Dean’s Summer Dreams


Where should I begin my story? With the wet dream that woke me out of a perfect good sleep, or what brought the dream on in the first place? I suppose the wet dream would be the best place to start. I awoke with a jolt one early summer morning and felt that sticky sperm against my body, still warm, and I will admit that I was ashamed that it happened. No, it wasn’t the first time that it happened, but it was the first time that I had a very clear picture of the female involved. It was my the one person I would never have dreamed of, my own beautiful mother! “Oh,shit!” I groaned as I plucked the sticky underpants away from my skin. I think seeing the face of the dream lover got to me more than I realized. As I got up from the bed I felt I knew what brought the dream on, it was from the goofing around with some of my friends several days ago that brought it on.

“Come on Dean.,” One of my friends I think it was Harry said, “Your mom is one hot looking woman, I wouldn’t mind getting her naked.” I can still see the leering look on his face like he ment it. It seems that my other friends agreed with him, in fact the more I thought about it, the more I found myself agreeing with my friends.

My mother’s name is Lisa, she has brown hair, brown eyes and legs that never seem to quit. I once chanced to look into one of her drawers and found her bras, she’s a 34C. Since it was the early days of summer and very warm I was getting a very good look at her firm tanned legs since she wore tight low riding shorts and I was even luckier that she wore a shirt that she tied above her middle, she of course had no idea that I had developed the urge to see more of her, and not just wearing her scanty summer outfits. I thought it great that my mom managed to keep her stomach flat dispite the fact that she had given birth to my sisters and me. I knew of course that she keept herself in shape through exercise and sports, but until the day my friends and I started talking about who we would like to have sex with, I never thought that my mother would be seen an object of sexual desire, and try as I might I couldn’t get that image out of my head. I now felt like a real low life. I managed to return to my present problem, how to get to the bathroom to clean up without being seen by my mom or my sisters. Can you imagine the hard times my sisters would give me if they knew I was having “wet” dreams? I looked up and down the hall, then rushed to the bathroom once I was sure that the coast was clear. I quickly rinsed my soiled underpants, cleaned myself up a bit, and after another quick look I rushed back to my room where I came upon my worst nightmare, my mother was in my room and she was looking at my bed! I knew that I was doomed. I watched as she sat down on the edge of my bed, I saw the fold of her robe opened enough for me to get a glimps of her very shapely thighs.

Without a hint of reproach she said, “I see that you had an accident last night.” I blushed as red as a bad sunburn. I felt my mom touch my hand as she said, “Honey, you have nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a natural part of life, it happens to everybody.” I guess she was trying to assure me that all was well. “It happens to women as well.,” My mom went on. “Being horny is a part of life and it’s one of the good parts.” my mom concluded. I had no idea where she was going with this conversation. I just stood there dumb as a doorpost.

To this day I still find it hard to believe what happened next. It felt as though it came out of some demented dream that I never woke up from, at least that’s how it seemed at first, in fact I still don’t believe that it happened even now as I look back in time. I felt my mom’s finger trace the outline of my crotch as she said, “I know can’t be easy for you being surrounded by your three sisters and me.” I only grunted as my mom continued to slide her finger over my balls. I could see my mom’s robe open enough to show me that she wasn’t wearing a bra and she was making no effort to close that revealing gap in her robe. I was loosing control of myself now as the robe my mother wore opened even more.

“Mom!” I managed to gasp in surprise while my cock started to stand up and salute. I felt as though I was in a fog when I heard her tell me, “You have a nice hard cock honey and mommy is dying to play with it.” My mom licked her lips as she quickly without any ceremony pulled my underpants off.

You would have thought that she had never seen a hard penis before from the way she stroked my now very rigid cock. My mother let out a soft laugh when she said, “I haven’t touched your penis since I stopped giving you a bath.,” My knees went weak, it was all I could do to not fall down. “Nice to see that it’s grown some since then.”, she finished saying.

I watched in awe as my mother let her robe slide to the floor letting me see her nearly naked body for the first time. The only thing that stood between her and total nudity was a pair of white panties. bursa suriyeli escort escort “Do you like what you see honey? I don’t mind if you want to touch my breasts.”, my mother told me as she moved closer. I could only nod my head. “I bet your dream lover did something like this.”, my mom then demonstrated by running her tongue up and down my already tortured shaft.

