Diana’s Self-Liberation Ch. 03




They both lay still for a good five minutes or so, each enjoying their own thoughts. Diana felt warm and vibrant, more alive than she had done in months, maybe years. She felt feminine, sexy, and desirable. She had seen and felt the keen intensity of her young lover as he gave himself to her. A few pangs of shame bothered her too, and recriminatory thoughts and names for herself came to her mind.

She had never before had sex as pure sex, sex for its own sake without any affection for the other person. She remembered her calculated and meticulous planning, the way that she had settled for Thomas by the process of elimination and by the criteria of convenience. He was shy and less than half her age. And until a few moments ago he had been a virgin. She, a married woman old enough to be his mother, had seduced him.

But there again — he was twenty years old and had not exactly resisted her advances. Nor was he showing much sign of wanting to get dressed, muttering apologies and heading for the door. No, the fish that she had played and landed had been glad to take her bait and seemed very content to be in her net. Besides, she told herself, maybe having sex with her would help his confidence. Maybe it would help him to find a girlfriend. And when he had one — well, however compatible or incompatible their personalities, he would certainly know how to stimulates and satisfy her physically. She would treat him with respect and consideration. He deserved it. She had no downer on men generally, just on her husband.

She had never cheated on her husband Keith — or, even before marrying, on any boyfriend, for that matter. She looked at her wedding and engagement rings, and at the young, rather skinny naked body on the bed beside her. Then she reminded herself that her husband had been cheating on her long before. What she had done was not cheating. It was satisfying a physical need she had. And a psychological one. And a kind of secret revenge, like sticking up two fingers behind the boss’s back.

She was now no longer a victim. She had taken control of the situation and turned it around. She had contrived and planned and manipulated, and the outcome had been a complete success. She felt strong and empowered. She would keep it all a secret, but, who knows, maybe one day she would confront her husband, Keith, and tell him. Not the identity of her lover, but tell him about her liaisons. Even now she felt good inside. Whatever Keith was doing right now — who knows, maybe he was screwing his latest conquest right now — he had no idea what his own wife was doing. He had no idea that she had just come as she clasped a young virgin lad tight to her and felt the power of his orgasm inside her…

Thomas had few thoughts other than reliving in his mind what had taken place. He would never have dreamed that he would one day have sex with his sexy neighbour whom he had fancied for several years. Not having a girlfriend, he wanked often, and more often than not it was with thoughts of her.

Diana caressed Thomas’ lean chest and brushed her fingers over his nipples. He sighed and rolled onto his side to face her. He looked into her eyes and smiled shyly. She returned his smile.

“Hmmm… was that good, Thomas?”

“He nodded.

“Yes Mrs Barrett. It was… even better than I imagined. And… and that’s saying a lot.”

She felt a warm feeling inside. She saw his eyes leave hers and sweep over her breasts, her belly, her crotch and her black-stockinged thighs. She watched his hand cup her breast and play with it adoringly.

“Was… was it okay for you, Mrs Barrett? I… I’m afraid it was my first time and…”

She put her hand under his chin and drew his face to hers again.

“Thomas, I can honestly say that that was REALLY good. What you lacked in experience you made up for in intensity, love…”

She watched him blush.

“Besides,” she continued, “I can help you learn. I can teach you lots. And you can teach me, too.”

He laughed with embarrassment.

“I don’t think I could teach you, Mrs Barrett.”

She continued to stroke his chest, his shoulders, and his back, tracing her fingers gently up and down, gently teasing his skin with her nails. He ran his fingers along her suspender belt, her suspenders and her stockingtops.

“But you can, Thomas… you can tell me what you find exciting. You can tell me what turns you on. You can tell me what goes on in your mind. Then I can learn how to please you as YOU learn how to please ME.”

“I… I don’t know about that, Mrs Barrett… I… I’d be a bit shy to do that. And… you might not want to know some of what goes on in my mind…”

“We’ll see, Thomas. You don’t have to tell me what you don’t want to…”

She reached her hand down and stroked his flaccid member. She slid the condom off him and looked at it. She gazed with satisfaction and mild revulsion at the copious fluid inside it. She leaned to the güvenilir bahis bedside cabinet, wrapped it in a tissue, and left it there.

