve shirt without any underwear either. Once were ready, I grabbed the car keys and giving Kristina a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, we left the house. On the way my daughter was very quiet and this got me a little worried, was she having second thoughts?

“Kristina, are you ok? You haven’t said a word since we left the house. Are you certain you are good with this; we can go back home if you want to sweetie?”

“No Daddy! I am very ok, I am just too excited and don’t know really what to expect, but I do want to carry on, Andrea was very sexy and I’m looking forward to having my first time with a woman.”

“Ok Honey you had me worried, but if you want to leave at any point, just let me know, we can go right away”

My beautiful daughter looked over at me, she put her hand under her dress and when it came out, putting her finger on my lips, she said, “See how excited I am!”


Meanwhile in Andrea’s house:

“Lucy! I have told you already several times, please ensure everything is ready for dinner as you know we will be having guests and they do not know you are here. Tonight, as usual, you must follow my orders. They will soon find out that you are my daughter. The gentleman is bringing his own daughter as I explained to you. I’m sure you will think she is very petite and cute, just like you!”

“Mummy! Do they know you are into BDSM? And that I am devoted to your pleasure?”

“No Lucy, they don’t know any of this, well not yet anyway, but they did say they are very open to all sorts of new stuff. Basically during dinner, I will start slowly by giving you orders and we will see what happens as dinner progresses, and what they think of me giving you orders, if I’m right, it will turn them on greatly!

“I love that mummy, I can’t wait!”

Andrea and Lucy worked hard preparing the dinner and once all was in hand and she felt she could trust Lucy to finish it off properly, Andrea went upstairs in her rather large house to prepare her bedroom for the evening, laying out various special toys and a couple of leather harnesses. She could feel the wetness building between her legs already.

Andrea had just about finished Fatih Escort getting ready for the evening when she heard a knock at the door. She trusted that Lucy would be a proper maid and greet her guests.

We walked up to Andrea’s front door feeling very excited, walking hand in hand and knocked hard. After only a few seconds, the door opened and we were greeted by lovely young lady with shoulder length auburn hair, deep thoughtful brown eyes, I guessed that she must be about 5’5″ and no more than 110lbs. She was wearing a black leather apron that went down to her knee and a little black, almost see-through tight skirt. She looked absolutely gorgeous, after we had taken in her beauty, we both looked at each other, unsure if we had arrived at the right house as we did not expect anyone else to be here. I couldn’t help but wonder if Andrea had employed a maid for the evening to try and impress us. Well, if that’s what she was trying, it was certainly working. I felt Kristina squeeze my hand a little in excitement. Then the girl began to speak, “Hi! Welcome, I am Lucy, Andrea’s daughter. Please come in! Mumm will be down shortly; she is expecting you!”

“Hi Lucy! Sorry we weren’t expecting anyone else to be here tonight, you caught us off guard then, but we are very pleased to meet you!”, I managed to reply, feeling my erection beginning to stir.

Kristina and I looked at each other with a just twinge of disappointment, both thinking the same thought, that maybe tonight nothing will happen and Andrea just wants to check us out socially in company and to make friends for now.

From the top of the rather grand staircase, Andrea appeared, looking like an absolute vision in a form fitting leather knee length dress, and she walked across the hall to great us. “Hello Lucas! I see you met my daughter! She has been looking forward to meeting you guys, I told her all about how cool you guys were!”

Then she moved close to me and gave me a beautiful, light but long-lasting kiss. She then turned around and did the same to Kristina, but this time I am sure I saw her tongue brush Kristina’s lips and my daughter responded positively.

Andrea then broke the kiss and offered us a drink. We said a glass of wine each would be lovely. Andrea looked sternly at her daughter and ordered, “Lucy! Be obedient and fetch us some wine and bring it to the kitchen. You can also bring a glass for you and we will decide if you can drink it later!”

We must have looked surprised at this, as Andrea looked at us and said, “She is to obey my orders tonight and she will do exactly as I say! She is very obedient! Kristina, are you obedient as well?”

“I’m sorry, I have never experienced taking orders, so I don’t really know what to say!”, replied to my daughter, a little flustered.

“Dearest Kristina, I’m sure we can discuss this further during diner and explain what you have to do so you can learn a bit more, what do you think Lucas!”, asked Andrea then.

“I do generally like to lead and also sometimes under special circumstances I can be obedient to another mistress shall I say!”, I replied.

I could feel Kristina looking at me as if to say, “What the f…!”

“What a good boy you are! Heheheheh”, chuckled Andrea, giving me a knowing look.

We followed Andrea into the kitchen, while I managed to get a better look at her ass in the very tight blue leather dress she was wearing. The setting was like something out of an interior design magazine, candles of all sizes were everywhere, the table was set beautifully, the smell was out of this world. There was a little round glass topped table in the middle of the kitchen with four chrome and leather chairs.

Lucy arrived carrying a tray and four glasses of white wine, which were chilled to perfection and a platter of cheese and pate. “Where would you like me to put the platter of cheese, Miss Andrea?”

“In the middle of the table Lucy, good girl! For this you can have a sip of wine!”, replied to the girl’s mother.

