Subject: Devil Boys 21 DEVIL BOYS By Encolpius DISLAIMER: This story is fiction. Compliments, complaints, comments to ail Contribute to Nifty. Press the donate button. Hot stories to come! TWENTY ONE Connor’s Story The Hot Naked Party is winding down. But you couldn’t tell it. The Erosia is kicking in even for the last ones to get the spiked drinks. There is a definite buzz in the whole pool area. Red is still standing up at the head of the pool with Sparky and Toro and all three of them are naked and hot. “And now! Is anybody horny around here?” Sparky asked The crowd roared back. They were. Even the Profressor was yelling back, juiced and excited. “And we got all night! So, how about No Clothes Permitted, No Towels Allowed? Everybody naked, everybody hard?” The crowd roared their approval. The next few hours would be as wild as many of these men have ever known. Then, at midnight, the pro’s will have their say. ———————————————————————– “I need a production assistant” George – Daddy – said. “You interested? Or you have something better back in ATL?” I didn’t and I told him so. He offered me $15 an hour. I started trying to do the math “It’s 600 a week, 30 grand a year.” Daddy said. “And that doesn’t include your scene rate. I’ll gaurantee you 8 a year at 1500 bucks a piece. That’s 42 grand minimum. You interested?” “Definitely” I said. Who the fuck wouldn’t be? I don’t have shit to go back to. “You can stay with us for a while until you can get your own place. If the boys like you, maybe longer” Daddy has a fucking crib. I mean, shit. An apartment on the 10th floor, like 4 bedrooms, there is serious fucking money here. I guess porn pays serious. Adam is a cute kid, almost old enough to drive, a little of acne and kind of short but overall fine. The other kid, Joe but they call him Little Bit, is like 12 1/2 going on … a fucking explosion. He’s all rangy and lean, this hands and feet and arms and legs long, clearly in a growth spurt and not quite able to get everything ging in the right diretion at the same time but a ton of energy. He was super stoked that I was going to be staying for a while. Maybe longer than that. “So, everybody is gay?” I asked ‘Yeah” Little Bit answered. “All of us” I look at Daddy. “You play with the boys?” “Fuck yeah” he nods. “And they play with each other.too. And they are always looking for a friend” “I guess being a PA means getting my freak on” “No, being a PA means you do all the scut work for me I don’t want to do. Being a Devil Boy means getting your freak on. This is an audition. Then you met the others and if they like you …” “Who’s dick do I have to suck?” I ask You can say what you fucking want to but neither of them was fucking innocent. Not by a fucking mile. And spare me all that ‘they are innocent children being exploited’ bullshit too. Adam was a fucking horn dog and the kid Little Bit was even worse. To hear them tell it, he was a cock whore before he had pubes. Now that he’s got some, it’s worse. And he ain’t Little Bit down there now. He’s got a tandoğan escort pistol. And besides, their own fucking dad is fucking them. I mean fuck. “Can I fuck you?” Little Bit asked. “At least once” “Yeah, sure” “He’s tired of being the butt boy” Adam said. That’s cool with me. I wnat to take it. I’m mostly a bottom anyway. Both of them had sarongs on so getting at them was easy access. Daddy and I had to strip but we got naked soon and the boys made it clear that naked was where it was at here. Both of them had lean, tight little bodies. Adam has abs and he was maybe getting some pects. Both of them had a shock of hair in the middle – Adam more than Little Bit – and pit hair. Adam has hairy legs but Little Bit didn’t except for a little bit around the ankles. And they were hard as a fucking rock too. “Just lay there” I tell them. They are at the head of the big bed, their ass on the pillows, I lay down and get between Adam’s legs to work on his cock. I ask him how old he is and he says 15 and, fuck, I was just like him three years ago. Fuck. I wish had it as good as he does. Little Bit is 12 1/2 according to him. and I was sucking dick then