Debby the whore’s office submission

Debby the whore’s office submissionShe straightened her clothes and washed her hands, then flushed the toilet for good measure before pushing open the bathroom door and running headlong into her boss. By his casual stance, she knew he’d been standing there waiting for her to emerge. She could feel her face flushing, but there was no way he knew what she was doing in the bathroom.He smiled down at her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. “I think we should take a walk,” he said in a way that suggested she didn’t have a choice in the matter.Fear sluiced through her in that moment; anytime he took someone for a walk, it was a prelude to the person being terminated. She’d already had one hell of a year with her husband walking out on her and divorcing her to marry his pregnant girlfriend. His very young, very sexy girlfriend. Debby’s hair was blonde only through the magic of Clairol, whereas her ex-husband’s girlfriend was half their age and didn’t have to cover any grey. Debby kept the house and her car, but finances have been so tight that she’s been on the verge of losing everything for months. She had no idea what she’d do if she lost her job on top of everything else. And she knew if Mr. Daniels terminated her she wouldn’t be eligible for unemployment. She followed him in silence as he quickly led her down the hall to his office. His office sat at the far end of the building, away from the cubicles where she worked, and even from the offices of the other executives. Mr. Daniels was not only the managing executive, but he was the founder and CEO. She was just a data entry clerk.”Route my calls to Alex and let him know what’s going on. Once you’ve done that you may take your lunch,” he told his office assistant without breaking stride. He opened the door to his office and ushered Debby inside, then closed it behind both of them.Mr. Daniels walked behind his desk and sat in his oversized leather desk chair and pointed at the small wooden stool in front of his desk. “Have a seat, if you will,” he offered in a way that also suggested she shouldn’t argue. She shifted around on the stool as if trying to find a comfortable way to sit. Finally, she hooked her legs around either side of the stool’s legs and straightened her spine to help her remain upright. The stool’s height was so short as to only allow her head to reach the top of the desk’s surface. If the stool was meant to intimidate someone, or make them feel inferior, she thought, it was doing a great job.”Look at me Debby,” he instructed her. Looking at him meant craning her neck upwards at an uncomfortable angle, but she didn’t have much choice. She was nervous enough about losing her job that she’d do anything now to save it. Too bad she hadn’t thought of that sooner.”Y-yes, sir?” she asked in a quiet, trembling voice.”Debby, do you know why I’ve brought you here?” She’d always hated that question. She was being forced to incriminate herself. She normally kept her nose clean and stayed out of trouble, but it was a difficult question to answer. “And before you say no, you should think about it. Think hard about where you just were and why you disappear to the restroom frequently throughout your shift.”Embarrassment flushed her skin bright red. “Umm. Yes, sir,” she answered after a long silence. When she would have turned her head down to look toward her lap, her boss made a clucking sound.”No. You’ll keep your eyes on mine until I tell you otherwise, do you understand?” he asked her. She nodded her head in understanding. “Now I understand that you’ve made a habit of spending a lot of time in the bathroom the past several months. Is there a medical condition of which I should be aware?”She didn’t think she could be any more embarrassed than she already was; kırşehir escort she was wrong. “Ahem. Umm. Yes, sir. I mean, no. No, sir.”He tilted his head to the side slightly, as if he were humoring her. “Well which is it? Is there or isn’t there?” By the way he asked, it was as if he already knew the answer.”What I mean sir is that yes, there is. But no, it’s not something I should share with you,” she said while squirming in the stool. Unhooking her legs from the legs of the stool she made to stand up but her boss shook his head and pointed back at the stool. She tried to find another comfortable position but it seemed even more of a struggle than before.”As your supervisor,” nevermind that there were several levels between the two of them, “it is your responsibility to inform me of any conditions that might impact your performance. As I see it, your work performance has decreased significantly over the past six months, to the point that your continued employment here is no longer guaranteed.” He looked at her pointedly, assuring her that her worst fears were about to be realized. “Now I suggest you let me know what’s going on so we can find a solution that works for both of us. Hmm?””But sir, I …” she started, clearly not intending to give him the answers he demanded.He reached for a folder with her