Defloration Ch. 06


Paul, an experienced, and very horny, lover is always willing to help.

Eva had asked Paul to deflower her and introduce her to the joys and pleasures of sex. Paul, happily obliged and popped her cherry. Her last words to him before she left were:

“Don’t be surprised if you get some confidential phone calls from some of my friends!”

Tina, a shy virgin friend of Eva’s had body issues and needed help in losing her virginity. Paul, was glad to help. His final words to her, after he had introduced her to the pleasures of sex, were:

“You can tell your girlfriends that I’m happy to help and teach them so long as they’re over eighteen.”

Chrissie and Margie were lesbians and were curious about what it would be like to have sex with a skilled older man. It turned out that they were sexy strippers and gave Paul a very good time while he was initiating them.

A few days later he had a phone call from Susan, a friend of Eva’s. She was obviously very embarrassed and hesitant as she told him that she needed help as she had never had an orgasm. Paul readily agreed to help.

Paul took a call from Suzette who told him she needed help to lose her virginity as she had some ‘body issues’. Paul invited her to come around one evening to discuss how he could help her.

A new defloration

I answered a call from a woman who introduced herself as Claire. She said that her friend had told her that I was an experienced lover who was willing to help women with sexual problems. Claire didn’t want to explain over the phone so I invited her round for a chat.

When she arrived at his apartment I opened the door to an attractive, dark haired, middle-aged woman wearing a red thigh length button-through dress. As I looked her up and down I wondered why she needed my services. Usually, the women were much younger virgins looking for me to ‘pop their cherry’. Claire, although still attractive, was older and didn’t look like a virgin. She had an air of confidence, and her poise showed that she was proud of her body.

I showed her through to the lounge and asked how I could help. She explained that her husband had left her for his secretary a couple of years ago and they were now divorced. I commiserated but she assured me that her husband was no loss and she was happy to be single again.

“I just hope the girl enjoys boring sex.” she laughed. “My ex-husband’s idea of sex is ‘wham bam thank you ma’am.’ He doesn’t have a clue – he used to fuck me like a piston engine, then, we he came, he would just roll over and go to sleep. The whole thing was over in a couple of minutes and it never seemed to occur to him that I should enjoy it too.

“So, what can I do for you Claire?” I asked.

“Well I’m going to start dating again.” she replied “But before I do I would like you to show me what I have been missing with my boring husband. I would like to know what’s possible and what’s exciting.”

“I can certainly help you with that Claire.” I said “Can you tell me what your fantasies are? What do you think will really turn you on?”

She looked embarrassed so I added: “You can trust me not to tell anyone else and I won’t laugh at anything you say. We all have secret fantasies. Hopefully, you can open up and tell me about yours then I’ll do what I can to make them a reality.”

“Yes, I do trust you Paul.” she answered. “My friends tell me you are very discreet. They also told me that you can give a woman a good time and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

“OK, that’s good.” I reassured her. “Now talk to me about what turns you on and we’ll take it from there.”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to wear sexy underwear, but I never dared because my ex would have made fun of me. Since he left me, I’ve decided to please myself and went on a few shopping sprees to buy some nice underwear and I love wearing it. It seems so deliciously naughty.”

“What kind of underwear?” I asked hoping she would get turned on just taking about it.

“May I show you?” she asked.

“Of course.” I replied, mentally licking my lips in anticipation.

She started to undo the buttons of her dress starting at the top. The top two revealing a promising long dark line of cleavage and, as she popped another couple of buttons, a very low-cut black lace shelf bra was revealed. Her creamy white tit flesh bulged enticingly from the top of the underwired bra which barely covered her areolae. She had big tits. I estimated they were 36DD at least. Further buttons revealed flat washboard abs and stomach and I drew in my breath in anticipation as she revealed a prominent mound barely covered by a tiny triangle of almost transparent black lace that matched her bra. I could see that her skin beneath the lace was smooth shaved. As she slipped the dress over her shoulders and laid it on a chair I admired her shapely body and smoothly muscled legs.

“You have a beautiful body.” I remarked “Have you been working out?”

