Dinner and Dancing

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“Hey,” Kelley said in between bites of her crepes suzette dessert, “I love you so much.” She smiled at her partner.

“I know,” Olivia replied with a loving look back, having already stopped eating due to getting full more quickly than her fiancée, “this has been a wonderful night.”

Having met at their first jobs at an advertising agency just after college, Kelley and Olivia became quick friends, and after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, Kelley had made the choice to explore her sexuality and date a woman, finally deciding it was time to explore a relationship with someone she felt such a strong connection to, even if her own gender. Olivia had put no pressure on Kelley, but made clear her feelings soon after Kelley became single. Appreciating that in these days there was less societal stigma on same-sex dating, Kelley took the chance and hadn’t looked back after 4 years together with Olivia.

Now 26 and becoming increasingly settled with her fiancée and impending married life, Kelley had lapsed in some her old routines. Olivia, having left the ad agency and found a new opportunity at a growing software startup, was more of the bread-winner of the two, often pampering her soon-to-be wife, still working her desk job at the ad agency. While moderately active at both her local indoor rock climbing facility and dance classes, Kelley had slacked in her fitness and had seen her weight increase over the past 4 years from a relatively-trim 135lbs to her current curvier weight of 168lbs. At 5’7″, the weight was evident, with the brunt of the weight going to her hips and growing potbelly.

On a normal day, Kelley’s belly stuck out round-and-proud if she were to wear a t-shirt, which in her relaxed work dress code was a regular occurrence, still keeping multiple Star Wars and band t-shirts mixed in with her more modern, eclectic wardrobe. More recently, that was becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, opting to wear baggier or unbuttoned blouses with her shirts to not draw attention to her now-larger midsection. This night was not a normal day, though, as Kelley and Olivia were out a French restaurant downtown to celebrate their fourth anniversary, their last before they married in a few months in the Fall. Finishing up her crepes suzette, which was the fourth dish of a four-course dinner (in which Kelley ate most of the appetizer and all of the dessert) and two bottles of wine in between the two of them, Kelley’s tight olive-colored dress was now struggling to hold in her stuffed, protruding belly, her food baby giving her the appearance of an expectant mother well into her second trimester. Olivia, the smaller of the pair at 5’5″ and 130lbs, was more than okay with her partner’s curvier figure, and appreciated how voracious her partner was tonight, as she was looking forward to an eventful night back home and was growing more and more fond of Kelley’s growing body.

After finishing up dessert and Olivia calling for the check (Kelley slunk back in her chair, content, with a hand rubbing her distended belly), the pair put on their jackets and began to make their way back home. A few blocks from the restaurant, with her hand around Kelley’s expanded waist, a small shop caught Olivia’s eye. A Middle Eastern shop with a cheap neon sign, amongst other cheap neon signs, that read “belly dancing outfits” was wedged between another “premium” coffee chain store and a local bookstore, and neither Kelley nor Olivia had seen this shop before, but Olivia knew that one of Kelley’s dance classes she regularly took was belly dance, and she thought tonight of all nights would be an excellent night to have Kelley try on a new outfit and bring home for some bedroom entertainment. They made their way across the street and into the dimly-lit shop, the bell ringing as they entered.

Inside the shop was an empty checkout-counter, and aisles of artwork, clothing, and other goods with various prices next to them. As Kelley and Olivia looked around at the dresses, a middle-aged shopkeep made his way over an introduced himself as the owner, with a mix of a British-Middle Eastern accent, “Hello, my lovely ladies, what can I help with you?”

Olivia answered as Kelley continued browsing, “It’s our anniversary, and I’d love to find my partner a new belly dancing outfit.”

“Anniversary? Partner? … Ahhh! You two are to be married! Blessings, many blessings. That is lovely to see in America!” The shopkeeper eagerly replied.

“Would you be able to help us find something traditional? I’m not sure what the style usually calls for.” Olivia asked.

“Yes, yes, I will help,” the shopkeeper said, looking at Kelley browsing. “You, please, came over here, let me get a good look at you,” he then said, grabbing Kelley by the wrist and bring her to a more open area.

Kelley stood mostly still, somewhat awkwardly, as the strange shopkeep walked around her, sizing her up. “Yes, belly dance, you have lovely body for belly dancing!” the shopkeep maltepe escort commented laughing as he patted Kelley on her engorged belly.

She giggled back at his touch, “Oh, my belly’s not normally like this.”

