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Different locationsI was chatting with someone on this site a few days ago and the subject came up about different places either of us had had sex. You know, the usual on top of a washing machine, back seat of cars etc. This got me thinking though. You see because I have worked around the world I had sex in more cities than usual. So here are examples from each of those locations. Because I don’t want to repeat the stories I have written so far some of them might be out of sequence but you will get the drift. The first one was my fourth experience but I have already written about the first three, all from the same city of Birmingham.As time wore on although it was nice to have the variation of Julie and her mother I felt certain restlessness and kept my eyes open for any other opportunities. They weren’t long in coming and although I missed what I later found out to be golden chances I did have enough confidence to make the first move for a change.It happened one day when I called in a local store and saw a pretty girl serving. She was about 16 years old with long blonde straight hair and a nice slim figure. Wearing a light blue blouse and scrubbed Levi jeans she looked to be the easy going sort. I couldn’t help but notice her smile and direct eye contact as I gave her the money for a paper. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shelf of birthday cards and quick as a flash I grabbed one and passed it to her. As she rung the till up I asked her if she had a pen she could loan me. She took one off the table next to the till. I opened the card and looked her straight in the eyes as I spoke.”Excuse me, what is your name?” She looked puzzled as she told me her name was Jenny. “Ok! Jenny I have a feeling that your birthday isn’t far off but even if it is I would feel so guilty at not sending you a card. You are easily the best looking girl I have ever seen and it would make me feel so good to send you a card.”To say she looked surprised is an understatement but all that really mattered was that she smiled. She also blushed slightly so it was obvious that she liked the attention. I was very nicely surprised when she answered.”Blimey I have only seen you in here about four times but how did you know it was my birthday next week? You don’t know any of my mates do you?”I smiled and carried on with the charade by telling her that I had been in five times when in fact I had never even noticed her before. I also truthfully told her that I did not know anything about her other than she was good enough reason to buy the paper in that store.I quickly signed the card with a lot of kisses and handed it over to her. There was a moments silence as I hadn’t thought about what to say next and she broke the calm by asking me if I would babysit with her the coming Friday evening. I jumped at the chance and she wrote my phone number down and promised to phone me beforehand.The following evening her call came through and I made note of the meeting arrangements. She didn’t ask me to bring anything along so it promised to be a good time. I smiled as I returned the receiver to its cradle.On Friday at the allotted time of 8pm I knocked on the front door and it was only seconds before she opened it and let me in. Instead of jeans this time she was wearing a yellow dress with no tights or stockings. The house was quite small and you could have fitted her living room into ours about three times. I thought it was cosy though as I sat on the brown sofa.When I asked her who we were babysitting for she informed me that her little sister was already in bed but it didn’t matter if we had the record player on at a low volume. I took this opportunity to look through her records and I chose some romantic Tamla Motown tracks. It was only a matter of five minutes before she was sat next to me on the sofa.I recognized that she wasn’t exactly fighting me off so I was kissing her pretty soon. As if she had anticipated it she slid back and lay on the sofa at the same time as pulling me on top of her. We kissed and groped like that for maybe 10 minutes before I slid my hand onto the back of her leg. There was no resistance as I moved it gently up, pulling her dress hem with it. Her fingers ruffled through my hair as I tugged her knickers down.She lifted her left leg in order to make it easier for me to finger her then so I went the full hog and stood up in order to take my white sta prest trousers off. Like a gentleman I folded them before hanging them over the back of one seat. My underpants soon followed. With barely a word uttered I slid inside her. She looked even younger on this second meeting but it was obvious that she wasn’t a virgin. Even Colleen was tighter but I didn’t mind.We had sex maybe four times and every time it was the same missionary position. At about 11 o’clock she told me that we must get dressed as her parents would be leaving the pub soon and it was only around the corner. Although she never phoned me again I wasn’t too upset. It was a nice convenient fuck but nothing to write home about. All it really taught me was that you had to keep your eyes open for any opportunity. The next girl was one I met in London After me and Janet Split ( see first time anal ).It was just a normal evening until I saw one particular girl standing at the bar with what appeared to be her boyfriend. The fact that she had a guy would normally have put me off but not on this occasion. