Deflowered By My Elder Brother


Deflowered By My Elder BrotherdeleteddeletedThis incident happened when I was in junior college and my elder brother was in senior college. There was a period of about six months when both of my parents got transferred to another city. So, I and my elder brother had to stay with our grandma until I finish that semester.Grandma was supporting us in terms of food and house activities and she was the elder person with us. We had a 2 BHK house. Grandma was staying in one room, and my brother and I were staying in another room.My bro Shyam was very caring and loving. He never did boss with me being elder. He was always supportive, joking and friendly. Although we had separate beds in the room, many times we used to sleep together and dump all the books and other things on the other bed. It was all going normal as brother-sister.One day I was unwell and stayed home. Bro had gone to college. I was using his laptop. When I was opening some documents, I saw some sexy filenames in one directory. I just clicked on one file. When I read one paragraph, it appeared like some sex story. Then I continued reading it. It was interesting.Then I opened another file. There was one more story about bro and sis doing romance and sex etc. That was really strange to me. Just to find out whether this is real or not, I searched on Google ‘bro and sis sex’. I got a lot of information about i****t relations and sex, etc.Then I clicked on some links and happened to see some nude sexy videos of bro and sis sex. This was my first time to see something like this. I really felt strange, bad and awkward. However, that also generated some curiosity in my mind. Is it really true that bro and sis can do romance and sex?Next few days, I continued reading such stories on the net and also saw some videos related to this. I started liking it. Slowly I started dreaming about my bro. I started observing his body and behaviors silently. He was behaving normally though.The next night, I slept with him as usual. Usually, I used to wear a gown or some loose dress at night. This time I wore a mini skirt and a thin top and no inners. Generally, we used to sleep separately, although on the same bed. This time, when he was asleep, I went closer to him and slept hugging him.I got inside the same bedsheet. I put my one leg on his legs and one hand on his chest and hugged him such that my boobs touch him. I wanted to see how he reacts. Later when he was turning his side, he noticed that I am sleeping very close to him.He asked me, “What happened?” I said, “Nothing.” He said, “Increase the fan speed,” and then he again slept. Now this time we both were sleeping facing each other. I again hugged him. Then he also put one of his legs on my thighs and put one hand on my back.He said, “Sleep well, you have college in the morning.” Now we both were touching each other. I could feel his breathing and warmth. I was feeling good. The next day morning he asked me, “Why you were hugging me at night?” I said, “I was not feeling well that’s why.”He said, “It’s okay. How are you now?”“I am somewhat better.”Then the next day also I didn’t go to college and saw a few porn videos. I was feeling excited and good. I closed my room from inside and got full nude while watching porn. Then unknowingly I started rubbing my hairy pussy and bonus veren siteler boobs. I was really feeling great.I noticed that my pussy was also wet and some sticky liquid came out from pussy, for the first time in life. I could relate that with the liquid shown in porn videos. My desire for trying out such things was getting stronger. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I started dreaming about my bro Shyam.This night also I wore a similarly revealing dress and no inners. Now before sleeping itself, I asked him, “Bhaiya, can I sleep hugging you tonight also?” He smiled and said, “When will you grow up?” I said, “I am grown up.” He said, “It’s okay.”Now this time he was lying on bed and reading a book. I said, “Bhaiya I am feeling sleepy now.” He said ok. Then I went close to him and hugged him and slept. He was still reading the book. Then he turned his side, put one leg on my naked thighs, hugged me like a k** and continued reading. I don’t remember when I got asleep.The next day morning, I went to the bathroom to take a bath. Intentionally I didn’t take any of my clothes inside the bathroom. I kept them inside the bedroom where Bhaiya was sitting. I