“Ahh, I see, so you are currently with child?” the shopkeep asked, looking down at the round belly pressing against Kelley’s dress.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Kelley quickly replied, “we’ve just come from dinner!”

“Still a fine belly indeed!” the shopkeep said. “I will need you to take off your dress in order to properly size you for belly dancing.”

“Is- is that necessary?” Kelley asked.

“Yes! Yes! In belly dance, you must be free, show your belly to the world!”

Olivia watched the exchange, knowing fair well that with the dress Kelley was wearing tonight, she was not wearing a bra. As Kelley looked over at Olivia for reassurance, Olivia became transfixed, imagining a topless Kelley belly dancing for her in their condo they shared. She then made eye contact with Kelley and said, “It’s okay, I’m here, this will be a fun story for us.”

Kelley mouthed back “okay” before she grabbed the bottom of her dress and began to pull the dress over her head. As it was a tighter dress to begin with, when she tried to lift it over her belly, it became a more difficult endeavor, but she eventually succeeded taking her dress off, leaving her topless in the shop wearing nothing but her black panties. She also took her shoes off to get into the true belly dancing mindset. Barefoot and pregnant-looking, Olivia was in awe at how gravid her bloated fiancée Kelley looked, yet was at the same time incredibly turned on at her curves.

The shopkeep clapped, happy that his customers were obliging, and browsed for a few moments before grabbing a costume off the rack. He grabbed a skirt and a top and had Kelley try them on. “Please, show me how you have learned to dance,” he instructed. Kelley began swaying her hips and undulating her belly as best she could, Olivia still in awe, and the shopkeeper focusing intently on her belly and breasts.

“Yes, you have learned well! But that top. no, no, that top is not right. Too tight. Take it off.” Kelley did as instructed and took the top off. He then stepped slightly to her side, placed a hand on each side of Kelley’s rounded belly, and instructed slightly more forcefully “Go on, roll your belly, show me how you dance so we know what costume you need.” Kelley quickly looked back at Olivia again, who simply shrugged her shoulders, urging her to continue.

Kelley began to roll her belly again, gently swaying her hips with the shopskeep she met 20 minutes ago keeping his hands on the sides of her belly. Her breasts, larger than they’ve ever been in her life at 36C, swayed in front of the shopkeep’s face. “Yes, very nice,” he commented. He looked up from her undulating belly to her breasts for more than a brief moment, then walked behind her, grabbing with each hand the spots where her hips met her rounded belly. As Kelley continued to dance, it appeared as if the shopkeep was applying the a bit of pressure, rubbing Kelley’s belly as it curved in and out. He pushed the skirt slightly down further on her hips, and Kelley then stopped rolling her belly, but the shopkeep moved his hands back up and continued rubbing, to Kelley’s simultaneously confusion and slight arousal. He barely got his finger in Kelley’s navel, commenting “What a nice, soft belly you have.” As he sensually rubbed Kelley’s midsection, she closed her eyes and leaned back ever so slightly.

The shopkeep walked back around to Kelley’s front, noticing the content, silent look on her face, and reached to grab both of her breasts. He took them in his hands, rubbing, weighing, almost inspecting them, kneading them like they fruit being inspected for ripeness. Kelley’s nipples were erect, and the shopkeep was keen to pinch and twist one of them.

“Yes, a fine belly… and what lovely melons you have! They will much milk when you are with child.” Kelley began to breathe slightly more heavily, and it was at that point that the shopkeep leaned forward and began sucking on Kelley’s nipple. Olivia began to imagine that it was her instead, her finacée 9 months pregnant, tits engorged, sucking on Kelley’s lactating breasts, the sweet milk filling her up as she guzzled it down.

As the shopkeep sucked Kelley’s nipple, Olivia realized that her own nipples were erect and poking through her blouse, aroused at this strange man groping and stimulating Kelley, with both their consent and silent approval. Olivia could see that she shopkeep was also incredibly aroused, seeing a bulge in his pants as he attended to Kelley’s breasts and moved himself closer to Kelley.

The shopkeep moved a hand down to Kelley’s costume and panties, pushing the both items of clothing down her still relatively-slim legs, finally pulling his mouth away from her nipple. “No panties in proper belly dancing, girl,” mecidiyeköy escort he muttered, as she stepped out of her panties and costume.

