Dave’s Story: Man of the House


This is my first written submission here and the first time I’ve published my story publicly. I don’t pretend to be a polished writer, nevertheless the events are true with only minor details changed to protect identities or to compress the timeline.

While reading, imagine you’re reading my journal rather than some fantastically crafted tale.

I invite any comments and constructive critiques that might help the story flow better for reading.

I may add more stories if this is well received. I would be happy to share more of my story in the future as there is more to tell.

The characters engaged in sexual activity in this story are all over the age of eighteen.


Mom got up from the table and hurried into the kitchen. In the silence I could hear her softly sobbing.

I followed in after her and found her at the sink, hands on the countertop edge with her head sunk low. I walked up behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and buried my face in the curve between her shoulder and neck. We stood there for a moment in silence until her hands began to softly pet the tops of my hands. And we just stood there.

The aroma of her soft skin began to inspire me and I puckered my lips and gave her neck a soft peck. Then a second. Then a third. I turned my head ever so slightly and did the same on her shoulder. Which each peck the smack of my lips became more audible. The pace of which she was petting my hands quickened and her hand, not-so-subtly drew mine up to the motherly mounds that adorned her chest. As I gently kneaded her breasts over her thin camisole top I lifted my head from her shoulder to her cheek and resumed my kissing. I’m certain she could now feel my hardening cock rubbing against the soft flesh of her bum.

She didn’t stay in this position much longer and turned with a quick pirouette, gazing into my eyes.

With my arms firmly around her waist I held her tight against my body. Then in a flash our lips smashed together! Lip to lip we kissed, tilting our heads from side to side as though we were teenagers under the high school bleachers. I felt the tip of her tongue and electricity shot through my being. I reciprocated, cradling the back of her head while drawing her closer with my right arm. My stiff cock was now pressed against her and she moaned with approval.

“Take me David! I want you to take me, please.”

I pulled back, looking deeply into her eyes and cracked a slight grin.

So you may be asking yourself, “How did it get to this point?” Well, let me take you back a couple of years earlier to 1990.

I had just finished my 2nd year of college, just a few credits short of an associates degree in business. I had settled into life in Maryland at this point and didn’t “go home” for the summers like many of my friends did. Oh, I planned to go back to Wisconsin for a couple of weeks for a visit, but I enjoyed my freedom and was completely self-sufficient at this point.

We were a small family. Not from Wisconsin but my father found a job there after leaving the Marine Corp some years earlier. So it was just the 4 of us until I went off to college.

Growing up my father was strict. He was a Marine and raised us as such, as you can imagine. Though we weren’t physically abused I took the corporal punishment I earned on several occasions, but he was verbally stern. In today’s terms he would undoubtedly be called abusive. Mom took the worst of the verbal assaults and his chronic alcoholism only made matters worse.

My kid sister Julia was sweet. Five years younger than me, we had a fairly uneventful relationship growing up. Whenever she got in trouble and our father yelled at her she would come hang out with me in my room and we would talk until we fell asleep.

My mom. Jane, was the reason for who I had become. She was always supportive of us kids and always loving. She would attend every game or event my sister or I had through school and served as the buffer between my father and us kids. She helped me apply for scholarships when the time came and she drove me to make something of myself.

It was a surprise by many when my father decided he’d had enough and left mom and Julia. After 23 yrs of marriage he left my mom and kid sister divorced at 42 and 15 without a father at home.

Though it truly was a relief the initial shock hit me hard and it was all I could do to finish the final week of my sophomore year once I heard the news. I called my mom;

“Mom? What the hell is going on?!”

“Well, David, your father decided to leave.”, her voice cracking through each syllable.

“Yeah. I just heard. Julia called when he walked out. What the fuck?”

“You know how he is David. And it’s only gotten worse since you’ve been away. I just had enough…I…I…are you still planning to come out for a couple of weeks at the end of the month?”, quickly changing the subject.

“Hell yes. I’m moving that up now because of this. I’ll be out after this next week.”

We chatted a bit more and when mom couldn’t talk anymore she put Julia on.

– – – bursa eskort – –

“That son of a bitch!” I must have said those words a million times on the drive from College Park to Madison. This man has the nerve to just up and leave his family and not look back?