“Yes, I have.” she replied, obviously pleased. As she turned for me to admire the back poker oyna view I took in the enchanting sight from the side of her big breasts, barely contained within the structured bra. My eyes followed the curves of her superb haunches to a beautiful rounded feminine behind. The narrow black lace waistband of her G-string panties dipped into the crack of her ass and a thin black string disappeared intriguingly between those gorgeous cheeks. As she spun round again for me to get the full effect I could feel my cock begin to stiffen in my pants.

“Well, I see that you’ve begun to indulge one of your fantasies already.” I began encouragingly. “What else do you think about that turns you on?”

“I’ve started to watch some porn on the Internet.” she confessed, “and it really turns me on. I would like to try out some of the kinky things, to see if I like them.”

“What kind of things?” I asked, intrigued. And I felt my cock rising in my pants in anticipation.

She paused for a moment and looked embarrassed so I realised I would have to tread carefully.

“Would it help if I mention a few things and you can just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?”

“OK, that sounds like a plan.” She said, obviously relieved that she wouldn’t have to put her innermost desires into words just yet.

“Well, you’ve already mentioned sexy lingerie. What about sex toys? Do they interest you?”


“Oral sex?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Sex in different positions?”

“Definitely yes. My ex thought there was only one. I’d like to try something different.”

“Anal sex?”

“Maybe, but that’s a bit advanced. I’d like to keep my options open.”

“What kind of porn do you watch? Men stripping, women stripping, heterosexual sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, kinky sex, domination, masturbation?”

“All of the above I guess. I feel free to experiment and experience things that I was missing out on before. That’s why I’m here.”

“How do you feel about nudity?”

“I like the freedom, but my ex-husband seemed to think it was sinful because of his strict upbringing. He wouldn’t allow either of us to be naked around the house. Now that I’m on my own, I enjoy being naked at home. I feel it’s just a little bit naughty, so it turns me on.”

“Thanks for that.” I concluded. “That gives me a clearer picture of your sexuality.

I decided to strip down to my undies to make us feel a bit more equal. So, I asked her if she would mind.

“Not at all.” She laughed. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

As I stripped off my T-shirt she admired my chest and abs.

“I see you work out too.” she remarked. “Do you mind if I touch?”

“Not at all, go ahead.” I said enthusiastically.

As she ran her fingers over my chest and down across my rippling six pack, her face became a mask of pure lust. My cock grew harder as I slipped my pants down over my hips and I noticed her eyes drawn immediately to the growing tent in the front of my undies. I looked deep into her eyes and, as I did so, I saw her lips part. I knew she was ready to be kissed and I wasted no time. I moved in and pulled her closer into my arms as my lips met hers in a delicate exploratory kiss. My instinct was proved correct as her lips opened in welcome and we shared a passionate kiss.

As we parted I noticed that she was panting and quite breathless. The twin giant orbs on her chest rose and fell supported by the constraining shelf bra and I was treated to brief glimpses of her areolae as she took each breath. It was obvious to me that she was really turned on and begging for some action. As if reading my thoughts, her hand tentatively brushed across the front of my briefs and I could tell that she really wanted to explore the large bulge that was making itself increasingly obvious. I took her hand and placed it firmly on my member which was throbbing underneath the constricting material. She grasped it, obviously gauging its length and thickness through its flimsy covering.

“Would you like to see it?” I asked, by now certain that the answer would be affirmative.

She answered by slipping her fingers into the waistband and slowly slid the offending garment down my thighs. My cock, suddenly released, sprang up and slapped against my abdomen. Surprised and delighted she lightly gripped the shaft with both hands.

“It’s so hard and so big.” She enthused. “You’re much bigger than my ex-husband, and I’ve never got to look at a penis at close quarters before.”

“Take your time Claire.” I replied. “Examine it and explore it and ask any questions you like.”

She ran her fingers appreciatively over the shaft, exploring the way that the loose skin moved over the rock-hard column beneath.

“It’s so soft, yet hard at the same time.” she remarked. She teased the loose tip of my foreskin with her fingertip and noticed that an involuntary groan of pleasure escaped my lips. “Is that really sensitive?” she asked.

“Yes, it is.” I whispered as she took a light hold just below my cockhead and slid the loose skin canlı poker oyna back to reveal the purple helmet.

She stared fascinated as she moved her hand slowly up and down the shaft alternately covering and revealing the bulging tip. I groaned as she squeezed gently and a clear blob of precum appeared in the opening.

