Dinners Getting Cold!


It’s been a long day and I’m tired. You’re due home at seven so I decide to grab a quick shower before I prepare something to eat. I stand in the shower longer than I intend to, letting the hot jets of water fall against my skin and ease away my stresses.

We’ve planned to just stay in with a DVD so I quickly dry myself off and put on one of your work shirts, it’s to warm to get dressed and there seems to be no need if we are not going out anyway and besides I can smell the lingering scent of your aftershave from the collar. Pulling on black silk knickers I pad into the kitchen in my bare feet to start dinner.

I’m so engrossed in my task I don’t even hear you come into the house, the first I am aware of you is when I feel your warm breath on my neck, your hands sliding up the back of my thighs and under my shirt….fuck I hate sometimes how you can instantly turn me on….even when I think I am not in the mood your touch makes me feel very different.

I turn round to face you.

“Hey baby, I borrowed your shirt.” I say, at least having the decency to look a little sheepish.

“So I see!” you reply, your hands sliding up my stomach towards my breasts.

I moan when your thumbs brush across my nipples, which instantly harden to your touch, leaning forward into you, I twist my hand into your hair and pull you forward into a kiss, my tongue hungrily exploring your mouth, pushing my hips forward just a little to feel your hardness.

Making me raise my arms you slide the shirt over my head, leaving me standing against the kitchen counter in nothing but my black knickers, which are now soaking. Pushing yourself against me you lower your lips to my breasts teasing each nipple in turn, your fingertips tracing down the sides where you know I am sensitive.

“Oh yes!” I moan, my head thrown back. “That feels so good.”

Laughing you lift me up onto the worktop and starting at my ankle, kiss your way up my legs, parting them as you go. I can see you looking at my knickers, admiring the dark circle that is rapidly growing with each touch of your lips on my skin. Pushing me back just a little and making me bend my knees so my feet are on the edge of the worktop, my legs open wide to you as you kiss down my thighs towards my pussy inhaling my scent as you go.

I think I am going to explode when I feel the tip of your tongue slide along my slit pushing the silk fabric of my underwear against my lips. I am çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle finding it hard to not touch myself but you take my hands and hold them at my sides, dipping your head again to my moist hole, pushing and sucking on the fabric, occasionally gliding past my clit making me moan, a mixture of lust and frustration.

“I can’t have you touching,” you tell me and using a hand towel you gently bind my wrists.

Both hands now free you resume your assault on my poor defenceless cunt, your fingers tracing against the elastic of my knickers, easing just inside my lips, using the soaking gusset to apply pressure to my clit. Involuntarily I raise my hips towards you, moaning, needing to feel that pressure.

Gently you tease my knickers from me, drawing them down my legs and discarding them on the floor.

Using just your thumbs you tease my lips apart, tracing a line down either side of my clit, but not touching it, I am trying so hard to manoeuvre myself against your fingers, but you are an expert at making me wait!

Dipping your head you use the tip of your tongue to flick against my clit.

“Oh fuck baby,” is all I can moan.

Using your thumbs to pull my lips wide apart you continue to circle and flick my clit with your tongue, I am moaning so loud and struggling against my bonds, I need to pull you deep into me.

Running the tip of your tongue down my cunt, you circle the entrance to my hole, before darting your tongue inside, then returning to my clit, which you now suck and bite gently.

“Finger me please!” I whisper. “I’ll do anything if you just finger fuck my soaking cunt, I can’t take this anymore.”

Sucking harder on my clit you ease your middle finger deep into my cunt, I can feel my juice dribble out I am so unbelievably wet. Adding a second finger you start to pump my cunt as your teeth graze against my clit. Fucking and sucking me at the same time and driving me closer and closer to orgasm. I can’t even speak any more, I am breathless with lust.

“Release my hands baby please…..release me now!”

Untying my hands you resume working my cunt as my hands go to my nipples, teasing and playing, rolling them between my fingers as I push myself up towards your face. Your fingers driving in and out of my cunt, your tongue swirling against my clit, my hand now going to your hair chasing waves izle to pull you in closer, my other hand now holding my lips open, riding up against your face.

“I’m going to cum!” I cry out.

