Desperate Gaming


It was a lazy Saturday morning and Chad sat slumped on the couch. Outside the rain was coming down hard. Chad had made plans, but the rain forced him to reschedule. After thinking about how to spend his day, Chad settled for playing video games. He popped the top on an energy drink, sat at his desk, and logged into his favorite online RPG. Minutes turned into hours, and after a steady supply of caffeine his bladder had become noticeably full. Chad stood to go to the bathroom when he received a notification that his next cooperative group was ready. His character played an important role in the group, so he couldn’t just leave. “Damn,” he thought, “I’ll have to go after this group.”

As the group progressed through the dungeon, Chad’s need to urinate continued to steadily build and the constant patter of rain water dripping off the roof tiles didn’t help the urgency of the situation. His group was only half way finished with their quest and Chad found himself squirming. For awhile rocking his hips back and forth helped relieve the tingle between his legs, but soon after he felt the distressing urge to pee overwhelming. He was finding it hard to concentrate on his role within the group. His bladder began to throb a little and kaçak iddaa he had to rest on the edge of his chair just to maintain control. At this point spurts of pee began traveling down the length of his penis all the way to the tip. Each time the flow stopped right at the end of his pee hole. He could feel droplets of piss slowly appearing with each spurt. Chad wanted nothing more than to hold the end of his dick firmly, as this helped with control, but both hands were busy manipulating his character. He was beginning to realize that he would have to make a choice.

Chad couldn’t leave his desk to use the toilet or his group would fail the dungeon quest and his character desperately needed the end boss loot. On the other hand, he didn’t want to lose control of his bladder completely and risk getting the carpet wet. Seeing no other solution to his problem, Chad decided that he would wet himself just a little bit. He was wearing dark blue sweat pants with no underwear. The material was a thick cotton/poly blend and would absorb quite a bit of moisture if introduced slowly. He sat back in his chair normally and prepared for the inevitable. The next time pee began to travel down his shaft and to the tip of the penis, Chad very carefully kaçak bahis let the flow continue for a few seconds. A very warm spurt of pee cascaded over the head of his prick, down the shaft, and over his balls before getting absorbed by his sweat pants. He could feel the moisture saturating the dark pubes above his cock and he found the feeling sexually stimulating. Between the urgent need to pee and his sexual arousal, he found it exceedingly difficult to clamp down during the next flow. He quickly glanced at his crotch to survey the damage and found a lager wet spot on the front of his pants than he expected. This was going to be more of a problem than he had planned for. His bladder was still aching for relief and the excitement of peeing where he shouldn’t was beginning to get the better of him. The next spurt caught him completely off guard. Chad lost control of the flow for a few seconds and flooded his pants. The fluid quickly flowed over his balls and began to pool between his legs and the leather of his computer chair. He could feel the fabric begin to moisten all the way up the crack of his firm behind. Chad managed to regain control of his bladder, but as if emboldened by it’s previous victory another rush of pee began traveling illegal bahis down his semi-rigid shaft almost immediately. At first Chad thought he would be able to contain the pee save a few escaping droplets. Right as he thought the flow had stopped, his muscles contracted and the full force of his bladder began to spray piss from the tip of his member like a geyser. Panic quickly turned to ecstasy as a river of hot liquid issued forth, quickly spilling over the edge of the chair and onto the floor. Chad sat back and reveled in the experience of hot liquid dousing his groin.

Chad’s flow lasted almost a minute, and the ecstasy of the act made him desperate for relief of another sort. The last few spurts of piss dribbled from his stiff cock as the boss fight began, and Chad reluctantly took to his game duties. For the next ten minutes Chad sat with a throbbing hard-on in his drenched sweatpants. Finished at last with the boss fight, Chad clenched his shaft through the damp cloth of his pants and tugged himself to completion. His orgasm was intense. Chad’s entire body tingled with pleasure, and as he began shooting his wad his toes curled and he moaned with a passion he had never before experienced. Chad took a shower, put his wet garments in the washing machine, and quickly cleaned up the carpet under his desk. Then he placed a couple of large towels on his chair, popped another energy drink, and logged back in to start another dungeon.

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