“Would you like to kiss it and taste?” I asked, applying a light pressure to the back of her head to encourage her to move in closer.

Her lips formed into a welcoming ‘O’ shape as she enveloped the throbbing glans. She sucked in her cheeks and ran her tongue across the tip to taste the precum and she found it deliciously sweet. She bobbed her head up and down as her lips and tongue swept across the smooth shiny purple surface. I groaned as she found the inverted ‘V’ of my sensitive frenulum. I swept her shiny black hair into a rough pony tail and took a light hold on it at the back of her head. This enable me to watch her giving me head, something I always find a huge turn on. At the same time, I was able to encourage her to take my cock ever deeper into her mouth. Inevitably, she reached the gagging point and I immediately withdrew.

“It’s OK, that’s completely normal.” I said in a soothing voice. “With practice, you’ll be able to move past that and enjoy having a cock at the back of your throat. Just relax and enjoy.”

She resumed her cocksucking and caught on very quickly as I showed her how to pleasure the head while she wanked the shaft with both hands in a twisting motion. I encourage her to explore my balls and she licked and sucked the smooth, silky covering before moving on to gently suck each one in turn into her mouth while she was working my shaft with her hands. I felt like I was in paradise as the nerve endings in my foreskin, cock shaft and balls flooded my brain with beautiful sensations.. Inevitably, I felt things moving toward a climax and without a word I changed my position and took hold of the waistband of her black silk panties. She lifted her hips in tacit approval and allowed me to slip the delicate garment down over her knees and feet.

I stared in naked anticipation at her glorious vulva. It was completely shaved and the plump outer lips completely hid the delights beneath. I moved in close and breathed in the delicious warm musky scent of her feminine sex. As I moved my face towards her for a closer look her legs parted slightly giving me a tantalising glimpse of delicate inner lips covered in a shiny film of moisture. She was really ready, I was in no doubt about that.

Flattening my tongue, I drew it across her delightful vulva starting at the bottom and travelling slowly up across the vertical slit. When I reached the top, no doubt sliding across the hidden clitoris beneath, she purred with delight and lightly gripped the hair on the back of my head. Gently pushing her thighs apart, I spread the plump outer lips to explore the wonders inside. Her inner lips were like delicate pink flower petals tipped with chocolate brown. As I drew my tongue across them she squirmed and mewed with pleasure and I watched them grow slightly darker as they became engorged. With my fingertips I delicately parted them and spread them wide against the outer labia. I love the view of a beautiful pussy spread open for my lustful and appreciative gaze and this one did not disappoint. It was superb. I pointed my tongue and inserted it between the delicate inner lips and drew it across the place where I knew her piss hole must be. She groaned as I hit the spot and unconsciously gripped my hair as I moved the rigid tip of my tongue down to the entrance to her waiting love hole. My efforts were rewarded by a flow of pussy cream as she became more and more aroused. I repeatedly penetrated the entrance to her vagina with my tongue I and I sensed her breathing change as she moved toward an impending climax. I replace the tip of my tongue with a finger and gently explored the internal walls. Her love tunnel was very tight so I guessed that she had not borne children. Inserting another digit, I filled, twisted and stretched her slippery hole until she squealed and began to buck her hips as a massive climax coursed through her body. I slowed right down until I felt her descending from the peaks then, keeping my fingers inserted I applied my tongue to the hood of her clitoris. I could feel the shaft hardening beneath the surface as her clit became engorged and she responded well when my tongue touched the protruding tip of the tiny bud.

She shuddered as I used my left hand to press on her mons and draw the hood of her clit up and back to reveal more of the tiny spire beneath. I lapped repeatedly on the tiny organ as she climbed the peaks again as the smouldering embers of her orgasm burst into flame. To heighten her pleasure, I found her G-spot with my two fingers and rubbed and tapped the surface repeatedly. She went absolutely crazy, screaming and shouting with her eyes wild and rolled back. Suddenly she was gushing a clear liquid out of her urethra. She bellowed as a massive orgasm internet casino ripped through her entire body:

“Oh God! That’s amazing. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I continued to massage her G-spot while I repeatedly rubbed my thumb across her now engorged clit. Her climax continued in waves until she was convulsing and begging me to stop. She burst into floods of tears and I knew from experience that they were tears of pure joy and happiness. I held her tight until I felt her relax. She felt my rock-hard erection pushing against her thigh as I buried my face between her spectacular tits. Smiling, she unclipped the front of the bra and her superb breasts sprang free. I grabbed great handfuls of the creamy firm flesh and buried my face in her cleavage. I felt the nipples harden under my touch until they felt like India rubber. As I rubbed and pinched the sensitive nubs of flesh she nibbled my earlobe and whispered:

“I want you to fuck me – NOW!”