She took his floppy cock it in her hand and caressed it tenderly. Like him, she watched her hand and the soft manhood enclosed in it. She watched his fingers tweak her nipple. She flinched a little.

“Sorry Mrs Barrett — did I hurt you?”

She smiled at his sweet concern.

“No Thomas, of course not. My nipples just go ticklish for a while after sex, that’s all. You can carry on fondling my boobs though… I like the way you do that, Thomas — you have a very nice touch.”

She caressed his balls. He sighed. Her fingers felt very luxurious as they caressed and gently squeezed them.

“Mrs Barrett is a bit of a mouthful when we’re in bed together, Thomas. You sure you don’t want to call me by my first name?”

“If you like, Mrs… Diana.”

“What do YOU like, though, Thomas?”

She saw his hand focus on her hand — on her ring finger as it fondled and caressed his cock and his balls.

“I… I quite like calling you ‘Mrs Barrett’, but if you’d rather…”

She kissed him on the mouth.

“I’d rather you called me what you WANT to call me. Why not call me ‘Mrs B’ when we’re like this, though? It’s a bit less formal and it sounds like a pet name. But it’s still a reminder that the boobs you fondle and the fanny that your willy probes and comes inside belong to a woman who’s old enough to be your mother, and who shares a bed with her cheating bastard of a husband.”

She saw him grimace. She laughed.

“Don’t feel guilty, Thomas. I don’t. Being older and married yet here in bed with you, naked, is as much of a turn-on for you as it is for me!”

She fondled his thigh and his firm bum cheeks. He reciprocated and nuzzled her breasts, avoiding her nipples in case he tickled her again.

She spoke softly to him. It was an opportunity to mention the ground rules discreetly and gently before recommencing foreplay. She kissed and nuzzled his neck and shoulder as she mentioned them. This wasn’t the start of an affair, it was simply no-strings sex. There was to be no discussion of personal feelings or details that would build an intimate bond. He was not to attempt to contact her unless he really had to, and even then it must only be on the mobile number that she had rung him from, her special, dedicated mobile that she had just bought and that ostensibly was for work purposes. No gifts, no flowers, no cards, no love-letters. All had to be discreet. He should keep no diary, or if he did he must make sure that it was kept secret on his computer and inaccessible to others even there. Nor was he to talk about her to anyone else. She gently reminded him that her husband was stockily-built and might hurt Thomas if he found out.

She built up slowly to her final term and condition. She was eager to mention it but without exposing her vulnerability too much.

“One more thing, Thomas, love…”

She traced her hands over his belly and down to his silky pubes.

“Anything, Mrs B…”

“Whenever you want to stop seeing me I insist that you tell me. I don’t want you to carry on just to avoid hurting my feelings. I like you, Thomas, but I don’t LOVE you, nor can I see myself ever doing so. I would miss you at first but it wouldn’t break my heart, I would get over it and in time I would find someone else to screw me. But I DON’T want your pity. I DON’T want you to carry on if your heart is no longer in it just out of duty or pity. That would hurt my feelings more than telling me you don’t want to see me any more.”

He nodded, embarrassed, and agreed, as she murmured that from time to time she would want him to look her in the eyes and tell her how he felt about continuing to have sex with her.

“Thank you, Thomas. And now… let’s get this willy hard and ready for action again. I presume you want to fuck your naughty, older, MARRIED neighbour again?”

“Oh yes, Mrs B. I want to… to be inside you again. I want to fuck you again, Mrs B…”

To his surprise she flicked the end of his knob several times, bracing her finger against her thumb and flicking his tender tip with her fingertip. It hurt slightly, but he watched and felt himself begin to harden immediately. She wrapped his swelling cock in her hand and shafted him slowly. She raised her hand to her mouth and licked her palm, then wrapped her moistened hand around him again.

“Have you ever had your willy sucked, Thomas? Ever had it in a soft, warm mouth and felt that mouth licking and sucking it?”

“No, Mrs B…”

“Have you ever wanted to have that done, love?”


“Even if it was the mouth of a forty-three year old married woman from across the road who always seems prim and proper but likes to act like a slut, Thomas?”


