Detective Dick P.I. Ch. 3


Saturday 3:45 PM

I headed back to the Bateman mansion because I didn’t know where else to look for Mrs. Bateman. I drove by the house once, looking down the driveway to see if her car was there. I didn’t see it, but I considered that she might have put it in the garage. So I parked my volkswagen on a side street out of view and walked back to the wall along the side of the house.

I climbed up over the wall and jumped down to the other side. I was behind some bushes in the back yard by the swimming pool. Staying out of sight, I looked over the bushes to see if anyone was around, and to make sure I wasn’t spotted.

I was shocked to see that I wasn’t alone at all. Mr. Bateman was sitting in a chair by the pool, with the maid kneeling between his legs. The maid had the top of her uniform pulled off, and was slurping away on Mr. Bateman’s cock. That little bastard, he had hired me to try to catch his wife cheating, while he was doing the exact same thing himself! I hadn’t been seen.

The maid was a gorgeous latino woman in her early twenties. She had long dark hair that came down to the middle of her back, which was brushed back as she bobbed up and down with the cock in her mouth. Her uniform top had already come off, and I got a great view from the side, of her huge breasts which jiggled slightly. Her skin was so smooth and dark, and she had huge firm nipples.

Mr. Bateman leaned back in the chair, pushing his cock up into the maid’s mouth. She pushed her head down also, taking his cock all the way into her mouth, and probably down her throat some as well.

I don’t know how long she had been sucking on his cock for, but Mr. Bateman was eager to change it up. He lifted her head up and motioned for her to rise up to her feet. He led her over to the deck table which was a little closer to me. I was a little nervous about being seen, but neither of them was paying attention.

The maid leaned over the table, placing her hands on top of it and sticking her ass out behind her as Mr. Bateman pulled her skirt off, then slid her panties down her thighs. She wiggled her ass as her panties were stripped off, and stepped out of them as they came down to her ankles. From where I was sitting, I could see everything, from her face, right down to her hairless little cunt.

Mr. Bateman pushed his hips up against hers behind her, and guided his cock up against her slit. He pushed forward, ataşehir escort burying his shaft inside her with one thrust. The maid moaned and clutched one of her hands around her tit as she started to get rammed from behind.

Mr. Bateman grabbed a hold of her hips and started pushing and pulling on her as he slapped his hips against her over and over, sending his cock sliding in and out of her fuckable little twat.

“Ohhhhhhh God I’m cuuuummmmMMMMmming!” Mr. Bateman yelled as he pumped away at her cunt. Then he thrust himself deep inside her as his cock shot its load, filling her up inside with his jizz.

[Damn that was quick,] I thought to myself. [No wonder Mrs. Bateman is so bored of sex with him.]

I grabbed my camera and quickly snapped a couple pictures while he was still lodged inside her cunt, emptying his semen in her fuckhole.

Mr. Bateman gave her ass a little squeeze and then headed inside.

Saturday 5:35 PM

I had been hiding there in the bushes for about two hours while the maid lingered around outside. As soon as she left, the pool boy showed up, so it seemed like forever by the time the coast was clear. I climbed back over the wall and headed back to my car, then went home.

Sunday 12:02 PM

I watched from across the street as the pizza delivery boy was brought inside by Mrs. Bateman. I had been sitting in my car all day, scoping out the scene, waiting for her next encounter, and finally he had arrived. I left the car and snuck over to the side of the house by the window where I had seen her on Friday. It would be really great if I could get some pictures of her fucking another man in their own house. Those would really help Mr. Bateman in his divorce case.

I looked inside the window to the dining room, but they weren’t in there, so I walked down a little further, peeking in windows until I found them. Mrs. Bateman had brought the pizza boy into the living room. She was sitting on the sofa beside the man, kissing him deeply while he felt her up, and low and behold the maid was there too, sitting on the other side of him, stroking the bulge in his pants with one hand, while the other unzipped her uniform!

[Damn,] I thought to myself, [The maid probably gets more action than anyone in this house.]

She certainly wasted no time in slipping avcılar escort out of her tight little outfit. The uniform slid off her legs as she stood up and she kicked it aside. She was now standing there in just a pair of little black thong panties. The maid knelt down between the pizza boy’s legs and began unzipping his pants while he was busy kissing and squeezing Mrs. Bateman.

