Dinner for Two


I walk into our bedroom from the office downstairs. I see my suitcase lying on the bed. It frightens me for a moment. Maybe you came to your senses and figured out that I am nothing special. I go to the bed, to look in the suitcase. As I reach out, I smell your soap. You put your arms around me from behind and I am so relieved to feel that. “Don’t be nosey Love,” you tell me softly in my ear and then say “Hurry and shower, we are leaving.”

“Where are we going Baby?” I ask you. You simply smile, shake your head and give me a gentle shove toward the master bath. I start to turn back, telling you I need some clean clothes and you tell me to let you worry about that so I scuffle into the bathroom where you’ve left the shower running for me so the water would be warm. I undress and leave my clothes lying on the floor as usual. I always pick them up after I get out of the shower and put them in the hamper. I slip under the water and let it sluice over my body. I keep expecting you to come join me, like many times before but you don’t arrive as I shampoo my long hair, nor as I soap my long slick legs. Not even as I wash my slick, hairless pussy. I’m tempted to play with it in the shower but you seemed in a hurry.

I step out onto the rug and look around, you have sneaked in and thrown my jeans and flannel in the hamper for me and have all my matching lotion and perfume laid out in the fragrance you like best. I stroke the lotion onto my still damp skin and rub what’s left on my palms into the ends of my hair. I have found that this little secret makes fragrance last much longer and you love to bury your face in my hair, which is a bonus for me.

Also lying on the countertop are some cosmetics. You have bought me a new lipstick in a becoming shade of red. The thought of you picking this for me yourself makes me smile, but it is such an intimate thing that I know you wouldn’t have some help. I apply the smoky black eyeliner, the deep red lipstick, the shades of gray eye shadow, some blush, powder and three coats of black mascara. I survey myself in the mirror and think maybe it is too much makeup but I think maybe we are in for an adventure so I just go with it. I put the stuff in my little cosmetic bag and walk from the bathroom with tangled wet hair, fully nude.

You are fully dressed, holding my detangling comb, smiling. You approach me and turn me away from you to take the tangles out of my hair. You comb it gently and kiss my shoulders as you work. Soon the tangles are all gone and I am still waiting for you to make love to me. You don’t though. You merely take my hand and kiss it and lead me to the bed, where you have my clothes laid out for me. I look at you and start to grin. You have selected my black dress, my black thigh high hose, my black shoes a g-string, and a black satin bra.

You turn me away from you and reach around to put my bra on. You adjust my breasts in the cups before you fasten the back of the bar. You tell me to put my hand on your shoulder as you help me into my g-string. As you caress my thighs tenderly, you slide the scrap of fabric up my legs to its resting place. You tell me to sit on the bed and you slide my thigh highs up my legs otele gelen escort and slip my pretty strappy shoes on. You pull me to my feet and kiss me tenderly and slide my dress over my head. I now notice that you have taken the suitcase away.

You take my hand and take me to the truck. There in the bed, our suitcases sit side by side waiting as if they hold a real secret. You open my door, hand me into my side of the truck and I immediately slide over against the spot where you sit. I love to be snuggled against you as you drive. You walk around and climb in beside me. You lean over and kiss me again and then say “One more thing, Baby.” Then you bring a black satiny scarf from your pocket. You place it over my eyes and tie it behind my head. “This whole evening is a surprise Baby, no peeking.” you whisper in my ear.

I swallow hard, wondering what you have in store for me and respond, “Yes, Darlin’.” To reassure myself, I reach over and feel for your thigh and lay my hand there. I lay my head on your shoulder, resigned to the fact that this is going to be an interesting night, one full of adventure.

We drive forever, talking about our day, our work, everything but this trip. We listen to the radio also, and I sing to you sometimes. I am a little nervous. After a couple of hours, I feel the truck start to slow and can sense some lighting changes. You stop, tell me to wait there and not to peek then get out, leaving me feeling vulnerable and a little afraid. In maybe five minutes, you arrive back in the cab of the truck and put it in gear. You drive only a short distance and stop again. Once more, you instruct me to sit tight as you do your thing. I hear the luggage being lifted from the bed of the pickup and assume we are at a hotel. I want to go into the room and freshen up after the drive and I am starting to get hungry and want some room service, but I sit still as I gave you my word that I would. In a moment, you are back again in the truck, kissing my forehead and we are moving again.

In a short while, we stop. You hand me out your side of the truck, never letting me take off my blindfold. I hear the locks on the truck clunk and you shut the door. I now hear noise, we are at some kind of rowdy public place. You lead me to a door, and take off my blindfold as you open the door for me. We are at some kind of bar and grille. You say our last name and the hostess takes us to a darkened corner. There are tables all round but ours is a booth which wraps around the table while some of the others near ours have straight chairs. You have a mischievous look in your eye.

Our server comes around and I order water with lemon and steak tips. It is Saturday night and all those around us are reveling in the weekend and some kind of sporting event on the big screen televisions placed throughout the building. When our order has been placed and the beverages brought, you scoot closer to me and begin to whisper in my ear how much you have enjoyed this anticipation. You slide your hand up my thigh. I shiver at the sensual touch in a public place like this, a fantasy come true. We have talked about it for a long time, but now that pendik escort the time has come, I’m very excited and a bit nervous. I am already a little wet because I always am when I am with you, or when I think of you. The tip of your middle finger grazes my shaved mound. I had always thought that when we did this, it would be over dessert so that when I came, we’d leave immediately. You have other ideas.