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but she had something about her that I couldn’t describe. I told my two friends that boyfriend or not I was going to have her.They laughed but I was serious. It was thirty minutes before her guy went to the toilet but I was ready. With the speed of an Olympic sprinter I made my way to the bar. Without wishing to waste time I went straight into my speech.“Hi! I don’t know you and you don’t me. If that’s your husband I apologize. If it’s your boyfriend then chuck him and go with me instead. I understand if you can’t make your mind up as quickly about me as I did about you so here is my number and you can call me tomorrow to let me know.”With a brazenness I couldn’t even believe myself I slipped her a piece of paper with my works number and my name on it. Then I swiftly returned to my friends.They looked as gob smacked as I felt. With one last wink over in her direction I turned to tell them that she would be phoning the next day. I wasn’t as confident as I sounded but what the heck.The next day dragged by until about 10am when my extension rang. Gathering my breath first I answered it.Relief, it was her. Her name was Theresa and she worked as a nurse at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. It was her boyfriend that she had been with and after telling me that she thought it was extremely cheeky of me to just give her my number in such a way there was a moment’s silence before I calmly spoke.“That may be the case but first of all you did phone me and secondly you haven’t slammed the phone down. Now from that I surmise that you haven’t been with him that long so it isn’t too serious so you are in a position to fall in love with me instead.”I heard a nervous laugh at the other end and it wasn’t too long before we had arranged to meet that night at the Swiss Cottage pub. I just prayed that she would recognize me because I wasn’t too sure that I would know her.With relief we recognized each other straight away. This night she was wearing a full length black leather coat with black trousers. Not quite as slim as all my previous girlfriends she wasn’t fat either. Her hair was a wavy light ginger and her eyes sparkled. Within ten minutes of the start of our conversation it seemed like we had known each other for years. It just seemed natural at the end of the evening that I should drive her home to Golders Green. Without even asking I switched the ignition off and offered to walk her to her door.Once there she made no attempt to turn around and say goodnight and bahis şirketleri we closed the door after us with the greatest of ease. I sat on the light brown sofa while she went into the kitchen to prepare some coffee.When she walked back in I was taken aback. She had taken her coat off and I could see her black blouse was very revealing. She had a lot to reveal. With a smile she sat down on the carpet in front of me.Conversation was spoken in quiet, seductive tones as we were sizing each other up. As soon as I had finished my coffee I reached down and playfully cupped her breasts. Her eyes widened as I gently squeezed them. Her nipples soon indicated that she loved it.Neither of us said anything as I got onto my knees in front of her and kissed her soft sensuous lips. Very quickly we were kissing frantically as I undid my trousers. Without any resistance she took me in her mouth. I hadn’t had sex in so many months so I quickly came and she swallowed it all as I massaged her torpedo shaped tits..As I lay back on the sofa a few minutes later I made note that she had three times complimented me for being such a cheeky rogue.After this I was offered my first contract abroad in Holland. To make matters worse it all came about over a phone call from an agent, a telephone interview 30 minutes later and a quick decision. So one Friday I was at work in Victoria and the following Monday morning I was on a flight to Rotterdam.Maybe 2 months into my contract I became friends with a blonde Dutch girl called Suzy.She just oozed sex and I was aroused every time I saw or thought of Suzy. To try and stop anything happening I told her all about my girlfriend back in England . However the urge got too much so one night I invited Suzy out for a meal at the Dirty Duck in Delft. It was a great Irish pub that had been turned into a restaurant.We had a nice intimate meal there and afterwards I drove her home back in the Hague in my little Lotus Europa. As hoped for she invited me in for a coffee and I could feel the tension building as she told me that she was going to change into something more comfortable. You can imagine my reaction a few minutes later when she came back and sat opposite me on her sofa in just a man’s shirt.Without too much straining I could see that she had no knickers on so I followed her lead and excused myself to the bathroom so that I could change into something more comfortable. Naturally I was naked when I went back into the living room. The look on her face told me that was what she was expecting so I knelt down in front of her and buried my head in her wet, though slightly smelly cunt.Within days of the Dutch contract ending I went