Mrs. Bateman stood up and started to strip off her clothes as well, while the maid was reaching inside the man’s pants, pulling the stiff member out. She grabbed the bottom of the tight little t-shirt she was wearing and pulled it up. The fabric strained as it pulled over her enormous breasts, but it eventually slid off, and her tits bounced free. She wiggled out of her shorts next, so that now she was also standing in just her panties. Mrs. Bateman knelt down beside the maid, taking her place in front of the pizza boy’s cock as well.

The two women leaned forward and both started licking their tongues along his shaft at the same time. Their tongues danced around up and down every inch of his veiny pole; sometimes they would lick their tongues together with each other as they coated him in wet, warm saliva. Then the maid took the swollen cockhead inside her mouth, wrapping her lips around it and began to nurse him. Mrs. Bateman wrapped her lips around the base of the shaft, sucking up and down like a harmonica.

The maid was sucking messily on the top of the pizza boy’s cock. Her saliva was drooling down from her mouth as she slurped, causing drips of her spit to dribble down the shaft to where Mrs. Bateman was sucking. Mrs. B would lick up the spit, mix it with her own, and then continue sucking and licking the length of the shaft, letting the mixture of their saliva drool down over his balls.

The pizza boy was muttering something, but I couldn’t hear what it was through the window. Mrs. B and the maid switched positions, and Mrs. B took the tip of his cock into her mouth and began sucking hungrily. She sucked up and down hard like a cum starved slut. The maid was busy down below, sucking his balls into her mouth one at a time, massaging them gently with her mouth and rolling her tongue over them.

The maid and Mrs. Bateman kissed each other passionately, their tongues lashing together. The pizza boy thrust his cock forward, sliding it between their lips as they kissed, so that each woman could suck on either side.

Next, avrupa yakası escort the women stood up, and Mrs. B motioned for the pizza boy to lie down on the sofa. The two sluts were standing side by side, with their rear-ends facing me as they both hooked their thumbs under the waist-band of their panties and began sliding them down. They bent over as they pulled their panties down over their asses, and down their thighs.

I was in perfect position to see both their cunts as they bent over, sticking their rear ends out. Their asses were almost touching together, and each woman’s cunt was peeking out between her cheeks proudly. Both sets of pussy lips were shaved clean, Mrs. B’s were pink and swollen, and the maid’s were darker and just as fuckalicious.

The maid climbed onto the couch, straddling the pizza boy’s head and lowering her pussy lips down to his face, while Mrs. Bateman climbed onto him, guiding his stiff prick to her own cunt. She slid down, taking the man’s cock inside her as she nuzzled her hips up against his, riding on top of him like a cowgirl. The pizza boy was probably groaning, but his face was buried in the maid’s cunt.

The women leaned forward to kiss each other again, and arched their backs, pressing their tits up against each other. God, that was a sight to see. Each woman had larger than average knockers, and Mrs. B’s would be classified as huge! The titflesh squashed together as they pressed their body’s closer. The maid reached up, squeezing the sides of Mrs. Bateman’s gorgeous melons as she started to bounce up and down on the pizza boy’s cock.

Mrs. Bateman rode up and down, bouncing on top of the man below her and grinding her hips against his, working his cock into her hard. The maid squeezed and rubbed at her breasts while she pressed her own pussy down against the pizza boy’s face. His tongue was lashing up, licking up and down her slit and flicking in and out between her lips rapidly.

The pizza boy bucked and thrusted his hips upward, fucking up against Mrs. Bateman harder. His tongue found its way to the maid’s clit and he flicked his tongue over it rapidly while his cock was jackhammering in and out of Mrs. Bateman’s pussy.

I heard a series of moans through the window as the pizza boy started to cum. He pushed his hips up as his cock started to spurt, and began squirting his blasts of sperm deep into her slutty, oversexed fuckhole. By the looks of it, the maid and Mrs. B orgasmed as well, because they were moaning and clutching each other tightly while their bodies quivered. The man kept his cock inside Mrs. B while he emptied his entire load inside her, injecting her with his gooey fuckjuice.

I snapped a couple pictures then scooted back to the car.


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