Daughter’s Slumber Party Pt. 07


With the start of the new school year, Rita, Judi, and Courtney were the 3 seniors who were leading the cheerleading squad, and Rita came home with Judi and Courtney, all flushed and excited, and told me some hot news.

“Hey Mom, guess what? Courtney, Judi, and I have the honor of selecting the girls who will join the cheerleading squad. Since we are the 3 seniors, we get to decide which ones will join us. They have to have the right attitude, be athletic enough for the moves, and be able to keep in rhythm with the rest of the squad. There are 4 vacancies, and the final 4 will get a special initiation, which will be held in my bedroom, and we want you to be on the initiation. Can you guess what that initiation will be?”

Rita and her friends grinned at me, oh yes, I got the message. The 4 selections were going to get their asses paddled, and with Courtney, Judi, Rita, and I wielding the spanking instruments, we were going to make some sexy teen asses glow red.

“Mmmm, that sounds like a spanking good time,” I said, with a laugh.

The three girls giggled, and Courtney replied, “Oh yes, that’s what it’s gonna be. We have 40 possible candidates, the cheerleading squad is very popular, and there’s always a long list of girls who want to join. We should have the 4 lucky ladies ready by the weekend, and we’ll bring them over for an all-night sleepover initiation. It’ll be easy to make them believe it’s part of the team-building attitude. Then, if any of them chicken out, we can mention that there are 36 girls that didn’t make the team, that would be more than happy to take their place.”

A week later, and Rita reported to me that the 4 final choices were ready and that they’d be staying over Friday night. She gave me her cell phone, which had pictures of the final four, and my mouth watered. Dru Wasserman was a long-legged, black-haired 18-year-old cutie, with big brown eyes, luscious tits, and a sexy set of hips that I’d love to lick between.

Next up, Gabrielle Schoffelle was an 18-year-old French exchange student, who was eager to fit into the USA school culture. Umm, that thick mop of blonde hair, green eyes, and that full, not fat body, with nice big melon-sized breasts, and the sexy curve of her hips, oh yeah, I looked forward to paddling her sexy rear.

Next, Glenda Johnston was an 18-year-old redhead, with a wild mane of fiery redness, and blue eyes, she was the same size and shape as Rita, at 5’7″ tall and 120 pounds. Except for the red hair, Glenda could have been a twin for Rita, and her curves and shape were just as sexy as my own daughter’s.

And last but not least, Tabitha Beckman rounded out the selection, and oh she was something. Russet colored hair in a pageboy style, the hazel eyes just seemed full of fire and spirit, that 18-year-old body had a nice set of perky tits and a sexy flair to her hips. Ummm, paddling her then licking and fucking her, oh, I wanted that, I hoped those fiery eyes spoke of the fire of her sex. I could feel the juices of my lust start churning.

Early Friday evening, the 4 girls arrived, and oh god, seeing them in person was just a huge turn-on. The idea of whipping those sexy teen asses made my pussy a horny cauldron. Rita, Judi, and Courtney greeted them and escorted them upstairs. Rita nodded to me, and I went quickly gaziantep escort bayan to my bedroom and stripped naked. I donned my sexy red see-thru set of panties and breezed into Rita’s room. The look of surprise on the faces of the 4 new members was priceless when they saw Rita’s Mom, almost naked and with a hungry, lust-fueled expression.

“Okay ladies, you’ve passed all the tests required, now it’s time for initiation,” Rita proclaimed. “You will have to get naked, and let us give you our initiation ritual.”

Tabitha Beckman looked very interested, oh yeah, her eyes were full of that fiery spirit. Dru Wasserman looked curious but cautious. Gabrielle Schoffelle and Glenda Johnston however, looked like they wanted no part of it.

Glenda spoke up, “What if we don’t want to take part in this initiation?”

Rita said, “No problem, you don’t have to.” At their relieved looks, she added, “Of course, you will no longer be a member of the cheerleading squad. We have 36 other girls, who would be more than happy to take your place. It is your decision. One more thing, whatever goes on here tonight, you are to tell NO ONE. That is final, NO ONE. If we find out that you did, there will be serious consequences.”

Rita put the right amount of menace in her voice, to let them know that they’d better keep their mouths shut, even if they chickened out.