She kissed him on the mouth and ran her lips and tongue down his chest and belly. She licked his nipples and tugged on them with her lips. She licked his inner türkçe bahis thighs and kissed his tip. She shuffled round to face him and smiled coyly as she licked along his hardening length and his bared tip. He groaned as he looked into her mature, slightly lined face with its rude expression. She teased his tender tip with her tongue, tracing her tongue slowly and lightly over it. She maintained eye contact with him. He was staring at her, an eager, intense expression on his face. His arousal made her feel good.

He gazed as she parted her lips and slid her head down, taking him into her soft, warm mouth. She rocked her head up and down. She paused with his hard cock just inside her mouth and he felt her tongue poking into his slit. She pulled her head away and stared at him as he watched her licking his purple, glistening end. She took him inside her again and began to suck as she moved up and down. He watched the puckering and release of her cheeks and savoured the rude sound and sight.

She stopped in order to prevent him from coming too soon. She straddled his belly and knelt up astride him. She took his hands in hers and pressed them to her modest breasts.

“You said it was better than you imagined, Thomas. Have you imagined me a lot?”

“Yes, Mrs Barrett — sorry — Mrs B.”

“Have you imagined me naked?”

He blushed and nodded, thrilling in the feel and sight of her breasts under his cupped hands.

“And you tried to imagine yourself having sex with me?” she continued.


“Just since the other day — or even before that?”

“Be.. before.”

He felt awkward and dirty, but she smiled encouragingly.

“You’ve imagined having sex with me for some time, then?”


He looked into her smiling face, then at her hands as she guided his around her lovely, semi-firm orbs. He flesh rippled and surged sensually, and her nipples were beginning to harden. He gazed at her belly with its horizontal creases of slight fat, and at her black suspender belt.

“And did… did your willy go hard thinking about me?”

“Yes, Mrs B.”

“I know that you found it hard not to look at my legs in the car. And I saw a bulge in your trousers sometimes, and saw you trying to hide it. That made me feel good, Thomas.”

She reached behind her and gave his cock a gentle squeeze.

“And sometimes, Thomas, when your willy went hard and you thought of me — did you… did you play with it?”

He nodded. He felt ashamed now at leering at her. He felt embarrassed at having to admit to playing with himself as he thought about her. He felt dirty and perverted.

“And did you… you know, Thomas… did you go all the way? Did you make yourself come as you thought about touching my legs, kissing and sucking my boobs, easing inside my married fanny? You can tell me now. Hmm?”

He looked into her face. She looked hungry and eager, not angry or offended.


“Oh, wow, Thomas! You’ve no idea how good that makes me feel…”

She rocked up and down against his belly. He stared at her shaved pussy with just its brown triangle of cropped hair above it, pointing like an arrow, inviting…

She lay on the bed beside him. She wished she had booked a double room, but she had chosen a single for discretion. He kissed her belly and dragged his tongue along her black nylon and lace suspender belt. He planted kisses against her soft, yielding stomach. His tongue felt eager but restrained. She cooed with genuine delight. He gave a few low grunts of pleasure in return. He traced his tongue along each suspender in turn and kissed and sucked them. He had only ever seen stockings and suspenders in porn and never for real, and they fascinated him. Besides, to see his sexy, mature neighbour in them connected her in his mind to his porn and gave her a slutty appearance and demeanour.

Thomas kissed and licked her thighs. Her skin was pale, soft, and smooth, and her thighs were well-toned. He sucked each inner thigh and nuzzled her lacy stockingtops. He fondled her thighs and legs through the sheer shiny black nylon of her stockings. He lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders. He kissed and nuzzled them, but all the time he was looking at her pussy. Her lips protruded slightly. Her crinkled slit looked both rude and inviting.

Diana watched and enjoyed his eager fascination. She slid her hand down her belly and over the brown close-cropped pubes above her pussy. She splayed her first two fingers and ran them up and down, one on each side of her pouting lips, pressing down on her spongy mound. He watched intently as he continued to fondle her legs through the sheer nylon of her stockings.

To his delight she slowly flipped her pussy open. He stared at the shiny pink flesh inside, and the entrance to the hole that he had been inside not long ago. He wondered how often it had been entered over the years, and how many others beside her husband had been inside it. It would have thrilled him to know that his güvenilir bahis siteleri was the only cock apart from her husband’s that had ever been in its warm, clasping tunnel; the sexy married woman baring it had had sex with her husband before their marriage, but with nobody else before or since — until today. Thomas stroked the musky flaps and the hood at the top of them. He kissed all around it and sniffed its sweetly musky aroma but, much as he wanted to, he shied away from kissing her pussy itself.