When I pulled up to the house mom and Julia rushed out to see me. “David!”, as they both swarmed me, embracing me around the waist and neck as though to never let me go and showered in kisses.

We made our way into the house. We talked. A lot. We had supper. We talked some more.

Almost 30 years later I can still remember every detail of that day though I won’t get into that here. But it was a good time to get reacquainted with these two lovely ladies in my life.

“Julia, mom and I are going for a walk.”

The 8 o’clock sky still had light and the mid-June temperature in Wisconsin was great. As mom and I walked around the neighborhood she gave me more detail into what happened. It turns out my father had a mistress for quite a while and became more and more unbearable to the point mom told him to get out of her life. I put my arm around her to comfort her and assured her things would be alright.

“Mom, I’m gonna stay.”

“Well of course honey. You just got here. Two weeks, right?”

I replied, “No. I mean I’m going to stay and take care of you two.”

She pushed away from me with a puzzled look on her face. “No honey. You can’t. You’re in school. You have to finish your degree. You have a life in Maryland.”

“No mom, none of that matters right now. This is where I belong, taking care of the ladies in my life. I wasn’t really asking. So what do you think, do you mind if I move back in?”

“Oh honey!”, her eyes welled up with tears and she gave me the biggest bear hug I’ve had in the longest time.

In the middle of July I finished my last trip from Maryland having moved all my belongings back home and tying up loose ends. What my mom didn’t tell me is that my father had been in contact with her over the last couple weeks picking up some of his stuff. The day I pulled up to the house he was there. In his usual dickhead way he was barking orders and being obtuse. I couldn’t tolerate it. This is my house now and these are MY ladies.

“What’s going on ‘dad’?” I asked with deliberate sarcasm.

“Mind your own business boy. I’m trying to make sure I got all my shit.” was his reply. It was obvious he had been drinking.

“Yeah? What else do you have to pickup? Let me help you get it all now. One time.”

“I got it all son. And don’t you worry about it or I’ll set you on your fucking ass.” And with that he turned back to mom and resumed his shouting at her.

Something came over me at that moment and I got between him and mom, right in his face. “You have all your shit so get the fuck outta here and don’t come back! Or I’ll put you on YOUR ass!”, with my finger raised and just inches from his nose.

I have no idea where that came from. Truth be told my father could probably get the best of me 99% of the time. But not this day. Not in the mood I was in.

We stared each other down. Our eyes like daggers piercing into each other’s very being.

Then Bill broke the silence with a degenerate snicker. “Yeah, ok boy.” Was all he could summon and he turned to get in his truck.

“I mean it. Don’t come back, EVER!” I shouted at the back of his head.

As he drove away I stared down the road for as long as I could see his truck until it disappeared out of sight. I was shaking with a surge of adrenaline and my entire head was burning with rage. Mom rushes into my arms and a flood of tears quickly followed.

From that moment on, I was the “man of the house”. These ladies were now my responsibility, though I didn’t realize that this could evolve into caretaker, daddy or lover.

By the end of that summer I had settled in to my new role and landed a nice job with a construction company making good money. I wasn’t able to support the entire household on my own, but I was the breadwinner. A position I felt very comfortable in along with a sense of self-pride taking care of my family.

– – – – –

Over the next several months mom and I became very comfortable in our new roles, me, the man around the house, and she, the loving, doting matriarch in the home. Unexpectedly, sexual tensions in the house increased. But we quickly became comfortable around each other as mom accepted me as an adult now. That new found comfort created more open and candid conversation. The way we dressed around each other also became more casual and body contact became more frequent and a little provocative.

– In conversation mom would ask me about girls and inquire about how serious I may be with any of them. It seemed like she wanted to ask about my sex life, but her uneasiness with broaching the subject with her son was evident. But she did mention on more than one occasion that she hadn’t had sex in “quite a while”. A couple of years as it turns out.

I didn’t spend much time on building any serious relationships bursa escort bayan as I wanted to focus on work but at the same time I did take almost any opportunity to have a good time with girls I’d meet. As I grew more comfortable with intimate topics, I started to drop innuendo here and there about my sex life and enjoyed seeing mom’s reaction.

