Deep Inside My Dream Girl


I just can’t take my eyes of the sensual hips as they move in front of me. It’s my predicament everyday! I have to watch this sexy vixen move that heart shaped ass left and right. All I think about is how amazing would it be to hold it while I drill her from behind. Even the thought is enough to get me hard.

The sexy devil is Rita, senior accountant at my office Glendale & Co where I work as a lawyer. How this sexy diva came to become an accountant and was working in the office surrounded by the bunch of thick speckled snobs I would never know. What I know is that she is incredibly sexy and I want her so so bad.

It was the middle of July and I was having a tough time at work. My boss was laying it to me thick for the case that I lost two days ago and while he was doing that I saw Miss Rita walk into the office. She did look amazing in that tight gray business suit. Those legs were killing me.

She smiled looking at my boss and said, “I would like to borrow Mr. Kumar for some legal counsel.”

I was thinking who this Mr. Kumar was completely oblivious to the fact that she was referring to me. The realization hit me when my dick of a boss was staring at me in disbelief. Rita was pretty high up the food chain in the office, so my boss simply signaled that I was to go with her, and so I followed that shapely heart to her office. It was a very nice office, wooden desk, leather sofas and the works. She did have some sense of style.

I was just staring at the awesomeness of the office when she said, “Mr. Kumar, I would like you to give me your legal opinion on some personal matter of mine. Me and my fiancée have decided to part our ways, and we need to distribute our properties. I know that you have worked as a divorce lawyer before coming to work with us so you must have some know how on these matters.”

“Ya sure. But there is a pretty important case that the firm is dealing with right now and my boss will be pretty pissed if I work on something else.”

“Don’t worry about him. I’ll take care of him. You help me with this thing. You can work form my office. Tomorrow is Saturday and I would really want to finish this by the end of this weekend, so can you come by the house tomorrow to discuss anything that we cannot cover today?”

I really didn’t have anything to do this weekend so I replied, “Ya. I would be happy to help you Miss Rita.”

The day passed with her listing the different assets she had and me making a list of it; the proper valuation and the things with joint ownership. It was getting pretty late and we halkalı ucuz escort already had a lot of ground covered so we decided to call it a day. She said good bye and gave me directions to her house and then left.

On the way back home I kept thinking about how lovely she looked, how sexy were her deep blue eyes and how much I would like to fuck her in every way imaginable. When I reached home I took a shower and jacked off thinking about her mouth around my big shaft and me pummeling it into her. And I cummed a bucket. Then I had some dinner and and went to sleep.

The next day I reached her house at around eleven. It was a small but very nicely decorated house. It had a pool and everything. She was wearing jeans shorts and a blue tank top. She looked barely twenty-five, but I knew that she was actually five years older than that. She wasn’t her cheerful self today.

So I asked her, “Is everything alright?”

She nodded, “Ya, it’s fine. Let’s go inside the office.”

She had this small office setup in her house. So we started working just as we did the day before. It had been about an hour and her phone rang. I could see the color go out of her face as she looked at it. She went out in the balcony to answer it. I could hear her yelling into the phone and figured it must be the old fiancee. She yelled for a long time and when she came back she had tears in those big blue eyes.

When she saw me she said, “I am sorry for all this. But the separation has been tough.”

“It’s all right. May be we should continue this some other time?”

“Ya that’s a good idea. But you have come all this was for nothing. I am so sorry for that. Let me make up for that. Please let me offer you a drink.”

“OK. A drink would be nice.”

So we headed downstairs to the kitchen. She made vodka martini for the both of us and started talking about her fiancee, and the separation and all that. It was a hot day and we were really gulping down those drinks like it was coca-cola. I could see that she was already swaying this way and that.

In the middle of all this she stood up and asked, “Don’t I look good? Am I as horrible as that douche bag tells me that I am.”

I was buzzing myself and replied, “You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. If I were in his shoes I would never even let you out of my sights.” She smiled at that.

“Oh! Do you really mean that. Do you like me?”

“Yes I do a lot.”

The alcohol really kicked in I think at that moment otherwise halkalı üniversiteli escort I would never have had the courage to say what I said next. “In fact I have fantasized about you ever since the day I saw you.”