He squirmed higher up the bed and kissed and suckled her breasts, gently then hard, gazing at the stretching of her tit-flesh where his mouth drew it in. He flicked his tongue over her dark nipples and pressed them flat with his tongue, then let them rise hard and erect again. He massaged his chest against her crotch, feeling her coarse trimmed hair rubbing him, feeling too the soft moistness below it against his skin.

She drew his face to hers and locked her legs around him, squeezing his tall, skinny young body with them. She whimpered and sighed in genuine pleasure as he latched onto her nipples with his mouth and tugged on them.

She drew his face to hers and they kissed deeply, each of them pushing their tongue against the other’s, then withdrawing, then seeking it out or awaiting the other’s to return. He too was grunting with delight.

He dug his hands under her backside and kneaded and squeezed her firm buttocks. He ran his hands over her flattish belly and kneaded her breasts with the palms of his hands. Her hands caressed his back gently and tenderly then more firmly, and he felt the hardness of her engagement and wedding rings on his skin.

“What do you want to do now, Thomas? We have half an hour or so left…”

“I… would you mind… putting that silky underskirt on again, Mrs B — and… letting me take it off you this time?”

“Of course not, Thomas.”

“I… it’s just that it’s the same one you had on the other day — when you splashed yourself… and… I kind of like the idea of… of it being covered up for me to rediscover. Is… is that okay?”

“Of course it is, love.”

Her heart was fluttering as she rolled away from him. He watched as she turned her back, pulled her underskirt to her and slid it up to her knees. He gazed longingly at her pale, curvy bum as she stood up and pulled her underskirt up over them and to her waist. The fabric looked soft, shiny and inviting, and under it the curves of her bum cheeks were easy to see. The lace-trimmed split in the back of it revealed her shapely stockinged legs and its lacy hem drew his eyes to them .too. Her suspender belt pressed against the navy blue fabric.

“Shall I put my knickers back on as well, or would you rather I left them off?”

“Leave… leave them off, please, Mrs B.”

She made a mental note of it all, eager to play to his preferences, his fantasies, over the coming days and weeks — maybe even months. Instinctively she stepped into her shoes. They were not over-high, but she knew that they made her legs look a little longer. She also picked up her crumpled blouse from the floor and slid her arms into it. She fastened just a couple of buttons above her stomach so that it partly covered her breasts and then revealed them as she moved. She smiled at him and walked across the room to her bag.

She took care to stand in front of her handbag to keep hidden the small cassette recorder she had hidden there — noting with satisfaction that the red recording light was still glowing — but she took out her mobile and another condom. She strutted slowly backwards and forwards across the room, pretending to check her message box. She spotted his eyes roving over her legs, her backside, her waist and the outline of her suspender belt. She felt his eyes boring into her blouse as it flapped open and closed to almost bare her breasts and cover them once more. She savoured the moments as he gazed hungrily at her without making any move. She felt slightly light-headed, luxuriating in the strength of his lust for her.

She turned her back to him and stepped to the dressing table. She parted her legs and leaned forward. Then she turned back at him, pursed her lips and half-closed her eyes. She rested her right hand on her bum cheek and kneaded it through the navy blue nylon of her underskirt. She well understood his fascination for it. She often stroked and touched herself through satin or nylon lingerie, loving the thin, warm, slippery feel of it between her fingers and her body.

He felt a surge of desire at the sight of his married neighbour, more than twice his age dressed and behaving like a tart, giving him the come-fuck-me with her body language and inviting but crows-feet eyes. She pulled her blouse off and dropped it on the floor.

“Come to Mrs B, love… come and fuck your married randy neighbour, hmmm?”

He got off the bed and strode to her. He stood behind her and cupped her B-cup breasts, staring at their surging and rippling in the mirror and thrilling in their feel, half-soft and half-firm, in the palms of his sweating hands. He tweaked her nipples with the finger and thumb of each hand, enjoying their rubbery hardness. He looked down at his hard cock, glistening with pre-cum.

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