“Oh, mom!” I gasped when I felt her mouth cover the head of my cock and it got worse when her mouth moved up and down my cock sucking slowly and methodoically. I felt as though I would explode until my mom stopped her ministration of my cock. “Come over to the bed.,” she instructed me. “Strech out and let your mother show you how to feel good about sex and masterbation.”

I did manage to say, “I almost came in your mouth mom.”

As she moved her body over mine she said, “That can come later honey, right now this is what I want.”

Even now I find it hard picturing myself on my bed, with my cock staning up like a flag pole and my mom naked save for her slender panties sitting there leaning over me playing with my cock rubbing it’s slick head between her fingers and a smile on her face. A smile that seemed to tell me to relax and enjoy. “Oh boy!” I grunted out loud as I lifted my hips off of the bed.

My mom stopped what she was doing and said, “We mustn’t cum to soon honey.” And as quick as the words left her mouth she moved over me and slowly moved the head of my cock over each of her nipples sending me into a series of jerks and shudders and with one loud gasp I felt myself climax on my mom’s breasts as she continued to move my cock over each one. “Very nice honey.” My mother said with some satisfation in getting me to climax on her body but she didn’t stop there, she took the head of my cock and licked the dripping sperm from it while rubbing the white flecks of my sperm over her own breasts. “Now, lets see if you can make your mother happy.” She said as she slid her panties off letting me see for her pussy for the very first time. I lay on the bed as my mom moved her pussy close to my mouth and said softly, “Lick my pussy.” I was an obedient son.

With my hands grasping her firm ass and her closely shaved pubic hair touching my face, I started to lick my mom’s pussy. It was the first time that I ever did anything like it before, when I was with my former girlfriend, it was a finger job and nothing more. My mom rocked back and forth above me groaning and gasping “Ah!” and pressing her crotch closer to my face. “Lick faster honey! Oh my I…” My mother’s body shook hard and her legs clamped tight around my head as she reached her moment of ecstacy. I had felt as though I might suffocate while my mom sat on my face so, by moving my tongue as fast as I did allowed me to breath and got my mom off. Once my mom felt ready to move again, she lifted herself off of my face, leaned down and licked my lips before kissing me long and hard. “You did just fine honey,” My mom said in a soft voice. “it was better than any dildo I’ve ever used.” I was to overwhelmed to say a word. My mother and I lay together on the bed as she rubbed my drying sperm on her breasts, “I love the feel of warm sperm on my body.” It was her only explanation for letting me cum on her the way I did. Once my mom decided to get up she told me that she was going to clean herself up and that I should get myself ready for breakfast, she left the room and I lay on the bed lost in a whirl of confused thoughts wondering what happened and would it happen again.

When I finally arrived in the kitchen for breakfast my mom was there wearing a tight pair of low cut shorts and a shirt tide off above her stomach with enough buttons left open that let me get a good glimpse of her breasts. I could see enough to know she wore no bra. The moment that she put a plate in front of me she leaned close to me and kissed me while she stroked my crotch lovingly. I returned the kiss without hesitation and let my hand roam freely over her ass and upper thigh. I even managed to get one of her breasts free from her shirt. “Nice to see that you want more Dean.” My mom said with a knowing smile, my mom knew I wanted her, and she seemed more than willing to be wanted by me. I ate and went over to the sink where my mom had her back to me, I reached around her and while I kissed the nape of her neck I pulled her other breast free of her shirt and fondeled both her breasts. I could hear my mom sigh as she told me to be a good boy. “You’ll just have to wait till later honey, I have to go out for a while.” My mom said in a voice that was just flowed with lust as she playfully swatted my hands away from her breasts but she did leave them exposed so that I could admire them. Later didn’t come, not that day at any rate.

The weather was beyond sweltering, it was past melt down, and it went on forever. Several days after my session with my mom I was out in the bursa ucuz escort yard doing chores and sweating bullets, my shirt stuck to my chest and it felt as though my underwear would vanish inside of my ass, I decided I needed a swim break and headed for the pool. I made a quick stop in the cabana to get into my swimming trunks and quickly headed for the welcoming coolness of the pool when I spied a female streched out on her stomach by the pools edge with a towel drapped over her head and I was sure that it was my mother.

