David’s Glory Hole


As a bisexual man whose wife either doesn’t know about his gay side or doesn’t care, David is very aware of how to find casual male sex partners. If no potential partners are advertising on the internet, there is a movie theater he can go to where he can find men to suck off, or some bookstores where he can go for the same reason. One day, with his wife at work, David decided to pay the bookstore a visit.

After checking the video booths but seeing no potential action there, David headed for the men’s room, buying a porno book on the way so he wouldn’t be perceived as freeloading. In the rest room were two stalls and one urinal because the management knows what their patrons want and caters to those wants. One of the stalls was occupied, as David could see from the feet pointing toward the door but the other one was vacant. He went inside, sat down, opened his book at random and started reading about a woman in a three-way.

The partition between the two stalls was about eight feet tall and started a few inches from the floor. To the right of David and even with his face was a round hole, three inches in diameter, with its edges sanded smooth. To David and other gay and bisexual men, holes in public rest rooms like this one are universally known as “glory holes” and places where they are located are known as “tearooms”. About a minute after David sat down, he heard rustling in the stall next to him and a small, soft cock came through the glory hole toward him. Small was just fine with him. Although it wouldn’t have done much for his asspussy, it was a good size to suck on and soft was actually a plus because David likes to feel a cock stiffen in his mouth.

He set down his book, put his dentures in his pocket and held the cock in his fingers to smell it. After it passed that test, David gently licked the head. Since it smelled and tasted allright to him, he leaned forward and, using his tongue only, pulled the small cock into his mouth. The man on the other side took a deep breath and pressed himself against his side of the partition as David, with the entire cock inside his mouth, rolled it around with his tongue and caressed it against the insides of his cheeks, enjoying the way it was growing and getting hard.

The kind of treatment it was getting caused the cock to stiffen completely in less than a minute and David started slowly stroking it with his mouth. As it slid in and out between his lips, David’s tongue massaged the shaft, giving pleasure to the other man and getting pleasure from the feel of the round warmth. The nice thing about sucking a small cock like this one is that David was able to pleasure his entire mouth, even tickling his lips against the other man’s pubic hair. While he enjoyed himself on his side of the glory hole, the man on the other side was also having fun, as David could tell from the way he was breathing heavily and squirming against the hole. He was thrusting his cock into David’s space, eager to get it entirely into the warm wetness that was sarıyer escort available and David was more than happy to oblige.

One problem sometimes with sucking a cock through a glory hole is that David was not able to hold onto the other man’s ass when he felt him getting ready to cum. That didn’t matter this time because the man with the small cock very much wanted to cum into the mouth in the other cubicle and he continued pushing himself against his side of the glory hole. Although David was in no hurry to have the man cum, since he was truly enjoying the feel of the hard cock sliding in and out between his lips and gums, he could tell it was going to happen very soon. With the cock throbbing and twitching inside his mouth, David tightened his lips around the shaft and started stroking faster, with his tongue in a position to catch the semen that would soon be pleasing his taste buds.

The man with his cock in David’s mouth wanted to cum too. His pubic area was pressed as tightly against his side of the partition as he could get, and when David glanced down, he could see the man’s feet shuffling on the floor in a kind of a dance as his climax built. Finally, he grunted and sighed, and thick gobs of cum spurted into David’s mouth. Holding the cock tightly between his gums, David savored the taste of the semen before swallowing it, and milked the softening shaft to get it all. After enjoying everything from inside the man’s cock, David gently took it out of his mouth and held it in his fingertips while he licked off every drop from the outside. When he was through, he released the cock, which had softened completely by that time, and it disappeared back into the other cubicle.

From the rustling of cloth, it was evident the man was putting his pants back on and, seconds later the door closed behind him as he, unseen by David except for his cock, walked away. Hoping another prospect would be along soon, David unzipped his pants to fondle his own hardness and resumed reading his book.

The wait was a surprisingly short one. Just a few minutes later the door to the other cubicle closed, and David looked up from his book to see what would be happening. There was no way of knowing whether the newcomer wanted to suck a cock or to have his own sucked off and there was always the possibility that he was just there to defecate. David decided to wait a few minutes and, if nothing else happened, he would stick his own cock through the glory hole. The book he was reading and the fun of sucking off the first man had gotten him horny and he would either masturbate or let the man in the next cubicle suck him off.

The man next door made the first move. A pinkish-red cock, big but only semi-hard eased its way through the hole next to David’s face. He tested this one the same as he had the first one, holding it in his fingers and smelling and licking it before deciding the ruddy cock was something he wanted in his mouth. The second man was hung bigger maslak escort and his cock started out harder than the first so licking his cock, besides testing it and being fun, provided lubrication so it would slide more easily between David’s lips.