on to a job in Almeria, Spain and that ended my relationship with my English girlfriend.After that little upset I decided that from that point on I was going to become a full time single man. My first target was Elena, the company secretary.Dark and dusky I made the excuse that I needed to learn Spanish and asked her if she could help me at my villa. She came around and as we sat I placed myself as close as possible. It didn’t take much before our eye contact told me that she was there for the taking. After asking her what the Spanish for Love was I then asked what making love was in Spanish.She got the hint and didn’t make any attempt to stop me as I got on my knees in front of her and parting her knees gently I started to kiss her inner thighs. With a minimum of effort her shorts were off and I was soon licking between her labia lips.I played the innocent as much as I could by claiming that it was all unintentional and that I was unprepared with no condoms. Luckily she seemed to accept this and settled for mutual oral sex.I was really glad that I had made an excuse to get her on her own at my place. A good indicator of whether a girl would be willing. Well I had to laugh at myself for being under the illusion that I was a Casanova. I didn’t even have the looks or build as far as I could see. It didn’t stop me from wanting to become a gad though. In retrospect there were definite signs of me being too much of a goody goody two shoes until that point in my life. Because the town I was in wasn’t overflowing with girls who could speak English not too many chances came my way over the next few months and although it was a lovely location and relaxed atmosphere at work it didn’t bother me too much when I had a few skirmishes with my Jehovah’s Witness boss and we mutually decided to part company I returned to England with an empty agenda. Yes a job would be nice but by working onsite abroad for a while now I had enough funds to tide me by. My initial travel took me to Manchester to stay at my mother’s place. I wasn’t averse to sleeping on the couch.Nothing much happened there until Terry, an agent I had known for a few years called me with the offer of an interview for a very short term but good money job in St Fergus. Without really wanting the job I accepted anyway and a few days later after an interview in London I was offered it to start the following week.As soon as I got to St Fergus I had a big smile on my face. The Scottish girls were beautiful in my eyes and their accents made me feel so good. Because I knew that I was only going to be there a short while I immediately put my radar on and saw the perfect match. Her name was Sheena and she was a little over 5 foot tall, medium length dark brown hair and the most elfin like nubile body I could wish for. Although she was only 22ish I was only 5 years older so I didn’t feel out of place making her my target.I was still fairly inexperienced when it came to chat up lines though because of the last seven years or so of proper girlfriends and I pondered over how to approach her. Then I reasoned that I had a genuine reason for giving her the leading question. It wasn’t my first time in St Fergus as I had made a few business trips there in the mid seventies while working on the gas terminal project. From my memory the only social place of note was the Chaplin’s disco which just so happened to be no more than 100 yards from my hotel. With this in mind I cornered Sheena in the office two days after meeting her for the first time.“Excuse me Sheena but you might be able to help. As you know I have only just arrived so I don’t know where anything is in town. Seeing as how you are the most attractive girl in the office I thought it best to ask you where the nightlife is. After all, if you go there it must be the best.”Her smile didn’t betray whether she thought it was the cheesiest chat up line she had ever heard or whether or not she liked the compliment but she was soon confirming what I already knew and that was that Chaplin’s was the ‘in’ place. It only took another five minutes before she had agreed to meet me there the following night.The fact that she was meeting me confirmed that she mustn’t have had a boyfriend as St Fergus is indeed a very small town. I was confident that I had passed the first barrier and now it was just down to my dancing skills as well as presenting my case as an eligible bachelor.Before I met her the following night I must tell you about a funny thing that happened in my hotel room the night before though. I was sat on the end of my small single bed and checking all the TV channels to see if there was anything worth watching. I had looked at them all until I came to one that a film was just starting and to see if it was interesting I watched and listened as I saw an American student jogging while the opening credits were shown. I decided that it was going to be a boring ‘B’ movie and had just leaned over in order to switch it off. My finger was no more than 3 inches from the off button when I heard something that made me stop dead. A convertible car had pulled up alongside the jogger with two fresh faced girls beaming their smiles at him. Then I heard the immortal line of “Hi! Jimmy, do you want a blow job!”I bahis firmaları was gobsmacked and froze until no more than 30 