Tabitha had already peeled off her T-shirt, and her bra quickly joined her discarded top. Mmmm, oh yeah, such nice, perky tits, with rose-colored, stiff nipples, I could see the gleam of lust in her eyes, oh yeah, she looked more than ready. Dru looked at Tabitha, decided that she had to at least try it out, and she started stripping also. Glenda and Gabrielle looked at each other, then started to slowly strip, Rita was right, a spot on the cheerleading team was a very coveted position if it could coax them into the initiation ritual we had planned.

Soon we had 4 naked, very sexy teens, umm, the view was a feast for the eyes. Rita, Courtney, and Judi grinned at each other, then they stripped down until each of us was wearing the same style of see-thru red panties. Tabitha’s eyes were wide and eager, looked like she couldn’t wait for what was coming, her perky nipples were erect and stiff, her face was getting flushed and I could see the fire in her eyes. Dru was eyeing the naked bodies of her other 3 squadmates, and then we four, Gabrielle and Glenda looked nervous but wanting to go through with it. Tabitha and Dru had bare, smooth pussies, umm, the pink trails revealed, oh yeah, I needed to lick at those tight pink holes. Glenda had a sparse, well-trimmed muff, while Gabrielle had a full-on bush, hmmm, we’d have to take care of that, later. Now, was the time for spanking, we were more than ready to paddle those sexy asses, and start the special initiation.

“Okay girls, here’s how we start. All of you on the bed, on hands and knees, and form a square with your bodies.” Rita ordered.

As they did so, Courtney grinned and produced 4 sets of handcuffs. Rita went over to her dresser, and with a smile, she pulled out all our instruments of pleasure. The riding crop, solid wooden yardstick, blackboard pointer, and the leather thong whip. The butt plugs were readied for use, and my daughter and her best gaziantep escort telefonları friends soon had the girls handcuffed, each to the girl next to her, and sexy rumps upthrust, I could see all of us were hot and eager to turn that creamy white skin into the throbbing, red glow of a well-spanked ass.

I chose the riding crop and took a spot behind Gabrielle, that smooth white skin of her ass made my mouth water. I watched Rita take the thong whip, and take a place behind Glenda, Courtney took the yardstick, and stood behind Dru, with Judi took the pointer, and took a spot behind Tabitha.

“Okay girls, get ready, initiation starts now.”

With that, all four of us swung our spanking toys, and four howls of pain filled the air, as we connected. We pulled back, and quickly swung again, more cries of pain sounded. On the third swing, I heard a grunt, it sounded like at least one of the girls was getting into it. I watched with satisfaction as I saw 3 red stripes across the smooth white cheeks of Gabrielle’s ass. We switched, and I was now behind Tabitha, while Rita took Gabrielle, Courtney took Glenda, and Judi took Dru. I saw the marks across Tabitha’s ass, and I swung my crop, eager to add my own.

At the fourth whap across her ass, Tabitha let out a loud moan, and grunted, “Yes, oh yes, feels so good. Paddle me, Mommy, spank me, I’ve been such a bad girl, tan my naughty, misbehaving ass.”

That fired my lust up, and I whipped her ass a fifth time, she let out a grunt, and panted, “Yes, so good, so good, spank me harder!”

I delivered a very hard stroke, and she growled, “Oh yes, just like that, oh fuck, feels so good!”

Dru was also letting out cries of what sounded like pleasure, and she pushed her ass up as much as possible after every stroke as if inviting the next stroke of the yardstick. I watched Judi, her face alive with pleasure, as she paddled Dru’s ass.

Gabrielle was almost silent, letting out little gasps as Rita paddled her ass, bearing the spanking as best she could. Glenda was letting out little cries with each stroke against her ass, I was hoping that it was the start of building pleasure.

We changed again, and this time, I was behind Glenda, while Rita moved over to Tabitha, Judi was ready to give it to Gabrielle, and Courtney grinned as she took position behind Dru. I saw the 6 red stripes, the red glow suffusing Glenda’s cheeks, and we all swung together.

The crop smacked hard against Glenda’s cheeks, her body jerked, but her moan sounded a lot more pleasure-filled.