name on it and pushed it toward her side of the desk. “Very well, Debby. You’ve really not left me with a choice. If you aren’t able to work with me, I have no choice but to end your employment effective immediately. I’ll have someone escort you to your cubicle where you can take any personal belongings.” He picked up his phone, pushed an extension and said, “Please have Debby White’s final check and exit papers ready within 30 minutes.”Tears came to her eyes and she stood quickly, looking down at Mr. Daniels. “Sir, please don’t do this. I’m … I’ll work extra hours without pay to make up any lost time. I’ll do whatever is necessary but please. Please, sir, I really need this job.” His response was to point at the stool.”I didn’t tell you to stand.” She sat again, but this time she sat so far forward on the stool that it nearly toppled over. “Scoot back, Debby. Sit the stool completely and prepare to talk. Now is your final chance. You have less than one minute.”She waited for a few seconds, then took a deep breath and closed her eyes. This time, he didn’t remind her to look into his. “Sir, I’m what people call a nymphomaniac. I can’t control myself or my sexual urges. It’s a medical condition called Persistent Sexual Arousal, or PSA. It’s become much worse since my divorce because I don’t have anyone to give me relief after work or at home. I have to go to the bathroom to masturbate so I don’t orgasm at my desk.” Her humiliation peaked when she heard him chuckle. Tears began to fall freely, and then her body tensed. “Don’t you dare stand,” he ordered her in a stern voice, as if anticipating her move. “And open your eyes. I never gave you permission to look away from me,” he added. She opened her eyes and looked at him, an almost pleading expression in her eyes. “You may not move from your spot and you will maintain eye contact with me,” he informed her. “Now that you’ve told me the truth, we can work on a solution that we’ll find mutually acceptable.” He maintained his stern visage. “Sir, if I don’t stand …” she left the sentence unfinished, looking into his eyes with a pleading expression.”What will happen if you don’t stand?” he asked, a grin making its way to his face, letting her know that he understood her situation. “You must explain to me what’s happening, or what will happen, if I’m to help you.””The pressure of the stool. I have to stand.” Her words were said quickly, somewhat breathlessly.”Why?” kırşehir escort bayan he asked. “Be specific.”One of her hands moved her skirt so that it wasn’t in between her and the stool, then both hands gripped the desk in front of her. Though she remained seated and didn’t turn her eyes away, she was past the point of being able to speak. Her hips moved back and forth against the stool and she moaned quietly with the orgasm that was quickly approaching. Her eyes closed for just a moment as her breathing quickened. She didn’t realize Mr. Daniels was on the move until he put his hands under her arms and pulled her from the stool. “Girl,” he growled. “I did not give you leave to orgasm, especially not on my stool.” He pointed at the stool and the thick puddle of her juices. One of his hands slid under her skirt and up her thigh. “Only sluts go to work without wearing panties under their skirts. Lick your juices from the stool.” Debby was stopped just before the orgasm exploded, leaving her on edge and in pain. When she opened her mouth to speak, Mr. Daniels shook his head. “The only thing you’d better be saying right now is thank you. Clean the stool and we’ll talk.” He kept his eyes on her but moved back around to his side of the desk to open a drawer. Left without a choice, Debby leaned over the stool and began to lick her juices from it. As sexually heightened as she still was, the action did nothing to diminish her need. She moaned in ecstasy as she tasted herself. Still bent over the stool, she heard her boss approach her again, but couldn’t see what he was doing. He pushed her skirt up to her waist, then pulled both arms behind her and tied them together with something that felt like a rough rope. With her arms positioned thusly, it kept her skirt well out of the way. “Good. Now that my stool is clean, you can turn around and do the same to my cock.” As he turned her around, she noticed that his trousers had been unzipped and his cock was freed from his boxers. It had been a while since she’d been around a cock, and this one was much larger than her husband’s, but she knew immediately what to do with it. Without hesitation, she licked her boss’ balls hungrily, and even gently sucked them into her mouth. Popping them out of her mouth, she slid her wet tongue up his cock. Only when his entire length was wet from her tongue did she slide the head of his cock into her mouth.”Mmmm,” she moaned with contentment as he pushed his length into her mouth and toward her throat. He wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her mouth closer to his crotch, not even bothering to stop when he knew the tip of his cock was hitting the back of her throat.”Yes, that’s