Andrea then started to explain to Kristina that when her daughter was in this role, she had to call her “Miss Andrea” and if she not she would be punished. Kristina was very curious and asked her what type of punishment she would get. Andrea answered that it varied with different infractions, it could be not eating or drinking, being sent to the corner on her knees, having to lick Andrea’s feet and more severe punishments if warranted.

At that moment we understood that Andrea and Lucy had the same type of relationship as us which made us even more at ease. I could feel that this was going to be a good evening. We made small talk for a while on numerous issues but mostly there was a lot of teasing going on.

Andrea kept cuddling up to Kristina and had previously ordered Lucy to ensure that her other guest, me, was comfortable. So, Lucy kept rubbing herself against me when serving me and I was returning the favour by rubbing her beautiful Halkalı Escort round ass, while she made no attempt at all to move away form my touch.

Lucy had finished serving dinner, which was exquisite, steak in a mushroom and creamy white wine sauce and while we were savouring the delicious food I felt a foot on my crotch, it was Andrea.

“Lucy! Be a good girl and show us parents how you French kiss a girl. Why don’t you kiss Kristina for our viewing pleasure!”, Andrea commanded her daughter. Kristina didn’t appear to object to being used as a prop for our entertainment as the smile on her face begin to widen instantly.

“Yes Miss Andrea! Right away!”, replied Lucy.

Lucy got close up to Kristina, pulled my daughter towards herself and placed her lips on Kristina’s. They started to kiss quite passionately, quite quickly. I could see that Kristina was getting very turned on by all of this, she placed her hand on the inside of Lucy’s leg. Lucy spread her legs a little wider in order to let Kristina’s hand travel further up her stocking clad thigh.

Andrea was watching intently and ordered them to stop before it went too far. She then told Lucy to clean up the table and bring dessert for everyone.

Lucy came back a minute or two later after taking the last pots, with strawberry cup topped with whipped cream covered in a light chocolate coulis. Andrea took the first strawberry from her bowl, looked lasciviously at Kristina and with the most erotic movement tasted and bit into the strawberry.

Taking the strawberry away from her lips she said, “Tonight Kristina, I have decided you will be initiated into some light BDSM and as for you Lucas, you can’t participate for now, you can just watch!”

My cock started to grow again as I anticipated the thought of what I was going to see Kristina go through.

“Lucy! Fetch me my restraint harness please and be quick about it! It’s on my bed.”, ordered Andrea of her beautiful sexy daughter.

Lucy went upstairs to the bedroom and came back with a leather harness, made of crisscrossing straps and covered in lockable buckles. When she returned Andrea ordered Lucy to fit it on Kristina in such a way as her hands tied behind her. Then she instructed Lucy to spoon feed Kristina with her dessert and between each strawberry to kiss her for our entertainment. All of this combined with the candlelight and the soft music was so erotic, I had ended up with a serious erection, making my dress pants very tight.

While I was watching the girls kissing, Andrea grabbed my hands and pulled me over to her. As I got close to her she spread her legs and told me to play with her pussy until she said stop. I put my hand in between her legs and felt the beautiful smooth skin around her pussy, my fingers searching between her moist folds for her clit. As I rubbed her there, my thumb pushed against her opening and slowly slid inside. I gently circled it around her vagina while my fingers teased her.

“Lucy, take all your clothes off, but leave the apron on!”, commanded Andrea as I carried on playing with her.

Lucy immediately ripped off her clothes which it seems were only fastened with Velcro fasteners! She was completely naked under the apron and looked even more delicious than she had before. Her slim, toned, sexy body was a delight to look at, and those firm perky breasts with small but very hard pierced nipples were just perfect.

Andrea ordered her daughter slave to untie Kristina and to remove all of her clothes, then to tie her back up again. Kristina looked over at me and I could tell she was so excited.

Lucy retrieved the key to the harness locks and unfastened Kristina, allowing her to stand up once more. Lifting the bottom of the tight red dress, Lucy pulled it up above my daughter’s head, revealing her naked body in all its glory. I could tell Andrea and Lucy were very impressed with what they could see. Lucy just couldn’t resist running her hands over Kristina’s tummy and her small but perfect breasts.

Once she was naked Kristina was reharnessed by Lucy, still with her hands tied behind her. I knew she was loving this; it seems we had discovered a definite interest here. I made a mental note to visit Andrea’s shop to purchase some bondage items for use on my daughter over then next few weekends while my wife was away.

“Kristina! Be an obedient little girl and come and lick my feet!”, commanded her new Mistress.

“Yes Andrea!”, she replied.

“It is Miss Andrea to you; don’t you forget that bitch! For that Lucy will slap your ass twice!”

Lucy walked up behind Kristina and slapped each ass cheek in quick succession. Kristina yelped more in shock I think than in pain, the blows didn’t seem too hard to me.

“I’m sorry Miss Andrea, forgive me for being a bad girl please!”, Kristina replied to Andrea.

“That is better girl, now lick my feet!”

Kristina lowered herself slowly to Andrea’s feet and used her shoulder to rest on the floor as her hands were tied behind her back, strapped into the leather harness. While she kissed Andrea’s feet, I was given new orders.

“Now Lucas! Get undressed and show these girls what they will not be getting tonight. Then you can make yourself useful and clean the table!” I pulled my tongue away from Andrea’s by now soaking pussy and stood up.

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