While we are waiting for dinner, you slide your fingers in between my lips, finding my clit and rubbing it gently until you feel me begin to quiver against your hand. My breathing is rapid and I am moaning softly so that only you can hear but others can see that I am breathing hard and that you are incredibly close to me, with your hand in my lap perhaps. I reach over and feel your hard cock. I think there is a damp spot on your khakis. Man that is going to show. I unzip your pants and slide my hand into them to roll that firm cock out of your underwear. You lean over to my ear and moan softly for me.

You slide two long fingers into my wet hole and shift your hand around a little until you have your thumb on my clit. I stroke your cock gently and remember the blindfold. I will use that to catch your cum so your khakis don’t show a huge wet spot. First, I trail the soft material across the head of your cock, you shiver at the sensation. I touch you again, with the softness draped over your cock as I stroke you.

Your hand in my pussy is magical in this crowded noisy place. I realize now, looking around that half of the patrons are drunk and the place is so noisy that no one would notice if I let myself go a little, except maybe the couple at the table closest to ours. I begin to moan softly as I near orgasm at your skilled coaxing. I feel your cock jerk in my hand and know that you are going to cum quickly as well. You grab my hair with your free hand and turn my face to you. You smother your shouts as you cum by kissing me deeply, we muffle one another’s moans. We cum with our eyes closed as the feeling is so intense. As we separate our mouths, our server clears her throat, shifting from foot to foot, looking uncomfortable. You laugh and say, “I’ll tip you well enough not to call any more attention to us than we just did ourselves.” She merely nods and puts down our food without a word. You remove your hand from me, leaving me feeling empty somehow and raise it to your lips to lick away my cum. I lick my fingers as well, sucking away what the scarf didn’t catch. I feel as if someone is staring at me and turn to look. The couple in the next booth does know what we are doing, I can tell. The woman looks at you as if you are the god that you are and her man looks at you like you are one lucky bastard to have a woman who will do this in public with you. They both look really aroused. They are heavy lidded and flushed in the face.

We feed each other and enjoy our meal, momentarily satiated sexually. I can feel the urge growing within me again as we refuse dessert. You lay a hefty tip on the table and rise. I have left the scarf in the booth as a souvenir, but you reach back and snag it. “I may need this,” you say.

On our way out rus escort of the building, you tell me to go check the bathroom out. I go in and see no feet and find that the room only has tow stalls, one of which is handicapped and has a baby changing station in it. I come back out into the foyer and tell you about it. A lady shoves her way in there as we are discussing the layout. We wait for her to come out and go into the restroom together. You pat the counter beside the sink and tell me to lean there a moment. I obey you and you start to lick your way up my thigh. That poor waitress!!!! Just as you are under my dress, putting your tongue on my clit through my g-string she walks in. She blushes profusely and walks back out. You touch your tongue to me. It is electrical. I moan and it echoes.

You tongue my clit and finger my hole until I can no longer stand on my legs. Then you take me into that handicapped stall and you sit fully clothed on the lid of the commode. You take out your big stiff cock and I kneel in front of you to suck you. I take as much of your length into my mouth as I can, then I stroke you with my lips, leaving a trail of lipstick on you. You pull my head off your cock and tell me you need to be inside me. I wrap the scarf around your cock at the base so that my cum will not stain your pants and slide my cunt down over you. We both sigh. I start to grind and stroke your stiffness with my warm wetness, welcoming you home into your pussy. It is yours, you possess it, you own it. I am yours as well. You suck my nipples through the layers of cloth and bite them as we fuck harder and faster. I am taking all of you within me, loving every hard wonderful inch. Again, we kiss the catch the noise of our orgasm and we hear someone come into the next stall as we moan louder and louder.

The stall door next to us swings open and a lady’s voice says, are you all right over there? As you are filling me with your cum. Then she realizes that there are two pairs of feet, facing opposite directions in the stall. She stammers “Ohh, my…” and quickly flushes and leaves without washing her hands. We laugh. You kiss me deeply one more time and ask me if I had fun. I answer that it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life as I lift myself off your cock. You unwrap the scarf from the base of your cock, put yourself away and stand. You tell me it is a souvenir for me, to remind me there’s nothing we can’t do together.

We straighten our clothes. You are smiling as we walk through the crowd. Our server winks at us, that hundred probably made her day. I whisper, “Don’t you think that was a bit much?” you answer that it was money well spent to live out a fantasy that way. You have had your hand on my ass as we exit the building, showing everyone that I am your hot tramp.

You walk me to the truck, letting me in on your side. I slide over just enough for you to be comfortable. You pull me to you and slide your hand down my dress to caress my breast. “Wait til you see what I have in store for you at the hotel,” you chuckle.

I can only imagine. I wonder how anything will ever rival the excitement we have just shared. I remember that every time I have thought that, you or I have come up with another new experience. I have an idea for our next restaurant experience brewing in my mind already. There will be a next time. It was too much fun not to repeat.

I love you, I love your mind. I love the way we fuck. I love the way you make me feel like a woman.

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