Standing fully naked in front of her fiancée and the shopkeep, Kelley felt freedom, confusion and extreme arousal. This random man had a massive erection in his pants that he was gently rubbing, and Olivia was looking on with a watchful eye that looked like she was waiting to see what happened next. Kelley was sure Olivia would put a stop to this before things got too far, but so far this man had rubbed her belly, sucked on her tits, and stripped her naked without any type of resistance by her fiancée, or herself. The pressure of her food baby, the slight amount of wine, the sexiness she felt while dancing; none of this in her mind was telling her to stop. Her fullness had been replaced by a sense of curviness, womanliness, strong femininity; she felt like a fertility goddess.

“Dance for me, one more time, girl,” the shopkeeper instructed with a more firm tone than before. Kelley again undulating her belly in the traditional style. The shopkeep moved behind Kelley, and began rubbing and kneading her ass and hips. As he did so, Kelley began rubbing her belly and grabbing her tits, deviating from what would be traditional belly dancing. “Yes, you dance very well.” The shopkeep motioned Kelley towards a sofa that was in the shop, a small distance away. Olivia followed, warring within herself whether she wanted to stop what was happening or see her soon-to-be bride ravished by this random man, but all she could do was stare with the utmost attention at her naked, bloated fiancée.

As Kelley continued to touch herself in a way that would barely be considered belly dancing at this point, the shopkeep finally turned his head back at Olivia and barked, “You, watch! I am going to fuck your woman!” He took off his pants, exposing the 10″ cock he had been concealing, almost as large as Olivia’s wrist. He moved a hand to Kelley’s back and bent her over the arm of the sofa, giving him and Olivia a good look at her wet, engorged pussy. As he entered her, Kelley’s face gave out an expression of sheer pleasure. As she continued dancing, inch after inch of cock was sinking into her pussy, and briefly stated, “Ahhh, now this is dancing.”

As she hadn’t taken a real cock in nearly 4.5 years, Kelley was struggling to fit him entirely in with ease. “Ohhhhhh! It’s too big!” she groaned.

“You girl, get over here,” the shopkeep demanded on Olivia. She rushed over, not feeling afraid but eager and aroused. “Grab my cock, help me fill your woman’s belly.” Olivia got down on her knees, and cautiously grabbed the cock in one hand, the first since her early college years. She felt the pulsing heat, and helped guide it further into her fiancée’s pussy. As Kelley groaned further, Olivia was worried about hurting her. Her face was directly in front of Kelley’s belly, swollen with food from their anniversary dinner, which despite them leaving the restaurant only 45 minutes ago felt like an eternity. Olivia wrapped her arm around the other side of Kelley’s belly, rubbing it maternally. As Kelley was being fucked doggy style by the unnamed shopkeep, Olivia saw tightly the man was gripping Kelley’s hip, as another hand reached for Kelley’s belly. Olivia looked towards her fiancée, but saw the aroused nipples on her flopping tits first, moving her head close and quickly sucking on a nipple, herself. Kelley looked to her side, made as good of eye contact as she could with Olivia, and heard Olivia whisper into her ear “I love you” as Olivia kissed her fiancée the cheek.

At first, the shopkeep was fucking Kelley with slower, rhythmic thrusts, but as he gripped on her hips and sides of her round belly, he began to pick up the pace as Kelley headed closer and closer towards ecstasy. Despite being at her heaviest weight and having filled herself on four courses at dinner, Kelley barely felt fullness, only pleasure, and with one hand holding her body up on the sofa, she squeezed her tits, and rubbed her belly. She felt plenty of pressure as she pushed into her stomach, telling her improptu-lover, “God, I can feel your cock, here,” as she honed in on exactly where his hard cock was hitting her cervix.

“Yes, girl, I am deep in your belly!” the shopkeep said as also rubbed and squeezed against the apex of her rounded tummy. “Just wait, I am going to fill your belly with my seed!”

While Kelley was experiencing bliss, Olivia began to realize the gravity of the situation: her fiancée, her partner, Kelley, was not only being fucked by someone other than her in the 4 years they’ve been together, but she was being fucking by a man who had every intention of impregnating her. And the most interesting part is that not only did Olivia not considering this cheating, she may have also seemed completely okay with Kelley getting knocked up, tonight, three months before their wedding. She chimed merter escort in to situation, “She hasn’t used protection in four years! She might be fertile right now!”