took a full nude bath as usual. Then called Bhaiya to give me a towel.When he knocked on the door to give me a towel, I opened the door fully so that he can see me fully nude. He looked at my nude body. I quickly said sorry Bhaiya and closed the door. He kept quiet. Then I came out in a towel. He was still in the room and on mobile.Then I put on my inners in the same room and then dressed up. Then he said, “Why can’t you close the door properly?” I said, “What happened?” Then he said, “Now you have grown up, gal. You should learn to protect yourself.” I said, “You always call me a k**. I wanted to show you I am not a k** now.”He said, “You are a stupid gal.” Then I jokingly said, “Now are you convinced that I am not a k**.” He kept quiet. After some time, he said, “Sweety, you look very cute and a good figure also. Maintain it well.” I said, “Thanks Bhaiya.” My name is Sneha, but at home, people call me Sweety.I went to college that day. But my mind was still occupied with sexy thoughts. When I came back from college, bro was already at home. I changed my dress in front of him. He didn’t say anything but I noticed he was watching me. He asked, “How was your day, Sweety?” I said, “Not so good.”He said, “What happened?” I said I am still feeling bad about that bathroom thing that you saw me nude. He said, “It’s okay, nothing to worry about within the family.” Then I went and kissed on his cheek and said, “Love you, Bhaiya.” He also kissed me on my cheek and said, “Love you, Sweety.”After dinner, I was wearing a frock till thighs and no inners. He said, “Sweety, shall we play cards if you don’t have to study?” I said okay. Later we were sitting on the bed and playing cards. I was sitting in a position such that he can see my naked hairy pussy.I noticed he was watching it once in a while but didn’t react to it. After some time, he said, “Sweety, gals also clean the hair below. Shall I give you a trimmer for cleaning?” I said, “I don’t know how to do it. Can you teach me once?” He smiled and said okay.Then he got his hair trimmer. He put a towel on the bed and one newspaper and said, “You can sleep bedava bahis here. I will trim it the first time and then you can do it yourself.” I slept in the bed. He asked me to keep the legs straight and spread. Then he lifted my frock up so that my naked pussy is clearly visible.He touched my pussy hair and said, “Looks like a jungle.” I felt shy and closed my eyes. Then he touched my pussy area, hair, stomach, and thighs. I kept quiet. Then he said now keep quiet, I will trim your pussy hair. Then he started trimming. He asked me to change leg positions etc to help him trim all hair.Then he held my hand and put it on my pussy area and said, “How is it now?” I smiled and said, “Smooth.” He said, “Your pussy is very tight.” I said, “Of course I am still a k**.” He laughed and said, “You are no longer a k**.” Then he casually touched my pussy and rubbed little. I felt good.Then he asked, “Do you have arm hair also?” I said, “Yes, little.” He said, Okay, take out your frock. I will clean that also.” This is the moment I was waiting for. I quickly removed my frock and got fully nude and slept on the bed. He then lifted my hand and cleaned my arm hair. He did for both the arms.I was feeling really shy and closing my eyes. Then he casually touched my boobs also and said good shape. He said, “Now you are totally clean, go and see in the dressing mirror.” I went and saw in the dressing mirror, I really got a feeling of grown-up gal. Then I started wearing my frock.He stopped me and said, “No need to wear now. I have seen you fully naked anyways. You can sleep like this.” Then I went to bed and slept nude and put on a bedsheet over me. He went to the washroom and came back and slept next to me. It was about 10 pm at night.Then he too got into my bedsheet and hugged me while sleeping. He was wearing half pants and a banian at that time. He put his leg on my naked thighs and put one hand on my boobs. Then he started touching me everywhere while talking general things like how was your day in college today etc.I said, “I was remembering the bathroom episode the whole day.” He said, “Nothing to worry. I am your own bro. I have been seeing you nude since your c***dhood. So, what’s the big deal.” Then he squeezed my boobs and said, “Now you are looking really sexy.”I said, “What?” He said, “Yes, you are really cute and sexy.” I said, “You are joking right?” He said, “It’s the