Highly aroused, I didn’t need to be told twice and, mindful of what she had told me earlier, I flipped her over and placed her in a kneeling position with her beautiful round butt cheeks upward and her head down on the couch. I looked down at her pink rosebud pucker which seemed to wink at me. Below it her pussy peered out between her legs like a delicious peach just waiting to be devoured. I reached over for my pot of coconut oil and applied a liberal coating to her waiting cunt and my rampant cock. I pulled back the foreskin and rubbed the helmet head up and down across her entire vulva. She moaned in anticipation as she willed me to penetrate her but I was in no hurry and continued to tease her puffy, engorged cunt to build up the sexual tension.

I asked her: “Is this what this tight little cunt is waiting for? Does it need some big hard stiff cock?”

“Oh YES.” she pleaded “Give it to me NOW.”

Without further ado I thrust my hips forward and rammed my member into her steaming cunt. She gasped as she felt its length and girth stretching the delicate membranes and filling her up in a way that she had never experienced before.

“Wow, that’s so good.” she moaned. “Now fuck me hard and deep.”

To turn her on further I decided to dominate her completely by using her for my pleasure. I took hold of her glossy black hair and pulled her head back while I slowly plundered her velvety cunt with long slow strokes of my rigid member. When I slapped one of her bum cheeks hard with the flat of my palm she squealed and thrust her hips back onto me to try to take control. I responded by flipping her over and grabbed her legs behind the knee to press them forward onto her shoulders. In this position her sex was wide open and offered to me for my pleasure. She caught on quickly and grasped her legs to maintain the posture while I positioned myself above her and hammered my throbbing cock into her slick, well-lubricated pussy. A few minutes of this brought us both near the edge and I withdrew and knelt lightly on her chest with most of my weight supported on my knees. I grabbed her wrists and pinioned them behind her head. Leaning forward I directed my cock toward her mouth and issued my orders:

“Suck it bitch. Use your mouth and your tongue.” She complied and gave my cock an expert blowjob that brought it back to full erection. I could tell that she was really into it as she bobbed her head up and down to add more stimulation to the rigid organ that was invading her mouth. Changing position, I slid further down her body and stuffed a couple of pillows under her head and neck. I slapped a liberal amount of coconut oil onto her tits. Placing my hands on the outsides of the mounds of flesh I pressed them together into her cleavage. I inserted my prick between her generous tits and thrust my hips and backwards and forwards to give her (and myself) a titty fuck. As my cock head reached the top of its motion she strained her neck and opened her mouth to add some oral stimulation into the equation. I wasn’t complaining; her massive oiled tits and welcoming mouth serviced my cock until I felt it necessary to stop and give it a little break.

I laid myself down on my back on the couch and instructed her:

“Hang your beautiful tits in my face and sit on my cock. I want you to fuck me.” She smiled and complied immediately. She grabbed my stiff cock and held it vertical as she lowered her greasy cunt onto it. She moaned as she flexed her hips repeatedly, impaling her steaming sex on my rigid pole.

“Grind that clit.” I ordered and she lowered her shapely hips so our pubic mounds were pressed together and she rotated her hips to grind her pleasure centre on my pubic bone. Her gorgeous tits were hanging free just in front of my face and I greedily grabbed the exquisite flesh and sucked on the pebble-hard nipples. I reached around and grabbed her bum cheeks pulling her onto me as I rapidly pistoned my cock into her. I could feel my cock head tapping her cervix as I fucked her at top speed. She moaned something incomprehensible as she came hard. Her climax hitting her like a freight train. Suddenly, I felt that familiar delicious feeling building inside me as my own orgasm approached the point of no return. She must have felt it too because, when I withdrew, she bellowed:

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