After the test was passed successfully, David opened his mouth and, teasingly, took the spongy cock head between his lips, holding it there and licking it. The shaft quickly stiffened and David moved his face slowly forward, taking it all the way in until it bumped against the back of his throat. While holding it there and caressing it with his tongue, David reveled in the feel of the stiff cock that filled his mouth so well. It would feel even better with his lips stroking it so, slowly, he moved his head away, licking the shaft as he backed away until just the head was between his lips. “This is a really nice cock,” he thought. “I want to take my time with this,” and his tongue continued licking the head, probing at the slit in the end.

Back and forth David’s head moved, taking the really nice cock deeply in and then almost all the way out of his mouth, loving every second of every stroke. He loved the way the texture of the head felt on his tongue, then the ridge, followed by the smooth skin and round firmness of the shaft on his gums as his mouth enveloped it. David really loved everything about sucking the man off and he hoped the man would give up a big mouthful of semen and then reciprocate by sucking David’s cock.

The man in the other cubicle was loving it also, breathing hard, almost panting, and moving his cock around as he pressed himself against the partition. “Uh. Uh. Uh.” he grunted as his cock throbbed in David’s wet and pleasuring mouth.

The man was ready to climax, David knew, and he slowed down the strokes with his mouth to try to delay it. Even with the slower strokes it was apparent that the man was on the verge of cumming and David wanted to catch all the juices in his mouth and swallow them. He considers a mouthful of cum to be his reward for doing well at sucking a cock and he is disappointed if he doesn’t get it.

While the cock jerked in his mouth, David tightened his lips and placed his tongue in position to catch what would be ejaculated. The first gush, a bit salty but delicious to David, squirted onto his tongue. After savoring the taste, he swallowed it, and caught the second and third spurts, all equally delicious, and swallowed it all. When no more was forthcoming, David tightened his lips even more, pressed the softening shaft against his upper gum and milked it for every drop he could get. After that, he took the cock out of his mouth and held it in his fingers while he licked all around the head and under the ridge to get everything. When he was satisfied that there was no more left, David released the cock and the man on the other side of the partition backed away. Once again, there were the sounds of pants being pulled back on and fastened.

“Hey, beyoğlu escort how about reciprocating?” was the welcome query David heard a few seconds later.

With great alacrity, he got to his feet, lowered his pants and shorts and poked his hard-on through the glory hole. This time, his was the cock that was tested by licking and was then engulfed by a stranger’s warm, wet mouth. Although he had derived great pleasure from sucking off two men and swallowing the cum they rewarded him with, David felt a different kind of pleasure as his own cock was held firmly by a pair of lips and gently laved by a tongue. As the unseen lips stroked back and forth, sometimes there was a prickling sensation on the upper side of his shaft. Apparently the man, like David, had a mustache.

Also like David, he was adept at pleasuring a cock with his mouth and receiving pleasure as well. His lips were just tight enough on the shaft they were stroking, and his tongue was just active enough to give maximum pleasure. It was becoming one of the best blowjobs that David had ever gotten and he was glad he had refrained from masturbating when the urge first struck.

He became even gladder with every skillful stroke of the lips on his cock. David was sighing and moaning as his pleasure mounted and he found himself trying to thrust his cock deeper into the mouth that was bringing him closer to ecstasy. Fortunately, he was pressed tightly against the partition so the thrusts of his cock through the glory hole had nowhere to go and the man on the other side could suck the cock at his own pace.

It was a good pace for both men. After a long period of pure pleasure, David groaned, the muscles in his ass clenched and he climaxed, depositing a gob of his semen into the mouth that was giving him so much pleasure and getting so much pleasure from him. The other man’s lips stopped moving and his mouth squeezed the cock it still held. David felt fingers on the base of his shaft and a thumb starting to squeeze out the cum still inside. As the thumb moved onward, the lips released their gentle hold and the other man’s tongue started licking everything off the cock head and everything that he was able to milk from it.

David relaxed, leaning against the partition, still enjoying his great climax, as the other man licked him clean. By the time the tongue had finished its job, his cock was flaccid and David sat on the toilet seat for a few minutes. After sucking off two men and being sucked off, he decided that was enough fun for the day. The next rustling of clothing was David getting dressed again. The other man stayed in his cubicle, probably in the hopes of sucking off some other men. David left, hoping the two of them would share a glory hole again some day, although they wouldn’t know one another by sight. He left his book lying on the floor; he had gotten his benefit from it and he didn’t want his wife finding it, so now some other patron could use it, or management might retrieve it and sell it again.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whether you did or not, please vote and provide feedback, either a PC or an email to me. I enjoy knowing what readers think and feedback helps me write more and better. I always respond to every email or PC.

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