truth.” Then he quickly got on my nude body and slept. He said, “Can I sleep like this tonight?” I asked naughtily, “Are you still comfortable with clothes?”Then he asked, “Do you want to see me nude?” I said, “If you wish.” Then he got up from the bed and removed his banian, half pant and undies also. Wow, the first time I saw his huge penis. It was already hard. I asked, “What’s that?” He said, “My pissing tool, this is called a penis.”I said, “Oh so big.” He said, “You can touch it.” I touched it and shook it little. I was really thrilled to see such things in the real first time. Then he said, “Now can I sleep on you?” I said, “No, I will sleep on you.” Then he slept on the bed and I slept on his nude body.This is because his weight was more, so I got worried. That was a really awesome and memorable moment. I could feel his body warmth and perfume smell, etc. While sleeping on him, deneme bonusu I kissed on his cheek. Then he grabbed my face and said, I will tell you how to kiss.Then he gave me a long lip kiss. Then he smiled and said, “This is better.” I nodded yes. After that, we started kissing each other for a long time. He made me kiss his hard penis also and he licked my wet pussy. Awesome and heavenly feeling.Shyam said, “Sweety, we will not sleep tonight. Let’s enjoy like this.” I just smiled. Then he said, “Can we see some nice movie now?” I said okay. Then he started one bro sis porn on his laptop. This movie I had already seen on his laptop without his knowledge. I kept quiet and followed him.While watching the movie, he told me to sit on his lap and he hugged me. We both were nude. In the movie, when the sex scene started, he started explaining to me what it means and how it feels, etc. Now he started using dirty language also. I was liking it.He said, “See how bro is fucking his sis. This happens in India also. We can also do it tonight if you agree.” I said, “What if I become pregnant, will you marry me?” He said, “I will give you some tablet tomorrow morning, you will be alright.”While i****t porn movie was going on, he started playing with my nude body, touching everywhere, squeezing boobs, rubbing pussy, kissing on lips, etc. Shyam said, “Darling, you are my gal friend tonight.” Then I also kissed his lips and said, “Okay my boyfriend.”Shyam said, “Sweety, can we do sex now?” I said, “First explain to me how you will do it? Whether it will pain me or not?” Then he told me how he will do with me. He said, “It will pain also a little bit.” I asked him, “How do you know all this, have you done it before?He said, “I have seen many videos like this and read about it.” Then I held his hard penis in hand and shook it little. I said this is my lover no. You will fuck me with this. He said yes darling. Then he told me to sleep in the bed. Obviously, I was feeling really great but anxious.He got on top of me. He said, “I will fuck you directly, no protection now. I will give you a tablet tomorrow.” Then he told me to spread my legs apart. He held my hands in his hands and started kissing me top to bottom. Then he came down and licked my pussy for a long time. That made me really horny.I started moaning. He said I like this sexy sound. I said, “I love you, Shyam.” He replied, “I love you my darling.” Then he pointed his hard penis to my tiny love hole. He started rubbing it with his penis. I was in heaven. Then while kissing me, he gave a big jerk below.He suddenly pushed his hard penis inside my tiny hole and tore it apart. It really pained me a lot and I started crying and said, please take it out, it’s paining, etc. He continued fucking me and kissing and said, “Keep quiet, you will feel good soon.” He didn’t listen to me and kept me fucking for at least 10 minutes.Then I pushed him out. When I touched my pussy, it was bloody. He asked me to sleep on the bed and then he cleaned my red pussy with tissue papers. He cleaned his reddish color penis also. Then I went to the washroom and cleaned it with water. I did pissing and came back and lied down on the bed to take rest.I told him not to bother me for some time. He kissed me and said, “I love you, darling. Take some rest.” Then he prepared coffee for both of us. We had coffee together being nude. He looked into my eyes and said, Sweety baby, you are no longer a k** now. You are deflowered!This is my most memorable incident in life. If you like this story, you can share your feedback

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