too so I know that what might be true for fucking little Boy Scouts and shit ain’t true for boys like me and them. We’re made for this. I get in there and go for his hard, stiff cock. I am face down and I feel Daddy wet tongue in my hole, rimming me. I know I am going to be taking 3 dicks tonight and I am amped for it. I want them in my ass and I want their loads there too, starting with the youngest. Fuck. How sick is this? “Suck my dick” Adam says, slapping my ass with his hard on. He’s a fucking cutie and it’s big on him cause he’s not a big kid. I think he’s maybe close to being as tall as he is going to be since Daddy ain’t that big either but that is a fine dick he has. Big enough and veiny. I suck it down and he sighs. He and Little Bit pass a vape stick back and to and get baked. Little Bit offers me some and I come off of Adam’s dick to get it and he starts slapping my face again to remind me it’s there. And I am high in nothing flat. But I have dicks to suck. I drink in the musky man odor of Adam as I swallow his tool down. And Daddy is licking at my ass. It feels good. “Suck my balls” Adam tells me. I think it’s cool he knows what he wants. “Suck me” Little Bit squeeks, his voice changing. He’s embarassed by it. We have to re-arrange for me to get at it and Daddy decides I’ve been rimmed enough for now cause he goes down on his son, sucking his hard stiff prick. I am so turned on watching a Dad suck his son. I’m so fucking turned on. I come off of Little Bit’s dick. “Let me ask you a question. So, incest is okay, right?: “Yeah” Adam says, like it’s obvious and Little Bit says the same. “I get that. It’s not you’re going to get a two headed kid cause it’s gay. But, fuck, it’s sick. And you start young, like how young?” “Young, young. Red is like 10” Adam says ‘Shit. Man, that is some sick shit. Fuck. That’s wild. I want me some of that 10 year old dick man. It’s not like I’m a pedo or tekirdağ escort anything, it’s just that it’s sick and the sicker the better. And he likes it?” “Loves it” Daddy said “You gotta meet Davey too. We’re the Three Amigos” Little Bit said “Fuck yeah. Can’t wait” I said Man, I was fucking hard thinking about that 10 year old dick. Not so much the dick, well yeah the dick, but these people don’t give a fucking shit. It’s balls out for fucking sex and partying and shit. Fuck yeah. Bring it on. I went back to sucking Little Bit and he drove it in me, face fucking. “Hey, hot man, suck my dick” I say Little Bit grins “Cool” It took 10 seconds to find out he could suck a dick, too. All the way down. Daddy and Adam have taught him well and, I guess, all this Adonis shit and Devil Boys means major league fucking. Which is totally cool. With his brother doing the sword swallowing, he wants me to blow him instead of Daddy. I’m down with that. Of course, I’m going to have to blow the boss, too. I have that kind of job, I think. Little Bit is working on me and I am working on Adam and Daddy is watching and jacking off. It is a sick, twisted scene and I am loving it. “Joe needs to fuck you” Daddy said. It took me a second to realize that Joe was Little Bit. Doggy. I figure doggy works. There’s a reason everybody the whole fucking world over fucks doggy. It’s not porn. We don’t have to do three positions. All we have to do is fuck. Head down, ass up. Little Bit gets behind me and I feel the cold lube in and around my asshole. Then I feel him enter me. One motion. All the way in. “uhhh” I grunt, staccato “Oh fuck” Little Bit says “this feels good” “Fuck him” Adam says to his brother. I liked his fullness in me. I liked that he was young and that mine is probably the first ass he’s taken. I reach down and stroke my cock because I love gettng fucked and getting fucked like this is cooler than shit. I just want him to fucking bang me. I know he’s feeling it. He moves back and to, getting the rhythm. “Aaaahhh” he sighs. “Fuuuucckkk” “Feels good, huh? Feel like a man fucking him?” Daddy asks. Then I hear report where he slaps Little Bit on the ass. “Bang that fucking ass:” Adam says :”Fuck me:” Daddy comes over and he shoves his cock down my throat