Hearing her fiancée describe her as “fertile” set Kelley on another level. She moaned louder than she had in the last few minutes of being fucked, the sense of feeling like a fertility goddess higher than ever, after hearing her fiancée’s words. But it sounded like maybe Olivia was protesting, finally. Kelley didn’t know exactly how she felt right now, but she felt an orgasm coming on, and she knew she wanted to keep getting fucked like that. “Fuck me!” Kelley yelled in pleasure. “Fuck me, fuck me hard, just keep fucking me!”

“Good girl!” the shopkeep grunted as he fucked Kelley further.

Olivia finally hit breaking point. “Do it. Fill her. Fill her belly!” she said as she slapped the side of Kelley’s full belly, eliciting another sexual moan. “Fill her with that baby batter.” Olivia undid the belt on her pants and began to finger herself. “I want you to make her belly big with your baby. I want her to walk down the aisle, knowing your baby is growing inside her belly.” Olivia and Kelley had talked about kids in the future, but the timing and who would be the father of their future child had never been determined, at least not until lust-filled point. The thought of a Kelley’s belly swelling this large again, pregnant and not with a food baby, was sending Olivia into overdrive.

With those words, Kelley knew her fate was sealed.

“Yes! Knock me up! Fill my pussy with your cum!” Kelley screamed, nearing orgasm. She could feel the shopkeep’s cock throbbing, ready to cum as well.

“Yes, girl, tell me you want my seed and I will fill your belly!” the shopkeep was barely holding back now.

“Shoot your cum in my belly! Get me pregnant! I want to be pregnant- ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Kelley screamed as she climaxed. Olivia was similarly pushed over the edge hearing Kelley’s screams and she vigorously rubbed her pussy. The shopkeep pushed deep for one final thrust, exploding inside Kelley with a creampie that seemed to last for minutes. If Kelley weren’t so full of food, she’d feel full of cum.

4.5 years ago, Kelley had fucked her ex-boyfriend for the last time, 22 years old and on birth control, taking his load while in the back of her mind feeling that the relationship was failing and the sex couldn’t fix it. Today, 26 and engaged, she was being fucked by a man while her female partner and fiancée not only watched on but encouraged her impregnation.

The shopkeep pulled out of Kelley with a loud “plop”, the cum slowly dripping down her leg. Kelley slouched over the sofa, inched her way down far enough that most of her body was on the sofa that she could lay down, and laid on her side, caressing her food- and cum-stuffed belly. The shopkeep walked over to Kelley, patted her belly, and stuck his still-hard dick in her face. Not missing a beat from her college days, Kelley sucked on his cock to clean off all the remaining cum. Once satisfied with her cleaning, the shopkeep picked up the costume, grabbed Olivia by the wrist, and brought her to the register, not even bother to put his own pants back on.

As the shopkeep stepped behind the register, Olivia was struggling to button her pants as she was herself disheveled, and overheard him say, “You want the costume? I give you 50% discount.” Wanting to relive this night with Kelley in their own home, Olivia agreed to the deal. And the shopkeep continued on, “I have filled your woman’s belly, like you asked. If she is not with child, she come back. I fill your belly next time, too.” The shopkeep reached over the county and patted Olivia’s flat tummy. Olivia never even thought about herself pregnant, only the curvier Kelley. Glancing back to her fiancée, lying on the sofa with her eyes closed, rubbing her full belly in slow circles, Olivia could only reply to the shopkeep, “Maybe next time,” with a smirk on her face.

Olivia walked over to Kelley, helped her put on her panties and her dress, and helped her stand up – not an easy task as she was still regaining her energy in her legs and had a food baby messing with her center of gravity. As they left the shop, they decided to call an Uber instead of making the walk back to their condo, as they were both too out of energy for the trip. Once back home the couple began talking about what just occurred, as what had started as a post-dinner shopping excursion turned into a full-on sexual adventure that potentially left one of them pregnant.

“That was the sexiest fucking thing I have ever seen,” Olivia said as soon as they got in the door. “What did you think he asked you to take your dress off?”

“I was nervous! You knew I wasn’t wearing a bra, I thought you would’ve said something.” Kelley fell back in the middle of their couch, her hands rubbing both sides of her full belly, now considerably less distended than when they left the restaurant, but still sticking out further than her belly normally would.

“I don’t know, I thought it would be kinky… I’ve never seen you naked in front of a man before, and there was no other way for you to try on a costume.” Olivia sat on the couch and leaned over against Kelley’s shoulder, also rubbing her belly.

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