Rita swung the whip, and as the leather thongs connected with her ass, Tabitha let out a shriek, and yelled, “YES, YES, I FUCKING LOVE IT, WHIP MY ASS, FFUUCCCKKK!”

Courtney swung the hard wooden yardstick, and a loud whap sounded as she paddled Dru’s ass. Dru growled, and whispered, “Mmmm that’s feeling better, spank my ass.”

Judi swung the pointer and administered the seventh stroke to Gabrielle’s ass. She let out a moan, and started to mutter words softly, in French, we had no idea what they meant, but she wiggled her sexy ass as if inviting the next stoke. Judi was happy to oblige, and Gabrielle let out a louder moan as the pointer again smacked her ass, and started babbling loudly gaziantep escort videoları in French.

As Courtney gave Dru the ninth stroke, she growled and said, “Yes, punish me, oh fuck, I’ve been bad, punish my ass, paddle me hard!”

Tabitha was letting out howls of sheer pleasure with each strike against her cheeks, and we switched again. I could see the fiery red glow of Dru’s ass, the evidence of nine hard spankings.

Dru growled, “Oh yes, is Mommy going to spank me, I’ve been just as bad as Tabitha!”

“Oh yes, Mommy’s going to give your ass what you deserve, you bad girl!” I said, my pulse pounding.

I saw Tabitha, with Courtney ready to deliver, and she cried out, “Oh fuck, yes, paddle my ass, fuck it feels so good, spank me hard!”

Courtney swung the yardstick, making a solid smacking sound against Tabitha’s ass, and Tabitha howled, “YES, YES, PADDLE MY ASS HARD!”

I whipped the crop against Dru, and she growled, “Yes, oh god yes, give it to me Mommy, spank my naughty ass hard!”

Judi started to paddle Glenda, she was letting out sighs and moans of pleasure, while Gabrielle was also letting out pleasure-filled cries as Rita delivered strokes of the leather thong whip, tanning Gabrielle’s sexy ass.

We had administered a total of twelve stokes to each of the girls, and we stopped, and circled the scene, admiring our handiwork. The dark crimson glow, the bright pink stripe marks, the sexy asses were fiery, burning globes, throbbing with the stinging pain.

“Who do you want the most?”, Rita whispered to me.

“Gabrielle, that sexy little French sweetheart!” I whispered back.

Rita announced, “Very good girls, you passed part 1 of the initiation, there is still more of the initiation, prepare yourselves.”

Judi really wanted Tabitha, while Courtney took Dru, and Rita took Glenda. Each of us took a butt plug and got the girls ready. Gabrielle grunted as I gripped her well-spanked cheeks, pulling them apart, seeing that tight little pucker hole, and my tongue quickly slithered up that sexy tight rim, and back down again.

Gabrielle let out a loud gasp, and muttered, “Sacrebleu!”, as I did it again, she moaned and whispered, “mmm, oh feels so good!” Her grasp of the English language had returned, hearing her cute French accent made my pulse pound.

Tabitha cooed, “Ohhh yes, oh god, feels so good, lick my asshole baby!” as Judi gave Tabitha’s ass hole a hot, wet licking.

Dru growled, “Oh god, that feels so fucking good, keep licking my ass!” as Courtney nestled her face in between the spread cheeks, and licked at her tight pucker.

Glenda was beyond coherent speech, gasping and grunting, as Rita eagerly licked at her tight hole. We pulled back, smiled at each other, and took the plugs. Nudging them against the girls, we pushed, hard, and cries of mixed pain and pleasure filled the room as four sexy teen ass holes were split open, tight walls held apart by the hard rubber plugs, as we buried them to the base, their assholes closing around the stem, keeping the plugs securely in place.

Tabitha, Dru, and Glenda were letting out cries and growls of pleasure, while Gabrielle was letting out little cries. l leaned in, and whispered softly to her, hoping she wasn’t in pain. She opened her eyes, smiled at me, and assured me.

“It was just such a shock, and it took a little bit to loosen up, but now it’s starting to feel really good” she cooed.

I looked over at Rita, saw the worried expression, smiled, and gave her a thumbs up. She relaxed, she didn’t want any of the 4 new cheerleaders injured, and she was ready to announce the next phase of initiation.

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