Pushing and twisting your fingers deep inside me, you suck on my clit as I start to cum, flooding your face with my juice, crying out as wave after wave of orgasm travels through me, panting, breathless and now hyper sensitive to your touch.

Your fingers gently caress my still spasming cunt as you kiss me. I moan against your lips as I taste myself from you, that heady, musky scent, the creaminess of my cunt, licking every last drop from your lips.

Slipping off the worktop I drop to my knees in front of you, looking straight up into your eyes.

“I’m hungry,” I say licking my lips.

Opening your buttons I slide both your jeans and your boxers to the floor, allowing you to step out.

Your cock springs forward, rock hard and glistening with precum. Circling you with my hand I start to stroke you, my thumb edging over your head. Tightening my grip and sliding my hand up and down you faster as I lower my head to tease and suck your balls. This is where your height really comes into its own.

I love how sensitive your balls are, how your cock jumps in my hand when my tongue hits a particularly sensitive area. Sliding two fingers into my cunt I coat the end of your cock with my juice and lower my lips to you. Letting the head of your cock just press against them, almost kissing you, then using my teeth to graze you gently, my hand still sliding up and down your full length.

“Yes, suck my cock baby,” you moan, “You suck it so well.”

Easing my lips over your hard, throbbing cock, inch by inch, using my juice to coat you, allowing myself to adjust to your size until I can eventually feel you at the back of my throat, then sliding off you again, working up a rhythm, starting to fuck you with my mouth, you hand pulling gently on my hair guiding me on and off your pulsing cock.

My lips are insistent and I am perhaps sucking you a little harder than I should, but I am trying to draw your seed from you, I want to taste you, to feel your cum splatter over my breasts. I can tell you are getting close, that tightness in your balls, your moans louder, guiding me onto you just that little bit faster, before eventually pulling me back by the hair and spraying me christina in the country izle with your cum, just missing my lips as thick streams of hot cum give me my very own pearl necklace.

Leaning back against the worktop to regain your composure I continue to lick and tease you, cleaning you. I love how you stay hard for me. Kissing my way up your body as you put your arms around me and kiss me, turning me and lifting me onto the bench again.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you now?” you ask with a cheeky grin.

“Oh yes,” I reply “I want to feel your cock buried deep inside my cunt.”

Easing the head of your cock against my hole you tease me, coating your cock with my juices, my cunt still tingling from my orgasm. Leaning forward you start to slide your length inside me, your thumb applying pressure to my clit, the worktop just the perfect height to allow you to feed your throbbing cock into my hungry cunt.

You sigh as my lips close around you, you can feel the little shockwaves that still pulse through me.

You love watching your cock slide in and out of my cunt, seeing how it glistens, watching me close my eyes as I lean my head back, completely lost in the moment, loving how your cock strokes and fills me. When your thumb again finds my clit I moan and you know that at that point I am completely yours, I will do anything if you fuck me till I cum.

“Lick my cum off your tits!” you order.

Lifting my breast I start to tongue and suck my nipples. You moan as you start to slide you thumb against my clit, your cock fucking me faster, your balls banging against me.

“Fuck me hard!” I beg. “You own my cunt so fuck me good, I love how your cock feels when you are buried deep inside me.”

I am close to cumming again. You can tell from my moans and how I ride my hips up towards you, trying to push myself against your cock as hard as I can.

“I can’t hold on baby, I need to cum,” I moan.

“Me too,” you say and start to pull out.

“No, don’t pull out. I want you to feel you explode inside me, filling me with your hot cum.”

“Oh fuck yes!” is your only reply as you pump your hips faster, your cock pounding in and out of my cunt, your thumb applying extra pressure to my clit, pushing me over the edge as I cry out and explode over your cock, my muscles clamping against you, squeezing you. I can feel my juice dribble out with every thrust, your hands gripping my hips as with a groan you start to cum, pumping my cunt full of hot cum, watching your cock slide in and out of my slick lips, working every last drop from you.

You lean forward to kiss me and all I can say is, “I think I ruined dinner.”

Leading me towards the shower you say, “Let’s just skip it and move on to desert.”

“Deal, but I hope you’re staying for breakfast!”

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