“What kind of fantasies?”

“Well…the sexual kind!”

“Really? Tell me more”

“May be I can show you.”

And then I moved closer to her and kissed her on her lips. She was surprised at first but then joined in. I was sucking on her honey lips like there was no tomorrow. Slowly I starting moving my hands on her back and down towards her ass. It was so lovely to hold her beautiful ass in my hands.

She started warming up and was moaning into my mouth as I kissed her. She look my hand and placed it on her boobs. They were so soft. I started kneading them from above her top, and kissing her at the same time. She then took off her top and her shorts and stood in front of me in only her white bra and panties. I was just staring at her with my lustful eyes. She came to me and placed her hand on the bulge in front of my pants.

“Oh you horny bastard. I want you in my mouth.”

And she went down on her knees and started opening my pants. She started stroking my dick and then opened my boxers too. She was looking at my hard on as it was a candy. She had a so much lust in her eyes. She just took my hard dick in her hand and then put all the seven inches inside her cute mouth in one go. I was in heaven. I could feel the back of her throat with the tip of my cock. No one had ever taken me inside their mouth so deep.

I wanted so much to fuck her mouth to shreds then but showed some restrain and let her do the job. And she was doing an splendid job. I was getting the blow job of my life! She was sliding my dick inside her mouth and sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. In every stroke I could feel the back of her throat and she would gag a little. After some time I could hold back no longer and started ramming my rod down her throat with no mercy.

She was gagging and tears rolled down her eyes but I was too horny to care and was fucking her mouth with abandon. I was near climax and pushed hard deep down her throat and cummed deep inside her throat. She was having a very difficult time swallowing all that with my dick down her throat so I took it out and she took a deep breath and looked up at me. I could tell that she was still horny and I wasn’t finished yet.

She stood up. Opened her bra and panties and I removed my shirt. We were both naked haramidere escort and wanting to continue this even further. I lifted her on the kitchen table and lowered my head into her pink wet pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen with desire and she was moaning even before I touched her with my lips. When I kissed her on her clit she let out a little whimper. I took her swollen clit in my mouth and started sucking on it.

She was bucking her hips and thrashing all around. I took two fingers and rammed it up her love hole. She gasped and I started finger fucking her with her clit in my mouth. She was buckling wildly now. May be she was near to cumming. But I didn’t want her to cum as of yet so I slowed down. By now my dick was getting hard. So I told her, “Come down here and suck my cock to hardness you slut. Then I will fuck your pussy.”

She obeyed like the little slut she was and came down from the table and put her mouth around my dick once again. I was hard instantly and started pumping into her mouth. But this time I wanted to fuck this whore so I made her bend over the kitchen counter and placed my dick at the entrance of her dripping pussy. I knew that she wanted my dick inside her as much as I did so I slowly moved my dick on the entrance, trying to test how much could she take. She was pushing back trying to take it inside. I was teasing her some more.

She started begging, “Please fuck me. Ram that big dick up my tight pussy.”

I complied and pushed my throbbing member deep inside the wet warm hole in one go. She was really tight and the feeling was awesome. I started fucking her then. In and out, in and out. Slowly at first and then increasing my pace. She was moaning and encouraging me to fuck her even harder. I was doing just that. I didn’t even know that I could fuck someone so hard. I can’t even describe how incredible it felt to fuck this beautiful, smart, successful woman.

I felt like I owned her and that I could do anything I wanted to her. The feeling of that power was driving me to do it even harder, till it hurt. After going at it for what felt like a eternity I was ready to cum. So I took hold of her hair in one hand and lifted her up a bit. I know I was hurting her a bit but I loved doing that. With my other hand I was mauling her tits and fucking her hard and fast like a piston. Suddenly I couldn’t hold back any longer and emptied my sac deep in her glorious pussy. We stayed like that for a while. Then I took it out of her and was standing behind her.

She turned around and kissed me in my mouth and said, “That was the most awesome fuck of my life.”

We then went to her bedroom and lied down on her bed. I felt really tired, but very very happy at the same time. I had fucked the most beautiful woman in the world. And the best part was that I fucked her like I owned her, like she was my slave, born to pleasure me. I think she liked that too.

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