Dear Diary, A Teen Girl Growing -Up

Double Penetration

Dear Diary, A Teen Girl Growing -UpDecember 12th, 2003.Stayed over at Angela’s house, late night lots of fun, ‘A”s boyfriend stayed as well, had to listen to then bonking all night long, freeking weird, serves her right if she cop’s one in her belly.Dec 14th, weird bus ride homeIt was really cold and had to pull my coat tighter into me, cursing the fact I had opted to wear a short skirt instead of denims.Pulled into depot for driver change, weirdo guy on other bus having a quick one, watched him do it, WTF, bored, lordbahis güvenilirmi but he has nice cock and big load, flashed boob, helped poor sod but now feeling lonely, too much fucking going on, none for me.Home, more disaster Gran staying over, fuck fuck fuck, have to share room with brother, yikes one frigging bed.Buttoned up in cotton pajamas, frigging cold, put legs over brother, good body heatHaving great dream, horny men wanting me, must have been the fucking and lordbahis yeni giriş the saddo on the bus, got me going,Woke up early morn still wrapped around b*o, he has a hardo, can feel it against my own, must be frigging six inches, big for a boy.Too horny to sleep, giving myself finger, brother still sleeping thank god.Cop a feel of his, frigging big and nice, he still sleeping, undo his pajamas and hold him, too horny to stop.Thinking of guy on bus, imagine its his cock, giving lordbahis giriş good wank, brothers moving but sleeping, bet he thinks he is having wet dream.Lying straight pushed bottoms down fingering twat, feels good, playing with turns on side to face me, cock on thigh, feels warm, but good.Turn back to him and push bum against him, ease cock inside and hump.Reach behind and hold his bum, pull him in, good fuck, he is awake and shagging me, cum no problem.Lie on face, he is on top and still shagging, stop him, scared of preggos, put him in bum, finishes there and falls asleep.Woke for school. cock still in bum. feels good another finger job then up.Warned brother to keep his frigging mouth shut or else, Good news, Grans staying over again, winked to b*o over breakfast, love bare-backing.

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