– In the way we dressed around each other, mom had no proclivities in wearing her sleep attire around the house in the morning without any bra or panties. Catching a peek at her side boob or butt cheeks may have been what stirred my sexual feelings for her.

In return I started walking around the house commando, in sweatpants or shorts. It was difficult to mask my arousal in this state of dress, though I hoped my chub would be noticed by mom.

– Our body contact was the most noticeable change. Hugs were longer. Tighter. Warmer. Sometimes my hands would settle around her waist. Her 5’8″ frame fitting perfectly against mine when we embraced with her head resting in my neck, just below my chin.

Kissing went from quick pecks on the cheek to kisses on the lips that lingered a little longer. Kisses were a little wetter too and as time went on, eye contact. Serious eye contact.

Besides hugs and kisses there was frequent touches. Mom might lean over me and allow her breasts to brush against my arm. I might try to squeeze past her in the kitchen or hall allowing my cock to brush against her behind. And if we were watching TV it wasn’t unusual for us to be snuggled up on the couch. Too often to be coincident, she would tap me on the thigh as though to get my attention. The “tap” would be suspiciously high on my thigh, sometimes Quite near where my cock had settled down the leg of my shorts.

Looking back, these behaviors were more frequent and more obvious when my kid sister wasn’t around. For myself I was absolutely intentional about that. This went on for over a year and only intensified the sexual tension between mom and I.

– – – – –

As time wore on, the more I grew into my role as man of the house. This also inflated my ego.

(After all, I was still just a 21 yr old kid, as I would call myself today.)

I would be lying if I said I didn’t start to have thoughts that I “deserved” to have my mom if I wanted her. The fact is, I DID want her sexually but I didn’t quite understand why. I pondered the social taboo of incest, but even more, I didn’t want to risk losing the relationship with my mom if I made a move and she was appalled.

I could have had any number of girls and certainly did have my share. I didn’t necessarily have a “thing” for older women but I started looking at 30- and 40-somethings as my desire for my mom grew.

One of the last women I was with was a 48 yr old lady, Diane. She had physical traits similar to my mom, her hair was a little dark with streaks of blond and gray that betrayed her age. She was a little slimmer than my mom, But an inch or two taller. Her heavy tits and pronounced hips gave away the fact that she had bore children, this making her a true MILF!

(Although it would be another decade or two before that term would be popularized.)

I met this fantastically sexy woman in the grocery store, attracted by the vague similarities she had to my own mom. We struck up conversation and had dinner that Friday night. I didn’t bring her home as I didn’t bring any of my lady friends home. We went back to her place and we found ourselves quickly undressed. She dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock. After an amazing blow job that brought me to the edge of orgasm I returned the favor and lapped her pussy. I laid her back on the bed and fantasized that this beautiful, mature woman was someone else.

After bringing Diane to orgasm with my tongue I slid up her motherly figure and slowly parted her pussy with my engorged cock. Her vagina was slick and my thick cock sunk deep inside her womb with ease. I worked my cock rapidly in and out bringing Diane to orgasm. I ravaged that poor woman’s pussy in almost every way possible; missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl.

I have a routine of jacking off before a date so if we had sex I would last longer. Tonight was no exception and Diane finally collapsed in a heap on the bed, begging me to cum already. I moved up so she could take me in her mouth so she could suck me to completion. As I looked down at Diane’s face half-masked by my thrusting pelvis, I swear she looked like mom. I let myself go and shot my load without warning. Diane had never had a man cum in her mouth before, and by her startled reaction, she wasn’t planning on tonight being the night. While some of my seed couldn’t help but make it down her throat, most of it spilled over her lips and down her chin. She paid me back with a long, deep kiss. We laughed and dozed off, satisfied.

My feelings for mom were becoming more complicated. They seemed to be deep, inherent feelings of lust and love. I began trying to rationalize, “Are guys born with a desire to have sex with their moms?” If that’s true görükle escort then why should I fight it?

The vibe I was getting from mom was much the same. The behaviors I described a little earlier were becoming more and more deliberate around each other. I might sneak up on her from behind and pinch her ass. I loved seeing her jump followed by a mousey squeal. And mom quit trying to feign modesty around me with what she would wear in the mornings. A camisole top that was obviously a size too big to contain her fine 36Cs. And matching short-shorts that looked to be a size too small, exposing her lovely ass cheeks to me.