Now as I look back on all that happened, I think just how lucky I’ve been and continue to be. I came upon the prone figure and noticed a bottle of tanning lotion next to her and without any preamble I started to rub some on the person I thought was my mother,the happy sigh that I heard didn’t make me think any different until I kissed the nape of her neck making her pull the towel from her head and saw looking back at me was my sister Amy! “Dean!,” She yelp. “What do you think your doing?”

Once again I was red in the face as I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “Sorry, thought you were Lucy.” What Amy didn’t know yet was that Lucy broke up with me weeks ago, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her that I thought she was our mother. It was the towel that threw me off, Amy and our mom have very similar builds but unlike our mother Amy has red hair and green eyes so the mistake was an easy one to make and I prayed that she bought my mistaken identity story.

The air like the weather itself hung like dead weight between my sister and me, and I for one was praying that I would turn invisible or something, after all, of my sisters, it was Amy and I who were quite close inspite of the fact that I was her older brother. It seemed as though Amy forgave my kiss when I heard her ask me if I would be kind enough to put some lotion on her back. I quickly agreed. Amy, was wearing a black thong bikini that exposed plenty of her smooth skin and tight looking ass. I assumed that Amy wore such a skimpy outfit to try and get as close to an overall tan as possible. I also wondered if mom would approve of Amy’s attire. although I did and it was then that I should have known I was in trouble. I started with Amy’s neck and shoulders and while I worked my fingers over her body I could feel her muscles relax. “That feels great Dean,” Amy said in a muffled voice since her head rested on her arms. “don’t stop now.”

My reply was simple, “To hear is to obey.” I worked my way slowly down her back and as I neared the tiny string that held her bikini top in place I wondered if I could get it untied without her noticing. I did the best I could by moving one hand steadily and firmly over her back while I picked the knot loose. Sucess! I untied the string and she said nothing, I was emboldened by Amy’s lack of protest, I knew now that I would go as far as I could if she stopped me I would stop. If not, then my desire to get my sister out of her bathing suit all together was became my primary goal as I worked my hands down near the small of her back then back up to her shoulders several times and each time I heard her tell me how good it felt.

If anything were to take place between us, now would be the time to make the bold move. I worked my way steadily back down to her buttocks, I started spreading the lotion on her lower legs and worked my way up to her thighs each time moving closer to her firm ass. I was aware that now was not the time to turn chicken I pressed on. I made sure that I had plenty of lotion on my hands as I boldly moved on my sister’s ass, I dripped some slowly between her buttocks, I felt her body shiver. I could almost hear myself begging for my sister to say or do something, anything tell me to “Fuck off.” if that’s what she wanted to say, but she didn’t. I moved my fingers in between her buttocks tugging lightly on the sting of her bikini bottom pulling it tight against her pussy. “What the hell do you think your doing Dean?” Amy stammered.

I leaned close and kissed the nape of her neck and said, “Just want to make you feel good sis.” Amy wiggled her body as though she wanted to get my hand away from her, although it didn’t seem that she was reallt trying all that hard. I planned to press my advantage.

As I have said before lust is a beast that is very hard to control, and I was loosing myself looking at my sister’s almost naked body writhing on the towel. I could feel Amy clamping and loosing her grip on the hand I had between her legs, her hips were gyrating on the towel, and yes, I could feel the dampness from her pussy. Amy was just as aroused as I was. I could her her whisper, “Oh! God!,” and “Oh! Yes!” Amy was on fire. I timed my next move so when she lifted her hips from the towel I pulled her bikini bottom off and not once did Amy say a word asking me to stop, in fact Amy was grinding herself hard against my hand. Here, my mind bursa üniversiteli escort ceased to function on any normal level, I was going to make my sister cum, then I was going to make love to her.