seconds later I saw the two girls taking turns on going down on him. It was a full blown blue film and it didn’t take me too long to realise I had accidently switched on the in-house movie channel. Whether or not the night watchman had put it on this channel for a joke I didn’t know but I must say I watched it from beginning to end. It also gave me an idea for the following evenings meet with Sheena.At 8 o’clock, as promised, I strolled into Chaplin’s and she turned up five minutes later. It was obvious that she had gone to a great deal of trouble getting ready and this further boosted my confidence in my plan.The evening went just as one would expect with a few drinks, a chicken in the basket each, some dances and a sit in a corner where we could speak. I didn’t mention boyfriends and Sheena never asked if I had a girlfriend or was married. When I noticed that it was only 15 minutes till closing time I casually told her that I found her company so refreshing that I was still not ready for bed and would she like to come back to my hotel room for some coffee.Her eager positive reply made my pulse race and I had to make an effort not to appear too urgent. Gladly, 15 minutes later the night watchman was at the reception and said it was alright for my female friend to go to my room. When I asked him if he had any good films for the movie channel his smile was bigger than mine. I winked at him and he appeared to get the message.In order to make it not look too obvious I made us both a coffee after I had turned the television on. Purposefully facing away from the screen I listened intently to the opening tune. It was the same film. Thank you night watchman!I turned with the cups in my hand just as the opening question came out and was watching Sheena’s face turn into a bright red. She was sat on the end of the bed, as I had, but turned to face me immediately she had heard those words. I acted casual as if I hadn’t heard them.We were sat very close to one another looking into each other’s eyes for two completely different reasons and I found it hard not to burst out laughing as I heard the grunting on the screen to my left. In a way Lawrence Olivier would be proud of how I slowly turned my face towards the screen.In the corner of my eye I could see Sheena have no choice but to do the same. There, just 4 feet in front of our faces the blonde girl was slurping Jimmy’s dick as if it was an ice lolly. Acting as if it was a complete surprise I slowly turned to Sheena without making any attempt to switch the TV off.Her face gave me more confidence because there was no shocked expression. I smiled slightly and her grin told me that I was on safe ground. We almost bruised our faces as we eagerly kissed with a passion.Over the next two hours or so we only stopped occasionally to take turns looking at the film. I looked at how the guys performed their duties and Sheena stopped to learn from the girls. She was a quick learner as my memory recalls, she swallowed all.About 2 o’clock in the morning Sheena pleaded that she had to get home and we quietly dressed. When we got to the reception the night watchman was nowhere to be seen and the doors were locked. Luckily my room was on the ground floor and we had no trouble getting out through my window. I drove her home and we had one last fuck on the back seat of the car. I noted that just by asking for a detail of their area sometimes gets results. The eight weeks contract actually lasted for 16 weeks so as it came towards the end I decided to book myself a holiday at the completion. I phoned up a girl travel agent that somebody recommended and she didn’t seem fazed out when I told her I hadn’t decided where I was going.I just told her that I was single so as long as the destination was warm with plenty of females I would be happy. She had no hesitation in recommending Florida. I had never been to the States at that point so I told her to book me for 2 weeks in the mid June. That meant that I would be spending my 28th birthday in a nice place and perhaps I could see if any American girls would give me the benefit of a birthday gift.I flew out on July the 15th and as arranged a hire car was waiting for me at Tampa airport. The actual location where I was staying was outside Tampa in a condo overlooking the sand dollar beach. I was very impressed when I booked in. The kitchen alone was the size of a normal studio flat back home.I drove around on the first night in order to get my whereabouts and also to see where the action was as there was only one small bar opposite the condo which didn’t look very promising.The following night however I was relaxing in the Jacuzzi that was placed below my balcony when a small group of six guys and girls joined me. They soon cottoned on to my English accent and I played it to the full.After quizzing them I soon found out that one of the favourite haunts was a large bar that was called the Crown Lounge about 10 miles away and we agreed to meet there the following evening. I had my eyes on one girl in particular who was about 20 and sweet as could be. Her name was Susie and she told me that she was staying in the same condo block as me with her family.As arranged I found the place in plenty of time and parked my car in a car park that could easily have room for 100 cars or so.Because I had learnt of their obvious interest in my accent the previous night I made a point of placing myself as far away from the barmaid as I possibly could before shouting out my order in a pronounced Manchester accent.I was served immediately but to my surprise the barmaid came back to me with a second bottle of Budweiser about two minutes later. When I told her that I hadn’t ordered a second bottle she astounded me with her answer.