And there was a lot more hugging. Holding. Embracing. Kissing. More than most would expect between mother and son. Mom would stroke my arm if we were standing there talking. Giving her a massage was the thing I liked most. It gave me a chance to touch her and soon became a regular thing. We graduated to the point where she would go topless.

At 16 my kid sister didn’t seem to notice this game mom and I were playing or maybe she simply didn’t care. I think Julia was just happy to be living in a peaceful, if not normal home.

– – – – –

My father leaving his family was almost 2 yrs behind us now. Despite the sexual tension in the house between mom and I, I was able to find release with whomever I had was seeing at the time. Thinking about it later though, mom didn’t allow herself the same opportunities. She remained celibate for what ever reason. I enjoyed making her blush when I would inquire why she was in the shower so long. I had a pretty good idea whenever she might be playing with her pussy. There were times when I noticed her long shower followed a sexy morning session of she and I teasing each other.

It was around this time that our relationship took a turn for the better. It happened one Friday night when we were watching TV. I put a movie in the VCR and sat on the end of the couch. Mom plopped herself down right next to me, close enough that she almost sat on my leg. Nothing too out of the ordinary yet. She kicked her feet up on the cushion rested her head on my shoulder, placing her right hand on my chest. THIS was a bit out of sorts, but who was I to protest? I don’t even recall what movie it was we were watching, that’s how shitty it was. Rather, my thoughts for the next hour was my desire to fuck my mom. I gazed at her sexy bare feet, and slowly took in the sight of her perfect toes as they curled a bit. Up to her perfectly proportioned ankles and calves, knees and thighs. Though she wasn’t much of a sun bather, her skin tone was a lovely flesh color that disguised a few blemishes that would otherwise give away her age. Mom would be 44 in a few weeks yet she was by far the sexiest 40-something I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

As she lay there, snuggled up against me with her hand on my chest she moved her hand down a little to my belly.

“Look at this nice, trim stomach. Do you have a six pack?” she asked.

“Not really.” And without prompting I lifted my t-shirt to show her firsthand.

“Oh.” was the only thing she would reply and gave my bare belly a couple rubs. I let my t-shirt down but her hand remained. With my arm around her I gave her shoulder and arm a couple of rubs.

“You not very hairy either. Just a little bit here.” her hand moving to the strip of hair that extended from my bellybutton and down.

My hand now exploring more than her arm, moved to her waist…then her hip…until I reached her rump. She cooed with approval and I placed a kiss on the top of her head. She turned her head on my shoulder and looked up at me. After a quick gaze into each other’s eyes we kissed. Just once, but it was longer than usual. In fact the longest I’ve had with mom. We broke and traded smiles as she turned her head back and resumed twirling the hairs of my “stairway to heaven”. As I fondled her ass I cupped her ass cheek, my kneading getting a little more aggressive as the minutes passed. I placed my other hand on hers and softly stroked her from hand to forearm and back.

There was no hiding my arousal at this point as I was in my typical gym shorts sans underwear. Her pinky slipped under the waistband of my shorts and nearly simultaneously my hand went into her shorts giving me the opportunity to fondle her bare ass for the first time. It was well worth the wait! Because of the state I was in there was no way her pinky finger could avoid touch the swollen head of my cock, as she continued rubbing my abdomen it wasn’t too much longer before she slid a second then a third finger into my shorts. Never removing her palm from my body her fingers were brushing my erection. As I continued to play with her ass like it was Play-Doh I inched my fingers lower and lower to her underside.

She turned to me again and planted a kiss on me hard. This time parting her lips so that she had my bottom lip. I returned the deed with her top lip between mine. I raised my hand from hers to support her head and to pull her in closer. We sat there making out like a couple of teenagers. My right hand reached her sex as I felt the soft whisps of pubic hair. She was wet. Very. With my left hand I finally lifted her hand from my abdomen and put it squarely on my cock. Oh the sensation! She was stroking me slowly when my middle finger reaches her soaked labia and I penetrated her to my first knuckle.

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