a good girl,” he whispered encouragingly. “Swallow and you’ll take it in better,” he instructed her. He only stopped pushing when his balls were resting on her chin, but he held it for a few seconds longer than he knew was comfortable. “Look up at me,” he ordered her.Her eyes looked up at his, and even though her arms were tied behind her back and he was using her mouth for his own pleasure, he could see the gratitude shining. “Yes, that’s a nice look for a slut like you,” he told her. She hummed with him in her throat, and when she saw his eyes widen with the sudden pleasure of it, she tightened her throat muscles to grip him even more tightly. “Oh god,” he exclaimed, holding her head so tightly to him that she could barely breathe. Eventually he gained control of himself and released his grip.”What a nice little slut you are,” he grinned down at her once he was able to speak again. “I think I’m going to like your new position and title,” he said with a smirk, then pulled out of her mouth. “Since you’re not a fan of talking, I thought escort kırşehir I’d help you out a bit.” He grabbed a ball gag from the desk and forced it into her mouth. “There we go. Good sluts should always have something in their mouth,” he informed her. “Now, go ahead and lean over your stool. Your tits should be hanging off. Later, we’ll do something about your work uniform, but we’ll leave it alone for today.” He pushed her over the stool in the position that worked best for him. “Now, I know your arms are tied behind your back and you’ve got a gag in your mouth so you can’t speak, but I won’t have anyone saying that you’re an unwilling partner. Go ahead and nod your head in agreement that you’re not only willing, but you’re eager for me to fuck you.” She nodded her agreement before he’d finished speaking.Moving behind her, he placed one hand on her ass and used the other hand to guide his cock into her pussy. She was wet. Hers was probably the wettest pussy he’d ever explored, and the fact that he was riding her bareback made it all that much better. “Oh god,” were the only words he could exclaim as he buried himself balls deep into her tight pussy. How a slut like her could have such a tight pussy didn’t make sense, but it didn’t matter. At the moment, nothing mattered but fucking her until they were both senseless. He slid his cock out of her, right to the entrance, then slammed it back into her, forcing her roughly against the stool; the only sound from her was moaning. Her pussy grabbed hold of him tightly and he could feel it pulsing around him, letting him feel her mounting excitement. As aroused as he was, he knew he wouldn’t be able to last long. With one hand still digging into her ass cheek, he slid his other between her legs to find her engorged clit. She twitched when he touched it, so he pinched it between his thumb and forefinger. The louder she moaned, the harder he pinched. He knew she was about to cum so he stopped thrusting. He pinched and rubbed her clit hard and fast until he felt her orgasm overcome her but he didn’t stop there. He continued to tease her clit while he resumed thrusting his cock in and out of her. He knew he was taking her up to a second orgasm, but was surprised to feel a third one rip through her in the second before he was ready to blow his own load. Pulling out, he squeezed a load of hot sticky cum on her ass crack before turning her around to bestow the last of it on her face.”You may not move, slut,” he ordered her. Rooting on the top of his desk again, he returned with his phone and took several pictures of her as she was – sexually sated, covered in cum, and looking every bit the slut. “I’m sure your husband’s lawyer would love to see these pictures. It’s up to you to decide if he ever sees them. I’m going to remove the gag from your mouth long enough for you to clean my cock. If you speak, the pictures will be sent to his lawyer. Do you understand?”Debby nodded her head. Truth be told, she had so many things swirling around in her mind right now that she didn’t think she’d know what to say even if she wanted to. A knock sounded on the office door and she wasn’t expecting him to tell the person to enter. She had a direct view of the door, so she saw her immediate supervisor enter even before he noticed her on the stool. “Sir, I’m sorry to disturb you, but I …” and then he noticed her. With a grin, he said “Ahh. I see you’ve had that conversation we discussed. I’m so glad to see things worked out as well as planned. Is our meeting still on for tomorrow morning, sir?”While Adam was talking, Mr. Daniels continued what he’d been doing as if nothing were out of the ordinary. He removed the gag from Debby’s mouth and placed his cock in front of her lips. “Clean it slut,” he said quietly, then nodded to Adam. “Yes, the meeting is still scheduled for tomorrow morning.” His cock was growing hard again as it was cleaned. “The conversation went better than anticipated. I might be leaving early today,” he admitted with a grin.

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