Amy soon rolled over on her side, her back was to me and I pressed myself firmly against her as I shifted myself so that I could work my fingers of one hand into her pussy and with my other I could play with her breasts. I knew my hard cock was pressing against her and that Amy could feel it. Amy was gasping and moaning, her ass grinding against me as I worked her into a sexual whirlpool of desire. Amy to my surprise rolled over to face me and did a lip lock on me. It was our first real kiss of unbound passion. It was the kind of kiss where toungues would passionatly twist together and bodies grind hard against one another as though they plan on melting into a pool of unbridled passion. I made sure that I kissed every inch of Amy’s body, starting with our passionate kiss and working my way down over her throat and to her breasts that seemed to beckon me like a lighthouse in the fog.

Amy hissed, “Dean,” as I took a nipple between my teeth and played with it. “I really think we should stop now.” She managed to say almost breathlessly as her hands moved down to my crotch.

When Amy’s fingers finally touched me I said,”Go ahead sis,” I wanted to encourage her, “take it out. I want you to.”

It was just at that moment that Amy gave a heavy shudder as the first early wave of her orgasm passed through her body. “Dean!” She cried out, “We have to stop,” a wave of ecstacy washed throught her body.” But it feels so good.” Amy had my hand trapped between her legs.

I was helping her get my bathing suit off and I wasn’t even sure if she knew what was happening anymore. Hell, I wasn’t sure either. In a matter of moments Amy and I finally dispensed with the last article of clothes that came between us, my bathing suit. As soon as my cock touched the heated flesh of my sister’s body I almost ejaculated, I knew that my sister was very aware that I was pressing myself hard against her body.

In a wisper she commanded, “Not yet.” as she raked my back with her fingernails. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to hold on much longer.

My sister Amy is a very athletic person, she swims, plays tennis, baseball and softball. I think she also lifts weights. In short, she is a very agile and strong young lady. I mention this because while Amy and I were hotly rubbing our naked bodies against one another she pushed me onto my back and lowered her pussy down to my face, and all the while I could hear her say, “Lick my pussy.” I had a brief flashback to our mom saying almost the exact same thing. Amy was proving to be an ardent and willing lover. On her own she turned herself around so that she could suck on my cock while I sucked on her pussy. There was no doubt that we were interested in mutual gratification, but I realized by then who was actually in charge, and it sure as hell wasn’t me. I found that out for sure when Amy pulled her pussy away from my mouth and without any hesitation she lowered her pussy onto my cock real slow, holding my cock in place with her own hand until my cock was inside of her. Once Amy started moving herself up and down my shaft I knew that there could be only one outcome, and no doubt Amy was just as aware of the situation as I was. I was the one who let out a surprised grunt. Amy on the other hand didn’t utter much of a sound at all as she rode my cock, mabey a soft grunt but other than that nothing. I on the other hand groaned and grunted as if there were no tomorrow. I knew that I was ready to cum, I could feel the pressure building inside of me, it wouldn’t be long before I ejaculated and in my present position I would empty my sperm into Amy unless she moved and as far as I could tell, she wasn’t inclined to move.

It was a hell of a time for me to remember the phrase “Be careful what you wish for…”, because Amy was riding me like there was no tomorrow, her body now bent foward her hands pressed against my chest, her fingers digging into my chest with each thrust of her body against my cock. It was then that I was sure that I heard a soft, “Yes, honey.” as Amy placed my hand between my cock and her pussy making it move over her clitoris until I moved my hand on my own power. Amy let out a cry of delight and pushed herself on me even harder. “I’m cumming!” Amy crowed as if she scored the winning point in tennis, and I knew that I couldn’t hold on any longer because my ass lifted off the towel thrusting hard into my sister’s vaginia spurting my semen into her in quick spurts and each spurt elicited a happy sigh from Amy. “That feels good honey, yes!” She cried softly as she streched her body out full length against mine. As Amy slithered herself against my body like a snake she said, “My boyfriend never made me feel this good, come on lets get in the pool and cool off a bit. After all, we don’t want to expened all our enery at once now do we?” I just shook my head no which seemed to satisfy my sister as she took my hand and walked with me into the pool.

I looked at my sister and came up with a rather dumb statement. “Aren’t you going to put your bikini back on sis?” Amy’s areolas looked like tiny goosebumps begging to be touched.

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