“No need to. That chick over there thinks you’ve got a really cute voice so she bought it ya!”With a genuine look of surprise I looked to where she was pointing and couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two girls looking across at me and the one gesturing that it was her who had bought me the drink was stunning.I would say she was in her early twenties, blonde, same height as me and from the angle I was at I would have guessed she was a size 38b breast size. Her smile made her look even more attractive and I found myself overcoming any of my natural shyness in a way I had never known before.30 seconds later I was stood in front of her and again using my accent to the full I thanked her for her generosity. Her name was Clara and she made no secret of the fact that she loved my voice. Apparently English men were thin on the ground in this part of Tampa. I acted the part as best I could.It only seemed 2 minutes before the crowd I had met the night before arrived but I quickly reasoned that I was more likely to be on a better chance with Clara. I pretended that I never saw them enter at first. It was only after another five minutes chatting that I explained that my friends had just arrived and it would be ungentlemanly of me to ignore them. Clara responded in the way that I wanted by telling me to come back as soon as I could.When I walked over to the group Susie was quick to ask me who the two girls were and I just passed them off as girls who were just interested in my accent. I never mentioned the free drink. Susie didn’t look like she believed me so I was caught between a rock and a hard place. Clara had made it fairly obvious that she wanted to see more of me that evening but then Susie also made it plain that she seemed upset that I might have found another girl. I had to put my thinking cap on.Whenever possible I caught Clara’s eyes when Susie wasn’t looking. I wanted her to know that I was interested. After a few minutes I made my way to the gent’s toilet. Once in there I wrote an apology to Clara explaining that my kaçak bahis siteleri group of friends had made plans for me that evening so I couldn’t just leave them. I tried to make up for it by writing that Clara was too beautiful to ignore so could she meet me there the following night at 8pm. Then I folded the note as small and as neatly as I could.Once back at the bar I ordered drinks for all in my group and I purposefully ordered two too many. When they were placed in front of me I picked up the two drinks that were for Clara and her friend and carefully slid the note behind the label on one of the bottles. Then I handed them to the barmaid and explained that they were in fact for the two girls on the other side of the bar before handing them back to the barmaid. That way I could get my message to Clara without Susie knowing.I then got down to serious flirting with Susie and was surprised at just how easy it seemed. When we got down to me asking her about which condo number she was in she replied in a louder than usual voice that it didn’t really matter as she intended to accompany me to mine when we got back. Like a dog on heat I suggested that I needed to go soon anyway as I didn’t want to risk being caught drink driving. Five minutes later she waved to her friends before grabbing my hand and leading me to the parking lot.We started kissing as soon as we walked through the door of my place and I didn’t delay in peeling her clothes off. She wasn’t wearing a bra as quite frankly she didn’t need one. Her tits were the firmest I had ever seen. Small yes but so perfect I could have stared at them all night. Her pink nipples were a delight to kiss and suck.No mention of condoms was made so I presumed she was on the pill and didn’t pull out when cumming. Three or four fucks later we lay sweating on top of the bed before I asked her if she was staying the night. Her response deflated me a little.“Oh! Yes. If I go home now then my friends might think that I never fucked you. Linda and Denise will be so jealous that I have had an English man.”So that was it. I was just a trophy. In one way my ego was bruised but in another fashion I was pleased that the following evening would be free and it seemed no strings sex was acceptable in Florida. Being unique could have some advantages.She was good, but not good enough to make me want to go monogamous again. I was sad that I had to leave the good old US of A but at the same time I realized that I needed to start earning money again and none of the girls, save for perhaps Clara, had too big a part to play in my heart.On Christmas Eve 1982 I boarded the plane and bid my farewells. Before I went I wrote down a few addresses and phone numbers and promised to keep in touch.I was brought down to earth as soon as I landed in Manchester though. It was at least a foot of snow and certainly a different scenario than Florida.My