as the boy – he’s a boy and he ain’t a fucking boy, you know? – fucks me. I take it too. Spit roast me. Sure as shit. Little Bit is pounding me, the slapping sound filling the room. He’s grunting with each stroke. I stroke myself in time to his thrusting. It feels fine. “Uuuhh” Little Bits, harder and louder than the rest. “Fuck” Two more savage strokes. Then I feel his cream in me, his dick twitching. Shit. I’ve taken a middle school load in my ass. Cool, huh? “You think it’s hot that I fuck my son, dontcha?” “Fuck yeah” I say “Just wait” But it’s Adams turn. He takes up where his brother left off. He rams it in and goes down on me. Hard. I can take it. I love it too much not to take it. “You take their loads, their hot fucking boy loads” Daddy said. “Then the man’ll fuck you” Daddy plants Little Bit tokat escort in front of me, now hard again. I start sucking on his cummy dick and he shoves it down my throat. He’s a horn-dog mother fucker. It is so fucking hot. I lick all the jizz off of his stick and he rocks back and forth, driving it in. “You fuck his ass, Adam” he said “I’ll fuck his face” “How about poor old Daddy?” Little Bit laughed. “You can fuck me or you can fuck Adam or you can Connor” “Or we can fuck you” Adam said “You all ready have” Well, fuck. That set me off. I’d love to see one of the boys fucking Daddy. That would be so fucking hot. He’s got hot body for an old guy, nice dick and definitely not bad looking. I mean, fuck. I bet he knows what he’s doing too. But to see him take it? Fuck. Right now, I’m taking it and taking it from both ends and I’m like a pig in shit. This is cool as fuck. Adam bangs on my ass and Little Bit is shoving it down. And I am hard. Stroking it hard. I am fucking alive wiht fucking lust. Goddamn. Adam fucking grunts with each stroke. Daddy tells him to slap my self and I feel the sting of his hand on my meaty ass and hear the report. I want him to fuck me, fuxk me, fuck me. “Cone on, Adam. Fuck the shit out of him. Make him cum” Daddy said Adam groans and a litle whimper comes out in the end. He is feeling it. He is close. “Go ahead and pop it in his ass. Unload. Breed his ass. Cream pie him” Daddy said Adam whimpered a bit more but his strokes were rapid and urgent. He was close. I could tell. Then he grunted one time more and that was that. He pulled it out. Little Bit was not done though. He kept shoving it in my mouth. But my ass needed attention and fortunately Daddy was there to fuck the living shit out of me. And that’s what he did. He slammed it the fuck in and I was glad. I was too horned up for anything else. I needed it. My dick was close to exploding and he knew my state. So he fucked fast and furious and fierce and it felt fine. Fucking fine. I wanted it that way. Then Little Bit grunted and rammed his dick down into my throat and unloaded a second time. His cum tasted sweet. Adam was cool and I put my head down to enjoy the action on my ass. Daddy was doing a fucking number on me and I wanted it. I reached down and stroked my dick and that little bit of pressure was too much. I exploded, shooting out ropes of white perfect cum. “Ah Fuck!” Daddy called out and he unloaded in my ass, a third load. Panitng and short of breath I collapsed on the bed. “I think I am going to like my job” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Denying freedom to others is denying freedom to yourself. As a member of a minority – a non-Christian religion – I understand that rights cannot be determined by majority vote. As a minority – a gay man – I know that rights are not subject to popular approval. The same rights that allow for Catholics to practice their faiths and Protestants theirs gives me the right to practice mine. If they can suppress my rights, how long do the Muslims and Sikh’s have? Would the Protestants outlaw Catholicism? Or would Catholics outlaw the Protestant heresy? If the governement can control who I have sex with, what would stop them from determining who you could have sex with? I will defend your rights because I love mine. This is what I believe

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