mother welcomed me back and gave me a pile of letters which included quite a few from agents. That lifted my spirits a little. I explained to my mother that there was a pattern of guys leaving their jobs at Christmas and therefore a rush of vacancies in the New Year.Of course I wasn’t going to just mope around waiting so I did go out to the local bars. Manchester is one of the friendliest places on earth so although I wasn’t local as such I soon found some new friends. Mind you I already had a few from previous visits there.One night I was in a pub on the perimeter of the estate where my mother lived called the Brown Cow. It was a typical bar and as usual on a Friday night it was packed full. When it was my turn I went to the bar and after I had ordered the drinks the barmaid there asked me what country I came from and when I explained that I was as British as her she gave the excuse that the colour of my skin had made her think otherwise.I went on to explain that I had just spent 5 months in Florida and her eyebrows were raised when I explained it was just a holiday. Not one to miss the opportunity I found out her name and during the course of the evening I took every chance I could to chat with her.From her welcoming nature it came as no surprise when she accepted my offer to meet her after closing time. I didn’t have a car then so we made our way straight to her house that she shared with her mother. Luckily her mother was in bed so it was all of three minutes before we were wrestling each other and had straight, no commitment sex. I tried anal with her but she was having none of it.She was of average height and build and quite honestly the most attractive thing about her was her blonde hair which I quickly discovered was not dyed. She made the excuse of wanting to see the suntanned bits in order to get her lips around my cock so it was a good evening.She didn’t make any effort to push me for another meeting so I just put it down to her many remarks on my suntan and lengthy holiday as the reason she had succumbed. Ladies love a laid back man.I stayed in Manchester a few weeks after that before moving down to London and settling in to a tiny room at the YMCA in Victoria. I didn’t want the responsibility of renting a flat just in case my next job was abroad again. It proved a wise choice because after a few weeks and two interviews later I landed a job in Norway.I didn’t know too much about Norway other than it was very expensive and a little cooler than England. I spent the first two weeks of the job working in the London office and the people there told me that I would love it in Stavanger. They were right.I flew out on the Monday morning and booked into the Atlantic Hotel. When I went into the offices in the afternoon I was so pleased to see so many girls, beautiful ones, working there.The first evening I just went back to the hotel and crashed out. I needed to recharge my batteries and make sure I was fit and fresh for the next morning.I can’t remember much about the next day at work other than clocking all the girls and exchanging smiles with a few. From what I could feel in the vibes there it seemed that I was going to be given a few choices of who to go for.In the evening I decided to check out the social scene there and together with one other guy, Simon, who had started on the same day as me I had a few drinks, expensive ones, in the hotel bar. We found out that there was a basement disco there called the Cobra so at about ten o’clock we ventured down into it.It was heaving with girls and didn’t take us long to get chatting with a few. Before I knew it I was dancing with a blonde one, which wasn’t difficult as nine out of ten of them were blonde.Her name was Frieda and she told me that she worked at a local health and squash centre. She was about five foot four, very fit, with lovely blue eyes. Within minutes it felt like we had known each other for a long time.Before I knew it Simon had disappeared and the disco was closing. I just sat with Frieda and asked her when I could see her again. She then dropped the bombshell by telling me that her friend had gone too and she was relying on her for a lift. I was just about to suggest finding her a taxi when some Australian guy who was sat next to us spoke.“Hey! Mate. You just arrived? This is Norway; take her to your room.”I was embarrassed as I looked into Frieda’s eyes, even more so when she didn’t say anything. Almost apologetically I told her that it was a twin bedded room so she could use the other bed. Frieda just smiled and said that would be fine.Ten minutes later we never even got into conversation before we were groping each other with a hunger. Frieda made her intentions even more obvious when she stripped off first and got into the bed and waited for me.She was about 5 ft 7 with medium length blonde hair and normal sized tits. She seemed eager to please me by immediately sliding down and wrapping her lips around my red hot cock. I didn;t feel the need to ask her if she was going to swallow.I kicked myself for not checking up on my new destination first. I was so wet behind the ears I didn’t even have any condoms.Anyway, that’s 7 cities off my list and I hadn’t reached 30 years of age! If you want the rest just drop me a note.

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